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> NEW: PWTS Ultimate Edition announced

NEW: PWTS Ultimate Edition announced

The production of the PWTS will end in April and the last units of the Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel will be available in a special offer which includes the PWTS Pure and the CSP at a special price of 399,90 EUR/USD.

The availabilit is limited, of course .

The owners of this version will get access to a special Firmware version which will have the following new features:

  • Adjustable steering axis linearity
  • Adjustable deadzone on steering axis
  • Adjust sensitivity settings in 10° steps
  • Min steering angle: 90°

The new FW is great for games (like GT5:P) which require a little deadzone. The adjustable linearity makes it possible to steer very precise around the center but get a quick reaction if you turn further. We will make this firmware public to existing PWTS owners at a later point.

This product is real Wink


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Hello i have question in


i have question
in fact i have a brand new fanatec turbos wheel ue
i bought it 22 septembre, but i don't have it's fonctionality

* Adjustable steering axis linearity
* Adjustable deadzone on steering axis
* Adjust sensitivity settings in 10° steps
* Min steering angle: 90°
on Xbox and PC (i don't have ps3)
that's normal?

thanks in advance

Would that firmware work on

Would that firmware work on a GT3 RS as well?

If "no" is there a slight glimpse of hope we would see this as a later firmware update for the GT3RS?

If "no" again, how about adding the features on driver domain at least?

If "no" againagain, why not?

I opted for the GT3 CSP version , because it looked (and feels) like the most pro version, and I still think it is. Why is the best wheel in the range dealt with with so less care than the others?

When making my decision and placing the order PC AND PS3 support was explicitedly stated with "YES" on the feature comparison on the Fanatec website. This was/is exactly what I needed and I made my purchase decision on that. I was mistaken that the only difference were the non-existing of the RF dongle and missing XBox support just to learn that PS3 support is limited and not guaranteed to work - mind the website told different - btw. I have screenies to prove that - even though it lately has been revised/censored to "operate partly" which is not a gentle move towards early pre-paying adopters...

If you're looking for a positive marketing effect I think it was a just good and fair gesture for Fanatec to provide at least the features (if posible along with stable PS3 support) to the GT3 owners and all that paved the way thorugh the rough start for Fanatec as well, don't you, Thomas?

Unfortunatly the answers

Unfortunatly the answers are indeed "no" as the GT3RS cannot be updated.

We always pointed out that the compatibility is limited and we did this especially in the description in the webshop where you bought the wheel. So far the GT3RS is still compatible to all games and it worked great with the demo of GT5 so I hope it will work with the final version of GT5 as well.

The PWTS had the more modern electronics but it is much more expensive as well.

I am sorry that the comparison sheet might have confused you but that was not our intention. The wheel you have is still considered to be one of the best PS3 wheels by many people and the lack of the artificial deadzone implementation is probably no longer relevant when GT5  will be released. 


Thanks for replying, Thomas.

Thanks for replying, Thomas. I would consider to sell it and get a Turbo Pure instead - however, I like the GT3 RS better than the Turbo and as said I still see it as the superior wheel from look and feel, regardless of the price and the link here where somebody bought both wheels and tediously swapped the casings proves that I am not alone.

Without starting a big discussion about it I must repeat that the comparison table which you link to right from the product subpage clearly, explicitedly and unmisunderstandingly said " PC/PS3-JA/JA" , which founded my decision and as said I even have a copy of the html file on my disk dated september 09 ;-)

What is the case is that regardless of the how to I cannot manage to get the clutch working in GT5 PL and also I am forced to enable the wheel with the press here and there trick.

But I definately do not want to go into argumentation here and allthough I would consider it a honourable sign of generousity towards the people who proved faith in your company by ordering with prepaiment and waited months for the product to be shipped, I do accept the decision not to provide the firmware.

Still, a definable deadzone could also help to eliminate the random decalibration issue ( What I know that you know about, so we know ther IS actually a way to upgrade the firmware).
So with this in consideration I would kindly ask to implement the deadzone / linearity adjustment into an upcoming driver release.

Reading through one of the "other forums" I could very well imagine that I am not the only person to base decision of future choices regarding shifters handbrakes and what to come strongly on how a company handles after sales support of premium priced products.

For inspiration you may have a look at Saitek's control panel for the X65F HOTAS, they do feature these adjustments in a perfect way on a similar placed product.

