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> CTC Tester Conditions

CTC Tester Conditions

Here you can read the conditions.

To become a Community Tester - your first step is registering here.

To participate in the community test of the Fanatec racing products you have to agree on the following rules and regulations:

1. Address details
Please carefully check all data in your profile an check if it is up to
date and accurate. We will not send a unit twice if there was a problem
with the address.

2. Shipping charges
Endor/Fanatec covers all shipping costs related to the test including
the shipping costs back to our warehouse if the tester wants to send
back the product.

3. Testing period
The testing period starts after you receive the product and lasts
for 30 days. The wheel has to be returned or purchased after the 30
days testing period within one week.

4. Purchase of the product
The product can be purchased for 50% of the regular recommended retail
price as listed in the Fanatec webshop. If a tester was very active and
provided very detailed and extensive tests we reserve the option to
give a further discount.
You trusted us to give us all your data so now we will trust you and
send you the wheel without advanced payment. There will be an invoice
sent separately by email but as you will see on the invoice, this
invoice is only valid if you decide to keep the product.

5. Payment and return information
The details about how to purchase or return the product including
payment information will be published on before the
testing period ends.

6. Step 1: Test the product
You will receive a BETA version
of the product. All technical problems have to be discussed in a
private section of our forums on We are listening to you
and will solve all critical problems before mass production.

For the public forums you can concentrate about the features and performance of the product.

We will not tell you what to say about the product. Be objective and fair and give it a chance.
The perfect test would include a detailed report of what you like and
dislike on the product and how it compares to other similar products.
Show us pictures of your set up and our product!
Ideal will be a video test on It does not have to be
studio quality but moving pictures and comments are a great way to show
a product.

7. Step 2: Fill out the survey
There will be a test survey in your profile which asks several questions about the product.

8. Step 3: Share your experience
Technical problems/bugs
Please report those issues to the dedicated and private forum on This forum can only be accessed by testers.

Public reviews (written)
The tests have to labeled with the
headline: “Fanatec xxx: Test” (replace xxx with the name of the
product). This makes sure that it is easy to identify in every forum.
Before you open such a thread look if somebody else did it before. Do
not open multiple threads. Post all tests into one thread per forum.
It is highly appreciated if you share your experience with several communities.

Video reviews
Upload your video to Youtube

9. Step 4: Publish your test on
Add the link to your test to our linklisting and your video to our
videolisting so that all users have all options gathered together. This
link list can be seen by any visitor of

10. Step 5: Decide if you want to keep the product or return it
Please follow the instructions which will be published on the at a later point.

11. Technical problems
In case there are technical problems, please contact
for assistance or post the problem on the forum on
Although we did extensive tests on the product it is still the first
production. Please help us in such a case.

12. You agree that
Endor/Fanatec can use the testing material you created to promote our
products. Of course this does not include the private data like adress
or email etc.

13. You agree that we can contact you by e-mail regarding the tests of our products.

To become a Community Tester - your first step is registering here.

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