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Time for some news on the ClubSport Shifter

It is time to let you know that this project is still alive and we are making good progress.

I will not reveal any details at this point but this nice picture from our development department is too nice not to post it. Smile


911 GT3 RS Elite edition now available

We are now introducing the latest technology all packed into one attractive bundle.

It is basically the combination of the 911 GT3 RS V2 wheel plus  the CSR Elite pedals.

No other wheel can offer the combination of the following features at the price of just 259,95:

  • Big 30 cm wheel rim
  • Genuine Alcantara like in the real cars
  • Belt drive
  • Tuning functions
  • Fully adjustable metal pedals
  • Load cell brake technology

And much more.



Forza news

There are several good news from Turn 10 whiche were published on


The Forza Motorsport CSR Elite wheel gets featured and reviewed by a community manager.



Porsche is finally coming to FM4 with 30 cars on a DLC in May.


Community test for Clubsport Wheel: Round 1 - UPDATE 2

The pre-production of the ClubSport Wheel (CSW) is about to start and we are looking for testers from the simracing community to give this wheel a decent workout. I am talking about the CSW base the BMW GT rim and the Formula rim.

Due to the big suceess of the CSR E community review I would like to do that again because the results are totally unbiased and professional reviews directly made by the people who know most about the product because they are the target group.



New driver version 116 available

We have a new Beta version of the PC driver for all wheels.

Change log:

1. FFB damper effect now available (and reimplemented, from SW -> HW)
2. FFB damper and spring effects now could be played simultaneously (due to layering in HW)
3. Auto-center spring disabled completely from driver and property sheet (for all wheel models)
4. Diagonal D-pad arrows hidden for CSR and CSR-E models

Please have a look at it and let me know if you have any issues. Thanks!


CSR Elite review on

The simracing experts on have posted a review of the Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel.

If you want to read it then I don't want to tell too much about the test results but it seems that they were not unhappy about it:

"'s safe to say that the CSR Elite is the new benchmark for upper-market steering wheels."




Webprogrammers wanted

In order toi finalize the new website we need more ressources to implement some special features.

Therefore we are looking for programmers who are very familiar with VBulletin and/or OpenCart.

If you know somebody, please help us and bring us in contact. Thanks!


CSR is back and more attractive than ever

The Forza Motorsport CSR wheel is back in stock and it now comes with two special editions.

Due to large production volumes we were able to reduce the manufacturing cost and we are finally able to offer a serious Xbox racing wheel for below 200,00 (at least a little bit below).

The price for the CSR wheel is now reduced to just 199,95 and it now comes with an adapter for the G25 / G27 pedals.


Fanatec shown in Porsche commercial

Porsche made a commercial to promote the new 911 but the real star was not the car...

Our Porsche 911 GT2 wheel with ClubSport pedals is the key element in the video called "Forever the dream". Wink

Now you will see several variations of "Forever ..." and guess what picture you see when they mention the  the subline "Forever the dream".



Join the Fanatec Club at FM4 -UPDATE

Our little Fanatec Club is growing bigger and bigger and we are happy to welcome any Fanatec wheel owners to join this club and to do some online racing.

It was foundet by Pete Totnes (a big thanks to Pete!) and our current president is Sven alias Simplay79 who created the RennSport Cockpit.

We now have 75 members and 154 shared cars and you also have the chance to race against some Fanatec employees. This includes myself although I have  a hard time to keep up with the best guys in this club and am an easy victim.

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