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> Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel Community Reviews UPDATE 7

Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel Community Reviews UPDATE 7

So from today there is no more review embargo and all information can be released by the reviewers. As some of the US reviewers received their wheel just yesterday it will still take some time until all reviews are published.

To give a better overvieew, I will list all reviews here in this post. Please tell me if I missed somthing.




VVV Worm

Porsche 9146









(All three are posting impressions in this thread up to now:


Michael Main (members only)

John Molony

Peter Taggeselle

(review will be revised)


5. Betatesters and others



MaggieSchnitzel (German)

TK Yasagac

Homed (french)

Will Currington

6. Press

No reviews yet

Keep in mind that the wheels used in the review are not 100% identical to the mass production units and that we are still working on new firmware together with a new firmware updater.

A BIG THANKS to all testers for taking the time to inform other members of their community about this wheel. Keep in mind that many of those testers have been selected by the community and not by us and I think it is fantastic that they spent so much time and effort to make this happen.

UPDATE 1: Adding Sonac and Michael Main
UPDATE 2: Adding Will Currington
UPDATE 3: Adding CT link

UPDATE 4: Adding sandboxgod
UPDATE 5: Adding full review of Homed
UPDATE 6: Adding Flunky
UPDATE 7: Adding Sonac


Replies - Comments

My final video review will

My final video review will be posted in my thread on this week. I well be covering FM4 in the review because it is the game that has the most gain from the new wheel IMHO.

OK sorry for the delay my

OK sorry for the delay my final review is now up. It is a bit short but does give you an idea of what your getting Vs. A GT2

I just found an interesting

I just found an interesting thread on RaceDepartment-Forum:
CSR Elite vs. Frex SimWHEEL

I'm sorry, but anyone

I'm sorry, but anyone having trouble reaching the buttons on the CSR Elite must be some kind of cripple or have midget hands.

My audio jack just fell out

My audio jack just fell out of my $540 wheel. Thomas I need to replace my CSR Elite or I need a replacement part for the audio jack if it will be an easy fix?

Same thing happened to mine.

Same thing happened to mine. It wasnt working when I first plugged in. I then took it out to try again and when I was plugging in the jack fell off into the wheel base housing.

My belts also honk, along with a chattering feeling in the FFB (it has gotten much better with use, but still very distracting). When the wheel is off i hear a faint sqeaking from the motor side of the base while spinning the wheel.

I just want my wheel to work as intended. I can endure a break in period for the belts If assured it will be smooth within a reasonable time frame.

The mic on the other hand has to work since I use Tritton headphones (loud car noises late at night dont go over well with the wife and kids sleeping needs), a wireless mic is not compatible with the headphones. IFCA and EXODUS racing require chat to race. Without a mic the wheel is useless to me.

I am happy to plug in a new board, or any other part for that matter if it can get the wheel working properly.

Thomas please help us.

I temporarily turned on my

I temporarily turned on my Kinect mic as I use Turtle Beach X41's. The constant volume change everytime someone talks is driving me nuts. I wish the MS wireless mic had a 2.5mm jack to plug a talk back cable into. I have the Turtle Beach PBT for my PS3 and cel phone and it has 2.5mm jack that I can plug my Turle Beach X41's into for PS3 chat.

There are some new Tritton's coming with wireless chat on xbox 360 and in 7.1 surround, but that's a $200 solution. Maybe Thomas can design a wireless 360 chat headset with shirt clip and 2.5mm jack?

GrimeyDog's picture

You need to go into your

You need to go into your profile setting and change ur Game vs Mic volume settings im plugged in using the Tritton Ax720 head phones and the volume would go up n down utill i checked my settings... The wheel also has a voice reverb feature. Im gonna send outthe dreaded Email as the clicking noise my wheel makes is Really Bothering me!

I've adjusted them a bit.

I've adjusted them a bit. Default was voice 10 and game 6, so no wonder the change was so drastic. Other than the audio port falling off my wheel has been flawless so far. I played many hours and never got the dreaded full lock freeze bug of the Porsche wheels.

Does this point to a

Does this point to a soldering issue with the audio jack or the entire board?

here is a link to my first

here is a link to my first review of the wheel. I'm sorry for the raw rough review it was done at 6 am and was all from memory and a weeks worth of experience.

My first Impression 1. Its

My first Impression

1. Its seems alot smaller than the Photo's online , More defined! Yes......

2. The wheel appears light and cheap because its lighter than the main body so it gives a feeling of cheepness, But "Not" it Feels great way better than my G25. Another thought the lighter the wheel is the better the Vibration motors can tranfer the vibration to your hand. Anyone that thinks it cheap plastic Needs Help!

3. This is a Bitchin!! Adult Toy!

Thanks...................................... "Thomas"

Vital1's picture

Darin putting it out in

Darin putting it out in public and bringing up his points (however true they may or may not be) now should seriously damage his credibility and only reinforces the reason I wouldn't want him involved in the review. Seriously, ISR just gave the CSR a 9/10. You don't give something a 9/10 and then say everything Darin said. Are you lying now or were you lying then?

Yes. Bringing up that you

Yes. Bringing up that you wouldn't risk your reputation to get back personally doesn't actually mean that you haven't already, or won't unknowingly.

Vital1's picture

No kidding... Also, I'd like

No kidding...
Also, I'd like to say that I am disappointed in the three people chosen from ISR to review the Elite. They have one thread that is full of nothing specific and where the largest contributor has been John, who wasn't chosen by ISR.

Jeez, they're not representing ISR very well.

