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> CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

We already started the beta tests but we need some more people to help us testing the product and also to make a review about the products for your community.

Here are the specific requirements:

  • Needs to be able to test on Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Bonus if you can also test on PC
  • Needs to be able to write a written review or video review
  • EU, Japan and USA participants only
  • Minimum age: 21

Basic rules

  • Please report all issues to Darin
  • Test period: Until October 15th
  • After the test period you can send back the wheel or purchase it with a 50% discount
  • Shipping costs will be covered by Endor
  • Of course we will give no guidelines what you write in your review. You don't have to be a fanboy to get the chance to test it.
  • Embargo: You are not allowed to publish anything about this wheel until October 15th
  • We will store your credit card information as deposit.

If you are interested, please follow the next steps:

  • Please register here if you are not registered already:
    You can only register once!
  • Post the following information as comment to this blog entry:
    Your country / language
    Consoles / PC you own
    Links to reviews you made
    Forums you are most active in
    Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

The beta test for the CSW will follow as well but quantities are very limited.


If you cannot register anymore it means that you probably are already registered. It is only possible to register one time. But this does not mean you cannot participate in several tests of course.



Thanks for the tremendous response. We only have a very few wheels available but the enourmous amount of interest convinced me to make a second round with more testers. Keep posting.



Thanks for the great interest. We have now selected testers and will notify them soon.


Replies - Comments

Hello I live in France.I


I live in France.I speak and i write in french and english.
I own a xbox 360 and a PC (gtx 295 and seven 64bits. I play f1 2010, gtr evolution, Rfactor, Forza motosport, Grid, Dirt and Shift 2. I'm passionate about formula one.

I'm active in forums about sim racing and hardware. I follow lots of them. In france my prefers are I'm very active in 3D Vision forum, the best in France is, i'm moderator.

I don't think i'm the perfect tester but i'm the tester that represent a good age group for you. I'm 35 years old, i'm a bank executive and i always write lots of papers for my employer. My writing test will be mature, thoughtful, concise and well presented. I will apply all the instructions in the approach of the test that I apply myself at work.
I have many friends who come to play at home on my simulator and I can also get the opinion of people less familiar with the force feedback wheel.

This test is timely for me, i have a g25 for over two years and wants to change in the coming weeks. I am well aware of what is ou will be on this market.

best regards.

Mickaël CREPIN

Tomy's picture

Country: Spain Language:

Country: Spain
Language: Spanish, English
Consoles/PC: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC (3x HP ZR24w, Silverstone FT02, Intel Core i7 2600K, 8GB DDR3, 2x HD6970)
Real dedication: I work professionally to something related to hardware and I love all kinds of electronic devices. This is my hobby.
Web dedication: Administrator at

Hello from Spain, my name is Tomás de la Fuente and I'm an rFactorNews administrator, the best and the bigger website about simracing in Spain with more than 15.000 visits by week. Currently, my website is the reference if you are looking for online leagues and news about simracing in spanish.

I also do a lot of videos of my simulators that can be seen on my You Tube channel:

I have 33 years and remember all my life always be a fan of racing games and simulators later.

I've PS3 (with Logitech Driving Force Pro), Xbox 360 (Microsft Wireless Wheel) and a powerfull PC and enjoy these three game platforms as a child almost every day. Currently game with three 24" monitors on my computer and I enjoy the simulators from another point of view, I think the best possible.

My cockpit for PC is forming by:

- Playseats Alcantara
- Logitech G27
- Clubsport CSP pedals

I have written several reviews on multiple sites, for example:

(spanish gaming world online magazine with the largest circulation in the world) ---> page 31 to 43.

My actual games are DiRT3, F1 2010, Forza Motorsport 3, Gran Turismo 5, rFactor, iRacing, netKar PRO, Race 07, GTR², Kart Racing Pro, Live For Speed, Game Stock Car and Richard Burns Rally.

Thank you very much and hope I can help you in the launch of which is sure to be the reference wheel of gaming world.


