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One more day!

We tried everything but a last minute bug which occured during the import of the database stopped our launch. This is not a minor bug we could have tolerated and  solved it later so we were forced to make the painful decision and delay the launch for 24 hours.

I know that this is a big dissapointment and hey I saw your pictures how you lined up and what efforts you make to get to the website in time. I can't deny that we are dissapinted as well as the Endor team is as excited as you are.


Win a ClubSport wheel UPDATE

Patience will be rewarded!

Tomorrow at 12.00 German time (CEST) we are opening our new website on and at the same time our new ClubSport wheel and ClubSport Pedals V2 will be on sale.

Obviously this is the most anticipated product launch in the history of anticipated product launches and we want to make Apple & co jealous with the best and longest queue of hardcore fans lining up in front of our webshop.


Introducing the Formula rim for CSR Elite

A lot of CSR Elite owners want to make use of the function to change the wheel rim on their wheel.

Therefore we developed the formula rim for the CSR Elite wheel. 

vettel formula rim csr elite

This wheel rim is only available separately and as an add-on for the Forza Motorsport CSR Elite wheel.


The countdown started

The embargo is over and more and more fantastic reviews are coming up. The testers did an incredible job but now it is our turn to deliver.

We are ready to go and will launch the new website this week. This new website will also allow you to place orders for the CSW and CSP V2.

We do have inventory of CSP V2 in both EU and USA and we also have small inventory of CSW and rims in EU. The ship for the US market arrives in a few days. We will have coming in more and more shipments by sea but there is a possibility that we will be short on inventory. 


Community test of ClubSport Wheel: Round 5

The day has come! Today at 13.00 German time, the embargo ends for the community tests of the ClubSport Wheel and ClubSport Pedals V2. Unboxing videos are allowed immediately.

I have seen that some testers have put a lot of effort into these tests and worked for many days and weeks to provide  a detailed and informative review for their community. A lot of them asked in the forum what they should test or even invited fellow racers to come by and have a look at the products directly.


Another BETA Driver: 128 UPDATE -> 129

We can now offer v128 which fixes many small issues as well as the game crashes.

The Force Feedback engine was improved further.

There is still a known issueif you click on the shortcut symbol on the desktop. If you go directly to the game controller property page it will not happen.

Please report all issues you find so we can get the last issues sorted out.

In perticular we would be interested how this version compares to alternative drivers you might have installed to run our wheels.


WARNING: Latest Xbox 360 update could cause problems UPDATE

Several customers have reported issues with our wheels after they made the latest  update to their console.

There is also a thread about these issues on

We are still investigating the issues so please report if you have suddenly problems on the Xbox console.

Unfortunately this happened at the same time we released the new firmware so it was hard to see what caused the issues.


New beta firmware 742 and driver 125 with big changes for almost all Fanatec wheels UPDATE 3

The internal testing was succesful so far so we are now looking for external beta testers for our new firmware. These versions are clearly BETA versions so please install them only if you are an experienced user.

Firmware 742BETA runs on the follwing wheels:


More testers for website needed - UPDATE

We are very close to release the new website and then we are finally able to start taking pre-orders for the CSW as well.

If you are interested to help us finding the last remaining bugs please  just make a short post here and Marie will contact you with the log in data.

Thank you very much in advance!


Thanks for the great response. It is great to have such a helpful communities and so many helpful people. 

We have almost 100 testers and this is enough to get it fully tested.  Fantastic!


ClubSport Wheel Embargo Date

Next week the last of the community testers will receive their wheels so that the testing period can start. I wanted to give all testers at least 2 weeks for testing so that means that the embargo date of the Clubsport wheel and rims as well as the Clubsport Pedals V2 will end on June 29th at 13.00 German time.

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