I am one of the tester from

I am one of the tester from that site. I have been waiting on a set of pedals for over a week. I got my set back last night so I just started to review the wheel. I have not had a chance to really use it until last night. I have been taking notes on the ins and outs of the quality of the build. I plan on doing a few videos on the wheel. Thomas also stated that if we wanted to we can wait to post up a proper review when the final firm ware is complete.
Trust me it was killing me to. Now this ugly situation is happening and I have to be kind of stuck in the middle of it in a weird way.
I'll get my review out but do not want to rush it at all.

Vital1's picture

Sorry about your situation,

Sorry about your situation, but I just wasn't happy with the one thread over there. I voted for you because I've seen you involved in other parts of the community. Good luck, and I'll be looking forward to your review.

I have all of my stuff now

I have all of my stuff now and plan on posting here and in a different thread in the ISR forum. I just want to make sure that I give the wheel a fair and honest review. I also feel that this can not be done in a weekend. You really need to give this thing a work out. I have yet to read 1 review from someone else.
I plan on doing a short pro con review this weekend.

Cheeba's picture

Looking forward to hearing

Looking forward to hearing your impressions of the wheel outspoken.

"Purple in all sectors" :-)

Wow, Darin Gangi sure isn't

Wow, Darin Gangi sure isn't wasting any time in taking shots at Thomas and Fanatec in the ISR forums. His childish behaviour will make it tough for me to watch his show anymore.

Just had a look and it's

Just had a look and it's pathetic. He couldn't do anything but blow smoke up Fanatecs ass a few months ago and now after the split all these 'problems' have surfaced with the wheels. So he was either lying then or he's lying now. Either way it seriously calls his opinion into question. And to say they won't be reviewing any Fanatec gear in the future is just childish.

+1, it's a shame to see what

+1, it's a shame to see what Darin is typing and even saying on that last video. I'm quite new to sim/game racing (albeit experienced real life racer) and ISR are the reason I held out for the CSR Elite as my first wheel purchase. The comments I've seen/heard from him recently are childish and pathetic. Whomever started the dispute between them (I'm betting Darin) isn't so important. I see no childish or unprofessional behaviour from Thomas, Darin is in the wrong - some silly personal dispute should not be publicised and he's made me a lot less keen to go to ISR, he's only hurting himself!

Darin brings up some fair

Darin brings up some fair points in his comments (lack of documentation for example), but he comes across as someone with a personal agenda. It's in stark contrast to earlier ISR episodes when they would just review a Fanatec wheel (like the original Porsche 911 Turbo wheel) and simply ding it for lack of included up to date drivers, etc.

I still think Thomas should send out a review unit to ISR, but if not, would it kill them to actually spend money to buy something they want to review?

TBH, they shouldn't have to

TBH, they shouldn't have to spend any money for the product. As a site that is well established, recognized by the community and quite specific to this genre (not like a IGN or Gamespot or something that is all video games).

That being said there is a tone that comes across that makes me wonder.

Believe me, I think ISR has

Believe me, I think ISR has earned the consideration to receive products for review. But if a publication isn't receiving a review item in a timely manner, it's still their job to deliver timely content to their audience if the budget allows. Also, when it comes to hardware, especially something mechanical like a CSR-E or T500 RS or computer components, it reduces the chances that the manufacturer is sending "ringers".

I just didn't like the way

I just didn't like the way he was throwing jabs out disguised as discussion and then to comment he will never review another Fanatec product again, PARDON?

This is also the official FM4 wheel, for which ISR is doing a review. My most anticipated show is the CSR Elite review and the FM4 review and seeing as FM4 is only as good as the CSR Elite makes it, their review of FM4 will be quite worthless. If Darin wishes to burn bridges, it only hurts himself. We already know Darin thinks the wheel is awesome from his expression when he talks about it and the fact it's mounted on his personal rig. The pot shots mysteriously come now...

So no more Fanatec gear on ISR. I guess we could look forward to madcatz and button boxes...

TJR's picture

Yeah who knows what went on

Yeah who knows what went on behind the scene with Darin and Thomas, but seems pretty childish to stop reviewing Fanatec products. Also seems childish that Thomas wouldn't send him a wheel for review. It only hurts both there business. Heck the main reason I bought my first GT2 was because of ISR reviews and also now the Elite that is coming. They both need to suck it up and get down with business. On the other side I was already feeling Darin was even more partial towards Fanatec when he joined up with them with all his excitement about the products. I was thinking man now we are going to see a bias review and need Shaun's input even more to be a fair review. I think Darin and Shaun make a good review team. They seem to balance out the reviews better with good points from both of them. I enjoy there shows. I also think Fanatec should iron out the wheels firmware before sending out the wheels, but they at least released the firmware update really fast that corrects the issues customers are having. Still Fanatec seems to have the best hardware for the dollar

I don't think Fanatec's

I don't think Fanatec's customers are the normal bunch. Fanatec are a small company supplying a niche market with serious gear we wouldn`t get elsewhere. You can`t buy it off the store shelf so it`s safe to say that the purchasers are more of the entusiast category and won`t mind upgrading firmware and having to use an online manual. Afterall, they have to be online to even know the wheel exists and to purchase it so the firmware update isn`t that big of a deal.

Darin was not new to this business model from Fanatec. Remember how giddy he seemed with all the pedal sets and kits coming from Fanatec? Now he does a 180 and says they should focus on only one product? That`s why Thomas is a successful CEO and Darin is still in his basement studio!

TJR's picture

So so true

So so true

I actually expected buggy

I actually expected buggy firmware. Thomas valued meeting the deadline he promised. In the past there were many many upset customers because pre orders sold out and were still sold or they missed the release date and had to be pushed back. So I think he shipped the items so we wouldn't get pissed about the product being late. So he did in fact keep his word. So provided there isn't any mechanical issues everyone will be happy very shortly.

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