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> CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

We already started the beta tests but we need some more people to help us testing the product and also to make a review about the products for your community.

Here are the specific requirements:

  • Needs to be able to test on Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Bonus if you can also test on PC
  • Needs to be able to write a written review or video review
  • EU, Japan and USA participants only
  • Minimum age: 21

Basic rules

  • Please report all issues to Darin
  • Test period: Until October 15th
  • After the test period you can send back the wheel or purchase it with a 50% discount
  • Shipping costs will be covered by Endor
  • Of course we will give no guidelines what you write in your review. You don't have to be a fanboy to get the chance to test it.
  • Embargo: You are not allowed to publish anything about this wheel until October 15th
  • We will store your credit card information as deposit.

If you are interested, please follow the next steps:

  • Please register here if you are not registered already:
    You can only register once!
  • Post the following information as comment to this blog entry:
    Your country / language
    Consoles / PC you own
    Links to reviews you made
    Forums you are most active in
    Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

The beta test for the CSW will follow as well but quantities are very limited.


If you cannot register anymore it means that you probably are already registered. It is only possible to register one time. But this does not mean you cannot participate in several tests of course.



Thanks for the tremendous response. We only have a very few wheels available but the enourmous amount of interest convinced me to make a second round with more testers. Keep posting.



Thanks for the great interest. We have now selected testers and will notify them soon.


Replies - Comments

Your country / language:

Your country / language: United States / English

Consoles you own: Xbox 360 / Playstation 3

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core Processor 5200+ 2.6 GHz
4Gb of Ram
ATI Radeon 4770

Links to reviews you made:None

Forums you are most active in: (Username: Ein385) / (Username: Ein385) / (Username: Andrew Hardcastle). Those are just the ones I activly post in theres more thats I'm always on just never really post.

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:

I have been a racing fan all my life and been sim racing since 1994 at the age 4 starting with NASCAR Racing. Since then I have been an avid sim racer racing anything from the more arcade games like test drive,Driver and the earlier need for speed games to the simulators like, Grand Turismo, Forza Motorsport, rFactor, and even though its old, the still very popular NR2003. I have used and tested so many different wheels through my 17 years of Racing I lost count years ago of how many I have used but I know what makes a wheel a good one. My current racing habbits are pretty good, the least amount of time I spend racing a day is about 2 hours for my league races which is a different one every day of the week, but I'm usually playng FM3,GT5,rFactor or Iracing when I'm not league racing so I'm sure I will give it a really good workout. Also I have beta tested games and other products so I do have experience in beta testing as well. So thats my backstory and why I think I would be a good beta tester for this wheel, I might not be one of the best picks if having reviews and things like that if its high on the list of requirements for the tester as I never have done one but have the ability and items to do so, but I have alot of friends that race and have help many of them pick the right wheel for them. I really hope that I get the great chance you guys are giving people and allow me to be one of the beta tester.

paskowitz's picture

Hey Thomas, when I try to

Hey Thomas, when I try to access the link it says "access denied". It may be a problem with my account. I am 21 so I don't get why it is not letting me through. Anyways just in case it never works here is my information:

United States of America / English and a little bit of German
PS3 and Xbox 360 / Dell Studio XPS 1647
US PS Forums Review:
GTPlanet, VirtualR, NoGrip, NeoGaf, US PS Forums/Gamer's Advisory Panel (GAP)

Composition and timing. My youtube channel ( has 500k+ views from only a couple of videos. Why? Timing and effort. When I released my first GT5 videos they were when the game was at its peak. Since they were high quality their presence spread. When I do a video review, I will make sure to give it the same attention I have my other videos, weekends with Adobe Pr. I will also apply my above average writing skills. I cannot remember a term when I got anything below an A- in any form of English or communications class. In addition, I have had numerous experiences with professional writing in the business world through my internships. I will apply my knowledge of writing to an audience and clearly expressing a point in my review.

Second reason, I have plenty of time on my hands. I am currently interning in NY and when I get home, my time will be dedicated to making the best analysis of the CSRE wheel.

Third. I would like to spread the word about Fanatec. In my local area there is a indoor karting track, NYGP. Since I am familiar with the staff, if the CSRE is great I can suggest them buying a set up. Their current one is very out of dated (DFP w/ GT4).


