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> CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

We already started the beta tests but we need some more people to help us testing the product and also to make a review about the products for your community.

Here are the specific requirements:

  • Needs to be able to test on Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Bonus if you can also test on PC
  • Needs to be able to write a written review or video review
  • EU, Japan and USA participants only
  • Minimum age: 21

Basic rules

  • Please report all issues to Darin
  • Test period: Until October 15th
  • After the test period you can send back the wheel or purchase it with a 50% discount
  • Shipping costs will be covered by Endor
  • Of course we will give no guidelines what you write in your review. You don't have to be a fanboy to get the chance to test it.
  • Embargo: You are not allowed to publish anything about this wheel until October 15th
  • We will store your credit card information as deposit.

If you are interested, please follow the next steps:

  • Please register here if you are not registered already:
    You can only register once!
  • Post the following information as comment to this blog entry:
    Your country / language
    Consoles / PC you own
    Links to reviews you made
    Forums you are most active in
    Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

The beta test for the CSW will follow as well but quantities are very limited.


If you cannot register anymore it means that you probably are already registered. It is only possible to register one time. But this does not mean you cannot participate in several tests of course.



Thanks for the tremendous response. We only have a very few wheels available but the enourmous amount of interest convinced me to make a second round with more testers. Keep posting.



Thanks for the great interest. We have now selected testers and will notify them soon.


Replies - Comments

Well it would be interesting

Well it would be interesting to know if you really tested the same game with the same settings on the same console with two different wheels otherwise you cannot compare the wheels.

I never owned a G27 but I had a G25 which should provide a pretty much similar FFB (according to people who had both) and I can definitely say that there is no big difference between FFB on Fanatec PWTS/G2 and Logitech G25 when using them with the same game like GT5 (of course I was only able to test both wheels on PS3 and PC). At least not that big as you describe it.

But there are differences with PS3- and Xbox-versions of several games so in some cases FFB was much better on PS3.

Maybe your wheel is just faulty or you did not use the correct settings (you can change FFB and Deadzone in the wheel's settings, this helps at least for some games).

Btw G27 does not work with Xbox 360 so if you own both consoles you will definitely be most disappointed when trying to play Forza 4 with it. ;)

Joking apart, I really hope for you that you find out what went wrong because I can imagine that it is no fun playing a game with a loose and wobbly wheel.

phusebox's picture

Well I have played several

Well I have played several games on PS3 and 360 platform (same game, both platforms) and on both platforms the feel was not there.

I also have a problem with the CSP. I have to push the brakes as hard as I can to reach 100% brakepower; even on the "softest" setting. When I turn the dial I can't even reach 10% brakepower.

So as you can assume I was very dissapointed in the product after 6 months of waiting.

As GVamos says, this could

As GVamos says, this could be some issue with the loadcell.
A good option would be to check wheel and CSP on PC - the Fanatec driver software allows you to check everything in detail.
Or you could try to update your CSP-Firmware (but only if you know exactly what you are doing).
Just have a look here:

You said you played same game on both platforms?
Well, some games have a quite weak FFB on both consoles: If you plugged a G25/G27 into your PS3 and then played for example SHIFT the FFB would be as low as when playing it with the Fanatec wheel on the same platform or on Xbox 360 (at least this was the case when I tested them).
Shift 2 has some issues, too - so often it has nothing to do with the wheel itself, it's just the game.

That's the reason why I think Fanatec needs some kind of compatibility list that not only shows which games are compatible with which Fanatec-wheel (as most of them are compatible) but also whether there are known issues with some wheel-game-combos on some platforms and if a certain game has for example a poor wheel support in general.

That's not a bad idea at

That's not a bad idea at all. We've all seen software for the PC that says "Minimum System Requirements" and "Recommended". The wheel is compatible and will work on almost everything, it's a different thing for every function to work in an ideal manner.

Yes, exactly. There are

Yes, exactly.

There are always some games with certain issues and Fanatec customers should rest assured that they can come to the (upcoming) Fanatec website in order to find the needed help with their wheel settings without having to waste too much time with searching through the World Wide Web.

For example, not long ago a friend of mine bought the GT2 but he was completely disappointed at first because the wheel did not perform very well with Dirt 3 on his Xbox.
As a PWTS user I was in the happy position of already knowing where this trouble came from (it took me quite some time, too) so after a few changes in the wheel's setting menu (nearly) everything worked fine.

Maybe some kind of wiki could be set up for this?!