Good Evening Your country /

Good Evening

Your country / language United Kingdom / English
Consoles / PC you own Xbox / PS3 / Mac / PC
Links to reviews you made
Forums you are most active in Forza VIP / GT Planet
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

Veteran ranked racer in forza, Level 40 in GT5, MS wheel user, hoping to test CSR model for man in the street feedback. Daytime job is car related and i don't clean them !! I know how a car, wheel, set up should feel like. Regards

phusebox's picture

Updated my info with the

Updated my info with the link to our website:

Hi Thomas,

We spoke at GamesCom shortly, I was one of the hundreds of people you probably talked to while trying to keep an eye on your precious products ;)

Country: The Netherlands
Language: Dutch, English
Consoles: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC (i7-920, 6GB DDR3, HD6970)
Reviews: Editor at
Forums: /

I grew up playing videogames as it all started on the Atari 2600 and MSX. Soon after that I saved money to buy a Megadrive and the love of racing games was already there. Playing Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GrandPrix at 12-years old I was already an F1 nut, imaging myself driving around all those world famous tracks.
My love for racing games expanded with the GP series by Geoff Crammond, which are modern classics on their own. Trying to take it one step further I decided to save up for a decent wheel and bought the Logitech Momo Force (the red one) as my first wheel. What a difference; I was now completely immerged into the game.
My hunger for (simulation) racing games was growing and I at least gave every game out there a chance to be on my shortlist to focus on. I play(ed) iRacing, GTR, rFactor, F1 Challenge 99-02, F1 2010 and many others.
Currently I own several wheels, like your own GT2 with CSP but also my first trustworthy Momo Force still is alive and kicking and ready to serve whoever wants to come over to my house and race together with me.
So you can see I treat my wheels with respect, I care for them so I can enjoy them for a long time.
Apart from my love for sim-racing, motorsports and gadgets I think that our soon to launch website will provide a great platform for me to review and test your product, making sure I will combine all the social media available to get a decent amount of viewers.
Furthermore I have some experience with kart racing as well as having driven several sportscars and a Formula 3000 car.
My opinion will be an independent honest view, based on 22 years of gaming experience and not biased towards any platform or brand.

Hope I can be of service to you as a tester and of course would love to get my hands on the CSR again (missing it since GamesCom as there was just too little time to get a good feel).

Thomas is it possible to

Thomas is it possible to give us an update to where this stands? How you notified most of your testers? How many in a general sense are you inviting to test? Thanks in advance for any new information. I just so excited to get my hands on one weather it be beta or full on release.

United States / English Xbox

United States / English
Xbox 360, PS3/ Windows XP 32 bit

I would be the perfect tester as I am a wheel racer and a drifter. I've been using force feedback wheels since I received my Logitech G25 in 2007, which I still own. I recently have acquired the Porsche GT2 wheel and love it. I spend a lot of my time and money on gaming, and I can transverse well with the community.

I am hardcore into simulation racing. I can do both racing and drifting very well. I have done a official video for Forza 3 called, "Fujimi Kaido Reveal Trailer". It was release at the Tokyo Game Show in 2009.

I have also done a few other drifting videos on the side including GT5 and Forza 2,3.

As I mentioned I can also race. I placed 11th in Rd. 1 for the American GT Academy for Gran Turismo 5.

I have a high fanbase on Forza and GT5 that would give great exposure to gamers who are devoted racing fans, but may not be fully aware of the benefits of using Fanatec wheel products. If you pick me I would be fair with my testing and not be a fanboy. It would not benefit either the consumer or you as a manufacture.

In closing if you pick me you will pick a highly skilled simulation player that will give great feedback for your products.

paskowitz's picture

I agree. As much as I love

I agree. As much as I love checking my email everyday, it would be nice to know.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

- USA/English 360, PS3, Wii,

360, PS3, Wii, 3 desktops, 2 notebooks
Various casual reviews, blogger at
Most active at Active accounts at,,, and many others.

I would be the perfect tester as a wheel racer because I've been using force feedback wheels since the first Logitech FF wheel from 1998, which I still own. I spend a lot of my time and money on gaming, and I communicate well with my audience.