Fifth, (my setup)

Sixth, I love sim racing. It has single-handedly taken over my gaming life. Primarily, I play GT5 and Forza 3. But Richard Burns Rally remains one of my favorite gaming experiences. It is a view into a real world life I want to achieve, but realistically may never get to. Being able to BETA test a CSRE wheel would be a great honor.

Thank you for your consideration.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Hi, I'm Italian and I speak

Hi, I'm Italian and I speak Italian and English
I've PC/XBOX and PS3, my favourite game: rFactor, Forza Motorsport 3, iRacing and GTR2.

The forum that I prefer is and I drive in's championship (rF3).

I'm mechanical engineer and my hobbies are mechanics and electronics, of course I'll improve your products with my experience on right way.

Your Sincerely

Spain /Spanish PS2 PSX / i7

Spain /Spanish
PS2 PSX / i7 2600k AsRock Fatal1ty P67 4GB Corsair xms3 1333 intel ssd nvidia gtx260 superoverclock

Hi, i am Pablo Lopez,
a huge racing fan and fellow sim driver.
i will compete in the 2011 Pro Series and i am looking to test high end wheels to review them in my youtube channel (more than 100.000 plays).
the spanish community trust me about sim hardware tips, also i am followed by them cause i was first spanish driver in Nvidia series.
also i have more than 10 years experience in racing games and like 4 in simracing. I can give precise and constructive feedback and do video editing.

Your country /

Your country / language
Spain. Engish and Spanish

Consoles / PC you own
PS2, Dell XPS1645: i7 Q720, Ram 4GB Ddr3, Ati Mobility Radeon hd4670

Links to reviews you made

Forums you are most active in

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
I'm Engineer who has very good knowledge of mechanics and electronics. I like cars, I drive them and also my hobby is the Simracing. I've a G27 and I know exactly how it works and its limitations and the reasons of these. As Engineer I could give good development guidelines.

I'm from Germany and speak

I'm from Germany and speak German/English

Own all 3 platforms the CSR Elite is compatible with

Haven't done any reviews yet

Member of all major PC-Simracing forums but mostly silent.(doesn't mean i'm like that in beta testing and video-reviews in german/english will be posted)

-Have much experience with every <1000€ wheel/pedal combo

-Ex-Kart racer & now Track-Day driver(radical sr3) searching for the best sim experience

-Being in touch with the dev's helping to make a great product greater(if there are flaws)

-Searching for a new wheel/pedals anyway. So this would be a perfect give&take opportunity.

Your country / language UK /

Your country / language
UK / English

Consoles / PC you own
2 x Xbox 360 / PS3 / Gaming PC

Links to reviews you made
Only reviewed tech gadgets for (to be published shortly), would love to review gaming stuff, as its a passion of mine.

Forums you are most active in

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
I have a huge passion for any driving game, and am an almost exclusive wheel user. Im also a professional engineer with a healthy amount of objectivity and able to converse in great detail, or in general terms.
I have a PWTS (love it) and often use the G27 and T500RS.
I play everything from Arcade racers, through FM/GT, right upto iRacing and play as much as I can.

Personal Information First

Personal Information
First Name
jeff bonet
44 Postcode
Region Country
United States
Well I would like to test the new wheels out and compare them to the current GT2 wheel which I have and have used for the last 6 months playing F1 2010.

I play for 1-4 hours a day, and I'm currently 1 of the fasteset on Xbox for F1 2010 and hold many number 1 times on the Leaderboards. Video of my times.

I will be again playing F1 2011 when it comes out, and the new Forza4 when released. I'm a extensive user of the wheel and pedals so I feel I could be a good tester for long turm and high use for any issues the may arise and long term wear on wheels. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Xbox Live.

USA / English 360 / PS3 /

USA / English

360 / PS3 / Custom built PC

Reviews and previews

The forums that I'm most active in.
iRacing and SimHQ

I would appreciate the chance to beta test the CSR Elite, provide feedback and report any findings back. I have enjoyed racing on all consoles and now I’m very active with iRacing on PC. I am familiar with beta testing procedures as I’ve beta tested products in the past and provided the manufactures with feedback and information on their product.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Hello from the usa, links to

Hello from the usa,
links to reviews, none

Have a pc xbox 360 and ps3.

forum most active in,

why am i the perfect tester.

