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Thomas's blog

This Blog is no longer active

From today, all activitis of this blog are moved to our NEW blog directly on our main website!

This new system is much more modern and well integrated to our shop system so you only need one log in.

After the new blog runs well, we can launch a new forum which will be much more active better moderated than the one here.


Driver 177 available

This version is fixing a few issues we had with 170 but add no functionality other than support for the new ClubSport rim which will be available soon.


Please find more info and download the driver on our website.


Black Friday Special

Due to the
strong demand on our ClubSport products and the low inventory level we are not
able to make you a special offer on those but we have an irresistible offer for
you if you are looking for an easy and sturdy solution how to mount your

The price
of the new CSL Wheel Stand is reduced to these low prices:

USD 69,95
(excl. Sales tax)


Driver 170 Beta available UPDATE

After a long time without updates we would like to introduce a new driver version for all Porsche, CSR and ClubSport wheels.

The driver is a Beta version for Windows 7 and 8 (32 and 64bit). Please test it and let us know all problems you find.


You can also let us know how you like the new features!


First CSS to be delivered to customers today

I am happy to announce that the first shipment of the ClubSport Shifter has arrived and will be delivered to customers today. This includes both versions and the shifter table clamp.

At the moment we only got enough units to fullfil just a part of the European pre-orders but production continues and the rest of all open orders will be fullfilled within the next weeks.

Let us know when you received your shifter and how you like it!


Fanatec on next gen consoles

A few people are wondering why we are so quiet.
We will not make the mistake again to mention new things too early. We
will announce something new if production is about to start. We are
working on several products for several platforms and every one of our
new products will set a new benchmark as they did in the past.
are also trying hard to protect the investment of our existing customers
by making our current products upwards compatible. But we cannot
confirm that before the final consoles are released.


New affiliate program now available

We just launched our new affiliate program and this enables you to earn money with us!


Introducing the ClubSport USB Adapter

After getting a lot of inquiries from non-Fanatec customers showing interest in the ClubSport Shifter, we decided to make it compatible to all PC racing games supporting multiple input devices.

Most of the current sims do support multiple devices so you have broad compatibility. As Fanatec wheel owners don't need that, it would have just increased the unit price of the shifter so this adapter solution is the best for both.

But the adapter firmware is upgradeable and with a different firmware you can also operate the following devices through USB:


Xbox One versus PlayStation 4

I am currently here at E3 and a lot of things are going on. It is exciting to see a new console generation coming up.

At the moment we still did not get a final confirmation whether our Xbox 360 wheels will work on Xbox One natively (USB) or with an adaper or upgrade kit or not at all. Therefore we cannot promise you anything other than that we are trying to find a solution and if MS allows it then we would certainly support any solution which increases the compatibility of your XBox 360 wheels.


CSW review by ISR

So after doing some intensive testing, Team ISR published the review of the ClubSport Wheel and both ClubSport rims.

I have to admit that as much as they have tried to break the wheel, I have tried to find something negative on this review but i couldn't (ok ok the fact that we sell the pedals separatly is mostly rather seen as a pro and not a con for many of our customers).

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