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> PWTS Pure settings with Xbox 360 peddles

PWTS Pure settings with Xbox 360 peddles

These settings work best in FM3...
Sensitivity @ 210*. This is similar to the MS wheel, lock to lock, allows quick response on 180* hairpins and switch-backs. Have not experienced any dead zone issues.
FFB @ 033. Similar wheel stiffness to real world steering input, both turn-enter and turn-exit.
Shoc @ 100. We all know FM3 has low rumble-strip and contact feedback, so set this as high as possible (100%).
Remember to save your settings, that is, Press the Tunning Button to get the
S-1 (etc.) display. Make your tuning selections as above, then press the TB again to save the settings.

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Strange enough... I find

Strange enough... I find these settings... which I did manage to determine on my own months ago... to be the same as you have suggested here.

However, in some cars I change the FF to 66% as it helps... but 33% seems to fit most cars in FM3.

I'm just trying to point out to folks your correct...!

Good Post!

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