Although I'm not a really active member in the community i would really like the opportunity to review your product as i am an avid racer and take it really seriously. I'm a huge car fanatic and have fell in love with the PWTS since day 1 that i have had it.. If given the opportunity i will post very detailed reviews expressing my experiences with the product. i consider myself a very good racer that can help exploit problems and help out with any kinks and also point out the strong points of any product. I can review many games in many systems and if given the chance will become a lot more active in the community considering the circumstances


Hallo, Im from Germany


Im from Germany Rheinland Pfalz.

I am a master mechanic in automotive branch for 20 years and i have a own garage with automobile trade and shop with car accessorys.

I begin gaming with commodore c64 in early years after c64 time i played with all consoles they come out. my favorite games are Simulations of all driveable Vehicles.

Example some of the early titles i played around with are :

Gran Tourismo, Toca, Vrally, WRC, F1 99-02, Collin McRae, GTR, GTR2, rFactor, NetKar pro, Race07 series and many more.

This time i have my own Cockpit with G27 where i can handling cars professional.

Forums where i most active today are NoGrip and the some of my personal work is a FFB MENUE for GTR2

Thats one of the things why i understand many of feeling on FFB and how it must feel.

Why im one of the best tester for something like this nice Wheel is that im work a long time on cars and hightec.

My Sytems are a PS3 and PC !

PC System :


AMD Phenom II 955 BE Edition @4x4000 MHZ Watercooled

2 x AMD/ATI HD6950 2048MB Edition Crossfire

Asrock 890FX Deluxe4

8GB DDR3 1333@1600MHZ

and more !

I hope i can help and test the nice Wheel !

best regards

I got the chance to test the

I got the chance to test the wheel at GamesCom and I really liked it. So if there is any possibility to further test this great wheel before it gets oficially released I gladly apply for this opportunity. :)

country / language: Germany / German & English (& French if necessary)

PS3 Slim EU(250 GB), PS3 Fat JP (60GB)
Xbox 360 EU, Xbox 360 US
(Wii, PS2, DC, etc.)

Intel C2D E6750,
Nvidia GTX 260

I would do a written review (probably on in German and in English) and also upload some youtube videos - so far I have not done any reviews recently but several years ago some friends and I produced a video game show on our local TV station ('Offener Kanal'). Nothing big at all, but quite a few people liked it. :)

I currently own the PWTS with Clubsport pedals. Before, I also had the Logitech G25, the Driving Force GT and the Microsoft Wheel.

When doing a review I would mainly focus on console gaming. I'd also like to point out how the wheel works with the same game on different consoles AND where the CSR Elite stands compared to the PWTS/GT2 (a good friend of mine who worked with me at the video game broadcast recently bought the 911 GT2 so we could use this one too as we both love to check out & compare games and different hardware).
I could borrow the T500 RS from a friend if people are interested in a comparison between CSR E and T500 - GT2 - PWTS (and the official Microsoft Wheel).

Why the same games on different consoles?
Because there sometimes are console specific things that can make the enjoyment quite different even if it's the same game - just depending on what platform you play it.

Let's take for example 'Sega Rally'. On PS3 this game is a great arcade-like ride with incredible force feedback effects that perfectly emphasize the rutting. You can feel every rut individually.

On Xbox 360 it is a completely different thing. If you play it with the same wheel here (i.e. PWTS) you will be disappointed how bad the force feedback effects are. The wheel ruts evoke only some (weak) rumble effects and FF is far less differenciated than on PS3.
If people would play this game on PS3 with some cheap wheel the enjoyment might be even higher than with a high-end wheel like the PWTS on Xbox 360 and thats only the game's fault, not the wheel's.
(At least, thanks to the tuning options of the PWTS's firmware, you can still get a lot of fun out of the game even on Xbox 360.)

But if you play 'Sega Rally' on PS3 with a cheap wheel and test it with the PWTS on the same machine afterwards THEN you would see that the PWTS really is superior compared to many other wheels.

By the way I own pretty much every racing game available for at least one console (even PSN/XBLA exclusives like OutRun or the brandnew Sega Rally Online Arcade) but I also bought quite a few games for two console systems just because they feel different (and if needed I can easily borrow those few games that I don't possess for two consoles from my local rental store which is just round the corner).

