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> Shipment of upgrade kits delayed

Shipment of upgrade kits delayed

I am sorry to tell you that we have to delay the delivery of the PWGT3RS V1->V2 upgrade kits again.

After sending us a shipment with missing components, they sent us the wrong cables and now the correct cables are defective and many PCBAs are not in the quality we expect. We decided to completely send back the upgrade kits for immediate replacement of fully tested and 100% perfect products instead of sending out products with uncertain quality.

Especially on the upgrade kits we would otherwise have big problems to find out if a defective is caused by improper installation or because of the quality of the kit itself.

I know that you are desparatly waiting for the kits since several months and it is painful not to ship out the units we have but it is the right decision in the long run. We compalined heavily about the lousy quality of the kits which was sent out by our manufacturer and asked for immediate replacement and explanation. I assume that they just sent us units which were sorted out during the regular production process but this is not acceptable of course.

I will keep you up to date when we will get the replacement units.


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thanks thomas &

thanks thomas & fanatec,

works perfectly !!!!!

I did a mod, (we've a lot of time during the shipment affair, haha)

i finally received my V2

i finally received my V2 upgrade last march 14 and currently doing the DIY install using the pdf and video link. there seem to be missing steps which i just relied on common sense to fill it in.

1. New sensor - the pdf only mentioned to replace the old one carefully on the gears. but it didn't indicated to remove the old sensor's connector on the new pcb.

2. New shifter kit - the bigger paddle shifter uses shims or the 2 blocks.

3. New small fan - it has different current rating from 0.17A to 0.14A. it seems to be connected in replacement for Fan 2 or wire 4 (basing on the diagaram.

hi thomas, kindly correct if these assumptions are wrong. btw still waiting to be chosen as beta tester or contributor :)

I didn't replace the small

I didn't replace the small fan. I thought it was just one of the extra parts, because the pdf didn't say nothing about changing it.

Should I open again and replace the small fan, Thomas?

I just received my upgrade

I just received my upgrade kit. It inclused 2 circuitboards, some cables, new paddles, a small fan, and even the neccesary screws.

One of the circuitboards should have a small heatseak attached. The circuitboard i received came without the heatsink attached. So much for upgrading my wheel tonight.

The heatsink is connected using some white thermal compound which acts as a glue. The heatsink is not secured by any screws.

I already sent a message to fanatec. Don't know yet if i have to return the shipment.

Am i the only one who has this problem???

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The heat sink wasn't present

The heat sink wasn't present at all in the package, i.e. it hadn't fallen off?

finally email received

finally email received today:
Shipment can take up to one week


my order was on Tuesday 23 November, 2010

Status des upgrade kits ist

Status des upgrade kits ist versendet ;) juhu
Danke Thomas

I have been waiting three

I have been waiting three months for the upgrade kit to arrive.
All that time I didn't play GT5 because it's stupid playing with a controller when you got a fanatec wheel and a playseat.
Last week I gave up and started playing GT5 with a controller.
The lack of accurate information is really discouraging.
I'm hoping the upgrade kit will arrive before GT6 is in stores....

Finally some good news. Just

Finally some good news.
Just received an email that the upgrade kit has been shipped.

Hi Thomas, have you any

Hi Thomas,
have you any new´s about the testing of the upgrade kits?????

Thomas: I regularly check

Thomas: I regularly check but have never seen the GT3RS V2 Upgrade posted to the Web Store. How do I order this item? I purchased the GT3RS ClubSport on 23-Apr-2009 Order No. 1663. I want to make certain that I get one before it is discontinued. Thanks.

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It was on the webshop for a

It was on the webshop for a short time, with a priority for those who preordered first the kit. But after a first defective batch they retire them from the store. Now Thomas as annouced that they will honore the current orders, but he don't think that the kit will return back on the webstore after all these problems...

Me I continue to wait, I hope that they will come this year ;) ...

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As far as I know, they will

As far as I know, they will be up in the webshop again when the newly arrived batch has been checked and found OK and the current open orders have been fulfilled.

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Any news? :)

Any news? :)

Update 2
"The new shipment has finally arrived but we need to do some testing before we can announce a confirmed delivery date. We received enough inventory to fullfil all open orders."

I understand everybody is

I understand everybody is upset and disappointed, but I like the idea to wait for better quality kits.

Everybody can ask for a refund if they do not like to wait.

The upgrade kit FANATEC is going to provide (sooner or later) is a good service to old customer.

I hope FANATEC will not discontinue this kit!


NEWS PLEASE Thomas some

NEWS PLEASE Thomas some news please, something come on, have they been shipped to china , are they making new ones , what is happenning.