I would write a complete review on my blog, and a video review to post on my youtube channel as well.

Pick me since I'm the best of both worlds - hardcore into simulation style racing, yet accessible and understood by mainstream casual gamers. I have 1k-3k visitors per day to my site alone, not counting youtube and other social channels.

With me, you would get exposure to gamers who are devoted racing fans but likely aren't familiar with the benefits of using the excellent Fanatec wheel products. I can help you bridge the gap.

- 360 Maniac

Your country: Austria /

Your country: Austria / language: German, English, Spanish
Consoles: Xbox-360, PS3 / PC you own: From the early 90's
Links to reviews you made: None - yet
Forums you are most active in
the list goes on

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
Well, to be honest...I'm not spending over 10 hours a day for playing videogames. I got a passion for cars and I can't live without them. I love drifting (in the real wolrd), but suddendly I recognized that it is an expensive hobbby. So I decided to go into the virtual-world and purchased a gt2 - clubsport edition (in december, which arrived...well, later then expected :-)). So far I had a blast with the gt2, BUT there could be some improvements - don't get me wrong, I really love the looks and the feeling of the wheel, but sometimes especially when it comes to drifting, it's just inaccurate (backspin for example) - i hope you get my point.

So why should I be a tester?
I really do hope that the elite wheel made some major changes when it comes to simulute a real car. Virtual Wheels had made some huge improvements over the last years, so has simracing. I just hope the new generation of fanatec wheels isn't just a facelift, like the gt2 was for the turbo s wheel, it should be a new experience, something like no other. So what's my point...It just would be great if I can test and compare the elite wheel with my "old" gt2 - and I really do hope I can get my hands on the new product - thanks in advance and best regards.
Marlon from Vienna

UK English PC/XBOX360/PS3 I'v


I've owned most of the best Logitech PC/PS wheels (Force, Momo Red, Momo Black, G25) and DriveFX for Xbox360 (using G25 pedals).

Gaming on PC (after Sinclair 128, C64 etc) really began with the release of Microprose GP and continued through all the Crammond games, Papyrus Indy Car series, EAF1 Challenge, Toca series, Colin McRae rally series, Richard Burns Rally, Rally 2000, all the way up to the current: Rfactor, Race 07, Dirt 3, Grid, NFS. On the consoles XBOX360 is Forza 3 pretty much all the time and PS3 for F1 series and GT.

Why should I be a tester?

Not only do I have the gaming pedigree, my whole career has been in testing and quality assurance for both hardware and software in telecomms, defence, automotive and service sector.

Hi, Your country / language


Your country / language : Belgium / French and English

Consoles / PC you own : Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Links to reviews you made : All the reviews I made are on my own website, most are in podcast form. I also wrote feedback on wheels and other material in (french forum)

Forums you are most active in :

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester : Hey, I think I'd be a great tester because I have been a gamer all my life and always loved racing game, I have other wheels to compare it with that I reviewed before, I have a decent computer and console setup (my pc can run any of the current racing game). I however prefer playing on console, I'm not the most hardcore sim fan that will only play iRacing or rFactor and disregard anything else. I enjoy playing Forza just as much if not more and I think a lot of people that will buy your wheels will be in that category of people, I can reach a nice amount of gaming fan/geek from my own website and the forum I frequent, I can make a video review and audio review alongside a written one that can be in both english and french. I have already tried the wheel at gamescom but would love a longer time to test it properly as the show floor at gamescom isn't the proper place to test a wheel. Had a great feeling with it anyhow.

Thanks in advance and I hope I can be of any help.
Julien aka Rhaitz

USA / English PC: i7 920,

USA / English
PC: i7 920, 8GB Mem, 2 - nVidia 560 cards, 3 - 24" Dell Monitors.

iRacing members fourm

I have been online racing for over 13 years. I've worked on race cars, driven them, I understand them. I worked in the racing field for the past 10 years and go to different race tracks weekly. I have a good feel for driving them and knowing what they do. I've been around racing my whole life. I am in the top 50 on the iRacing Oval side. I run in the NASCAR iRacing Series World Championship. I have used a lot of wheels in the past from the Microsoft Sidewinder, Thrustmaster, Logitech MOMO, DFGT, and the G25. I currently run the G25 with a modified 13" wheel with CST pedals. I really love the design of your new wheel and would love to test it and give feedback on it and see if there is anything we can do to make it the better. If it works a good as it looks, I'll being buying one for sure!

