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> CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

CSR Elite - Community testers wanted! UPDATE 3

We already started the beta tests but we need some more people to help us testing the product and also to make a review about the products for your community.

Here are the specific requirements:

  • Needs to be able to test on Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Bonus if you can also test on PC
  • Needs to be able to write a written review or video review
  • EU, Japan and USA participants only
  • Minimum age: 21

Basic rules

  • Please report all issues to Darin
  • Test period: Until October 15th
  • After the test period you can send back the wheel or purchase it with a 50% discount
  • Shipping costs will be covered by Endor
  • Of course we will give no guidelines what you write in your review. You don't have to be a fanboy to get the chance to test it.
  • Embargo: You are not allowed to publish anything about this wheel until October 15th
  • We will store your credit card information as deposit.

If you are interested, please follow the next steps:

  • Please register here if you are not registered already:
    You can only register once!
  • Post the following information as comment to this blog entry:
    Your country / language
    Consoles / PC you own
    Links to reviews you made
    Forums you are most active in
    Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

The beta test for the CSW will follow as well but quantities are very limited.


If you cannot register anymore it means that you probably are already registered. It is only possible to register one time. But this does not mean you cannot participate in several tests of course.



Thanks for the tremendous response. We only have a very few wheels available but the enourmous amount of interest convinced me to make a second round with more testers. Keep posting.



Thanks for the great interest. We have now selected testers and will notify them soon.


Replies - Comments

Own PS3 and Xbox and Gaming

Own PS3 and Xbox and Gaming PC, GTRS3 and clubsports pedals. Been Sim racing since geoff crammond gp1 in 1992. Have GT5 and Forza 3, Iracing, LFS, Rfactor
Kart racing pro and the best of the lot Netkar Pro. Havent done any reviews yet but I am very active at Radiator springs ,Iracing and IRON forums having converted 5 tracks (with another 4 in the pipeline)to netkar pro.

Your country /

Your country / language:
germany / german and english

Consoles / PC you own:
PS3 and my PC

PC: Intel I7 3,2 GHz, 8 GB Ram, Nvidia 570 GTX, Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium

Links to reviews you made:
So I have written none public reviews, I must already be so honestly. But I see this as no big problem whether in writing, or a video make is not difficult basically. The test as such is in the foreground and for it I already think that I am qualified.

Forums you are most active in:

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:

Is there the perfect tester generally? I could write a lot and a lot could be lied, it cannot be checked after. Hence, I say only, I like your products and particularly the new steering wheels. I would like to contribute with pleasure to it this come the products without mistake on the market which becomes it the perfect steering wheel, this should be the aim of me and from Fanatec.
Many greetings
Peter T.

Samiad's picture

Hi! I'm applying for the


I'm applying for the beta testing role as I have previous experience of consumer electronic prototype testing (for Carl Zeiss) so I have gone through a similar process before. I have all the pre-requisite gaming hardware specified (Xbox 360, PS3, PC).

I also have done prior work in the community (all for no cost/charge) in providing an iRacing application for racers to compare their wins & losses against their friends/rivals ( that has been well received. Additionally I have also created a series of iRacing 'Real vs Virtual' photo comparisions/video features on my iRacing blog (

I race on all the platforms (Forza, GT5, iRacing) and am eager to find the best wheel that suits all formats.

Should I be successful in getting a beta testing slot I would be posting articles on my simracing blog ( as well as the major community sites I frequent (VirtualR, iRacing forums, rFactor2 forums and others).