So in case that I will be one of the lucky few who get the chance to do an early (p)review of the CSR Elite I can definitely assure you that the games & compatibility list will definitely be huge - I am very confident that you won't miss even a single (console) game in that list. :)
Maybe this compatibility list (including any issues found durung testing as well as the settings used) could also be helpful for the new website (i.e. support section)?!

Many greetings.

United States / English PS3

United States / English

PS3 / Xbox 360 / High-end PC / currently have 2 Fanatec wheels and 2 CSPs.

No public reviews but I spread a lot of word of mouth to the drivers I know. If chosen I would write a review for both of the forums I visit and possibly make a YouTube review as well.

Most active in the iRacing and Forza forums. I drive all the cars in iRacing so I'm active in all the various sub forums too.

I am the perfect tester because I have two important ingredients: Time and experience. My experience includes 30 years of digital driving and 4 years as a professional beta tester for SEGA. I have tested wheels and driving games in the past and know how to push the hardware and software to its limit in the hunt for bugs.

The other key to being a perfect tester is time. I currently spend 25 or more hours a week driving in sims. Therefore I would put in close to 100+ hours of testing a month.

Combine that with excellent communication skills and you have yourself a perfect tester.

Cheers and good luck with the new product launch!


Country/Language -

Country/Language - England/English

Consoles/PC - Xbox 360/PS3/Gaming PC

Links to reviews you made - I have not written any reviews on any Forums before, but my University course required me to reverse engineer products and report my findings.

Forums you are most active in - / /

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester -

I studied Product Design for 2 years at Cardiff University, where I learned words like kinesthetic tactile feedback (I never thought I would get a chance to use that word).
I have been a racing game fan since I can remember, and have played just about every racing game out there. I am a very quick racer, not too bad in a kart too, and would always post times in the top 1% in the Forza series, top ten times in the PGR series and usually winning the forum Time Trials events that are run.
I will be able to test the wheel on many surfaces and stands, one of which I built myself. The only wheels I own are by Logitech and Microsoft, so it would be great to be able to compare your Product against theirs.
I have a high quality DSLR camera and a slight case of OCD, so don't worry, your wheel will look fantastic in my pics.


Your country /

Your country / language:
United States / English

Consoles / PC you own:
PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Links to reviews you made:
Unfortunately no reviews

Forums you are most active in:
iRacing member forums, previously RSC

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I own many sims (Race Series, iRacing (100%), GPL, LFS, NetKar Pro, plus many more, as well as GT5 on the PS3 and will own F1 2011 and Forza 4). I have lots of experience in sims and have been playing driving since I was about 5 (so 16 years). I've owned probably 15 different steering wheels from all sorts of different manufacturers. I feel that I'm capable of explaining what I feel in the device in detail, and know what to look and feel for in the feedback given by the wheel. I've also been fast in nearly every game I've played (many records on Xbox games; Forza series, PGR series as well as iRacing and GPL). I'm also a fairly technical person and would be able to diagnose any issues that came about.

Hopefully you will see me fit for duty.

Your country /

Your country / language
Japan / Japanese, English

Consoles / PC you own
XBOX360, PS3, PC

Links to reviews you made

Forums you are most active in

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
I'm a beginner of the racing games.
But I've played many games of genres.
fighting, strategy, role playing, shooting...and a little racing.
And I've tried many of gaming devices.
mice, keyboards, fighting sticks, and a steeling wheel(Microsoft Xbox360 Wireless Racing Wheel).
I think I can tell you accurate reviews.
Thank you very much.

Your country / language: i

Your country / language:
i like in the uk and i speak english
Consoles / PC you own:
i own a xbox 360 with forza 3, ps3 with gt5 and a quad core pc with a 2gb nvidia gtx460 running iracing, lfs, rfactor and kartsim pro
Links to reviews you made
i have never made a review as i have never had a chance to test a new product
Forums you are most active in
iracing, pistonheads, until recently lfsforum
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
i am very interested in testing the future of fanatec and have used a wide range of steering wheels in the past and would love to be involved with the future products of fanatec

Country: USA Language:

Country: USA
Language: English
Systems: XBox 360, PS3, PC (Windows 7 x64 Premium, intel Core i7)


I have 10+ years of sim racing on both consoles and PC's. I have taken part for many closed betas over the years for a variety of games and have long experience with both Gran Turismo and Forza. Majority of my PC racing is on where I've been a member since opening.

