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I have tried emailing but got no response. Does anyone know if they post to Australia.

If so, does anyone know how hard it is to extend the wiring for the gear stick so i can place it beside me on the left hand side, perhaps an extra metre?

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Home Entertainment Suppliers

Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd sell one of there wheels, there website is

sent them a e-mail to see if they are getting any Turbo S wheels but no reply yet

If you are in Australia, you

If you are in Australia, you should feel free to check out my website We have a lot of very happy customers in Australia and will be able to help you out.

I think it has gone beyond

I think it has gone beyond the joke the lack of support that Fanatac has for Australian customers I have been E-mailing them for a year and a half now about when the Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 RS will be available and have received the same old comment of Australia will be available as a country selection very very soon on the Fanatec web store (this is also a question to Thomas who hopefully might get things moving along) how hard is it to make Australia an option on the Fanatec web store and ship direct from China as a lot of companies do we have to pay ridiculous prices for a wheel that is meant to be a competitor to the Logitech G27 but Fanatec approved importers are charging $700 + for this wheel when a Logitech G27 cost $350 or less if you shop around this is a real lack of foresight on Fanatec's part

Will anything come of this or just the usual constant stalling or recommending importers that charge $700 + for a wheel that really should be priced at $350 Australian dollars so as to be competitive with the Logitech G27 ?

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