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> CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

We already started the beta tests but we need some more people to help us testing the product and also to make a review about the products for your community.

Here are the specific requirements:

  • Needs to be able to test on Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Bonus if you can also test on PC
  • Needs to be able to write a written review or video review
  • EU, Japan and USA participants only
  • Minimum age: 21

Basic rules

  • Please report all issues to Darin
  • Test period: Until October 15th
  • After the test period you can send back the wheel or purchase it with a 50% discount
  • Shipping costs will be covered by Endor
  • Of course we will give no guidelines what you write in your review. You don't have to be a fanboy to get the chance to test it.
  • Embargo: You are not allowed to publish anything about this wheel until October 15th
  • We will store your credit card information as deposit.

If you are interested, please follow the next steps:

  • Please register here if you are not registered already:
    You can only register once!
  • Post the following information as comment to this blog entry:
    Your country / language
    Consoles / PC you own
    Links to reviews you made
    Forums you are most active in
    Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

The beta test for the CSW will follow as well but quantities are very limited.


If you cannot register anymore it means that you probably are already registered. It is only possible to register one time. But this does not mean you cannot participate in several tests of course.



Thanks for the tremendous response. We only have a very few wheels available but the enourmous amount of interest convinced me to make a second round with more testers. Keep posting.



Thanks for the great interest. We have now selected testers and will notify them soon.


Replies - Comments

Lets get ready to rumble

Lets get ready to rumble

I'm in the UK and communicate in English

I have Xbox360 and PS3, along with a gaming PC

I've not done any formal reviews, but have tried a lot of products and recommended/advised many times

I am either active or have contacts on many forums/community sites and can get reviews, discussion posted in places such as forzamotorsport (both net and uk), race department, gtplanet, ps3 trophy sites, xbox achievement sites, community sites such as lmzf, maturevideogamer, etc

I play and enjoy racing games more than any other genre. I'm pretty fast using a controller (on both consoles) and feel that using a quality wheel like fanatec would improve my times and experience and the comparison would make a good review. I do have "budget" wheels by logitech (ps3 and pc) and the official microsoft wheel for xbox360. I play everything from arcade to full sim games. Such as burnout, dirt, race pro, forza, f1 2010, need for speed, gt5, pgr test drive, etc, etc. So would be able to give broad range of experience and comparison

I've been promising myself a fanatec wheel for the last about 3 years but they've usually sold out by the time we've saved up enough :(

Your country / language: USA

Your country / language: USA / English
Consoles / PC you own: Xbob360, PS3 / Homemade PC
Links to reviews you made: None yet
Forums you are most active in:,,,,
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester: I thoroughly test out a product. Play around with all settings possible. I try to diagnose problems on my end. I also love sim racing and would love to test out the best wheel for both consoles.

I also currently own a GT2 wheel.

hello Thomas i have PS3 XBOX

hello Thomas i have PS3 XBOX AND LAPTOP FROM UK CURRENTLY USING turbo s wheel with club sport pedals always read gtplanet inside simracing and of corse your own and will be happy to test for you many thanks

Your country /

Your country / language
United Kingdom / English

Consoles / PC you own

  • PS3
  • XBOX360
  • Dell XPS

Links to reviews you made

I do not have any links to any reviews, although i have partisipated in many discussions over the years to discuss pros and cons of games/hardware.

As a company director i have submitted and also produced/showcased many reports in our area of expertise.

Forums you are most active in

  • GTPlanet

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

I am the perfect tester because i have many years of real world wheel experience as well as been utilising virtual racing wheels since the PS1.I have a obsession with dialing in the correct settings weather it be a real car or virtual.

I have real world track experience that provides me with a greater feel and understanding of how virtual simulation works.

If i was picked to become a tester i would not only test the rig on a variety of machines and games (simulation and arcade) but also provide valuable feedback as to how the wheel feels in the quest to become as realistic as possible.

Reports made by myself would cover all bases from arrival to setup difficulty to endurance tests of 2-6 hours.

I realise interest is high in this sign up, but please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.