My previous wheel, a Guillemot/Thrustmaster FFB wheel of the first generation had this as well(along with a belt drive) and setting linearity is a feature not to be underestimated for the avid gamer and could very well add to the reputation and value of Fanatec'S product range in general at minimum expense. After all the comparison table hasn't changed in this concern at least - and the GT3 RS is still touted the product for the "Enthusiast PC gamer" and would deserve such a treatment.

We did not change the

We did not change the comparison table as the wheel is certainly PS3 compatible. That does not mean that it is 100% compatible to all PS3 games as even the most compatible wheels do not work with titles like Killzone and even popular car racing games like MotorStorm. So everything has to be seen from a certain perspective.

I would love to offer a firmware upgrade for the GT3RS but there are simply technical limitations to do that. It requires a special programming dongle to flash the IC and also there is no more memory to add additional features to the IC. A driver solution would not help on PS3. The only way would be to offer a complete set of electronics for people which like to modify their PWGT3RS but that requires some DIY skills and would void any warranty. However we are considering such a solution.



Hello Thomas, thanks again

Hello Thomas, thanks again for your reply. I do know of course, that a driver update for PC does not change behaviour on the PS3, but I am positive it would be a welcomed feature for those who use the wheel primarily on the PC (actually GT5 is the one and only game on the PS3 I use it for) and do not have means and skills to do a firm- or hardwareupdate to their wheel.

I can consider myself personally able to and would welcome any solution available.

I know that the GT3 needs some adaptor to take new firmware from another german forum, however I do not know whether it's a standard JTAG adaptor or EC2 or similar...

I also do like the idea of a hardware upgrade (even if officially unsupported) a lot and certainlky would give it a go if Fanatec would offer such. So count me in for that, where would I have to subscribe for the mailing list? ;-)

Grüße aus München....

And would an update

And would an update basically be the PWC electronics to be mounted into the GT3 mainframe? And if Fanatec for any reason would not provide this unsupported update, would it be possible to rip a PWC apart and build the electronics inside the GT - as in is the electronics compatible with the motors/motor drivers of the GT3?

Has anyone ordered an

Has anyone ordered an ultimate edition wheel yet and if so, how was the firmware supplied. If it could be uploaded that would be a +1 for sure. Member of
Member of the Mod Squad.
Proud PS2/PS3, Xbox 360, PC owner

The Ultimate Edition wheel has the firmware installed onto it from the factory. Thomas has said he will release the FW to all existing PWTS owners after the initial run of Carrera wheels has sold out.

Not sure about that. Here is

Not sure about that. Here is what it says about the special firmware on the Ultimate Edition page in the webshop:

BONUS: All PWTS UE customers get access to a special firmware which can be uploaded to the wheel with a Windows PC.

That would suggest to me that the special firmware is provided either on media or by way of a link and must be uploaded to the wheel. That would mean anybody who had bought an UE wheel would be able to make the special firmware available to us all. Member of
Member of the Mod Squad.
Proud PS2/PS3, Xbox 360, PC owner

Interesting, and odd. Seems strange that the PWC has it installed, but the PWTS UE doesn't?

It is correct that the FW

It is correct that the FW will be sent by e-mail as a zip file

Thomas, you can check this

Thomas, you can check this deliery method by using "MY" email if you would like. ALways willing to be a Fanatec Guinny Pig. ;)

Well done that man/woman.

Well done that man/woman. Not afraid to put him/herself in the line of fire for the rest of us!! I salute you o/

I already saw in another

I already saw in another forum that people are more than just spreading the "word" so I guess you just need to find somebody which has a PWTS UE. Or hey, you can motivate somebody to buy it! Wink

It is up to the customers of the PWTS UE what to do with the FW as I have promised them exclusivity and I want to keep that promise.

Is this a german forum you

Is this a german forum you are talking about Thomas. I have found a nice German forum but my German is Müll! So I am trying to use google translate to speak with them :)

Well, I have spent the

Well, I have spent the better part of the afternoon searching for said "reviews" but I cannot for the life of me find them. I did find a few people talking about testing it, but nothing about "sharing" their thoughts.

Am I reading this correctly,

Am I reading this correctly, this wheel will contain an exclusive firmware available only to owners of the "PWTS Ultimate" leaving out those of us who shelled out alot of money on the previous batches including nearly $500 on the PWTS Clubsport which was touted as the best package?

I wouldnt be complaining if this was a hardware revision but this is just a different firmware that could be loaded onto every PWTS but from what I can see is just a way to try to sell more wheels while completely forgetting about those of us who already own the PWTS.

