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> Will there be a Xbox360 version?

Will there be a Xbox360 version?

Since the development of the Speedster 3 ForceShock for Xbox we have a good relationship to Microsoft and the developers of Forza Motorsport and PGR.
Microsoft wants a high-end wheel for the console but the technical implementation is not easy. We are trying hard to come up with a Xbox360 wheel by the middle of next year but it seems that this wheel will "only" be compatible with the Xbox360. Of course it will have all the features of the current version.

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WTF! (Why this Old shit!)

WTF! (Why this Old shit!) UPDATE!!!! What games are gona be compatible with the Porsche torbo S 360 Wheel & clubsportpedals? Some updates,PLEASE!!!! I cant help people on Facebook! Is it only Forza,,then i dont tell them to buy it,at all! Sorry 2 bad!! but without Clutch the Clubsportpedals are USELES!

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