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> Introducing the ClubSport wheel base with FORMULA rim

Introducing the ClubSport wheel base with FORMULA rim

At Gamescom in Cologne we are showing the new ClubSport wheel with Formula rim together with the game Formula 1 2011.

Here is a detailed introduction about the features and benefits of the new wheel.

The target audience for this wheel are hardcore Simracers on PC or PlayStation 3.

The development is not finished yet but we are confident to start production this year. We will only take pre-orders if the products are on the way to our warehouses.

The next wheel rim will be announced in middle of September in Regensburg.

It is great to get so much great feedback here at GC and I would like to thank all the people I met here and had nice conversations. 


What are your top 3 favorite features?




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This wheel looks fantastic.

This wheel looks fantastic. The new standard.

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How will the CSW hardmount?

How will the CSW hardmount? I currently use the clubsport table clamp for my PWTS, will the CSW use the same mount and will it work with the clubsport table clamp?

I also heard the CSW may come with some sort of bracket adapter for mounting. Any info?

Thomas mentioned that it

Thomas mentioned that it will ship with an adapter so that it can be hard mounted in a rig or mounted to the table clamp. This isn't concrete yet but it was worth mentioning that he brought it up. The adapter I believe will also be similar to the angle of the current set of wheels (elite excluded).

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Ahh ok, thanks for that

Ahh ok, thanks for that information.

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Is production started yet?

Is production started yet? Approx date for pre-order?

Quickrelease - is it a

Quickrelease - is it a fanatec production, or is it a stadard product like sparco.?
Will it be a part that could be bought by itself?

Why don't you guys add

Why don't you guys add ability to customize pedals' dead zones on the wheel. It would definitely solve some issues. Not all the games have options to adjust dead zones, GT5 for example.

hi thomas pls make an f1 rim

hi thomas pls make an f1 rim for the csr elite, i will definatley buy and i think so will many others in uk ,fingers crossed.

I have a question : I am

I have a question : I am currently living in Canada, but I will soon come back un Europe, so I was wondering if the power supply of the CSR Elite and/or CSW are 100/240V 50/60Hz ?

This should be written right

This should be written right on the label on the bottom of the power supply.

Thomas, great wheel it looks

Thomas, great wheel it looks impressive.
I myself am the proud owner of the PWTS with clubsport pedals, which by the way is working perfectly on my X-box 360 in F1 2010, so I was satisfied. Was..... because having seen the new F1 rim (on the CSW), the only thing I can think of now, is owning one.....
I'm a great F1 fan but I wonder what's the reason for only aiming with the CSW for the hardcore simracers on PC and PS3; I mean there are also hardcore F1 racers on X-box 360! I know for sure there are more X-box players who'll support me in this.
Why different options: CSW + F1 rim only for PC and PS3 and CSE (with the same base as CSW) without the QR for all platforms? You proved to be able to use the technoligy to be compatible with all platforms on the PWTS, so why not implement it in the CSW as well. In that case you only have to develop one base and all the different rims can be sold seperately.
Or will there be a CSE with an F1 rim availible? Or can any future (CSW) rim be placed manually on the CSE base?
Sorry for all these questions Thomas, I hope you can assure me that there will be a solution for all those X-box360 F1 gamers that like to play with an real F1 rim on a CSE (or CSW) base.
Kindly awaiting your reply/comment on this.

Yeah I've voiced the same

Yeah I've voiced the same concern in the past. I'd really love to know that along with the specs for each wheel. It would be nice as I'm building a 2nd rig to know whether I should just buy a GT2 rather than waiting to find out the specifics of each upcoming wheel.

It's a great wheel for

It's a great wheel for sim-racers Thomas with good prices, congratulation for the job made by the team. I haven't seen yet the caracteristics of the motors used. What's the max. torque force on steering wheel ? It's interresting to know that with the big rim wheels used (GT, Nascar...)...

hi thomas can you clear up

hi thomas can you clear up the confusion over the csr elite please. is it possible to swap the rims on the csr elite for the f1 rim for example(i know its not quick release )but can the wheels be swapped,thanks.

Question/suggestion... On

Question/suggestion... On current Fanatec wheel you can save profiles, will you be able to save profiles on a per rim basis with this? For example when I want to play F1 and put my F1 rim on the base will the wheel automatically recall my F1 settings?

Mid september in Regensburg

Mid september in Regensburg ? I think you have said too much Thomas, but I am very excited about :)

Will the GT wheel rims full sized ? I think the wheel base could handle such a big wheel :)

Hey Thomas, you are talking

Hey Thomas, you are talking about an announcement of the next wheel rim in Regensburg. I am from Regensburg, so would be great to get some info where and when this announcement take place. If possible, I will try to be there.

LG Tom

If I tell you, you know what

If I tell you, you know what rim we will make. But I will send you a PM in September.


i think it is obvious which

i think it is obvious which wheel rim it will be.
since BMW operates an automobile production plant in Regensburg; the Regensburg BMW plant produces 3-series and 1-series vehicles.
therefor the rim will be BMW.

Noooooooooooo....please not

Noooooooooooo....please not a BMW standart rim!!
Thomas this one...
just perfect to match with the CSW and with close to the same functions of the formula wheel (except LCD panel) for the same price ;)

I love this rim and it is

I love this rim and it is very likely that we make it sometimes but this will not be the first GT rim you confirm you confirm that the first GT rim will be a real GT rim not one from a standard road car????
Can you already tell us the diameter?please...

It will be a pure race car

It will be a pure race car steering wheel and diameter is 350mm just like the original.

Great!!! Thank

i get the impression that

i get the impression that the next rim announcement could be an audi rim due to the location of the unveiling i could be wrong but i think were all clutching at straws. but whatever they decide to make im sure it will be fantastic. looking forward to pre-ordering my f1 rim and base thanks

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What about the BMW M3 GT2?

What about the BMW M3 GT2? Or the new M3 DTM car? You would not take a wheel from that? I am pretty sure Thomas said it would be a GT style racing rim, not a road car rim. Also BMW does make good rims:

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

That's pretty hot... I love

That's pretty hot... I love that charging system porsche uses.

I doubt it will be a standard rim. If it will be a GT wheel I'm sure they are going to give it some racing looks / functions.

aiiih, love this!

aiiih, love this! <3

Thank you for the fast

Thank you for the fast reply. I am looking forward to middle of September.

LG Tom

Hi Thomas What a fantastic

Hi Thomas

What a fantastic wheel! You are certainly taking modularity to the next level with introducing the ability to to plugin different wheels. This definately has the makings of being the next biggest thing at the top end of sim racing accessories.

But, I am jealous, as I live in Australia and it is very difficult to get your great products here.

Can you please please please add Australia to your online shop so we can order directly from you instead of having to go through third parties?

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