Kindest Regards
Rob James.'s picture

I'm not really interessted

I'm not really interessted in the CSR, but would love to be a tester for the F1 CSW. As you posted some pictures of samples today, I know it might be too early to make inscription, but I'll try anyway. :-)

Your country / language: Switzerland / german, english, dutch, french, portugues
Consoles / PC you own: PS3 / PC
Links to reviews you made: N/A
Forums you are most active in:
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
Since i nearly play only F1 on PS3 I would love to test it together with my new Playseat F1 RBR1 and the modded CSP where I removed the cluth. The F1 wheel will fit perfect to my Setup and in test reviews just will look great those two pieces of art together.
I'm in the 1st league of the PS3 league on above mentioned forum.

Your country /

Your country / language:

Consoles / PC you own:
PS3, xbox360, Windows XP PC, with full home made cockpit PWTS and clubsport pedals. PC is getting on a bit but still runs rfactor should be upgrading by the end of the year.

Links to reviews you made:
I haven’t really made any detailed reviews of any product but more than willing/capable of communicating my views and opinions.

Forums you are most active in: (Forza 3 related)

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I think I would make a perfect tester because I am very passionate about all things sim racings and always approach tasks in a logical, methodical and accurate manor. I am fairly new to the scene only 2 years but I have fully embraced the world of sim racing from starting with my Xbox and Microsoft wheel (sitting on my lap). I have now built my own cockpit with PWTS & clubsport pedals (far from finished) but I’m sure there is no sim racer that can say there cockpit is complete. My main game has been forza competing in hot lap challenges and racing leagues. But I have branched out into many other games including formula 1 2010, dirt 2 & 3, shift 2, GT5 & rfactor across all platforms and have now got the bug for PC sim racing and am currently looking forward to building my first serious PC rig. I am also able to record HD video reviews if required.

Monsoon's picture

You guys seems to be

You guys seems to be qualified, but you also have to know how a real car feel like on a race track to evaluate the output of the wheel.

nonnino65's picture

Hi, my name is Gianni live

Hi, my name is Gianni live in Italy,i'm 46 years and also speak English.

My PC Windows 7 64bit (Performance Extreme Full i7 980 X V10, 12 GB Corsair DDR3 CL9, ASUS Rampage III Extreme, ASUS 6970 2Gb, 30" Dell, case CoolMaster HAF 932, Enermax REVOLUTION85 + 1050 w) use sim: LFS, iRancing, NetKart Pro and rFactor.

I have a driver station, G27, ClubSport Pedal (two).

My console : PS3 but little used (used to make the test CSW).

I hope to be chosen as a beta tester of the CSW, even if all these people before me have written, my intention is to test it in my training for the 16h of LFS is 15 October 2011 and during the two pre-season Test match organized by CILFS2012 Our Italian community to which I belong as Admin Staff at the site, is this: In addition as an opportunity to personally test my future wheel to the cockpit.
Thank you again for the opportunity given, I hope to be your

Best regards Gianni ave!!!

Your country / language :

Your country / language : France / French-English

Consoles / PC you own : PC / PS3 / XBOX360

Links to reviews you made :
In my work (I am in an international customer services for a VOIP product), I used to write technical mail to customers and to write docs : test plans, board/results, customer release notes, guidelines. In my league, I already done some guidelines on sim tools.

Forums you are most active in :, isi forums, live-simracing, endurance inside, fanatec wheel

Tell me why you would be the perfect tester :
Simracing driver and admin in a league, I also have some useful skills in my work to qualify and to review a product, for example: Writing documentation, executing tests, finding and analyzing faults and some troubleshooting. It would be a real pleasure for me to apply these skills to my favorite hobby.
For my hobby, I have also performed hardware customizations e.g: a button box and I am currently developing a new one with a display, so I constantly have ideas on what could be useful on a wheel.
I currently own a GT3RSv2/CSP/Playseat after a Logitech EX, a Thrustmaster RGT clutch and a GT3RSv1.
As a simracing driver, I love to drive different cars like historic and le mans series.

I can do video reviews with my Canon 60D.

