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PWTS production - UPDATE 25

We are now waiting for final approval from MS and already prepare production. As we will ship the first units by air shipment we are confident to deliver all open orders which have been ordered until June 2009  at the end of September. The rest of the open orders will be shipped in October and if you place an order now you can expect to get your product in November.

The schedule is still not 100% confirmed as there are many uncertainties. I will keep you up to date once we get the final approval and start manufacturing.




Kane tests a new weapon

Kane, the most evil guy on the universe tries out the PWGT3RS mounted on the new RennSport e-motion cockpit if he can use it to kill innocent spectators on racing tracks.

As he was not able to kill somebody he was obviously dissapppointed so there will never be a NOD racing wheel made by Fanatec.


Fanatec at the GamesCom

Fanatec does not have a separate booth but we actually are very present at the GamesCom in Cologne which starts today until the 23th of august.


You can test 3 Porsche 911 Turbo S wheels Clubsport edition with Forza MotorSport 3 at the Microsoft booth. All are mounted on RennSport Cockpits with Triple monitors. (Hall 6, Booth A011)


PWGT3RS CS on the way to customers

Today we start shipping the Porsche 911 GT3 RS Clubsport edition from our US warehouse.

EU customers have to be a bit more patient as we are still waiting for the Clubsport pedals to get through customs. We will ship all open EU orders next week.



Guide to invert your CSP

One of your community members has made a great guide how to invert your CSPs.

Please check out the guide of Wheel Nut at GTforums:


Please note that you can do this mod without losing the warranty if you do not cause any damage during this conversion. The mechanical skills needed to do it are quite low.



PWT now reduced to 249,95 USD!

Due to the upcoming internal competition of the 911 Turbo S wheel we decided to reduce the price of the original 911 Turbo wheel to 249,95 USD.


This wheel is only available in the US for now but we will import the wheel to Europe later this year as it will be a good solution for PlayStation owners who do not care about the Xbox360 and prefer the wireless connectivity and the increased compatibility of the PWT on the PlayStation 3.

Get one of the last units with the USB memory key!


Sebastian Buemi and Natacha Gachang at the "Face of Forza" event

There was a cool event at the Nürburgring this Wednesday to introduce the "Face of Forza" in Europe Natacha Gachnang.

She is a very successful F2 driver and she obviously had fun to take the journalists on a lap around the GP track with an Audi R8 V10. 

She told me that only one journalist asked her to slow down :)

Her cousin Sebastian, the Toro Rosso F1 driver, was there as well and we had some little competition between us on the FM3 tracks. The final race was interrupted as he had to leave to the airport so he owes me a revanche.


Arrival dates of new GT3RS and CSP shipment

I just received the arrival dates of the ships bringing the new GT3RS and CSP shipment to US and EU.


PWGT3RS: August 4th

CSP: August 11th


PWGT3RS: July24th

CSP: July 30th


Please note that it can take 1 to 3 weeks until everything goes through customs and arrives at the customer destination.





Help needed to solve a bug

Several users reported a bug in our driver since very early versions.

It only occurs on a few games and not on all PCs. But we were never able to reproduce this bug so we cannot solve it. It just does not happen on our test PCs.

So we need your help to solve this driver bug in case it occurs on your PC.


Symptom: After hitting a curb and going back on the road, the shaking of the curbs does not stop until you hit another curb again


Please answer the following questions:


Driver 099 available

There were some bugs in the FF protocol in ver 097 which caused the FF to stop.

We also  solved the issue with hanging sliders of the pedals in the tes tab.



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