Thanks for taking the time to consider my application.


hallo ich würde das neue


ich würde das neue wheel auch sehr gerne testen.
alles was dafür benötigt wird ist vorhanden, PS3 / Xbox / PC und natürlich auch die entsprechenden spiele wie Gran Turismo / Forza / iRacing etc.
sprachen deutsch und wenn es sein muss auch englisch.

ich selber bin einer der Moderatoren auf und besonders in der Gran Turismo szene weltweit schon seit jahren bekannt, wie zb auch auf weiterhin bin ich auch auf zu finden, um nur einige zu nennen.

ich denke ich kann recht gut objektiv beurteilen ob ein produkt gut ist, oder auch welche schwächen es hat. als rennspielfan seit mehr als 10 jahren erfahrung hatte ich schon reichlich lenkräder und pedalen in den fingern. meine aktuellen eingabegeräte sind das G27 + VPP pedalen.
ich weiss worauf es ankommt wenn man virtuell ein fahrzeug am limit bewegen will, was die community sich wünscht und braucht. häufig ist es so das es reichlich theoretiker gibt, nur wirklich fahren können sie nicht.

es würde mich wirklich sehr freuen das neue wheel zu testen und auch an entsprechenden stellen zu berichten.

an die positive zusammen arbeit mit Fanatec/Thomas und dem GTRP denke ich immer wieder gerne zurück. :)

in dem sinne, gruss Sascha aka Rudi Raser.

Hi. Country/Language:

Country/Language: Denmark/English
Consoles/PC you own: XBOX360-PS3/HP Pavilion dv7 connected to Sony 46inch LCD screen.
Links to reviews you made: None so far (hopefully this is about to change)
Forums you are most active in: This (not that active - just getting started in forums)
Tell me why you would be the perfect tester: I play 10-15 hours a week. Mainly ForzaMotorsport 3, and Iracing 2.0.
I am no tech genius, but will be able to give a precise feedback, on the pros and cons of a wheel.
A review from me will be mainly aimed at the gamer that wants the best equipment available, within reason. A review that can be used without being an expert in simracing.

Regards and good luck to all applicants ;o)

Hey Thomas! Country /

Hey Thomas!

Country / Language

United States Of America / English

Platforms I own:

Playstation 3
Xbox 360


Quad Core 3.2ghz AMD Phenom
4gb Ram
Dual SLI EVGA Nvidia GT460 SuperOverclocked Edition
Triple Screen Setup: 3 23"inch Asus 3D monitors
2TB Hard Drive
7.1 Surround Sound


I dont have links but I have alot of reviews at My username is VladikRudy0017 of there. I broke alot of breaking news and I even did a Commercial for NFS pro street with Vahn Gitten Jr and other pro racers. I mostly brag about all my new items ( steering wheels electronics, games) and tell them all the pro's and cons to my friends and clients.

I am also a web designer and I am in the process of creating a new sim/arcade racing news and review site that should be released in 2-3 weeks. The site will be

Forums Most active in:

Why Would I Be The Perfect Tester:
I would be the perfect tester because the only video games I play are racing games and simulations. Ive been playing racing games and loving them since I was a little kid. I also have been racing shifter karts for 6 years now (tony karts) so I know how feedback should feel like from racing. Truth be told, I never owned a fanatec product before, I had many logitech wheels. I had the G25, then the G27 and earlier this year i purchased a Thrustmaster T500. I got the T500 because I heard it was the best when it came out for the price vs Frex and ECCI. But as of late Ive been having problems with my T500. The fan is insanlly loud, and thrustmaster customer service is terrible! So as of late Ive been thinking about purchasing a new wheel other than Logitech or Thrustmaster and I have thoughts about your products but Ive Seen alot a good reviews but some that weren't. I wanna test your product myself so I can assure myself and my 6 other friends who come LAN at my house and race with their thrustmaster and logitech wheels that have been thinking about upgrading to a T500, to get a fanatec clubsport instead. We play all racing games from GT5 to forza 3, to race 07, rfactor, LFS, Iracing and GTR2. It would be an honor to review your product through all platforms and games and give viewers an honest unbiased video review.

Much Thanks

Vladislav Zhukovskiy

steve30x's picture

Your country / language I

Your country / language

I live in Ireland and speak mostly english.

Consoles / PC you own

I own a Xbox360 and have access to a PS3. My PC is a core I5 760 @ 3.6GHZ , 8GB DDR3 1600mhz ram and 500GB SataII 7200RPM HDD.