And it really upsets me because this obviously is intended to fix issues with an existing game (GT5:Prologue) and a very high profile upcoming game (GT5). So in order to play GT5 and GT5:P with out having to turn the force feedback down defeating the purpose behind buying a Fanatec wheel since they have what is probably the strongest most powerful FFB.

Fanatec could have made a lot more money off me but this is enough to keep me from ever biying another Fantec product. As a matter of fact I think I am going to sell my PWTS Clubsport package.

No, you were not reading

No, you were not reading this correctly. I mentioned that this firmware will be available to all PWTS owners.

Perhaps you should have read all comments in this thread so would have know that you can probably get this firmware very soon.

We are not fixing issues with a game but adding features. If all Porsche owners would be upset whenever Porsche is making a facelift or even dare to bring out a new model, the development would have stuck in 1965.

Please don't blame us for bringing out better products, especially when you can even get the same features for free on your existing wheel.


Don't talk down to me. Your

Don't talk down to me. Your post says that "owners of this version will get access to a special Firmware". It doesn't say that owners of all PWTS wheels will have access to this firmware. I did read all of the comments and the only place it says that we would be able to get it is by you implying that we should be able to find a pirated version of it some where and that is unacceptable.

Your logic about Porsche is irrelevant because you have not made any new advancement in technology you are just writing a new piece of software that improves the functionality of the wheel and solves the dead zone problem with GT5:P. It would be a totaly different story if this were a hardware revision but it isn't it is software only.

Either way I am willing to sell my Fanatec PWTS Clubsport cheap if anyone wants it just to keep you from making one more sale.

How much are you selling? I

How much are you selling? I don't mind owning another PWTS. I am extremely happy with mine, and all my friends played with it had been impressed and I always had to race with them on those MS Wheels when playing on split screens...

You have some serious issues

You have some serious issues :) Ít is only a freaking game controller.

OMG!! take it easy :) The

OMG!! take it easy :) The post from Thomas DID say ALL PWTS owners! oh well..

versapak's picture

Seriously? What the heck do


What the heck do you think the very last line in Thomas's blog post means?

"We will make this firmware public to existing PWTS owners at a later point. "

He most definitely DID say that current Porsche wheel owners would be getting this firmware.


Fuck this I am sick of this

Fuck this I am sick of this shit. When I made my first post that wasn't there it has been edited since my first reply. If I had just read it wrong I would have been happy to take back what I had said but the attitude I got back from Thomas pisses me off. Thomas you have got some of the worst Public Relations skills. Just delete all of my posts I won't bother any of you any more.

Umm... that last line was

Umm... that last line was there from the very first day Thomas made his post. I had just bought my PWTS within the last month and was wondering if i had missed a great chance - I was more concerned with the firmware than the wheel/pedal combo price - but saw the last comment about everyone getting it eventually and I stopped stressing about iit... as you should now.

Well, after two people

Well, after two people confirmed that I did not change anything on this post it would be time for you to think if the statements you made and the language you used are appropriate.

We improved the wheel and added new features and we will make that available to all new and existing customers.

Tell me one company where you ever have been able to upgrade the functionality of a racing wheel before.

Beside that, I don't think that just because the features are made by software they automatically have to come for free. Software development also costs something and there are plenty of companies which charge for software updates. But in order to satisfy our customers we don't. So I really don't know what makes you go crazy here.

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That line has been there

That line has been there since the beginning.

It didn't just suddenly appear after you posted. Just look at the other comments. You are the only one that seemed to have missed that line.

The news was posted on April 1st, and you can go to the earliest comments and see that the 3rd comment was also posted on April 1st. It quotes the very line that I quoted, and that you MISSED.


Interesting! I recall

Interesting! I recall reading the line: We will make this firmware public to existing PWTS owners at a later point, when this blog post was first posted few days ago, so nothing has been edited. The other thing is that Thomas just said that someone will probably post the new firmware in the Internet before he makes it available to everyone.

Hi, I am pleased to learn

I am pleased to learn that the wheel is going to be improved especially on GT5. There is another function that I would like to have in a further firmware update : Actually, if I set the set the ABS function, it makes rumble both wheel and brake pedal. Moreother, if the ABS option is set, the wheel won't rumble any more. It could be better if the ABS function made only the pedal rumble, so that we could have both ABS (pedals rumble) and wheel rumble that can be activated together...

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