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> How to purchase, if I am not in US and EU?

How to purchase, if I am not in US and EU?

Hello! I am very interested in Fanatec's products and considering purchasing GT3RS or PWTS. But the online shop of Fanatec only supports regions in America and Europe and I am in China. Is there any way that I could buy products directly from Fanatec? If not, I will have to ask a friend in US to buy and send it to me, which will take extra days, and I wish I could get it ASAP.

Best Regards.

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If you are in Australia, you

If you are in Australia, you should feel free to check out my website We have a lot of very happy customers in Australia and will be able to help you out.

Hello Thomas The supplier

Hello Thomas

The supplier for Australia is Pagnian Imports but they charge an astronomical and unrealistic price for the steering wheel ($799) that is meant to compete directly against the Logitech G27 (which cost $350 even less if you shop around) it seems you have totally given up on the Australian market as charging the prices the importer does it might as well not be available here at all and we just go through the difficult task of trying to buy through an American distributor which would still be by far considerably cheaper.

I have been E-mailing for a 1 year and a half now to Fanatec and have been told to constantly look on web store that Australian will be available as a country selection only just recently to be told that is now available from Pagnian Imports . (HES has informed me that will not be selling the Porsche 911 GT3 RS wheel or clubsport pack )

Australia does not charge a VAT tax and it is closer to import from China to Australia so the price of the wheel should actually be cheaper than in the United States ? (And if we were to pay GST tax this would still be less than the VAT tax the United States charges there is an import tax for items above $1000 dollars but this item clearly does not fall into that category) ?

"Seriously" you definitely have given up on the Australian market as not putting it as an option on the Fanatec website and then going back on you on that promise and putting it through an (middleman) Australian importer that charges 2.5 times the retail price because they have it exclusively is definitely and absolutely giving up on the Australian market this steering wheel is a direct competitor to the Logitech G27 in price and function not mega dollar wheels for sale out there .

Your comment of "five minutes" seems to be all the effort you have actually made for the Australian market because $799 I think currently is the most expensive price to pay for the wheel on the entire planet which does actually cost more than a PS3 console with the game Gran Turismo 5 and a Logitech G27 wheel without actually discounting the product because of it being bundled so your comment of "seriously we have not given up on the Australian market" holds absolutely no weight what so ever it is a shame to see what seems such a lucrative market for Fanatec to be held with such contempt and also the lack of support for the Australian customer ?

It is very clear from researching the WWW and going through the forums that there are quite a large number of potential Australian customers out there that want to buy the 911 GT3 RS or 911 Turbo S wheel but not at the unfair price Pagnian imports sells it at It really is a letdown that you do not want to make it affordable for the Australian market and put it as a country selection on your web store I cannot see why you can make it affordable for whole of U.S./Canada and Europe and treat the Australians as second class citizens ?

Regards Paul

Fanatec, can I order a

Fanatec, can I order a Porsche Turbo S wheel and have it shipped to me directly from your Chinese factory to Hong Kong? It would be much faster and I don't have to go through the trouble and extra shipping cost of having someone in the US importing the wheel.

Htunk, I'm in the same

Htunk, I'm in the same situation as you are. I'm in Hong Kong and would like to buy the Fanatec Porsche Turbo S wheel. I contacted Fanatec and they told me they don't ship to HK. It sounds to me they don't have a very good business plan for their product. I won't say Asia is a big market when it comes to gaming wheel. But I sure know many people in this part of the world who would like to get their hands on the Fanatec wheel. I also can import the wheel from US but we will be paying for some stupid shipping charge considering the wheel is made in China. Fanatec should set up a dealership in this part of the world to deal with customers here. Lower shipping cost and faster delivery to anyone in Asia would definitely attract more customer. I'm not sure why Fanatec can't see this golden opportunity to expand their business.

I've looked into it a bit

I've looked into it a bit but it all looks a bit questionable, STILL WAITING FOR A REPLY FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Email was sent couple of days ago and not so much as a reply yet...FANATEC WHEN WILL YOU BE SATISFYING THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO PURCHASE YOUR PRODUCT SINCE NOW YOU HAVE SATISFIED THE PEOPLE ALREADY PRE-ORDERED? Do you not realise that we the perspective buyers are just as important if not more since we will be the ones you gain most profit off being that we pay full price and will probably outnumber the pre-orderers at least 2/1. I would have already put money on a nice new CSP Turbo S if i had some idea of how to get it, saying that it will be in retailers without confirmation of this is a cop out....

If you're an Aussie there

If you're an Aussie there are a few people lurking in the Whirlpool forums who are interested. If there are other forums discussing this please let us know, a consolidated voice would sure help get the message through that Australia loves them some quality wheel action.

Lots of talk about how HES the Aus distributor will act as an agent for shipping, but I have had no confirmation from them so its all hearsay. Not that I'm doubting the punters, just making it clear I'm not in the loop.

It would be really nice if we could get some feedback/confirmation that there is a possibility of HES + Fanatec working towards a solution. Otherwise a bit more info re the Forwarding would be handy, even the details of the shipping company someone has used and had good experience would be much appreciated and a great start for the rest of us to follow-up with.

Mine might be for sale when

Mine might be for sale when it arrives, will see how I go with FM3 (The whole point of buying it). Keep an eye out in Ebay LoL!

I saw all the interest on Whirlpool & I did research for getting 10 units in though the US Distributor but the secutiry requirements of the Freight Forwarders made it a little difficult (i.e. they need to pick it up, you can just drop the items off. So you need to get Fanatec to deliver to one address for the Forwarders to pick it up from). And then I realised the price was starting to get closer to the AUD$800 mark + the FX rate was appreciating over the USD$ so was becoming a much bigger risk.

I'm not really sure if there would be that many people willing to pay approx $800 for the wheel (though I wouldn't be surprised if HES will charge that or more to make them profitable).

There are a few places intending to sell the GT3RS wheel so prolly could determine how much margin the Aussie resellers are looking to make on the wheel and apply the same to the 911 Turbo S.

BTW - Google this: "buy in USA sent to Australia" ;-)

:) Cheers. Its a tough call

:) Cheers. Its a tough call but the saving grace it is a multiple console and PC wheel, provided MS doesn't screw us over on the next console and the manufacturing is decent, with the proper care it should last a good while.

I've got a similar issue in

I've got a similar issue in Australia. I will buy mine from the USA (especially with the current FX Rates!)

If your interested in these products research "Freight Forwarding".

Anyone have some new

Anyone have some new information on this? I am also in another country not listed but am badly wanting one of these.

Sorry to hear that. Its sad

Sorry to hear that. Its sad how this product is manufactured in China but doesn't ship to the country. Good luck to you mate!

Thank you! I want to order

Thank you! I want to order PWTS immediately. And even I order it now, I guess I will have to wait for months before I receive it. And I wish I could buy it from Fanatec directly, not having to ask orther guys to buy it for me. I hope I could get a reply from Fanatec to instruct me how to buy their products. In fact, I know there are many people in China, who want to buy 911 wheels but don't know how.

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