Links to reviews you made

I havent done any reviews yet , but I am happy to review Fanatec products.

Forums you are most active in and (I know thats not a forum)

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

I love racing games. I play mostly racing sims like rFactor , GTR2 , NKPro and most other racing games that arent too much arcade like. I dont have a Fanatec wheel or pedals yet , but I am hoping to buy a Fanatec CSR wheel for playing Forza 4. I would like to test a Fanatec wheel before buying it to make sure I am making the right choice and to test the difference from a Fanatec wheel towards my Logitech G25 that I have with four years. I have heard good and bad things about Fanatec wheels and would love to experience what Fanatec has to offer for myself.

Portugal/ Portuguese - Age

Portugal/ Portuguese - Age 39
I own: Xbox 360 / PS3/ Core Duo E6850 4GB ram Windows 7 64 bits GeForce GTX260

Links to reviews:

Forums you are most active:

I'm the owner and administrator of the portal that is the only one in Portugal entirely devoted to simulators and my opinion is very important for our entire community. I have possessed steering wheels of most brands in the market and therefore have a way to compare with the competition of any product Fanatec. I was a beta tester of the first Fanatec Porsche wheel and I've give feedback in the forum and to Thomas by mail. I play in all platforms and know all the racing games available in the market. Obviously I spend a lot more time on simulators but to have a correct view of market developments and the quality of the games you need to know everything that is available. And I try as far as possible ...

Filipe Galego - Simulações em Portugal

Australia/English Age

Age 34

Please don't forget all the Sim Racers DOWN UNDER!

Hi Thomas and Darin,

I know Australia isn't in the list, but please don't forget that you will need to test this wheel to see if it works in the southern hemisphere!

There are so many sim racers in this region of the world, and as you know, are some of the best in the world.

Fortunately for you, I am NOT one of them so I will be able to test this wheel for the vast majority who cannot achieve alien lap times.

And now that our Australian Dollar is high, there are many consumers here looking for an excuse to by a wheel base and half a dozen different rims, just to add to their collection, so I will be able to test for value for money etc.

I own a PS3 with all the current Racing titles, plus a High End Custom PC Gaming Rig with a Modded Logitech G27, so I can compare with your competition and also test with PC titles like rFactor and GTR2.

I don't have an xBox, but if you send me the wheel, I'll buy one. (High Ozzie Dollar)

I can write a review or video a review, I've seen how it's done on a website called

Thanks and I hope you consider my application. (Not just for me, but for Australia) :)


Woisnix's picture

Country : Germany /

Country :
Germany / deutsch/english

Consoles/PC :
PC-High end Gamer PC

Reviews :
iRacing, rFactor Communities, Virtual Racing Center
Why :
Da ich immer noch mehr Logitech Produkte verkaufe kann ich mich getrost eines "Fanboy" Vorwurfs erwehren. Würde gerne einen würdigen Nachfolger meiner VPP Wheels finden.
Ausserdem warten etliche Rennteams von mir den ultimativen Wheel-Tip zu erhalten.

IronFly's picture


Your country/language

Consoles / PC you own
Xbox360/ i5 2500k+gigabyte Z68+8gb ram+nvidia GTX580

Links to reviews you made
Forums you are most active in

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
4 years of iRacing betatester
2 years of nK namie/Pro betatester
betatested so many mods for rFactor

still betatesting for a mobile phones big manufacter
still betatesting some future PC/xbox games

SPAIN / Spanish / -

SPAIN / Spanish /

- XBOX 360, PS3 , i2600k P8Z68 16 GB RAM GTX 580 SLI Corsair SSD

- Forums: Noticias3d,,

- I love fanatec products and racing sims in general. I own a GT2 with clubsport pedals. Games that I actually play: iracing, GT5, FM3, rFactor and many more.

Thank you



Ich würde mich freuen am Test mitmachen zu dürfen. Komme aus NRW/Essen und kann Deutsch und Englisch in Wort und Schrift.

