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> FM4 review embargo and recommended settings after the patch

FM4 review embargo and recommended settings after the patch

We finally got the community test wheels out of the US customs. Although we shipped EU and US at the same time, it took ages until UPS managed to get things done and so these wheels arrive just a few days ahead of the regular first shipment to customers. 

Good thing is that we learned from this trial run so we can avoid such a situation for the customer wheels.

The review embargo for the Forzs Motorsport CSR Elite wheel will end this Saturday at 18.00 CET (German time).

The recommended settings have changed after the patch.

The steering mode "simulation" let all cars oversteer more easily. Even the slowest Nissan Datsun 510 going uphill on Fujimi Kaido will oversteer easily although the power of the car is not enough to go higher than second gear most of the time. Do an oval track with a Mercedes C63 and you will fly off in every corner. Tim Schrick mentioned the tendency to oversteer the virtual M5 already on his comparision to the real car and he was using the old simulation mode.

I think the problem is not the oversteering but calling the mode "simulation". If T10 would have chosen "drift mode" it would have been more appropriate and still makes sense as it is fun to play. Remember: difficult not equal to realistic.

If you want to have more realistic car behavior and be faster than in the old simulation mode, you need to turn the steering mode to "normal" now.

If you stay in "simulation" mode it helps to turn down the sensitivity to 270° or even lower to 180° to make ultra fast movements. This is not recommended [edit] for smooth drivers!

Button clutching:

To map a button to work as an analog axis is ok as long as it does not bring any speed advantage. Due to the many complains of our customers and the absolutely legitimate desire to stay competitive with a wheel against a user with a controller we decided to ...

(to be continued in the CSR E reviews)


Replies - Comments

I don't understand what the

I don't understand what the problem since the update of Forza with the wheel

I still drive with 900° and simulation steering... you just need to train to drive fast car, it's normal. Don't give up ;)

Nothing is impossible

(how could i understeer sometime if it was really a drift mode steering? just train little by little, start with miata then bigger cars... i'm not a pro driver, anybody can do what i do)

to really test the worst of ths worst, i tried the SSC Ultimate on Nurburgring

It's not an issue of being

It's not an issue of being able to or not being able to get used to it. It's more of a still doesn't feel right.

jonboy1066's picture

Here's my latest

Here's my latest installment...A closer look at ACL:

When ACL feature will be

When ACL feature will be available on the others Fanatec wheels?

jonboy1066's picture

I don't know

I don't know

Is jonboy1066 reviewing the

Is jonboy1066 reviewing the Elite wheel in all these branded reviews, or the Gamepod? It's hard to tell sometimes...

It does sort of leave questions as to his impartiality, somewhat.

Anyway, to counter all this gratuitous advertising, I'll just say this...

Go for the rSeat - it wipes the floor with the Gamepod.

This post was brought to you by the fine people at Impartiality Ltd - "Making 911Wheel a better place to be"

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I'm reviewing both. I was

I'm reviewing both. I was asked by GamePOD to review their seat a long time ago and it just so happened that when the GT2EVO was ready for Pre-production test the CSR-Elite came at the same time. So I thought it best to kill two birds with one stone and review both at the same time as they go together as hardware that people may be interested in I thought I'd use them together.

Oh, I see. That explains

Oh, I see. That explains everything.

One thing... tell me... were you reviewing the Gamepod branded Renault and Corvette, too?

deniolan's picture

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with What Jonboy did - stop being negative - enjoy the videos or don't ... If you think the review itself lacks merit, that's one thing - but this argument is silly.

He explained what was going on which is more than you get in modern TV/Movies. When u go to see the new Mission Impossible flick, are you going to miss the plot because BMW gave them a bunch of cars for the film that are front and center in the action scenes? Next time you watch your favorite talent show on TV, are you going to throw the judges views out the window because they are all drinking water out of a Coca-Cola glass? Do you think all of those product placements in TV shows and movies are accidents?

Don't fault JonBoy because you don't understand how to use modern media to your advantage if you were in the same scenario.

You're being ridiculous. If

You're being ridiculous. If you watched any of the 3 videos he has yet to say anything biased or even as positive as any of the other reviews

GrimeyDog's picture

He has a Green

He has a Green Eye!(jealouse) Let me guess he could have done a better review too!!! jon boy has been doing really good informative hands on Video reviews thats that!!! even though i wonder how he can race on such a small tv... Lol

Scott Adamson's picture

dont all of us who wernt

dont all of us who wernt com. testers have a green eye... ;)

not i, becuase i see movement...

Order #xxxxx (Delivered), just hurry up with that ups quantum mail.... ;)

GrimeyDog's picture

yup I do

yup I do

I'm not jealous, in any

I'm not jealous, in any way.

I DO find his reviews to be incredibly self-important in nature, but that's beside the point.

All I'm saying is that, if he wants to flog some of his mate's stuff, maybe he should use eBay instead.

Just a thought...