I have worked as a business software developer for the past decade and led projects both from a development and QA perspective so I have work experience in providing solid feedback and understand how well-qualified feedback is useful to the development team.

I have a few different ergonomic setups including an Obutto racing cockpit and a few homemade builds so I'll have several configurations to try out for ergonomics. My primary pedals are CST's.

Untied Kingdom -

Untied Kingdom - English

Xbox 360 Arcade 20GB
Playstation 3 slim 250GB

AMD Phenom II X6 2.8GHz
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5850 1024MB
G.Skill RipJawsX 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600MHz

Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz
ATI Radeon HD3400 256MB

I’ve reviewed games for a competition called Gameaday, where the best review won a game of their choice. I won this many times but unfortunately after it was taken over by Freeola (when SRDN went bust) they removed all the old reviews.

I'm most active within the netKar PRO community (the official forums & various team/league sites), but I also post on the Live for Speed & iRacing forums.

I’ve beta tested lots of games and I'm currently involved in the closed beta testing of netKar PRO final. I also have a Youtube channel where I upload (mainly sim’) racing videos which have had nearly 180,000 views.

I’m a technical person who builds computers and does 3D modelling for computer games which requires a lot of troubleshooting. Modding hardware & building things from component level is also something I enjoy.

Your country /

Your country / language:Greece / Greek,English

Consoles / PC you own:Xbox 360,PS3 and PC

Links to reviews you made:none yet

Forums you are most active in:, www.iracing/,, www.4troxoi/,

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:Ill simply write what ill experience trying to be objective.I already own a G25,G27 and Clubsport pedals,so a comparison to them would be nice.Checking the details is my thing so a detailed review will be sure.I dont think ill be the perfect one,but ill post a decent and adequate but fair result.

Thanks in advance

England / English I own a

England / English
I own a PS3, 360 and high-end PC.

I've not written any reviews in a public forum but will often review/recommend the products I own (G25 and G27) in the private iRacing General and Club England forums as this is where I'm most active.

Having owned both G25 and G27s I'm well placed to test/review the CSR Elite and how they compare to these products. I'm an avid Forza 3, GT5 and iRacing sim-racer, with a road iRating of over 4200 (25th in the UK). I represented the UK at the Electronic Sports World Cup a few years back and always compete at the highest level at every racing game I own. I have a great knowledge of what makes a good sim-level racing wheel and while providing clear/concise feedback during the testing phase I would also be fair and honest in any review I write.

I request to be a beta

I request to be a beta tester for the new CSR Elite wheel. I own and drive games on the Xbox360, PC, and PS3. I use a hydraulic game seat and a 140" 1080p projector. I am 41 years old and have been using racing games since I was a kid. I have owned several wheels and will give a fair and comprehensive review of your product. I am also a certified Microsoft Beta tester for Microsoft products and have several years experience as a race car driver. I live in the USA and speak English. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from your company soon. Sincerely, Charles Messina

Mr Latte's picture

Mr Latte[] Excellent to see

Mr Latte[]

Excellent to see Fanatec give people this oppertunity again.
So excited for the new wheels and products. Good luck to everyone!!!

Your country / language
Northern Ireland / English

Consoles / PC you own
GT5 & FM4 Multiscreen Setups
(Ongoing "Project R" on GT Planet)

Links to reviews you made
Previous PWTS Beta Tester /
Several review/promotional/product threads on various forums done in the past. Details available on request/discussion.

Forums you are most active in
GT Planet / Av Forums / Overclockers Uk

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
XBOX Wheel / DFGT / G25 / GT3 RS / PWTS /T500 RS
All owned and previous reviews discussions on forums.
Very active member regards cockpits and wheels but focus more on the "Console Consumers Interests".

MisterStatic ready to

MisterStatic ready to help.

Your country / language: U.S.A./English

Consoles / PC you own: PS3, 360, Desktop PC (I7-930, 12 GB, 480GTX SLI)

Links to reviews you made: None

Forums you are most active in:

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester: Most importantly, I am on vacation from 15 September to 15 October so I can spend plenty of time testing.