Country: Canada /

Country: Canada / English

Consoles: Xbox 360 (Quad Screen/Boxes) & PS3
PC: Quad Core, 8GB RAM, 2GB ATI

Cockpit: I designed and built the rig I Race in for a more complete experience. It includes 5.2 (2 subs), 4 monitors, 4 xbox consoles, 1 PS3, 1 PC, a PWTS with height adjustable shifter and clubsport pedals, a fully adjustable VW seat and modified cup holders from a BMW. I spent over 15 hours designing phase, 10 hours with mock ups, 12 hours for audio design / layout and I stopped counting after 200 hours for the construction and painting of the unit. I only purchased wood as needed. I used wood that was left over to give it a “lived in” feel. I’ve included photo’s and will post more if interested. I’m actually looking forward to modding the rig for the CSS and CSHB on top of making the CSRE part of my permanent fixture. I will be building a 2nd rig to acommodate the PWTS when the Elite arrives.

Links to reviews you made: I haven't written anything that has been posted to the net. I am the person that friends and family, along with the friends of them ask for advice on electronic purchases. This is a part of what I do for a living. At best I sometimes write emails that are CC’d to several people who have asked me similar questions in the past.

Forums: More recently just on your 911Wheel and the Fanatec Beta site (I used to be more active and will elaborate if needed). If required I would gladly sign up to more sites to post my results or collaborative data.


I have loved the racing genre since I bought my first PC running Test Drive. I’ve been in the genre for over 20 years now. I’ve raced with controllers, KB/Mouse, Flightsticks and wheels. I’ve purchased a total 6 wheel models (some twice) in my years with racing games but many more have been in and out of my setups. When I saw your product I purchased it as quickly as I could. I was even able to get several people I know to do the same. The PWTS was a product that I think filled a large void in the market.

I troubleshoot problems for a living, which gives me a very analytical and sometimes process oriented approach when it comes to almost everything I do (even on the smallest things). This methodology has given me unique and accurate results when dealing with new hardware in any environment or requirement. I’m usually the person negotiating the products for my clients and it has made me very aware of how much positive and negative feedback matter.

I grew up with a father who is a master machinist that builds and rebuilds machinery and custom parts. When I saw the videos of the inside of your wheel I had to show my dad the ball-screw looking mechanism. Working with him has taught me what quality really is, and I must say the inside of that wheel impressed me. Working with him has given me a eye for detail and it really showed me how to look beyond what I’m currently working on to see the end result.

I have a passion for racing and a strong desire to be part of your testing team. It would give me great pleasure to be part of this project and I would work hard to give you feedback in whichever format you desire.



pokeymandingo's picture

Hi I have introduce RGT

Hi I have introduce RGT Mandingo and I am part of this community where we organize many events / online tournaments, are already the owner of the steering wheel and pedals Fanatec GT2 Clubsport here are the pictures that attest
I would love to participate in the test because the wheel Of this game on all three platforms.

I Have:
XboX 360 with Forza Motorsport 3
PC many powerfull with GTR 2 and Rfactor
PS3 with GT5
I am a italian Boy !!

Secure your kind of an answer best regards

Claudio Fulco

Unknown No.8's picture

Hey Thomas. I unfortunately

Hey Thomas. I unfortunately don't have any Fanatec Pedals currently so i was wondering if you send the CSR E Pedals too? Thanks Thomas and please reply to this post or send me a PM. Thanks! :)
Work Hard. Race Harder.