Happy with my GT3RSv2, I am really enthusiastic about this new Fanatec wheel !

I'm ready for it THomas!!

I'm ready for it THomas!!

Scott Adamson's picture

. *Country/Language English

English living in spain, languages - english & spanish

*Gaming Hardware
Xbox 360 (old style), PS3 (first Generation), MacBook Pro with Win 7 Bootcamp

No reviews made, I am a software engineer so I'm in it more for the testing than being a fanatec fanboy, I am no stranger to giving detailed fault reports including diagrams and reference materials (images, videos, documented incident reports, etc.)

*Forums you are most active in
I lurk in quite a few forums

*Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
My perspective is "is it worth upgrading from PWTS", having already had to effectively rebuild the pwts due to a broken steering shaft (just ask Johannes Kirsch), you can be sure that it will get a good work out, and if needed to, running repairs would be no problem.
I race Forza 3, GT5, LFS and IRacing, using a playseat, invert mount clubsport pedals, seat level mounted shifter and 2.5m wide projection screen.

Hi Thomas, Your country /

Hi Thomas,

Your country / language: English

Consoles / PC you own:
Xbox 360 (Original model).
PS3 (Original model).
Mac running Windows Vista via Bootcamp.

Links to reviews you made:
Not put any up yet, but can send you one or two samples. I have been an editor for a few magazines, so am able to offer concise and legible reviews.

Forums you are most active in:

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I have been sim racing for several years now. I have owned a few wheels, including a Logitech Driving Force GT, Microsoft Wheel, Thrustmaster Ferrari Force Feedback Racing Wheel, and most recently a Fanatec PWTS with clubsport peddles.

I play several racing games / sims on a regular basis, including:
Xbox: Forza 3, Dirt 3 (and 2), F1 2010, Race Pro.
PS3: Gran Turismo 5, Ferrari the race experience.
PC: Iracing, Richard Burns Rally, NetKar Pro, Ferrari Virtual Academy, rFactor, Live for Speed.

I love racing games, but mostly I love them because of force feedback wheels! As you can see I can test the wheel across a multitude of games and platforms, and would get a great deal of satisfaction in giving my feedback to help ensure the product is ready for market.

At 37 years of age, I believe I can offer you a mature perspective and feedback on the wheel. I understand some of the technicalities of the wheel, but would be more focused on the feel and ability to get the correct settings for each game. If there are technical difficulties, I would be able to convey those to you clearly. I would be able to test the product on a daily basis, and really put it though its paces.

Following the drop on the embargo, I would happily assist in promoting the product on as many forums and websites as I can. I am a firm believer in what your company is trying to achieve, and would love the opportunity to be involved at an early stage.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards, Nick

Hi Thomas, I was so excited

Hi Thomas,

I was so excited after reading about the forthcomming release of a Club Sport Wheel (CSR Elite) and really look forward to test it on my rig and to see how it will compare to the other mid-priced (e.g. Logitech) or high quality racig wheels (e.g. Happ, Frex, ECCI) on the market! I dont know how long you are already working on the new wheel but I really had to smile after the announcement of the wheel because of my whishlist in my last wheel comparison review on Its great to see again that Fanatec is still very open minded for customer whishes and you are continuously improving your products!

country / language: Germany / German & English

PS3 Slim EU(250 GB)
Xbox 360 EU

3,4 GHZ Core i7
AMD HD 6970m


AMD Phenom II X4 940
8gb RAM
AMD HD 5870

Links to reviews you made:

Forums you are most active in: /

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I played racing games since the incredible Microprose Grand Prix has been released in 1992. I owned a lot of different racing wheels (different Fanatec and Logitech wheels) and sim racing has always been a true passion although I never had the ambition to do it (semi-)professional. Today I play a lot of arcarde and sim racing games like GT5, F1 2010, Need for Speed Shift (1&2), iRacing, Forza, Colin McRae etc.. My current racing rig consist of Fanatec-only equipment with the GT3 RS v2, the fantastic CSP and the rock-solid Rennsport Cockpit.