1. I am a U.S. Army simulation officer. I assess input devices for government acquisition as part of my job. I have earned a Masters in Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation. So, I have significant experience with professional and deliberate testing methods

2. I am an avid sim racer. For PC, I own every serious race title (iRacing, rFactor, RBR, netKar Pro, LFS, reiza SC, etc.) so I can test the wheel in everything out there. For PS3, I also own several titles including GT5, F12010, Dirt series, and the latest NASCAR. For 360, I own all the Forza series and
the Shift series.

3. I have owned and currently own a myriad of wheels. I used a G27 for several years before I purchased a GT2 with CS pedals most recently. I also own a T500RS. This will allow me to compare and contrast features.

4. I will offer the Fanatec team a mature and honest perspective in order to allow them to excel with this release. I applaud Darin and the company for coming up with this innovative solution to ensure QA/QC.

Unknown No.8's picture


Country/Language- USA/English and Basic Spanish
Consoles / PC you own- Xbox 360 & PS3. Playseat A1GP (to become a Playseat SV)
Links to Reviews you Made- Not any so far, but I am definitely qualified enough to do one! :)
Forums you are most active in- The Forza Forums ( and also here ( I've also recently started chatting in the ISR Forums.
Why you would be the perfect tester- I would be a perfect tester because I have experience over many different wheels (MS Wheel to Frex Wheels). While I'm not racing online on my Playseat I'm expressing my passion for Cars and racing games and sims in the forums. I love Fanatecs and would love to see how good it is since I've heard it may be as good as a FREX! Also i have a wide variety of games. That is why I would be your perfect tester. Thanks Alot! :)
PS: Does the wheel come w/ any pedals and/or shifter? Thanks again!

I just wanted to say thanks

I just wanted to say thanks for the chance at testing. I have a GT2 wheel and Club Sport pedals and love them. I spend a lot of time racing on both the Xbox and PS3. Again thanks for the chance at a testing of some of your very exciting upcoming products
Have you been beta tester for PWT?:
Link to video review of PWT:
Link to most active discussion about PWT:
Link to review of PWT:
Have you been in direct contact with Thomas Jackermeier?:
I am most active in this forum:
Status in the most active forum:
Number of posts in most active forum:
Nickname in most active forum:
other forum I am active (1):
other forum I am active (2):
other forum I am active (3):
other forum I am active (4):
My Blog:
I own the following Fanatec products:
wheel pedals and stand headtracking setup and pedal upgrade kit
I use these steering wheel(s):
I use this gaming cockpit:
Rennsport Stand
I use this pedal system:
Club Sport
Picture of my racing set-up:
Favourite place to race:
living room without table
Favourite gaming system (1):
Xbox 360
Favourite gaming system (2):
Xbox 360
Favourite gaming system (3):
Playstation 3
Percentage of time playing online:
Favourite Game / Platform (1):
Favourite Game / Platform (2):
Favourite Game / Platform (3):
F1 2010[PS3
Favourite Game genre (1):
Favourite Game genre (2):
Role Play Gaming
Favourite Game genre (3):
Member of a racing team?:
Name of team:
Website of team:
Why should we select you for the beta test?:
I feel that almost all of my free time is spent playing a few select racing games as hard as I can. Even though I'm active on only forum I give any advice that I can. At the same time only being a member of 1 forum gives me more time to tweak my wheel and setting to get the most out of it.While doing so I have the knowledge and understanding to pass on any help that I can to other when they are asking. I also can feel the differences from game to game on multi platforms and farther expand on how the setting affect the wheel. This understanding also helps me refine the setting even more and gives me a better understand of what is going inside the wheel.
Prefered language for communication:
Please keep me informed about other fanatec products (no spam):
PC operating system:
I would like to test the following products:
Steering wheel high-end
Steering wheel medium
Steering wheel entry level

United Kingdom -

United Kingdom - English

Consoles Owned: X360 and PS3 (I have also owned at some point just about every system going all the way back to the original NES)

PC: Hand built custom watercooled dual GTX480 setup as seen here: (yes the packing tape is a very important structural component..)

