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> Stunning shifter and handbrake mod - UPDATE: comparison to CS handbrake

Stunning shifter and handbrake mod - UPDATE: comparison to CS handbrake

I would like to show you a very special mod for our Porsche wheels.

The creator of these products is Teki Ei-Ichi of Japan and I think he did a brilliant job without having tested his products yet.

He first designed a shifter wich looks just like the real thing.

His second mod was a handbrake which looks amazing as well. It is based on our CSPs and even uses the pressure sensitive load cell.

Both products look like an outstanding piece of high-end Japanese engineering and I like it a lot.

His handbrake brings me into a real dilemma.

We already have a prototype of our ClubSport handbrake and it is about to be ready for production but I am seriously considering to scrap our current design and let Teki Ei-Ichi help us to develop the CSHB. 

Here is a drawing of the CSHB. The lever can be mounted lying or standing. Inside is a simple spring mechanism with potentiometer. There will be several holes on all sides to mount it. Size will be much smaller than the TEI handbrake.


The shifter seems to be much more expensive to produce than our planned CSS which should sell for about 100 USD/€ but how much more would you be willing to spend for a shifter in this quality?

Opinions please!






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Considering your mission

Considering your mission statements

FANATEC®, professional input devices
Hello realism. Good bye, toys.

The decisions about getting these into production, should be a no-brainer. You should start production of both shifter and handbrake right away :)

From the information posted on the new Fanatec website, it looks like this shifter didn't make it to production.
Now i am getting worried that the handbrake won't make it to production either.
That would be a shame. The handbrake design by Teki Ei-Ichi is astonishing. THAT HANDBRAKE IS ICONIC!

The Lightning SST shifter retails for ~200$, and the Thrustmaster TH8 RS shifter retails for ~150$.
I would gladly pay 250$ for a shifter like the one Teki made. (I would of course want interchangeable 4/5/6 H-patterns and a metal casing)

Would it be possible for you to consider the opportunity of offering both shifter and handbrake as made-to-order items? That way customers could prepay/preorder, and your risk of investment would be far less.
If you won't consider this, could you then help me with information on how to get in touch with Teki, so I can try to persuade him to custom make me a shifter + handbrake :)

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My opinion, that shifter

My opinion, that shifter would assurely compete the TH8RS 200% winning! But the handbrake! Gosh! You HAVE to put it on production! It's already a "must have"! I'm longing for it!!!

For the love of god. Produce

For the love of god. Produce and sell the thing already. When you do start producing it YOU BETTER HAVE A BOAT LOAD IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi, i'am french sorry for

hi, i'am french sorry for bad english, have somebody connect homemade handbrake on handbrake plug on clubsport pedals ? does work ?

The last mod from Tekiei:

The last mod from Tekiei: Clubsport Pedals Clutch Mod

I would be interested in buying it if Fanatec put on sale something similar.

Thomas, why not hire Tekiei? His mods are amazing.

Hey Thomas, just curious if

Hey Thomas, just curious if you had any idea's on which direction you're going to take with the shifter yet?

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I like a lot this shifter,

I like a lot this shifter, but one thing I miss the most is its lack of realism compared to a real life shifter. There should be electronics that would link the shifter to the clutch in order to stop to enter/engage a gear, like a real car. This one has the mechanics, it would only needed the electronics to put it to work that way.

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I just had another look at

I just had another look at the video , and I've quoted Teki last post below .
The last two sentences have given me a hardon , honest .

'An email came from Thomas of Fanatec to me.

It was a proposal that he wanted to get impressions about this MOD with his blog.

And he wants to make a try of these.

Therefore I lend these items to him.'

Tekiei1 3 weeks ago

I'd love a shifter like this , but prefer the other style of handbrakes that have been shown .