Konsolen habe ich

PS3 / GT5 / Xbox360 mit Forza kann ich für den Test leihen.

Als PC habe ich aktuelle Hardware mit Triple Screen. Racing Rig Eigenbau (Aluprofil) ist auch vorhanden.

Ich habe mehrjährige Hardware/Software Erfahrung. Tests habe ich bisher nur beruflich absolviert. ;)

Das Forum in dem ich seit mehreren Jahren am aktivsten bin ist das vr-forum.

Wheels die ich bisher hatte: Thrustmaster T2, MS Sidewinder, MS Sidewinder FF, Momo Force, Logitech G25, Fanatec GT3RS, Thrustmaster T500 (aktuell).

PC Simulationen: aktuell iRacing, ehemals LFS, GTR, GTR2, GPL, Viper Racing, Nascar Serie

Ich bin der perfekte Tester weil ich sowohl Soft- als auch Hardware bereits beruflich getestet habe und seit 2 Jahrzehnten in der Simracing Szene unterwegs bin.

herzlichen Gruss

Country - Scotland Platforms

Country - Scotland
Platforms - XBOX 360, PS3, Self Built Water Cooled High End PC
Reviews - None
Forums - Race Department, Iracing, [AnE]

Racing Titles

Forza, Race On - XBox
GT5 - PS3
Race 07 Series + Expansions, rFactor, GTR,GTR2,Shift 1+2,Iracing, F1 2010, Dirt Series etc - PC

Previous Wheels

Logitech Driving Force GT
Logitech G25
Fanatec GT3 RS (including V2 upgrade kit self installed)
Fanatec Clubsport pedals

I would appreciate the chance to test the new wheel and report back to the community i am involved with on your products. I have been sim racing across all 3 platforms for many years now using a variety of controllers. With this knowledge i believe i can write a fair and unbiased review to present to the sim racing community. Thanks

Anchorage, AK, USA -

Anchorage, AK, USA - English

PS3, High-end Custom PC, XBOX360

No published reviews

Most active in the iracing member forums

I think I would be a perfect tester because I am VERY tech-savy and I am the type of person that expects things to work correctly, not just work OK. I am an excellent trouble-shooter, and have a lot experience with PCs, Consoles, etc.

Thanks in advance...

Your country /

Your country / language

Consoles / PC you own
PS3,XBOX 360 and a high-end pc

Forums you are most active in

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
Very active member in English and Spanish scene.

Your country /

Your country / language:
Germany / german, english

PC you own:
Q9550E0@3,6GHz/MSI GTX580 Lightning/4GB RAM

Links to reviews you made:
unfortunately no reviews till now

Forums you are most active in:,,

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:
I do not own a XBox/PS3, BUT I would be a perfect tester as I had a lot wheels to test since I´m driving sims starting in 2005 (Log. Wingman yellow, Log. Formula Force red, Log. Momo Racing wheel black, Log. G25, Log. G27 and currently GT3 RS v2 CSP Ed.)
From 2009-2010 I was involved in several mods from Günthar Rowe for Race07, helping with beta testing the cars physics.
I own nearly every game/sim (rFactor, GTR2, GTL, Race07 + all AddOns and DLCs, LFS, NetKar Pro and the very best racing sim “iRacing” (Member since Apr. 2010)) and call racing my hobby That´s why I have a lot of driving experience and I know how a wheel should feel and react. My knowledge about roadracing setups is also fine. Before starting racing sims I have been driving indoor karts for about 3 years and I haven´t been slow. The feedback or advices i can give should be interesting for you and it maybe can help to sort of issues.

Regards from Germany

Why i want to be a tester

Why i want to be a tester

Country :
Netherlands / Dutch

Consoles/PC :
PC-Xbox360-(Ps3 i could get one)

Reviews :
So far i had nothing to make a review but would like to start
I want to use my Facebook network to link reviews.

