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> New driver 110 available - UPDATE

New driver 110 available - UPDATE

We have a new driver version available which fixes some issues with the random activation of the center spring in games like Shift 2 and perhaps others.

The drivers are stable but still in BETA stage.

Please  let me know about the bugs you found or the improvements you discovered.

What else do you like to see implemented in the driver?

PS: We are still working on the SDK for developers and hope to release something shortly


I have added 109 drivers in case you have problems with 110.

Please note that in 109 unpluging the wheel while the game controller panel is open can cause a blue screen!


Replies - Comments

Howdy Thomas and All Fanatec

Howdy Thomas and All Fanatec User:

I have a question or 2 for you Thomas about the 109 and 110 drivers’ versions.

I was just wondering if they are for all of the different Fanatec wheels.
When I looked on the website's support page, all it seems to offer is version 107. I did notice that 107 were what you got for all the different PW.

So I'm guessing that they are, but I wanted to make sure before I downloaded and install them.
After all you are Da-Man and would know what was best.

I'm still using version 107 and was just wondering if anyone has reported any issues with thier PW and Test Drive Unlimited 2?

Thanks in Advance for your Help.

Hey Thomas, I know you are a

Hey Thomas, I know you are a very busy man with all the shows coming up and showing off some really cool new wheels.

Matter a fact you even got me looking forward to the new line of products coming out.

But could you please take just a minute of your time and answer my question about the driver compatibility of version 109 and 110.

Are these drivers (v109 and v110) for all previous models of the Porsche wheels?

I have a GT3-RS v1 wheel and would like to confirm with you first about these drivers before downloading and install any of them.

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, BUT yes my mind is that slow these days. I'm still trying to recover from a MVA and it just doesn't work like it use to.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey! (GT2 CSP on Win7/64 for


(GT2 CSP on Win7/64 for LFS)

Finally got working CSP and started playing yesterday...
PS3 - no Problem
Xbox - nP

After a few laps in LiveForSpeed on PC...!!!
I had 107 running
Tried 109 - same thing
Tried 110 - again!

what now?
Is it the Center Spring or the FF?

help pls!

ok in my case it isnt a

ok in my case it isnt a driver problem...

had the nearly complete loss of the ForceFeedback now in GT5 on PS3 too

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Driver bug found! Thomas,

Driver bug found!

Thomas, have your software people look at this:
This guy has a GT3 RS V2 wheel.

I have been communicating with another customer for the past week who has this exact same problem, but with a GT2 wheel. So I think we're looking at a driver bug here. I will send the details of the systems of both customers later to E-Support.

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Well I have to report that

Well I have to report that today I experienced the random center spring issue in Shift 2 with driver 110. I'm not sure if I ever experienced it like this before, but now I do. Will try 109.

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Tried 109, seems to work

Tried 109, seems to work fine.

Win7 x64
i7 2600K
8GB RAM 1866
2x ATI 6970 2GB
Porsche GT2
ClubSport pedals

Hi Thomas, GT3 RS V2 here on

Hi Thomas, GT3 RS V2 here on iRacing. Installed 64 110 driver, fine for two days then "spring on " effect returned. Also quite sure 110 driver is causing a violent THUD when changing gears - not doing it with 109.

I also sense some movement

I also sense some movement in my wheel when I shift gear in iRacing with 110 driver and my GT3RS V2.
I'll try 109 tomorrow....

double post sorry

double post sorry

I had the centering issue

I had the centering issue with my turbo s wheel. I got the 109 firmware and it fixed the problem. I downloaded the 110 firmware and the problem came back.
I'm using windows 7 64bit, a first run clubsport turbo s wheel, and iracing. I tried the problem with the GTR2 demo when it first happened and it was also doing the centering issue with it. I didn't try it with 110 though, I just went back to 109 and everything was fine again.

My centre spring and loss of

My centre spring and loss of FFB have not occured anymore after the update of the driver. I'm into iRacing.

Ingame re-centering of

Ingame re-centering of wheel.

I would love to have a way to recenter the wheel in game. A lot of oval cars pull badly on the straights. I would like to be able to press a button on the wheel and set a new center of where the wheel is at that point.

We actually already have

We actually already have such a button combo on most of our wheels.