@Mr T: Sorry for co-opting the thread here but the topic fitted just well within this context.

This could be a problem with

This could be a problem with the load sensor, which is easily replaceable by the user and doesn't void warranty. Do you have access to a PC?'s picture

Thomas any news on beta test

Thomas any news on beta test for CSW?

I've filled out this form

I've filled out this form months ago. But I can run the wheel through some vigorous tests. (Take some wear and tear off my 911 Turbo S too ;) )
I would definitely like to be involved though.
Being an English minor I can write up some solid reviews and be thorough about it. Also videos , if need be, are no problem.
Maybe I'll get lucky and you guys will fly over to Germany, haven't been there in over 20 years (Augsburg) and sure would like to go back and see how it's changed since then. I still have a shirt from back then. It comes with a story that's probably not fit for these forums. lol


Thanks, M.M.

Your country /

Your country / language:
Germany / german, english

Consoles / PC you own
PS3, Xbox 360 Slim, PC: i7 2600k, ASUS P5B Deluxe, Gainward GTX570 GLH, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600

Links to reviews you made

Forums you are most active in,

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
Im a very enthusiastic sim-racer. Almost every day I play iRacing for more than 3 hours (Road: Class A 4,47; iR 2276). I own/owned a lot of Fanatec-Products, such as the Porsche 911 Turbo S, GT3 RS, GT2 and the ClubSport Pedals.

soadieman's picture

Purchased my CSR Wheel and

Purchased my CSR Wheel and cant wait to get it :) I AM HOPING I WILL BE ONE OF THE TESTERS FOR THE CSR ELITE :) (wink wink)

Aaron Nelson
Program Director (Virtual Motorsport Magazine) (Championship Racing)

United States - Speak

United States - Speak English and polish
Own a Xbox 360, a PS3, and a gaming PC. Have Forza 3 for Xbox, GT5 for PS3 and would like to purchase Sim racing for PC to test this beautiful wheel out.
I currently have not done any reviews yet, but looking forward to doing some online reviews, and a video review if asked. I have taken part in some electronic reviews before, but those are not up anymore. I think having a chance to review this wheel in depth would be a great thing.
Im active in all types of forums, such as video game forums, FM forums, paintball forums, reddit, and other big forums. It would be a great opportunity for me and you guys to be able to post a review in these forums, and make a seperate review for reddit to see how the wheel works.
I am the perfect tester, because I have driven supercars, and cars close to what this wheel is supposed to be made after. I want to test the force feedback on it, the feel of the wheel compare to a real one, etc. Also, I am a huge FM3 fan, and also a GT5 fan. I play these games whenever I have spare time, and would like an opportunity to try out this new wheel. I have never owned a Fanatec product, but am looking forward to it in the near future. I also know much about electronics/hardware as I am an IT. I have been sim racing for quite a while now, but never had the chance to get a good wheel.

Thanks, Greg

Well why the hell not....

Well why the hell not.... :^)

Country: United States

Language: English

Consoles: Xbox, Xbox 360 Elite, PS3, Dreamcast

PC: Win7Pro64, i2500k (4.2ghz), Gigabyte UD4-B3, 2x EVGA GTX460 1mb, 8gb DDR3 1600, Antec CP850w

Links to reviews you made: Unfortunately none available at the moment. Two forums that don't exist anymore (The Green Tavern & Gamegeezers) and one that's out of service for a undetermined amount of time (GTXF) had a couple of bespoke reviews of software and hardware. For the most part though I'm more reactive in addressing others' queries about something I have experience with.

Forums you are most active in:

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester: I've always been a peripheral enthusiast. If there's a more complex or interesting control option besides a "standard" gamepad, I'm almost sure to try it. I've been using steering wheels dating back to the Sega Saturn, having owned various models from Sega, Thrustmaster, Mad Catz, Logitech and of course Fanatec. Currently using a GT3RS that I upgraded myself to V2 spec. along with CSP's. I still have a custom built chair to house my Steel Battalion controller. Anything to add to the immersion is a good thing in my book.

The games I would be able to readily test are as follows:

PC - rFactor, iRacing, GT Legends, GTR2, RBR
360 - Forza 3 (4 when it's out of course), Dirt 3, PGR4, Blur, Baja: Edge of Control
PS3 - GT5

Most importantly though, I'm a mature gamer that's most passionate about racing and flight sims. I'm a very logical and patient person. If there's something I do not understand, I'll find someone (I trust) who does and not fake my way through it. I like to address things from all possible angles before making any conclusions.