I like the look of all the

I like the look of all the gear, but the hand brake doesn't need the ratchet system to lock the brake on, thats just for parking :-)

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Question, how exactly will

Question, how exactly will the Handbrake connect? Will it be a stand alone controller or will it be plugged in through PS2 cable to wheel or will it possibly have a connection for the clubsport pedals? I'm anxious to know because I love drifting on Forza and would like to know if it's going to be able to work with it the way you guys plan on making it connect.

You will need the CSP´s if

You will need the CSP´s if you want to use it on the console, USB for PC.

How the handbrake connects to the CSP i dont know, all I see is a connection clip on the PCB board that says handbrake.

This shifter looks

This shifter looks fantastic! I'd be willing to pay 150-175 USD for it I think. I'm not sure how much it would cost you to produce but I think you'd sell a ton at that price point as it looks like one of the best shifters I've seen period.

The e-brake looks nice, but the one you guys have been working on looks like it may be easier to mount possibly? Not that the other one looks hard to mount. Although if one doesn't have anything to mount it to then the one in the video obviously would work better, but I really don't see how you could use it without mounting it.

Yeah, I'm with you on this

Yeah, I'm with you on this one. I'd have no problem paying $150-$200 for HIGH quality shifter. Something as reliable as sim-gears lightning sst...with a warranty like theirs for 3 years. Reliability and performance should bs the most important thing. Right now I'm in a dilemma actually because I want to but a new shifter and want something that works both console and PC. If I buy the sst, I lose console playability. If I buy the Fanatec Porsche shifter set, I lose quality, but gain playability on consoles. Where as I do more racing on the pc, the quality is more importan to me than playability on both platforms. Having a high end Fanatec shifter, id gain both playability, and performance. It can't be released fast enough as far as I'm concerned....and I think a high end shifter close to the $200US price point would appeal to both the PC and serious console player market. Leave the standard $50 Porsche shifter set in production for those who are just looking for anyhing to shift with at a lower price point.

I like the functionality of

I like the functionality of the Japanese one but I like the design and the look of Thomas much better!

A spring with a potentiometer just doesn't cut it though cause it has to have the right feel ! (Very important)

It should definitely have a load cell just like the CSP.

The Japanese one looks just like it came from a sedan car and not a sport or Rally car.

I really do hope to see that

I really do hope to see that the shifter does keep the porsche gt2 or gt3 look. Almost like a more robust version of what's already out from Fanatec, just made much better with better mounting options.

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I'm looking forward on this

I'm looking forward on this shifter. It looks just amazing. In general, I really miss a trully shifter for buying. Frex is too expensive, TSW is too soft and Lightning SST doesnt looks like a real shifter. I imagine, a piece of work like that reaching between U$200 till U$500 would be a success.

How long to find this shifter on online stores/fanatec e-shop?

Gabriel Bechtold

Great ideas and designs from

Great ideas and designs from everyone on the Clubsport shifter and handbrake My opinions on this for the Clubsport Shifter I was thinking something along the lines of a SSC lightning shifter style in terms of design because It's a top quality shifter and It makes no noise like the standard fanatec shifter and It can be a 7speed + reverse and for the handbrake the Load-cell design by Teki is brilliant a fabulous piece of engineering tho I would say If possible how about having both a Rally styled Shifter like the Frex handbrake for the rally drivers and drifters and a normal basic handbrake for the others tho I'm guessing this wont be possible because of production issues but It's just an thought where you could please both sides. (Like to hear you guys take on my ideas/opinion).

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Yeah I'd rather have the

Yeah I'd rather have the rally style handbrake with a on/off switch for cheaper prices and easier mounting since you won't need to pull extremely hard for the load cell..

Hi guys, My design and the

Hi guys,

My design and the design of Thomas are already designed to be fitted in two positions, vertical and horizontal...Like you could see in the following images. Don't forget the handbrake could get a lighter load cell or maybe it's even possible to get an on/off switch in this setup. No problem to realize.

vertical (drift/rally):

horizontal(normal car) :



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Hi Jerico, I would

Hi Jerico,

I would definitely be interested in one of these rally style handbrakes using a load cell and connecting via USB.