I would post my impressions on and post a in-depth written review with a wheel comparison to other Fanatec wheels and all mid-/high-priced wheels I have owned and/or was able to test so far (on in German and an additional review on in English). As on my previous review I will show how the wheel will work on different gaming systems and how it will compare to the other wheels in the most important categories (e.g. build quality, racing characteristics etc.). Of course I will also show my impressions how it will work in combination with the Fanatec Rennsport Cockpit.

Hope I can be of service to you as a tester and of course would love to get my hands on another fantastic Fanatec product.

Best regards


Country/Language: UK/English
Age: 24
Consoles Owned: Xbox 360 & PS3
Forums Active: Moderator on official forums. Admin at Virtual Motorsports, website dedicated to professional online sim racing using Forza games.

Previously I have owned and spent many hours on various different racing wheels, including Madcatz, Logitech and even your Fanatec Porsche wheel. I have raced with a wheel on Xbox for over 2 years and have the ability to test it on a lot of racing games, not just Forza.

Reviews I am confident of producing a well-worded and fair review and can include HD video using camcorder if needed to the review. I have never reviewed a product before, but have spent a lot of spare time typing newsletters and series reviews regarding online simracing for a smaller (but dedicated) audience.

Hi Thomas, I am Mike

Hi Thomas,

I am Mike Holscher from the Netherlands. I am an Industrial Design Engineer with a passion for quality mechanical design.

I own a Xbox360 Elite and a PS3 Slim (and a MacBook Pro 13") and play in my hometheater with an HD projected 72" screen with quality 5.1 surround sound.

I was very active on the dutch, but not anymore. I am now more active in the dutch which is about quality home theater setups.

I am a good candidate because I am actually educated to do look critically at products, and look if it is possible to improve them. I have a Master's Degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands. Here I have learned to look at a product from both an engineers point of view, as wel as from a users point of view. I have been working at an engineering agency for over 2 years now, where we are specialized in gravity compensation using mechanical springs in numerous ways. Therefore I know a thing or two about mechanics and how to use them in a user friendly way. I am not really active anymore on the forum I filled in, but I used to be. I was crowned 'Star Member' once for my abilty to help people out on the forum in an easy and accessible way.

I would be excited to help about a company that also has a passion for quality mechanical design.

Mike Hölscher

Your country /

Your country / language:
Canada/English, Russian

Consoles / PC you own:
PC, PS3, XBox 360

Links to reviews you made:
Have not done any reviews yet, because there are plenty of them for products I owe. With such new hardware as 'CSR Elite' I can definitely do it.

Forums you are most active in:
Mostly on Russian speaking forums like

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
Because I am professional QA specialist(very good at usability testing and 'feel of the products'). I have excellent technical skills and degree in computer science.

I have XBox 360 and PS3, so I'll be able to test your wheel thoroughly on these platforms and if there are bugs/problems/suggestions I will clearly and professionally describe the situation.

And at the end, I'll just buy the wheel)))

Hello Thomas I am French and

Hello Thomas
I am French and I speak French / Spanish,
I have 57 years.
I play on PC / PS3 / X BOX almost every day
Only to car games: Forza, GT5, rFactor etc ...
I had the PTWS and now I have a GT2 + CPS
I immediately loved your brand and its achievements and I have great confidence for all your achievements to come.
I tried the xbox steering wheel, the G27 and the Thrustmaster 500
I participate in some competitions on GT5
I am active on the forums:,
This is an opportunity for you to see how a senior citizen behaves against your products "lol"
Anyway, I want this wheel
As beta tester or as a client I get it ..........
I'll see if it's my lucky day!
Thank you to all that fun


Your country / language:

Your country / language: Finland, Finnish and English

Consoles / PC you own: Xbox 360 And PC

Links to reviews you made: I have review gaming headset for Xbox 360 and Im willing to write review to this product.

Forums you are most active in: Im not very active in forums. But here is few:, and

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester: I love any kind of gaming. I have played games for the past 25 years. I have played lots of PC with rFactor and GTR. But after I turn age of 30, I bought me an Xbox. After that I have been playing lot's of console games. I own official MS wheel and I play games like, Forza 2-3, F1 2010, Dirt 3, NFS, GTR etc... My brother own one of your racing wheel and I have tested that and I love it. I have owned Logitech G25 wheel and that was one of my favourite wheels. I have been thinking of buying one of your wheel after my MS wheel will breake.

