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CSS Feature preview #2

The second feature we will show is the table clamp.

There are almost unlimitless ways to mount the shifter to this clamp from all sides and in any height.

The clamp is made of solid metal and is mounted with two screws. This makes sure it will fit to almost any table out there.

The clamp will also be compatible to your Porsche or CSR shifters. As the ClubSportShifter is too heavyfor the two steel rods it it not recommended to mount it directly to the wheel. We will have an adapter to mount it on the current ClubSport Table Clamp as well.


Introducing the new RennSport Cockpit V2

Our RennSport Cockpit has undergone a major revision and we made several changes to improve this state of the art cockpit.


Racedepartment compares the CSW with a modded T500RS

Racedepartment has posted a great review about the ClubSort wheel.

Anthony Levene compares our products with the modded T500RS he used up to now.

His final sentence:

"More power than you could need but refined, classy, less plastic, more brushed metal. "


CSS Feature preview #1

The testing of our ClubSport shifter is going well so it is time to announce the features.

The first function we want to show is the mounting on cockpits.

All four sides have t-slots which allow the insert of t-slot nuts at any position.

You can mount the shifters on all sides but also on the bottom.  

This makes mounting extremely flexible.


Australia: All products are available for immediate shipment

We are now able to ship all products in Australia with immediate delivery.

Besides the products which were already listed on the website we are now offer some special bundles:

Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel Value Pack

Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 Value Pack

They both come with the CSR pedals and sell for 299,95 AUD each (incl. Sales tax)


New driver 152 available UPDATE

Here we go with a new driver version for your Windows PC.

The main thing we adressed are some random rumble effects which kept playing after you already left the curbs. This happened in rfactror and Simbin simulations.

Please let me know if this has been fixed with this beta version.



Fixed broken link


CSL Seat reviews

The first reviews for the CSL seat are out.

Amar has made a fantastic review of the CSL seat as well as the ClubSport Wheel on GTplanet.


We are now taking pre-orders for Formula rim for CSR ELite wheel

After several delays we are now happy to start taking orders for the Formula rim for CSR Elite wheel.

We will start production right after Chinese New Year and will bring in the products by airfreight.

The wheel is similar to the Formula rim for the ClubSport base but it is not compatible and has different features.


Fanatec profiler

We are working on a profiler  extension for our PC driver.

All kind of settings should be adjustable and launched automatically when a game starts.

We already have a lot of ideas of what features we want to implement but it would be great if you let me know know of what you want.

So please tell me what are the settings you want to have adjusted. 

How shhould the user interface look like? What special features or functions do you suggest for the profiler?


Pre-orders are now starting in Australia

From today we are finally able to take pre-orders in Australia.

Our system is not fully ready yet so that shipment will probably take until middle of February for all products except CSP V2 and CSR P which will be shipped in April.

Please let me know if you have any issues with your orders so we can fix that.

I am happy that we are finally getting started. It took way too long and I appreciate the patience of all our loyal fans in down under. Thank you.

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