For realism I think it has to have a load cell as using the potentiometer just doesn't give you the same feeling as we get in our real rally car. Where as when I used the clutch pedal as a test it seemed much more realistic and worked more accurately and allowed you to make more precise handbrake turns than using the sequential shifter.

Another option should be a long hand so you can mount the unit low but still have the handle near your hand like in the video I posted below

Really looking forward to this being released and would be happy to help with testing and give a real world comparison to our real hydraulic handbrake in our rally car.

Cheers Al

People are mushy - Paul Hawkins on the merits of where to crash on the Targa Florio

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Now is there other ways it

Now is there other ways it can mount? maybe with a clamp? because it looks like it can only be bolted down at this moment..


Hi Guys, Here i am again. I

Hi Guys,

Here i am again. I am busy with my design on the clubsport handbrake. I promissed to give you some updates...

I designed it to be less expensive and let parts come back several times in the design to keep the price down.

It's a simple design and ofcourse the handlebar could be placed in two positions. Right way up (drift/race) And ofcourse like in a normal car. Here are some renderings of the design. Thomas, let me know what you think about it. The design openings could be fully different. Like the fanatec logo to look inside(i think looking inside is awesome). Ofcourse i am going to make a nice cap for it. The mount plates could be placed different too. To the outside or underneath the handbrake

Could you make direct pictures of it Thomas?

Let me know what you think of it.



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I would like to see a design

I would like to see a design that can fit on the table clamp where the handbrake can be where the shifter is suppose to mount while the shifter goes somewhere near the waist like a real car?

This would be the best for

This would be the best for sure, but i don´t think the bars designed for the shifter will hold for the pressure needed on the load-cell.

Jerico, the design looks flawless, to me, that´s a real clubsport handbrake, well done.

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one of my problems with this

one of my problems with this is it looks like you need to bolt it to something, I have a glass desk so.. I can't really do that :| Jerico can you design a standard handbrake that doesn't use the load-cell but just a simple on/off switch?

One way would be to have an

One way would be to have an table clamp for it, I havent found a table clamp i liked so far so i dont know if I could give any advice on the actual design,

But, having two back-end holes, and two front holes on the handbrake, allowing to push trough a couple of rods and then have som mechanism to secure it under the table would be my best guess, the hardest part is having the front of the handbrake close or hard enough on the table, the clamp would need to be placed nearly in the middle under the actual handbrake, but this would get pricey, but then again i wouldent know much about these things.

As you mentioned the cheapest way around it would be to have a simple on/off switch that uses a spring that requires less force.

Hi there, Thanks for your

Hi there,

Thanks for your reply. The problem here is, that i designed a real clubsport handbrake, with the intention it is going to use the loadcell because that is the most realistic setup you could create.

I understand your problem. But the clubsport is too heavy to mount to the wheel and the forces will overrule your support. It is ofcourse of steel, which is not going to help either.

But what i notice from you. You want a design that fits the needs like the normal h-shifter and sequential shifter?

Let me think of that. Maybe Thomas would be interested in that too? A basic design with a normal switch...



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Yeah, I'm a drifter and I

Yeah, I'm a drifter and I really need a handbrake but I don't want to spend TOO much on it clubsport could be like 100 dollars and standard would be I don't know like 20-30 dollars? I really don't want to open my wheel or sit there and press the B button for drifting on Forza 3 :P

Just read what you wrote

Just read what you wrote about a cap around it, and i don´t know, I kind of like it this way, the CSPs are all open and so should the handbrake, it´s like having a open wheeler like the Arial Atom, who would want a chassi over all that beauty where you can see everything working.

Something like this? I need

Something like this? I need to add some springs and switches. But more simple than this i couldn't create it. The problem with not mounting it solid is, that it quickly becomes to heavy or would damage stuff where it is attached to.

So here i made a standard handbrake. But fanatec could base it simply on their excisting sequential shifter.



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