Country - UK Language -

Country - UK
Language - English
Console - PS3

Car Forum - I am active in Racedeparment forum

I would be an ideal tester for the new club sport wheel. First of all i
am fanatic sim racer and i race pretty much every day. I currently entered the GT Academy competion and was'nt doing to well with a control pad. Eith only two weeks to go i purchased a Logitech G27 wheel (first wheel iv ever purchased) and got myself into the top 20 in the uk and got to the finals. I learnt alot about the settings of the wheel, wheel weight, force feed back etc... and got the best out of the wheel in a very short time. Therefore i can adapt myself very quickly the a technical piece of equipment. I dont spend much time of forums as i prefere to be racing online. I also have contacts with a couple guys at vision racer uk so maybe i could get the wheel hooked up to one of there test rigs. The new club sport looks fantastic and weather i get a chance to test it or not i will purchase one.
Keep up the good work and thanks for the chance of testing one of your wheels

Kind regards

Hi! Thomas! WAIT! I want to

Hi! Thomas!

WAIT! I want to test your new wheel too! \o/

I am from Brazil, but I live in Canada.
I speak English and Portuguese fluently.

Have a PC (i7 2600K @ 5GHz w/ 2xGTX580 SLI / triple head), a PS3 and a xBox 360
I have also a custom build motion seat powered by x-Sim.

I have written some reviews in Portuguese for two websites/blogs in Brazil ( and

I enjoy making videos of simracing related stuff (mainly hardware) as you can see from my youtube channel with +300.000 views:

Most active in and iRacing forums.

I believe I would be a good choice for testing your wheel because:
. I have a good technical background (Electrical Engineer)
. I have been "experimenting" around sim racing hardware for quite few years (3-4)
. Have a custom built motion seat
. Have had most of the wheels in the market (momo, g25, g27, ECCI, T500RS, etc)
. Build my on PCs, and enjoy doing benchmarks
. Have experience in writing reviews
. I am a photographer with pro equipment (good quality pics/videos guaranteed), etc, etc...

However, the MAIN point for me it that I want to give Fanatec another shot.
I had a bad experience with a Porsche GT3RS with CSP in the past. You guys supported me sending a replacement PCB for the CSP, but in the end I was disappointed and decided to sell it all and move on.

I believe it was pretty much bad luck and I have decided I will buy this new wheel and try it anyways. So, if you send me one, it will most certainly stay here unless it is really bad... lol

Another important point is that my reviews are completely unbiased and will
undoubtedly be a good reference for the community.

Thanks for your time.



I'd love to test the

I'd love to test the wheel,and i can test it in ps3,xbox and pc.I've owned a logitech dfp,a g25, a fanatec speedster,a gt3rs and now a gt2 fanatec,so i think i know what a good wheel is supossed to be,and i know very well gt5,forza,rfactor,etc...
I have electric & mechanical formation,perhaps it could help a bit for reporting issues,and of course i'd love to make reviews of the wheel,
I live in spain,and my main language is of course spanish,but i speak english also

Country USA!!! Language:

Country USA!!! Language: English, Jibberish, and Toddler
Consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, PC-Corei7 2600k nvidia Geforce GTX 580
I have never posted a video review. But I love insidesimracing and I love sim racing and would really like a chance to work with you guys. I own a Turbo S wheel with CSP. I love your products and look forward to trying your knew wheels.

I'm on insidesimracing's site all the time. I'm also a member of
Post the following information as comment to this blog entry:

I would be the perfect tester because I'm very good at doing things differently. This is something I use at my day job to find bugs with our products. Racing is my passion and sim racing is the only outlet for this passion. I have a great personality and a great sense of humor. I see that having a the ability to make people laugh might fit in with Fanatec.

Your country / language:

Your country / language: France / French, English, Spanish

Consoles / PC you own: I Have a Xbox360, a PS3 and a Gaming PC with Quad core 3.0ghz, 4Gb of Ram, And my good old performance card Ati 4870x2 that is still giving me high detail level on my 23inch screen.

Links to reviews you made: I reviewed the First Beta version of your First Wheel The porsche 911 Turbo there was 3 years, And Reviewed it on the Bigger French Site of Simulation Gaming, it Was positive, and i of course buyed it from you with pleasure!