Why :
I am a simracer from the first generation i would like to
share my understanding as engineer with everyone.
I also want to do service and repair work for my country
i have a nice workshop with all tools to fix hardware of any

Your Country, language: USA,

Your Country, language: USA, English
Consoles / PC you own: Xbox 360 and Ps3
Links to reviews you made: None yet
Forums you are most active in: Afterdawn, Renntech, 6speedonline
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester: I know that I have several essential qualities that will make me a perfect tester for you. For one, my passion for cars and racing will benefit you, for I visit and post on racing forums and Porsche forums like Renntech or 6speedonline. This will widen your customer market and help sales. Two, I am older and have had several jobs which include database administration, assistant manager at a Saks Fifth Avenue, Paramedic Supervisor, and an adult educator. These positions have taught me many skills such as attention to details, effective communication, computer repair, computer programming, public speaking, managment experience, and to always be honest. Three, I have been a video gamer since I got my first game system, the Atari 2600 and Pole Position. My experience and love of video games will push me to test your new wheel on a variety of games without hesitation. Fourth, making a video will be easy as 123 on my MacBook Pro. All of these qualities and knowledge make me the perfect tester. I look forward to hearing from you.

Robert Riedl's picture

Ich würde mich freuen als

Ich würde mich freuen als Tester für Fanatec tätig zu werden.Als Tester habe ich mich schon vor länerer Zeit registriert aber leider noch keun Feedback bekommen. Ich bin im zarten Alter von 50 Jahren .In meinem Besitz befinden sich XBOX 360/PS3/PC . Das GT2 mit CSP und ein selbstgebautes Rig . Ich bin in 2 Foren aktives Mitglied( Konsolenracer (neu ) und )
Was soll ich sonst noch schreiben ? alles was man gerne hören will ? nein ist nicht mein ding. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit als Tester ausgewählt zu werden ist doch eher nicht wirklich groß , denke ich. Also Teste mich einfach wenn Du willst , dann siehst Du ja ob ich mich eigne oder nicht

GearsofWarfare2's picture

If I were 21 this would be a

If I were 21 this would be a great opportunity for me.. but I'm not, either way I own all 3 (Xbox,PS3,PC) (My brother and I could be a tester if you'd like.)

By the way Thomas, I've been waiting for a reply from you guys at the "" e-mail for over a week now. And I'm wondering if you guys have gotten around to reading my message, my wheels been sitting around for a while now. :(

USA/English Age: 31 I have a

Age: 31

I have a PC, PS3, and XBox 360 (Forza, iRacing, GT, TDU, F1 2010/11). I am most active on the iRacing forums, but for an extended period of time I was a moderator on and am still somewhat active on the forums. I have a GTPlanet account that I don't use too frequently, but if I was selected to be a tester I would certainly share info on the wheel there.

Why would I make a great tester? I have good writing experience and am able to do video reviews as well. I've published articles for iRacing on inRacingNews. I am already familiar with Fanatec products as I have a PWTS and CSPs. I can test it on all systems and give an objective fair review. I am familiar with beta testing procedures as I have had to do beta testing for website updates for a major website (over 5 million customers).

I appreciate you all taking the time to consider me as a potential tester. I can be reached via email at

Thomas, when will you let

Thomas, when will you let everyone know about who made the cut? The suspense is killing me...

why do I always have to miss

why do I always have to miss out in Australia :( I have a PS3 and a PC too... and an original 911 turbo that always seems to have input lag (as of the last 12-18 months)

Your country /

Your country / language

United States, English

Consoles / PC you own

Xbox 360 & PS3, and a high end gaming PC (quad core, nvidia 560 ti, 4 gb ram)

Links to reviews you made is an article I have written of PC Sims (like rFactor, iRacing,GT5, shift 2, dirt 3, etc) is a review I wrote about the Thrustmaster T500rs wheel is an article I wrote about Gran Turismo 5 is an article I wrote about Lost Planet 2 video game

I also discuss racing wheels, etc on my blog. If you look around, you'll also find other articles about racing games and other types of console games. So you can tell I play games on consoles and PC very regularly.