I want to help you provide the best possible equipment for any gamers over there. I know that with good wheel it's ten times nicer to play the racing games than pad or poor wheel. I hope I will get to test your new product and we can make together the best wheel in the market!

Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer Sim-Racer

I meet all of the requirements for testing.

I am from the United States / English speaking

In addition to this forum I have participated in forums for Forza and Iracing as well.

Here are the key characteristics that I possess that are above or beyond the basic requirements & that I believe make me a useful resource:

*Im an Industrial Designer (on break to be a stay at home dad = greater understanding of consumer products with insightful appreciation and analysis of aesthetic, ergonomic and haptic design...also I have free time and an appetite to do these kinds of things)

*I have a PC with triple screen setup (used for Iracing)

*As well as having XBOX 360 and PS3 I have the ability to run 3 system setups with each platform for triple screen reviews.

*Own a PWTS

*Own a GT3 rs v2

*Own CS pedals

*Have also owned all Logitec wheels available for GT franchise up to the G25 = knowledge and appreciation of competitive products for comparison.

*Have made videos regarding Fanatec products ( )

*Have made many repairs and mods to PWTS, so I am familiar with the inner workings of the wheel and how newer products relate to the existing line up.

* Have participated in many real world races since the mid 90s such as autocrossing and karting, as well as track days throughout the midwest US, so I have a strong appreciation for how a wheel should actually feel in a racing environment.

I look forward to an opportunity to partake in this exciting experience.


koyzinho's picture

Brazil / Portuguese, spanish

Brazil / Portuguese, spanish and english
PS3, XBOX and PC
Its gonna be my 1st review / /

I would be a excelent tool sharing informations and videos about this new WHEEL for the south american public in general. As a winner in many brazilian sim championships, I think I can make me be listened and respected. Looking forward putting my hands on this awsome product and share with the SIMRACERS in south america and the rest of the world too.

soadieman's picture

LOCATION: USA / California

USA / California and English speaking

PC WINDOWS 7 64bit Professional, quad processor, Xbox 360 250gb HD

OWN FANATEC: Porsche 911 GT2, Porsche 911 Turbo S and Club Sport Pedals

REVIEWS / MAGAZINE I write and publish

Forums I am most active in

Why I would be the perfect tester:

I have been racing SIM for about 5 years. In additions i understand what it takes to race in real life as well. I have attended the Skip Barber school of racing, I belong to, and frequently Race on FM 1,2,3.

Now that you know my background of racing I would also like to add that I am the administrator of a website called and have worked with you (Thomas) before on prize giveaways in addition to Interviewing you for PRC360 Magazine. I am well connected in the SIM world and have mediums to help you advertise this product in addition to everything. I am 34 responsible and look forward to working in tandem with you.

Thank you in advance for considering me as a tester.


Beta Tester Candidate #1

Beta Tester Candidate #1 (worthy of a trial) - USA

I would love to have the opportunity to beta test your product. I have been and avid gamer my entire life. Racing sims are my favorite genre.

I got my first go-cart at age 5, and although I never achieved “professional status” I still have a passion for competitive racing (both real and simulated).

I’m currently active across the platforms (X-Box 360 – Forza, PS3 - Gran Turismo, and on the PC - I-Racing. My primary wheel is a Logitech Driving Force GT) which I have mounted in my own custom driving rig.

My favorite web site is inside sim racing (.com).

I have written many product reviews on sites such as Amazon, Costco, New Egg, and Best Buy.
Here is a link to my Amazon reviews:

I have also published several videos which appear on You Tube and Google Video:

Given the opportunity I would give your product plenty of use and provide useful multi-media feedback. I still enjoy gaming with others (physically present) and would be able to offer their feedback as well. Many of my friends are avid, competitive online racers as well.

I feel that I represent your target consumer base as a potential customer for this very wheel.