GrimeyDog's picture

He has done some of the best

He has done some of the best reviews bottom line... all of the Testers reviews have been informative But he is Giving the people what they want which is the wheel in use on a Video!!! all the reading about it is Great too but i want too see it being used im sure many people agree! especially the acl in action video he confirmed what many have said that button clutchers have an advantage! if he can get some extra shine by showing the equipment he likes or uses so be it... Im good with that. Good luck to him I hope some 1 picks him up as a spokes person maybe he can fill Daren Gangi's spot u never know.

Savoury's picture

To be honest, all that video

To be honest, all that video shows is that manual with clutch is faster than just manual with a semi-automatic shift... we all knew that already, it's obvious. The whole discussion is about whether button clutching is faster than pedal clutching, is it not? Didn't prove or show anything new.

GrimeyDog's picture

To me its all the same but

To me its all the same but every body dont have the peddle W/clutch or in my case i have the csp's but dont always feel like using the clutch peddle. The chair i use swivels so Im using the foot that would be for clutching to keep me steady...LOL... The acl feature just make it easyer for when you dont wanna work hard but still be fast. Rubbin Aint Racin! Keep it Clean!

Savoury's picture

I like to think of it as the

I like to think of it as the 'Leaderboard Option'.

GrimeyDog's picture

YUUUP!!! LOL its gonna be

YUUUP!!! LOL its gonna be sweet I wonder if the joystick users are gonna complain now? Rubbin Aint Racin! Keep it Clean!


For the squillionth time, the so-called button clutch 'glitch' doesn't make the car go any faster, it just makes it a doddle to reliably execute super-quick shifts. ACL (love a new acronym) will just offer similarly fuss-free and bullet-proof quick shifts for Fanatec wheel users. Maybe I'm just a gifted (old) guy but I can already match the shift time and straight line acceleration of a pad user when using my clutch pedal. In short, skill up or shut up. ACL will just be the lazy-ass option IMO but at least it will remove one more excuse for the people who habitually complain about pad users having an unfair advantage. Bring it on.

GrimeyDog's picture

I like to be lazy and fast

I like to be lazy and fast at the same time lol i can use the clutch also but why? with acl available its like dialing number in your phone manually when you can just hit speed dial!!! lol Yup just plain lazy...we can race send me a friend inv my xbox tag = GrimeyDog & ps3 tag = Grimey_Dog we can do it whats good? I dont really care what people use all the button mashing,CSR-Elite,ACL using aint equal to nothing if you aint got no Skill! im starting to get board with forza its hard to find good clean races on line, I need some new inspiration bring it on! Rubbin Aint Racin! Keep it Clean!

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If you don't like 'em Louis

If you don't like 'em Louis you don't have to watch 'em but I don't know what you mean by "self important"

I'm just simply doing the best I can to give out as much information to the community as a whole so that the most possible people can be armed with every bit of information they need before they make a descision on whether to buy the wheel or not.

It's not self importance is doing as much as I can to earn the privallege of getting hold of different products early by keeping the community informed.

Like I've said, if you don't like how I do it, don't watch it, it makes no difference to me whatsoever.

GrimeyDog's picture

Jonboy1066 you are doing a

Jonboy1066 you are doing a Great Job!!! Keep up the good work!!! we gotta work on gettin you a bigger TV though... LOL!



jonboy1066's picture

LOL Thanks, perhaps I could

LOL Thanks, perhaps I could offer to shamelesley plug a TV manufacturer if they donate a bigger TV to my cause LOL

GrimeyDog's picture

Jonboy1066 in your video you

Jonboy1066 in your video you said you were sent a software updat can you make a video of how to update the software for the wheel? if i have to update i dont want to screw it up thanx.

jonboy1066's picture

I would love to Dog, and was

I would love to Dog, and was thinking about doing just that as I know what a nightmare it can be to upload FW, but I know that Thomas is working on a new Uploader, so if I do a vid on how to do it I have a feeling that in a couple of days it'll be out of date.

"simply doing the best I can

"simply doing the best I can to give out as much information to the community as a whole so that the most possible people can be armed with every bit of information they need"

...yeah, including three minutes shamelessly arming people with the Gamepod URL.

I mean, come on... who would even spend the effort to change the colour of that piece of junk (no offence, Renault), let alone create a full-on branded transfer kit for it?

Sure, yes, people want to see videos of this great new wheel, blah, blah, blah... but, in the future, let's just all be a bit more honest about our exterior motives, shall we?

jonboy1066's picture

I couldn't be more honest

I couldn't be more honest about my motives, there's even a 9min 33second video pointing them out!

But whatever, I think we get the don't like what I'm doing or how I'm doing it, that's fine ... don't watch. You've got it off your chest, you can move on now ;)

GrimeyDog's picture

No more comments on you or

No more comments on you or from you! like I said your just jelouse Bottom line thank you end of Story... Matter of fact I think im gonna go buy that chair that jonboy1066 has all in favor +1 ...Rubbin Aint Racin! Keep it Clean!

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