Forums you are most active in: Racingfr.Com More Than 7 years of active participation, and the Bigger Forum For French Community of Simulation Gaming where your products from the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel since 3 years are Awaited.

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:

I'll Simply will be the perfect tester because of my experience in gaming, i have tested plenty wheels since that decade, From High end Wheel to low price wheels, Like Logitech G25 G27, Like Frex Wheel based on Logitech Momo modification.
And that will be the second time that i test a wheel for you, so i know how it works and what you wait, and like the first time i will do a complete test on Racing.Fr and told you what has to be verified by you before start mass commands according to the commentaries of the french community members and what i will see on the beta wheel.

Language spoken: German,

Language spoken:
German, English

Consoles: X360, PS3, PC (Win7 64 Bit)

Links to Reviews: N/A

Forums: Iracing Forum, Forza Forum

Perfect tester: There is no perfect tester, is there? :)
I have been playing racing titles for the last 10 years.
Mainly IRacing, GTR, GTR2, all the RACE 07 stuff, Forza series, GT series, Colin Mcrae series, Richard Burns Rally - so pretty much everything there is.

I have owned one of the first thrustmaster wheels, a bunch of old Logitech ones, the Microsoft 360 Wheel, G25, Turbo S and the CSPs.

Before taking over a new position in my company (which is an art outsourcing company for AAA games), I was head of production and therefore in charge of the production of many Forza 3 cars, TDU 1+2 cars, Split Second cars, ...Although that doesn't help at all in beta testing, I thought I should mention it anyway :)

And I have proper video editing skills to deliver quality video reviews.

Would be great to help you with your new products.

Best regards,

United States /

United States / English

Playstation 3, Xbox 360 / PC

Forums you are most active in

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
I would be the perfect tester because I have never used a racing wheel before. I am a die hard sim racer with the Forza and Grand Turismo Series as well as racing my own car.
I am also a mechanical engineer who would be able to provide feedback relating to form, feel, function, and mechanics. I have also learned how to step away from a product to get the full experience from packaging to appearance to easy of use.
I am currently employed as an OOBEE(Out of box experience engineer). I live for this line of work and was thrilled to learn of this product.

I look forward to working with such an excellent looking product.
Thanks for the opportunity.

United States /

United States / English

Playstation 3, Xbox 360 / PC - 8Gb Ram/e8400/Ati HD6870

Links to reviews you made

Forums you are most active in

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

I have used various wheels in the past, DFGT, G27. I now own the Fanatec Carrera and the GT2. I am a fan of racing sims such as the GT series and Forza series but also enjoy DiRT and NFS and Burnout and various other racing games. I own Forza 4 and GT5 and a couple other racing games and have access to any I would need to test with.

I know what I like in a wheel when it comes to comfort and usability and would be able to express my wants/needs appropriately and effectively. I am not necessarily a "hardcore" racing fan but I would be an excellent middle ground reviewer.

Thank you for your time.

Hallo Thomas, mein Name ist

Hallo Thomas,

mein Name ist Mario, bin 27 Jahre jung und im schönen Österreich beheimatet. Ich habe erst kürzlich hier im Blog gelesen das Community Tester gesucht werden, hiermit möchte ich mich gerne als solcher anbieten! Ein Review könnte ich gerne auf Deutsch oder auch Englisch verfassen.

Zum testen Besitze ich eine Xbox360, die PS3 und einen Windows PC welcher für halbwegs aktuelle Rennspiele noch genügend Rechenleistung bietet.

Reviews habe ich bislang noch keine erstellt, bin aber sehr oft im XboxFront Forum ( unter dem Namen "Mario084" unterwegs.

Ich denke ich bin der perfekte Tester da ich technisches Hintergrundwissen besitze, mich seit meiner Kindheit mit Konsolen & Games befasse und ich leidenschaftlich gerne Rennsimulationen mit Lenkrad & Playseat spiele. Von mir könnt Ihr euch ein sehr ausführliches und detailiertes Review in Form von Text, Foto und Video erwarten.