Forums you are most active in,,, nogripracing, and

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester

I take sim racing very seriously and have a crazy love for console arcade/sims like Dirt 3, GT5, and Forza along with a love for PC sims (rFactor, iRacing, etc). So I can test your hardware on a wide range of games. Additionally, I love to frequent various sim racing sites. I currently own the T500rs wheel along with a wheelstand pro. However, I am a huge Forza fan so was interested in purchasing a Fanatec wheel (CSR or CSR Elite!). I have been following all the news, etc very closely at This would be a dream come true to be able to use a high quality wheel like this with Forza! I look forward to being included in your test program and giving you detailed feedback.

As you can see, I have a love for sim racing so would take this opportunity very seriously. I feel this makes me the perfect tester for your product because I have experience writing reviews and giving my opinions on products

Raudi's picture

Your country / language: USA

Your country / language: USA English

Consoles / PC you own: PC w/GTX 590, (3)XBOX 360, (3)PS3 + Obutto Cockpit w/ Triple screen

Links to reviews you made:

Forums you are most active in:, gtplanet, neogaf

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester: I can test on every platform (PC, XBOX and PS3) and own just about every decent racing game from the past several years. I have real world experience driving modified high performance cars on race tracks (150+ weekend track days)and have always spent most of my hobby time enjoying racing games for many years. (saves on the cost of tires and brakes for my M3 - LOL!)

I frequent many race sim forums regularly and enjoy sharing my passion for sim racing and my experience with Fanatec wheels in particular and any specific settings I have found to work well for individual games. I had a great experience beta testing the original IMC Spacetech "spaceball" controller and provided valuable feedback, which led to Spactech contracting me to demonstrate the product at Comp USA locations and Quake tournaments.

Country: England, United

Country: England, United Kingdom.

Language: English, basic French & Spanish and learning German.

Consoles Owned: 3 X XBOX 360 (for triple screen Forza), PS3, many older consoles (4 brothers and all into games/sims - especially racing)

PC: Powerful engineering workstation laptop owned (plays race sims ok); access to many types of PC including high powered gaming and engineering units. Currently building a top spec gaming PC for entering the sim racing world more seriously.

Reviews: Currently writing reviews for all items in my current setup - including a Fanatec GT2 Clubsport package and other Fanatec accessories. These will go hand-in-hand with a blog of my sim rig set up and its evolution. These will be posted in multiple forums as below.

Forums: Only really taking sim racing more seriously recently but will be becoming much more active in... (once I get into it)

I am also active (and would post the reviews) in various other related forums...

I feel I am the perfect tester as I have been passionate about motorsport, driving and replicating those in any way possible for as long as I can remember. This is true to the extent that I am studying for a Master's degree in automotive engineering and already have some experience in real industry. I am a member of a successful university-based racing team and am currently modifying my road car for competition use.

I have grown up playing all the great racing games on all platforms and have experience with Thrustmasters, Logitechs, Microsoft wheels, and many Fanatec products. I have even had time on a £120,000 full motion rig owned by Michelin. I have a large family and group of friends who have a similar level of interest and would happily give their input (God only knows the level of use and my GT2 has received!).

Being an engineer and a sim racer is ideal. I have an un-matched attention to detail and have modified products to improve them where necessary. I am considering designing my own rig as my major university project next academic year. I feel sim racing would benefit my University race team and will be looking to hear the whole group's input on your products. I am excited at the possibility of showing the team the benefits of high quality sim racing equipment and introducing it as a permanent feature of the university.

I am easily capable of producing a well written report and have my own Full HD recording equipment and professional editing software. I am friends with some professional photographers and multimedia students who I am sure will help me out and give my reviews that extra edge!

I would love to hear back from you and would be honoured to help Fanatec in any way necessary. I'm getting extra excited about the CSW too!!!