I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Ken Wilkinson (USA)

kkacatin's picture

Your country / language: USA

Your country / language: USA / English

Consoles / PC you own: PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Links to reviews you made :

Forums you are most active in :

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester: As with my other review, I tend to look at products for what they are. I don't care about the technical specifics of the actual device. I investigate what the product was designed to do and does it work. Sensory devices deserve open, artistic thinking rather than closed, technical data. I would love to test the next chapter in Fanatec equipment with great games like Dirt 3, Gran Turismo 5, iRacing, Forza Motorsport 4, and many more.

Denmark /

Denmark / Danish,English
PS3, XBOX360, Pc homebuilt with 3 screen setup
Forums you are most active in - Danish Race League (
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

My name is Ivan Sørensen (47 years old), I live in Denmark and drive in the Danish Race League ( and have done this for a couple off years now. I'm educated electronic mecanic and one off my great hoobies are to build add-on's for the race-frame, like SLI-Pro from LeoBodnar. I have today a G25 std., a G25 with frex quick release wheel, Hydra brake from Frex, Fanatec Turbo S (pure edition), clubsport pedals, Play on PC, PS3 and Xbox360 also have projector with 89" screen - hd webcam, digital camera etc.

Games... all serious on four wheels..and some fun one's
Race ON, GTR Evolution, STCC, GTR, GTR2, GTL, rFactor, DIRT 2
Forza Motorsport, Race PRO, GRID
Formula One, Gran Tourismo

Darkmiss's picture

I would love the chance to

I would love the chance to test out a new wheel.

Country / Language = UK/English
I currently own a PS3, an Xbox360 and a PC.
I'm currently playing GranTurismo 5, Forza 3, and iracing.
And my Current wheel is the Fanatac GT2 with Clubsport pedals

Forums I belong to...,, GTPlanet, insidesimracing.

Canada/English Consoles:

Consoles: Xbox360/PS3
Forums: ,

I have owned every Gran Turismo game as well as every Forza game. Cars I have owned in my lifetime: 1990 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ, 1994 Acura Integra GSR, 1999 Acura Integra Type R, 2002 Acura RSX Type R and currently a 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution MR. I also have a 2009 Yamaha FZ6R motorcycle. I like to customize and tune all cars in real life and in-game and I am very sensitive to any changes in a vehicle's dynamics. I will be able to translate anything the wheel is doing into terms that someone from your company will be able to correctly interpret. Descriptive feedback in order to help improve your products will be my key asset.

Darkmiss's picture




Country: Hungary
Review: very very basic review about the GT2 EVO.
(There is a link there to the pics as part of the review.)
Have a good digital camera plus anf HD sody video camera as well.


Use to play on all platforms. but my main focus is iRacing and at past simraceway(rFactor). have used most wheels- G27, Fanatec GT3 RS V1, and V2,T500RS, so preety much all. have a rig as well.
active usualy in the ISR forum and I belive I can give a very detailed and good review about the products due to my profesion as well(if intrested will give more info in PM email).
And will be delaited like everybody here to be part of this testing for Fanatec.
Games:rFactor,iRacing, all race07,FM,GT4-5,Grid,Dirt2-3,colin.

Bokhobza Eli

FRANCE / French /

FRANCE / French / English
XBOX360 / PC
Don't made reviews yet because
I'm the most active on and forums about sport cars.

I think I can be a good tester because I'm a fan of car simulation games since I was little, I am developer and I also have the opportunity to practice laps with my car, but also tests race cars. I can feel and write what I think of this beautiful wheel.

Country - Denmark Language -

Country - Denmark

Language - Danish/English

Consol - Xbox360

Forums your are most active in -

I got into car games when the first Grand Tourismo hit the first Playstation and I'm still playing, not Grand Tourismo, but forza 3. We (2-4 friends and I) play once or twice a week about 2-3 hours. we would like to see ourself as pros :)

I preordered forza 4 and took the day of from work :) I bought a GT2 wheel with standart pedals for chrismas last year the best wheel for the xbox360.

I would be honored to help you make your products better.


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