Your country / language: UK

Your country / language:
UK / English, Spanish

Consoles / PC you own:
XBOX 360, PS3, PC (i5 2500k, ATI HD 6870, 8GB RAM)
Other hardware: PWTS, CS pedals, Microsoft wireless wheel.

Links to reviews you made:
None at the moment.

Forums you are most active in:,

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I've been using a PWTS with CS Pedals for the past two years in a variety of games (Forza 3, iRacing, f1 2010, Ferrari Virtual Academy, etc.) as well as in different competitions, thus I think I have plenty of experience to test the new wheel and give an honest and objective opinion of the product. I'll also be able to makewritten and/or video reviews in either english or spanish.

Also, I have an IT background that could be useful in the event of any problem with the wheel.

Finally, I would love to be considered to test this new wheel because I've been eagerly wanting to try it out since the moment it was first announced and I will certainly buy the wheel after the test period.

Many thanks.


Polish tester

Polish tester wannabe...

Your country / language:
POLAND / Polish, English

Consoles / PC you own:
XBOX 360, PS3, PC (i7 980x, 2x GF 580GTX, 24GB RAM)
I've got Logitech G25 and Fanatec 911 GT2 for my racing needs.

Links to reviews you made:
I've never written anything "professional", just reviews posted on forums and presentations for forum users.

Forums you are most active in:
I'm pretty active on one of the biggest polish forum for simulation fans.

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I'm an engineer, I work at IT, I'm a racing gamer for twenty years now. I also got quite an experience in hardware and software testing as I was working in QA department for two years. Poland is not that far away from Germany, our hardcore sim racer market is growing rapidly and that's why you could use some good publicity among polish hardcore racers.

USA / English 360, ps3, pc /

USA / English
360, ps3, pc / Custom pc and sim rig
Links to reviews - My sim rig that I built (my version of a raving review)
Active mostly in engineering forums, but frequent the iracing and forza forums as well.

I received my SCCA license at Laguna Seca in SB2000 open wheeled formula cars, and drive for my Engineering School's FSAE Team. Our team designs, develops, and constructs an open wheel race car from the ground up for global competition (every year) using high level design and analysis. I am well versed in dynamics simulations (MSC MD Adams, Matlab, ect.) and have an advanced working knowledge of vehicle dynamics and control systems.

As both a licensed racer and Mechanical Engineering student, I offer a unique feedback perspective on your product, tying both the human-in-the-loop and the complex control systems associated with simulated vehicle performance together. After using iRacing (I use my pwts for forza) with my gt2rs and cs pedals to prepare for my licensing tests at Laguna Seca, I personally know the value that high quality simulation equipment holds for real life racers.

Thanks for the opportunity,

My Email-

My Email-

Your country / language-I speak very fluent English and currently live in the USA.

Consoles / PC you own-I currently own an Xbox 360 for Forza Motorsport games, PS3 for Gran Turismo, F1, and Need For Speed games, and PC for hardcore sims like GTR2, iRacing, and rFactor.

Links to reviews you made-

Forums you are most active in-

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester-I have been a long time fan of Fanatec products, and either way I will end up buying the CSR Elite. I have a multitude of games for Xbox, Playstation, and PC. In addition to that I have a game rental store near my house, therefore I can test any other games revolving around racing. I plan on buying F1 2011, and I have pre-ordered Forza Motorsport 4, that way I can get the best results for compatibility, bug tests, and many other things. I am also a highly respected member of GTPlanet, many people look to me for the latest sim-racing news, specifically on Fanatec products. As noted here Beyond that I have real world experience, that way I can provide information that will help Thomas and the rest of Fanatec make the wheel feel as real as possible. I have a decent Video Camera, as well as a high end digital camera, so I'm able to take pictures for a written review, and take great video for YouTube. I also know how to work video editing software for a higher quality video, and that's a plus right? I'm a big fan of Fanatec products, and at the moment, I'd really love to get my hands on this wheel, I know I most likely won't get picked. All of these people here look like great testers, It'd just make my day to be able to help you guys in providing the information you need to make this a perfect wheel for anyone serious in sim-racing!



USA/English XBOX360, PS3, PC

XBOX360, PS3, PC (i7 2600k/GTX570)
Active in iRacing forums, GT Planet, No Grip, and Forza forums

I love racing, I love sim racing. I have been using racing wheels since the mid 90’s. Currently have have a PWTS Clubsport. I have participated in several in several PC betas and would like to help give feedback and report findings on the CSR Elite.

