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> Xbox One versus PlayStation 4

Xbox One versus PlayStation 4

I am currently here at E3 and a lot of things are going on. It is exciting to see a new console generation coming up.

At the moment we still did not get a final confirmation whether our Xbox 360 wheels will work on Xbox One natively (USB) or with an adaper or upgrade kit or not at all. Therefore we cannot promise you anything other than that we are trying to find a solution and if MS allows it then we would certainly support any solution which increases the compatibility of your XBox 360 wheels.

You can be sure that we are working to make our wheels compatible with the next gen consoles or develop solutions which will provide compatibility but at this point it is too early to discuss it.

In any case our wheels will work with GT6 and after playing it, I am quite excited about the improvements of the physics.

So what is your opinion?

Xbox One or PS4?

Forza Motorsport 5 or GT6?


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greenmick's picture

Sticking with the 360 and

Sticking with the 360 and FM4, and PC .

faddish's picture

Yep. Building pc as we

Yep. Building pc as we speak.

I thought that consoles were

I thought that consoles were only there to play Grand Theft Auto while Sim racing you use PC !

| Wheel: Fanatec Clubsport Base + BMW and Formula Rim | Driver: 144 Firmware: 037 | Pedals: Fanatec Clubsport V2 | Cockpit: Fanatec CSL Seat |
| PC: Win7 64bit | CPU: Intel Q6600 2.40GHz | Graphics: Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 | RAM: 4,00 GB | Moth

The gamescom is a

The gamescom is a "homebased" event for fanatec. Seeing it's competitors present their xbone wheels and not hearing anything from Fanatec is not a good sign.

Looks like Fanatec is not at

Looks like Fanatec is not at the Gamescom at all.

Well, Thrustmaster and

Well, Thrustmaster and Madcatz showed their new Xbox One Wheels. Not a single word from Fanatec. I know you guys are working hard on it, but it is kind of frustrating to get no information.

I hope there will be a solution. Even if it will take till early 2014.

TJR's picture

Also Thrustmaster is joined

Also Thrustmaster is joined with Sony for the PS4 to. Come on Fanatec. Lets here ya'll will work with the PS4 as well. Here is the link.

Marilee Stone's picture

Microsoft is dead, long live

Microsoft is dead, long live Sony! Sony has until now done everything right. Yesterday I sold my 360. For me, it is for all times past with MS.
Thrustmaster and Mad Catz can also slide down my hump. Lol.

migraine247's picture

I have two 360's and HAD a

I have two 360's and HAD a PS3. Keyword is HAD. I absolutely hated my PS3. I'm not counting on the PS4 being any better. And that's from someone who loved, loved his PS2. So I have a question for you, "if you find out tomorrow that Fanatec will work on Xbox One are you going to hold to your guns and never play Forza again?" I'm waiting this out. I want to play the best console sim FORZA with the best wheels and pedals FANATEC! I'm not going to compromise on either.

GrimeyDog's picture

+1 If U Ain't 1st Ya Last!!!


If U Ain't 1st Ya Last!!!

Webcruise's picture

I have both consoles, but I

I have both consoles, but I kept the PS3 just because of Blu Ray Player. Software
sells hardware and Forza is the only alternative to PC racing. I preordered the XBOX1
and will not buy the PS4. If fanatec wont find a solution until release I will switch to
another vendor because I will not sit infront of Forza5 and play it with the gamepad!

This really sucks, bought Elite wheel, F1 rim, pedals V2 and ordered the shifter.
Hopefully I can use the pedals and shifter with an alternative wheel.

I could buy a cheap alternative if Thomas would let out some more concrete
plans, but I guess there is no plan until now and wont be in the next half year. The
competitors just had a better relatioship with MS.

I cant belive Fanatec as a german company is not in cologne.

Bad job sir...

