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Back online!

Fanatec has been hit by the flood as our offices are just a few hundred meters away from the river Isar.

Both basements of our two buildings have been flooded and our servers have been watercooled for a while.

I am happy to tell you that now we are back online and can process your e-mails again.

We just need some some sun now...


Admins and moderators wanted

Our new commnity software is ready to be implemented so we can finally merge the blog and a proper forum to our website.

I am now looking for members to  help us with the following:

  • Create content
  • Help members
  • Test the functionality of the forum or new features
  • Organize community events
  • Create rules and enforce them in a positive way
  • Make our community a informative and friendly place

To qualify, please list everything which helps us to make a positive decision:


Intro video for ClubSport wheel

Enjoy :)


ClubSport Button Box?

As all current projects come to an end and production is about to start (which includes handbrake) we are now ready to work on new projects.

We are working on some rims but there is another item I would like to get your input on.

What should the ultimate button box look like?


ClubSport Shifter is now online

We added the ClubSport Shifter(s) and the ClubSport Shifter table clamp to  our webshop and you can enter your email adress if you want to be notified as soon as pre-order will start.

The pre-orders will start as soon as production is running and this will happen very soon. We still need to make some final tests but the raw materials are ordered for the first batch.

We offer the shifter in two flavours:

The regular ClubSport Shifter is H-pattern only and comes with one round knob. It sells for 149,95 €/USD


CSS Video

Porsche Supercup Champion 2010, 2011 and 2012, René Rast, was trying out the ClubSport Shifter and he honestly liked it. In fact he was here to make a video about the RennSport Cockpit and some other product. The "interview" he gave was somehow taken by coincidence as the camera was still running. Wink

The video also shows the inside of the shifter and you probably get an idea about the complexity of this product. It is all metal of course.


CSS feature preview #5

This feature of the ClubSport shifter is probably the most anticipated one. We have implemented a proper sequential mode.

It is not a cheap compromise which was requested by the marketing department to fill up the feature list but an authentic sequential mode with strong haptic feedback and the correct movements. The technical effort to do this was huge and it is one of the reasons for the long development time.


Assetto Corsa Preview code for Fanatec customers

Fanatec partners with Kunos Simulazioni for the launch of Assetto Corsa Technology Preview.
Celebrate with us and receive your personal activation code to play AC Tech Preview and netKar-Pro!

You are eligible to get the code if you order any of your favorite products on during the month of April and “Like” Fanatec and Assetto Corsa’s Facebook pages.


CSS Feature preview #4

What would a ClubSport product without customizing options? Exactly, it would not be worth the ClubSport brand.


Therefore you can easily exchange the shifter knobs and use the style you like. A longer one for sequential fun or a round one which fits well into your hands. carbon, öeather, metal and whatever colour you want.

There will be a few options directly from us but the CSS is compatible to most automotive shifter knobs so the options are almost endless.


CSS Feature Preview #3

So here is the third unique and innovative feature of our new ClubSport shifter.

Not only has it 7 gears plus a reverse gear, the gears are also arranged just like in the car which has a 7 Speed H-pAttern shifter: The new Porsche 911.

And just like Porsche, we were also concerned about about the shifting performance between 1st and 6th gear because the 7th gear is just for fuel saving and the reverse gear is normally not used on the track unless you end up like Kimi in front of a closed gate.

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