Rich.vw's picture

Some nice new pics here to

Some nice new pics here to build up everyone's hopes even more

This one is a bit

This one is a bit mischievous thomas!
attracts all the people and then just try to sell ..
and we waste time hoping to help with the tests, when they are ready now for the official launch of products!
I am disappointed!

Rich.vw's picture

This was to find beta

This was to find beta testers for the CSR Elite, not CSR, that is ready for sale.

All the info looks really

All the info looks really good man. I'm glad to see a quality product coming in the near future. Thank you and keep up the good work brother

Unknown No.8's picture

Hey Thomas do you have any

Hey Thomas do you have any update for us so far? It's Sept 15 and since the beta testing ends on OCT
15 so can you give us any update please? Also I may get my Clubsport Pedals soon but if I do not do we get the Elite Pedals too? Thanks! :)

Giagua's picture

Name Luca Lorenzini Country

Luca Lorenzini

Country Language
Italian, English

Console PC
Ps3, Xbox360 (, Pc

GT Planet, Playstation forum,

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
I've always been interested in motorsport and simulations, I took part in the most important tournament :
2005 Italian Gran turismo 4 Championship 1st position,
2008 Nissan Playstation Gt Academy 3rd position
2010 Nissan Playstation Gt Academy 1st position
( ).

I played the most important games:
Gran Turismo 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
Forza Motorsport 2 - 3
GT Legend
Race 07
Need For Speed Shift 2
Enthusia professional racing ( )

using different wheels.

As a real driver I have an International C Fia Licence, i raced several production races in England with Nissan and actually I'm second overall in the Green Scout Cup in Italy.

my site is “
my blog is “
my facebook page is “
my youtube channel is “

Cronnie's picture

Hi Thomas. I would very much

Hi Thomas. I would very much like to test one of the new CSR Elite wheels and pedals.

Consoles/PC you own:
XBOX 360, PS3 and PC

Links to reviews you made:
No reviews but I will be soo making a test/functionality review of the new GamePOD GT2 Sport.

Forums you are most active in:

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
Although I have not made an online review before I have promoted sim racing products before through online championships and accompanying highlights video's.

I'm an avid sim racer, I have experience with the logitech and microsoft wheels and currently own a Fanatec PWTS.
Current sim racing on, RaceRoom online, Race 07, Race Pro, Forza Motorsport 3 and F1 2010.

As a motor vehicle technician and with some experience working on motorsport vehicles in the Ginetta G50 championship and Renault Clio CUP I feel the feed back I have received from those drivers could aid me in giving an accurate interpretation of how a Fanatec wheel performs compared to it's real life counterparts.
Coupled with the information above I feel I am well suited to give a good accurate description and prognosis of potential (but unlikely) draw backs.

Your country /

Your country / language:

Consoles / PC you own:
Xbox 360 S, PS3 Slim, Mac mini,
Homebuilt PC :
Intel Core2Duo 3.2Ghz
ATI 5850 graphics
Windows 7 64-bit & Windows XP

Links to reviews you made:
None as yet, but never short of an opinion!

Forums you are most active in:

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I've been playing sim racing games since Revs on the BBC Micro back in the 1980s, through the F1GP and TOCA/GRID/DiRT series on the PC and the Gran Turismo series on the Playstation, then discovered the Xbox with Forza 2 whilst needing a fix during the development of GT5.

Enjoy pure sims and the less hardcore games (eg GRID) equally for their own merits.
Previous experience of the Microsoft 360 Wheel and Logitech PS2/3 products. Have a Computer Science degree and years of product evaluation experience in corporate IT.

Currently most active on Forza 3 and actively racing in WLR and FMUK events (see above links) online for the last 18 months as part of a team.