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Come on guys, stop the

Come on guys, stop the spamming! Thomas said that we will get an update when there is news. No update means that there is no news, and even though we are customers there is no way that Fanatec is going to tell us every detail of the negotiations, production, customs declarations and shipment process of the upgrade kits. They're doing everything they can to ensure the fastest delivery of the best quality kits. If you think that Thomas is just sitting at his desk picking his nose and phoning to China once a month asking about the weather there and not caring about us then you have a completely distorted perception of reality. Patience please!

You are right ReDi. I am a

You are right ReDi. I am a bit shamed as acting like a spoiled kid. I know that there is probably no other company that even considers to offer upgrade kits like this. I promise that I stop spamming and give you Thomas some space to do your job.

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Hi Thomas, another week

Hi Thomas, another week passed by without any notice, you received the money weeks ago - MAKE THAT THING WORK!!!

I am sure that Thomas and

I am sure that Thomas and Fanatec are doing what ever they can but I am also quite sure that even small information bits here and there helps to reduce negative comments and makes the waiting time a little bit easier to all of us. On the other hand if there just isn't more information than we get now then also that info would be nice to know so we or at least I can stop spamming ;)

Hallo Thomas, auch ich

Hallo Thomas,

auch ich wollte ein Upgrade Kit bestellen,
habe den Vordruck verwendet und an die angegebene EMail Adresse gesendet.

Bekam dann als Antwort von einer Frau Faltermeier, das ich das Kit bestellen könnte, diese aber im Moment nicht lieferbar wären.

Auf meine Nachfrage, wo ich es bestellen könnte und wann mit der Lieferung zu rechnen sei, bekam ich dan folgende Antwort :

es ist im moment nicht zu bestellen.
Den genauen Termin kann ich Ihnen im moment auch nicht sagen, da noch nicht sicher ist, wann Ware ins Lager kommt.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Best regards

Claudia Faltermeier

Schon bisschen Merkwürdig oder, ist es jetzt zu bestellen, oder nicht ?
ist das Fanatec ?

Ich hätte das Kit gerne vorbestellt, da ich mit dem Lenkrad sonst an der PS3 nichts anfangen kann, vieleicht kannst Du mir ja sagen, wie das am besten geht.



We haven't heard anything in

We haven't heard anything in some time, when do you think the upgrade kits are ready? The had the release date of GT5 right too eventually.

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Hello, Do you an idea for an


Do you an idea for an approximative date? I'm OK for waiting for a good quality product, but I hope I can play with GT5 soon...
And about the quality, aren't those parts the same that are on GT3 RS V2 or the new GT2? Why it isn't the same quality? Don't they come from the same production site?
It is a bit worrying about the complete wheel quality.

So I hope that we will get the kits this month ...

Thanks, Christophe

i'm a chinese, and living in

i'm a chinese, and living in ShenZhen and beijing. i can give your some help: i have GT3 RS v1, PS3 GT5, and i can test your upgradekit by local, if you need just email me.

BTW, i can't wait the upgradekit too long time, because GT6 is coming...

Ah, the joys of very low

Ah, the joys of very low cost made in China ...
When you pay for crap you just get ... crap ...

If your products were made in Europa they would certainly be a bit more expensive, your margins will be a bit lower, but we would not have this kind of issues.

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when you say ugrades are

when you say ugrades are delayed ,roughly what estimated time are you looking at days,weeks,or the wheel looking forward to upgrading it .great job done to all at fanatec.happy new year.

Hi Thomas, Merry Christmas,

Hi Thomas,

Merry Christmas, I hope you are having a great holiday.

I have a quick question. I have the gt3rs v1 ordered less than a year ago. I would like to pre-order the upgrade kit and am willing to wait patiently as long as you deem necessary. I totally understand the quality issue as I was a product engineer at one time. Could you please send me the link I need to purchase the upgrade kit? I am willing to pay as much as is necessary for you and your company to make a profit as I know this has been a headache and nothing but problems for you. I appreciate all your hard work and love the wheel and csp I have. I have never had any problems and have highly recommended your products to my friends and relatives. I just got GT5 yesterday and was a little dismayed that the wheel didn't work, but I have a g25 that I use as a backup for the gt3rs in situations like these. I would love to use the gt3rs for gt5 and am willing to compensate you for whatever price you deem reasonable and hope that all others waiting for their upgrades appreciate the hard work and development that is necessary to produce a product like this.

(thanks for considering)

Hi Robert Merry Christmas

Hi Robert

Merry Christmas to you as well. We stopped selling the upgrade kits until all issues are solvednand until we have them in stock. I will let you know.

Thanks for your quick reply,

Thanks for your quick reply, hope you had a great holiday, here's to the new year. I hope the next batch of upgrade kits are a success and are of the quality you would expect. I don't mean to bug you about them, I'm sure you are getting very tired of all the questions and comments. We all trust your judgement and we will stay tuned for updates - Happy New Year!

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