Thanks a million and keep it up,
Michael Finlayson.

dudemantaz's picture

Your country / language USA

Your country / language
USA / English
Consoles / PC you own
Xbox PS3 and Alienware Area 51 i7
Links to reviews you made
Forums you are most active in
Forza 4, iRacing
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester
Ive been racing online years I started back with NASCAR 2003 and participate in the beta test Hawaii for Papyrus(dialup).
I currently have a modded thrustmaster NASCAR wheel and a Logitech G27 I use the G27 for iRacing and GT. I use a MS wheel
With my Xbox. The xbox wheel has also been modded. I added a shifter from an Out Run video game.
In addition to online racing I race Rotax karts and some autocross. So I have an idea of what I should expect to feel while racing. I tend to play online about every day .

Your country / language:

Your country / language: USA / English
Consoles / PC you own: 3 PS3's, 3 360's and a Windows 7 I7 with 8gb of ram all setup to run triple screen racing on an obutto rig.
Links to reviews you made -
Forums you are most active in:
Tell my why you would be the perfect tester: Have raced sims for many years using all kind of hardware. I currently own a GT2 which is mounted to my obutto for triple screen racing and a pwts which is mounted to a playseat evo for single screen racing. Have beta tested a couple software titles and would love to have the chance to test some hardware, especially something that I plan on purchasing as soon as it is released. Thanks for the consideration.


Community Tester

Community Tester Application

Your country / language:
Austria / German and English

Consoles / PC you own:
XBox360 + PS3 +
AMD 1055T @3,8 Ghz
8 GB Ram
ATI Radeon 5770 1Gb

Links to reviews you made:
None. I'm sorry but I hadn't had a chance to puplish any kind of review until now.

Forums you are most active in:
iRacing Members Forum

Tell my why you would be the perfect tester:

Hi Thomas!

I'm applying as a beta tester for your new CSR Elite Wheel, because first of all I'm curious about it and can't wait to get my hands on it. Everytime I watch the latest ISR-Episodes and I see the new wheel I get really jealous at the guys over at ISR, because they already got one.

But I'm not all that selfish ;). I think I would be a good addition to your test team, because I have a lot of expierence with sim racing and sim racing related hardware. And as I understood previous messages from you, this wheel is more for the hardcore simracers than the casual racers.

Let me tell you, what kind of experience I have. I started "sim racing" somewhere around 1998 with Gran Turismo 2 on the PlayStation. Back then I had no wheel, just the standard PS-Pad. With the arrival of GT 3 I got my first wheel a Logitech DFP :). With the years going past I upgraded to a G25 when it came out, after that I made the transition to your Carrera Turbo S (playing mostly forza 3 with it.I even had one of the very crappy MS Wireless wheels for the Xbox while I was waiting for the Turbo S.) and my newest wheel now is the T500 RS which I'm using with CST-Pedals (Yes CST, not CSP sorry :) )for iRacing. BTW I'm an iRacing member since August 2008, so I was in the very first public group which was allowed to enter the service, so I was kind of beta testing it ;) I have raced pretty much all sims which are out there. GPL, Richard Burns Rally, Live for Speed, the SimBin titles, rFactor and also of course more game like titles like GT5, Grid, Dirt 1,2 and 3, F1 2010, and Forza 2/3.

I have done a lot of mods to all of my simracing equipment. Modded the hell out of my G25 Pedals, first with a Nixim Mod and a Bodnar Cable, later I converted them by myself to a load cell with it's own controller board. I also inverted them by making a custom base from metal and fitting them to my rig. By the way, I also built my rig by myself, which Is a welded frame from 40x40mm rectangle steel tubes ->super sturdy :).

I also made an adapter for my G25 to fit an OMP-Racing Wheel with a SLI-Pro and custom backplate which I'm converting right now to my new T500 RS.

As you can see I'm pretty active in the simracing scene and I have a basic idea of how the hardware works and thats why I think, that I would be a good member of your team.

Best Regards,

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