Ich würde mich freuen als Tester ausgewählt zu werden und verbleibe vorerst mit freundlichen Grüßen.


Your country /

Your country / language:

Consoles / PC you own:
Xbox360, PS3

Links to reviews you made:

Forums you are most active in:, GTPlanet,

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I've been a console "sim" racer since the first iteration of the Gran Turismo series. I bought my PS1 JUST for GT1, I bought a PS2 JUST for GT3, in 2005 I bought an Xbox JUST for FM1, in 2007 I bought a Xbox360 JUST for FM2. Through out that time, I've never used a racing wheel, so I would be the perfect "noobie" tester.

Thanks for the consideration!
--Kevin Leisenring

Hi all US / English PS3x3,

Hi all
US / English
PS3x3, Xbox360x3 (Triple Screen)/ Custom built pc running I-Racing
Virtual Roadster Racing Rig/w PWTS & Clubsport Pedals

Active on,,

I have been sim racing for the past 10yrs and would be a great choice to be chosen as part of the beta team. I have experience with a broad selection of racing wheels over the years that will allow me to offer objective and thoughtful reviews if chosen.



Thomas I don't want to clog

Thomas I don't want to clog your thread but I really would like the chance to test out your new Elite wheel. I will give you the best review I can and will let everyone on know how good the wheel is and how much more fun the game will be with a wheel.
Again thanks for the chance to test out a wheel

Hi Thomas, First, let me say

Hi Thomas,

First, let me say that I've been a die-hard Logitech driver since the DFP came out (Gran Turismo 4) and I now have a DFGT/G25 Hybrid wheel set up. I started looking at your products because I've briefly played Forza in the past and it's another great racing sim and I bought a 360 recently just because I could buy a Fanatec wheel and use it on the PS3, 360 and PC.

Why pick me? Well, I've raced nearly all the driving sim's on the market today, some more than others. But I've been racing since 1997 with GT1 and have progressed from there including:

GTR2, GT Legends, rFactor, iRacing, Gran Turismo and soon, Forza 4.

I am 31 years old, live in the USA, have access to a handheld HD recording device. I also am able to record PC and PS3 replays in HD. Should I need to record replays for the 360 in HD, I can easily configure that as well. I'm a Super Moderator at and am in charge of the Online Monthly Race Series events, I helped write the Online Racing Guidelines at GTPlanet and aid in the Weekly Race Series when needed.

Based on my experience and dedication, I feel I'd be a great candidate, and one that is fair and objective as well as maintain professional confidentiality. I would be honored to be a tester for your products in the future and build a relationship going forward.


Jerome Powell aka Jump_Ace

Hello, Platforms: Xbox 360,


Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii (what can I say I have kids).

Languages: English/French

Current Setup: I currently have a RaceBase cockpit with a G25 with an SLI mod and load cell brake and Leo mod for the brakes and wheel.

Favourite Racing: I race a lot of F1 2010 and I Racing.

Experience Reviewing Products: I write reviews currently for the cycling industry where I test both road and mountain bikes for Giant and Specialized. I have tested products worth up to $15000.00's. These reviews have be published in their yearly product guides and on facebook.

Experience Reviewing areas: I have also reviewed the riding trails for Lennox and Addington.

What type of reviews: I can create both video and written reviews of products.

Where do you live: I live in Canada.

Forums where I am most active:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Steve Alexander

FM CSR Elite Beta Community

FM CSR Elite

Community tester

Country: Germany
Language: german, spanish, english
Consoles / PC: Xbox 360, PS3, PC


my name is Alejandro Martin and i´m very interested in participating as betatester for the CSR Elite. I´m involved in the Forza Motorsport scene since the first part as a famous gamer and holding a blog you can visit here: ( forum coming soon )

Forums: international - NeoGAF and
Forums: national - XboxFRONT

I´m a perfect tester because i own a lot of knowhow about racing, racegames, gaming peripheries and specially the forza motorsport scene. I´m able to speak and write in german, spanish and english fluently.

I hope i can take part. For more infos feel free to contact me.

best regards

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