Mark Mesko's picture

i got also many kilometers

i got also many kilometers on my racing seat!!!i prefare consoles....xbox360/ps3.....i also got an pc,but i only game dirt2 with an friend on it!!!i got many wheels from fanatec pwts/gt3rs and since x-mas 2010 the gt2..(i known these wheels inside,because i must fixed the things,that either chinese mechanics forget to fix/pwts and gt2!!!!)..csp(sure!!)......i haved tuned the microsoft wheel for xbox with a better bearing and brush it with the porsche style!!looks awesome(i tried to load a pic up!!)!!!i am currently not activlely forza3....but i finished the game 1000gs!i am racing gran turismo5 today......for the last 3weeks i played dirt3!!machts gut ihr frühbremser.....greetz mark

hassan-kj's picture

Hi, I'm a long time sim

Hi, I'm a long time sim player, I have owned a lot of wheels over the years and I currently own a Logitech driving force GT, the G25 and my primary wheel the Porsche Carrera turbo S wheel Which I know inside and out from modding and repairs.(by the way, I still need a replacement Gates brand belt.)I believe that my experience with your products and others would make me a good tester, it would be a honor for me to be a Beta tester for Fanatec brand. I currently play on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and I can put in 6+ hours of testing per day.


Your country / language: UK

Your country / language:
UK / English

Consoles / PC you own:
Xbox 360, PS3, wii, PC

Links to reviews you made:

Forums you are most active in:
Primarily the motor racing and console sections of

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
- I am an avid gamer.
- I have always raced with wheels rather than pads, my first wheel being a trusty game port Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel.
- I own all 3 major consoles and i PC race meaning i can give feedback on any of the main development platforms.
- I give honest opinions supported by fact and examples.
- I am not a slave to "sims". I like a good arcade racer as much as a good sim.
- I will give regular feedback and contribute to debates about possible problems.
- I am more interested in providing solutions rather than moaning about problems.
- My written English is clear and legible and will present a professional image.
- Finally I would love to be a part of delivering a fabulous product to the PC/Console racing crowd.

Hopefully you will give me the opportunity to be a (small) part of the continuing Fanatec success story.

Country: United

Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Consoles Available To Test On: Xbox 360, PS3 And Gaming PC

Hi there,

I am very passionate in providing quality feedback to people for the benefit of the final products as I believe it is in the best interests of both the company and the consumer. In addition I own a wheel that is of average quality (Microsoft's) compared to Fanatecs range and I have experienced both thus ensuring I can provide quality feedback in terms of performance, reliability, accuracy and more importantly the users experience in terms of fun, enjoyment and ease of use. I am also qualified in GCSE Product Design so I have an in depth knowledge in terms of product ergonomics, aesthetics and internal workings. And perhaps most importantly I am a Racing Simulator fan and skilled driver which ensures I will put the product through its tests and maximize its potential.

I own the Microsoft Xbox 360 and am an avid racing simulator/general car game fan. I also own the PS3 and have built myself a extremely high specification Gaming PC That can be fully utilized when testing products as all games run to a high standard on it. It consists of a Core i7 2600K Quad-core processor OC'ed to 4.4Ghz with 8GB of RAM and a GTX 570 Graphics Card. As I have spent over £1000 on this gaming rig it proves my dedication to gaming in general and proves that I have the right mindset and technical skills for thorough and in depth product analysis and feedback.

Another thing is that I am open to a variety of different racing games of both arcade and simulator although I prefer the latter. This ensures testing over a range of games and not sticking to just one game as others may do.

I am also a regular reader and occasional contributor to and Also I am the owner of a facebook page with 300,000 Likes. All of these people will be able to view any Reviews I publish and I love Fanatec products in general so I highly doubt that any new products I may test will be of any lower quality even though they are beta's. Anyways if a problem is discovered as far as im concerned I have done my job as I will provide extensive feedback and am 100% more than willing to co-operate in suggesting/implementing any solutions.

Thanks for taking the time to read this as I am sure you must spend quite a bit of time reading through all of them as there seems to be quite a few applications. I hope to hear from you soon

Best Regards, Kishan Purohit

AutoAvion Blog

AutoAvion Blog (Spanish-Latam) Sim News

Platform: Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC (Desktop and Laptop)
Languages: Spanish (native) & English
Link to Reviews and Guides I've made:
Active in Forums:,

Why me? Besides my absolute devotion for simracing, I can give my advice and develop a good review based on all gaming platforms, including different styles of simulators and games to the Spanish spoken market, even right now you don't have dealers in Latam this can be your start. Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay are a massive market and at this time only Logitech products at a higher cost are available, and guess what? the sales are good; simracing is growing and people is interested in having more fun with computer and consoled based games than before.

My experience as a simracer is very large (i start with GPL almost 10 years ago and then i try almost every sim, mod and simulator that you can name).

I understand you have to launch your products in your current market (Europe, North America and Japan) but if your planning to expand, then I'll be happy to help.

Best regards,

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