I've not written any specific reviews before. I prefer to put across my views on games and hardware on the forum: where I am an active participant (over 15000 posts) and which has an active and passionate racing fanbase (mainly console based but a smattering of PC gaming as well). Who I am sure would love to hear about the new and upcoming 360 compatible wheel.

As for why I would be the perfect tester.. I'm not sure, I'm not a reviewer, but I am a huge fan of racing titles and I would love the opportunity to help test and improve the next generation of wheel, not only for myself, but for everyone else who enjoys racing.

Your country / language USA

Your country / language
USA - English

Consoles / PC you own
XBox, PS3, many older legacy systems from NES, Dell Latitude E6410, mac mini

Links to reviews you made
Professional / Personal writing samples available upon request. (None publicly hosted)

Forums you are most active in

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
Bachelors of Science in Information Technology
6+ years professional experience in QA, Business Analysis, Software Development, Project Management
My approach to testing the product would be to first define the business needs for a customer, Spec out those needs into requirements, design test cases to cover each requirement with expected results, and then execute each test comparing actual results to expected, logging defects against any discrepancies.
I can effectively track and report my results in whatever form is preferred, which will benefit response teams as they address reported issues.

I also have experience with previous fanatec wheel hardware, having replaced the steering sensor in a GT2 wheel from written instructions.
I own a digital SLR camera and can take high quality photos / videos. I have video editing experience as well.

In my past experience with Fanatec, I have worked well with the customer service and shipping divisions, despite the original issues I had with the product's arrival and performance. (The GT2 wheel has performed wonderfully since replacing the sensor, clubsport pedals have always been perfect. I cancelled backorder shipment of the shifter set to wait for clubsport shifter.) I am very interested now as I was then, in helping the company improve on not only delivering the most superior product, but also the superior customer experience.

Your country / language I

Your country / language
I live in the US and speak English and some German

Consoles / PC you own
I own a PS3, Xbox 360, Alienware m11x, and a homebuilt desktop:

AMD Black 3.4 Ghz Quad-core processor
4 gigs of ram
2GB AMD Graphics

I haven't written any reviews, but I do have excellent written and communication skills which are necessary for my work. I have been a private beta tester for many video games and some software developers. I have provided direct feedback so I am unable to provide you with a link to my previous work/comments.

I absolutely love racing and for every gaming system since the Nintendo 64 I have owned a wheel to race with. I currently own the Logitech G25 and G27 for PS3 and PC use. I also own the official Microsoft racing wheel for use with the Xbox 360. The games/sims I play on a regular basis are F1 2010, Dirt 3, iRacing, GTR2, NFS Shift 2 among others. I have wanted to get a Fanatec wheel, and was absolutely blown away when I heard about the CSR Elite and would love the opportunity to test it for you. While I don't have any direct links to show you, I hope this post is indicative of the well written feedback and responses I can provide you with. Best of luck finding CSR Elite testers.


Country : France Language :

Country : France
Language : French, English, basic Spanish
Consoles / PC you own : DS, iMac and access to a Mac Pro which both have Mac OS X and Windows 7 (GTR2, AutoClubRevolutoin Beta, Dirt 2, Dirt 3, ToCA Race Driver 3, GRID, etc...), PS2, PS3 (GT5, Ferrari Challenge, NFS : Hot Pursuit, etc...), Xbox 360 (Forza 3/4, PGR4, TDU, Sega Rally, etc...), Wii
Links to reviews you made : I wrote many reviews of mostly racing games between 2003 and 2007 on websites that are now offline. My most recents ones and still actives are these :
Forums you are most active in : NeoGAF by far (created most of the FM4 threads there, participate to GT5 online races),, GTP,
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester : I have a lot of experience in writing reviews and I could write both in English and in French so that you reach a broader audience. I have access to an HD camcorder and to an HD capture card to make videos of the wheel along lots of racing games on HD consoles (I would publish them on ). I can also take lots of high-res photos with a DSLR. I have participated in many closed betas in recent years (AutoClubRevolution, Age Of Empires Online, Xbox dashboard, etc...) so I know how these works and how you need to give feedback. I probably didn't play with as many wheels as some have but I do have some experience with a Microsoft wheel and a lot with Logitech's DFP on the PS3 and PC. This may allow me to take a different look at the wheel compared to people who have owned many wheels over the past years.


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