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> Frequently Asked Questions - the drivetrain

Frequently Asked Questions - the drivetrain

The big wheel rim requires a strong motor. We decided to use a single motor as this reduces mechanical resistance or the so called "cogging force". When you turn the wheel you feel little mechanical steps.
The only reason to use two smaller motors instead of one big motor is the increased heat produced by the big motor. The necessary cooling heat sinks and sensor controlled fans cost more than a second motor.
As cost reduction was less important than performance on this wheel, we decided to go for the big 24V Mabuchi motor.

There is one big Force Feedback motor for the Force feedback effects and two small vibration motors in the wheel rim.

There is a little gap between the gears of a gear drive. As there are several gears used between the motor and the wheel, those gaps accumulate.
A belt drive has no such gaps and the feeling is much more precise and smooth.
The result is a feeling which is closer to a real car.
A belt drive is also more silent than a gear drive.
The disadvantage is the much higher production cost of the belts and the metal ball bearings which guide the belts.

We use high-end belts made in Europe. The manufacturer is which is a well know supplier for medical and automotive applications. The belts are made with carbon fibre and this material does not stretch at all.

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