Well, tested Shift 2 on PC

Well, tested Shift 2 on PC with a Fanatec GT3RS V2 wheel, and it didn't change anything about center spring effect bugs. I still have plenty of it. Loss of center spring, or way too strong, sometimes it get back to normal, but I encounter those bugs in one race almost each time.

Sorry but I didn't really notice any change.

At least with the new driver

At least with the new driver little red dot isn't on on tuning screen when connected to a PC as it has been so far with my wheel (GT3 RS V2). Maybe my Dirt3 problem was situated to that too. So far I had to remap the buttons and pedals (also had to change deadzones ingame) every time I started the game on a PC and now I don't have to anymore, it remembers all my buttons.

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Your Dirt 3 problem has

Your Dirt 3 problem has never been due to problems in fanatec drivers, but in Dirt 3. Dirt 3 would reset your button and deadzone bindings everytime you started the game and pressed a button on the keyboard (press any key) before using a button on the wheel. You could fix this by just not touching the keyboard when starting up Dirt 3 and use your wheel to navigate through the games menu.

99% of the problems i read with fanatec wheels are mistakes by users in their software, or problems which are game oriented and not wheel oriented. It's just to easy to blame fanatec unfortunatly.

It doesn't seem to be true,

It doesn't seem to be true, because I remember times when I have used keyboard just because wheel buttons didn't do nothing (I didn't press any keyboard buttons before except ESC to get rid of signing in windows live online and there's no way around it). Sometimes everything seemed to be in order as I could use buttons to navigate, but I still had to remap throttle pedal and deadzones. One thing that also supports my story is that how is it possible that I always used it the wrong way and after installing new driver I always use it correctly.

I also didn't blame Fanatec for anything, as I didn't care that I had to remap few buttons. It was no serious problem to me. I don't complain about those little things, I just wanted to note my little discoveries, as Dirt3 seemed to work every time after updating driver..

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A game remembering key

A game remembering key mappings cannot be driver-related, how could it be? Remembering settings is about storing the settings somewhere. The driver could only be affecting the wheel buttons being registered/recognized by the game, but not storing those settings.

Since many Logitech wheel users had the same problem, it is even more unlikely to be driver-related.

ISR drives with the new CSW in their new TWISR edition!!!
The ClubSport F1 wheel looks sooo sweet <3

Hi Thomas, the actual driver

Hi Thomas,

the actual driver works quite well for me.

Additional functions to be implemented should be:

- a proper Damper and Spring setting for PC users would be nice. As it is standard by other companies drivers.

- a combined pedals option for occasional use of the pedals in flight simulations would be nice too.

Keep on with your great work - can`t wait for the CSW!



Thomas, I just received my


I just received my tuning kit. I set up my brake pedal exactly how I want it. (2nd peg, stiffer foam, Longer arm). That got rid of all movement, and just used the load cell. By setting it up that way, I was able to bend/break the load cell with just my one arm! Now the cell registers 30% breaking without touching it.

Is there an heavier duty load cell I can use? I really want to run my pedals with no travel.

Also, my kit came with 3 more rods. Two magnetic and one none. I'm assuming these are for the pedal sensors. I noticed that the kit ones have a stronger magnet. What are they supposed to do?

I would like to see ability

I would like to see ability to change constant resistance of the wheel/motor in drivers/firmware. I mean it is much more lighter to turn the wheel without power than with power on. It would be great if it would be as light as that when powered. I'm using GT3 RS.

Yeah, me too ! As you I

Yeah, me too ! As you I thought it would be cool if the powered wheel could be set to be as light as when unpowered.

Hi hande, you can get this

Hi hande,

you can get this sorted out by setting the Driftmode to a higher level.



Not a valid solution as

Not a valid solution as driftmode induces overshoot.

Yes and it makes FFB feel

Yes and it makes FFB feel little bit strange.

I am still receiving the

I am still receiving the centering spring problem with 110. I was using 109 and it worked flawlessly (over a week without a problem). Updated to 110 had the issue within an hour.

PWTS-681fw, Win7 64bit, iRacing.

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Keep seeing people still

Keep seeing people still reporting the problem and going back to the 109 drivers they got from support. Could you release these drivers aswell Thomas?

Please ask these people to

Please ask these people to report here in this blog

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