Does not even look to bad

CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals V2, Racestar Rig, XBOX360, PS3

Marilee Stone's picture

quote Webcruise: "Does not

quote Webcruise:
"Does not even look to bad"

What is that for a child's toy? Where's the clutch? I give the fourth part of the year until it is broken. Looks like the first steering wheel for a three year old kid who just gets out of his bobbycar.

Was ist denn das für ein Kinderspielzeug? Wo ist die Kupplung? Ich gebe dem Teil ein Vierteljahr bis es kaputt ist. Sieht aus wie das erste Lenkrad für einen dreijahre alten Bengel, der gerade aus dem Bobbycar steigt.

The problem is, that we are

The problem is, that we are minority as wheel users. The more people purchase wheels for their console, the better. The market grows and a good chunk of people will upgrade to a fanatec or other high quality wheel. You should not underestimate that.

And to be onest. Thrustmaster and Mad Catz have two good looking wheels there. Miles better than their wack jobs before.

Such an elitist thinking wont get us anywhere. The sim market should grow, it will only benefit us. Lower prices and more.

ForzaLife eure Community!

migraine247's picture

I agree that it is good for

I agree that it is good for us if the amount of wheel users grow. But I feel that the two wheels announced are inferior to Fanatec. That's my opinion and I'm entitled to have an opinion. And people should know what they are buying. Look at the price of the Thrustmaster wheel, $399.99. Really $399.99 for THAT!! What happens if people buy this wheel and are so disappointed they don't upgrade? That's possible also.

Webcruise's picture

Still better than nothing or

Still better than nothing or gamepad until Fanatec brings out a new wheel.

CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals V2, Racestar Rig, XBOX360, PS3

migraine247's picture

If people buy this new

If people buy this new inferior wheel it might lead MS to say we don't need to make the older Fanatec wheels compatible. I say those of us who love Fanatec shouldn't compromise. I know I won't. I'm not spending my money on junk. And that's what I feel both these wheels are.

TJR's picture

I wouldn’t buy madcats

I wouldn’t buy madcats junk. The T-500 is good but not Madcats. I figure Fanatec will come up with something as this is their business to do so. There is no reason why there can’t be different companys producing wheels out there to work with the xbox1 & PS4. The PS4 should be a no brainer for Fanatec since Sony is more PC like anyway. M$ is probably more of a chore for Fanatec to sort out. It would be nice is to hear something, but Fanatec is probable still testing I figured.

migraine247's picture

I don't have a problem with

I don't have a problem with other companies making wheels. But I'll give my opinion of those wheels. And I think they are inferior to Fanatec.

TJR's picture

i agree to. I really like

i agree to. I really like Fanatec products. The hardware seems more polished and thought out then the other brands. It's "sim art" like I heard on insidesim racing.

Webcruise's picture

The Problem is not the OS,

The Problem is not the OS, the diference is the new improved low latency wireless
technology, but wired it should work. I dont think Fanatec has not even startet inevaluating
this issue.

CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals V2, Racestar Rig, XBOX360, PS3

TJR's picture

that's probalby the real

that's probalby the real issue. Fanatec is slow to get on this next gen thing. Most likely since its a smaller company then the competitors. I've played and owned other wheel brands in the past and once I switched to Fanatec I have been really happy with there product as a whole. Heck my 4 year old Clubsport pedals just broke and only cost me $26 to fix. That's a good value out from a original $200 pedal set that lasted that long.

steve30x's picture

The Xbox 1 is using Windows

The Xbox 1 is using Windows 8 for most of its OS and its just as much of a PC as the PS4 is.

Marilee Stone's picture

No my friend, if MS or

No my friend, if MS or Fanatec says tomorrow, the steering wheels work on the XB1 I buy still no XB1. This would have the need to consider earlier. But it is not only because of the steering wheels. Microsoft has so much shit built since the introduction of the XB1.
First example: what is the nonsense with a 500 GB hard drive, which I can not replace? The games are getting bigger and more and need more space.
Second example: the development of a headset adapter for XB1. This is vitally important, more important than the steering wheels. They were not expensive enough. Nah MS, so do not!

Nein mein Freund, wenn Fanatec oder MS morgen sagt, die Lenkräder funktionieren auf der XB1, kaufe ich mir trotzdem keine XB1. Das hätten die sich früher überlegen müssen. Es ist aber nicht mehr nur wegen der Lenkräder. Microsoft hat so viel Scheiße gebaut seit der Vorstellung der XB1.
Erstes Beispiel: was soll der Quatsch mit einer 500 GB Festplatte, die ich nicht austauschen kann? Die Spiele werden immer größer und brauchen immer mehr Speicherplatz.
Zweites Beispiel: die Entwicklung eines Headsetadapters für die XB1. Das ist unbedingt wichtig, wichtiger als die Lenkräder. Die waren ja nicht teuer genug. Nee MS, so nicht!

Webcruise's picture

The Harddrive is not the

The Harddrive is not the issue. Even 2 TB wont be enough for some users, to save
costs it is the right decision, why because you can add an external harddrive to XBOX1 which
is not possible on PS4. On the other side MS will add compute ressources to xbox
out of Azure which is great and works in all relevant regions across the world.

I know what I am talking about, I work as a solution architect for it infrastructure and
cloudservices. Not for MS :)
CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals V2, Racestar Rig, XBOX360, PS3

Marilee Stone's picture

View Case of the Hard Drive.

View Case of the Hard Drive. I prefer it when everything is in one housing. What should I put everything on the cupboard? The console, the power supply and now even an external hard drive.
MS has done many things wrong. Sony has improved many things (aside from the new gamepad which I still can not exchange batteries).
Let's see how things develop over the next half year. In any case, I am at one of my earlier statements: no more racing game without my CSR-E wheel. Not even on the PS4.

Ansichtssache mit dem Harddrive. Ich habe es lieber wenn alles in einem Gehäuse steckt. Was soll ich denn noch alles auf den Wohnzimmerschrank stellen? Die Konsole, das Netzteil und jetzt auch noch eine externe Festplatte.
MS hat vieles falsch gemacht. Sony hat viele Dinge verbessert (abgesehen vom neuen Gamepad bei dem ich immer noch keine Akkus austauschen kann).
Mal sehen, wie sich die Dinge im nächsten halben Jahr entwickeln. Auf jeden Fall stehe ich zu einer meiner früheren Aussagen: kein Rennspiel mehr ohne mein CSR-E Lenkrad. Auch nicht auf der PS4.

faddish's picture

I know console owners, me

I know console owners, me included, should have known these wheels would not work on new consoles. Still, can't help but feel jobbed. Csr elite + csp + cockpit is alot of $$$ for about 1 year of use. Last time I will do that. Worst part is they have very little re-sell value paper weight ever.

Why is everybody always

Why is everybody always crying about next-gen console compatibility. New consoles aren't out. So everything isn't finalized and therefore you don't know for sure whether they are compatible or not. In addition, when you bought your stuff, you knew what you are going to buy.
Also, best racing games are still on PC.

I don't think people who bought McLaren F1 back in the day when they were promised to have the fastest production car in the world complain everywhere feeling cheated as there are so many cars today available that are faster.

faddish's picture

Dumb analogy.

Dumb analogy.

steve30x's picture

Even worse that you assumed

Even worse that you assumed you could use your wheel on the new consoles. Do you think you will be able to use it on the PS5 and next Microsoft console that comes after the Xbox 1 too?

Anyway nobody said it won't work on the Xbox 1 or PS4. There is no confirmation of it yet. You cant blame Fanatec for the changes in the new consoles that might mean your hardware wont work on those consoles. They are trying to get the info they need and trying to get the hardware to work on the consoles. Its not fanatec's fault you spent so much money on hardware expecting it to work on the new consoles either.

It is actually confirmed

It is actually confirmed that all wheels that worked on ps3 will work on ps4! So yes, I will be playing Gran Turismo on PS4 with my CSR-Elite Forza branded wheel.. LOL!

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