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> Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel Community Reviews UPDATE 7

Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel Community Reviews UPDATE 7

So from today there is no more review embargo and all information can be released by the reviewers. As some of the US reviewers received their wheel just yesterday it will still take some time until all reviews are published.

To give a better overvieew, I will list all reviews here in this post. Please tell me if I missed somthing.




VVV Worm

Porsche 9146









(All three are posting impressions in this thread up to now:


Michael Main (members only)

John Molony

Peter Taggeselle

(review will be revised)


5. Betatesters and others



MaggieSchnitzel (German)

TK Yasagac

Homed (french)

Will Currington

6. Press

No reviews yet

Keep in mind that the wheels used in the review are not 100% identical to the mass production units and that we are still working on new firmware together with a new firmware updater.

A BIG THANKS to all testers for taking the time to inform other members of their community about this wheel. Keep in mind that many of those testers have been selected by the community and not by us and I think it is fantastic that they spent so much time and effort to make this happen.

UPDATE 1: Adding Sonac and Michael Main
UPDATE 2: Adding Will Currington
UPDATE 3: Adding CT link

UPDATE 4: Adding sandboxgod
UPDATE 5: Adding full review of Homed
UPDATE 6: Adding Flunky
UPDATE 7: Adding Sonac


Replies - Comments

I'm going to review the

I'm going to review the wheel tonight from a quality stand point only and try a film the firmware up date process for everyone to use as a guide. That is if I can get it to work how I think it should after some testing on my own. Still waiting on my other gear of my friends to return my GT2 to give it a full hands on test

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I also posted my review on

I also posted my review on, it is identical to my other one (for now!) Don't know if it's worth linking to in the OP but here's the URL anyway.

Thomas, I'd love some

Thomas, I'd love some clarification, once and for all.

Now that the reviews are in and excitement is building to ridiculously high levels, I had to ask...

You said recently that:

"if everything goes smoothly we can ship all open orders next week"

But had previously stated that:

"First come, first serve but it also might depends on other products of the shopping cart of that customer"

Can you put the speculation to bed once and for all, that those customers who ordered another item (like a shifter or a set of pedals) along with their Elite are likely to have their items sent this week also?

Secondly, are there any items that you are low on, and, if these were to run out what would happen? Would you ship the wheel anyway, or would the customer have to wait for his 'Table Clamp' (for example) to come back into stock, before he receives his wheel.

Sorry to ask, but I'm just SO excited and I'm trying to manage my expectations, once and for all!

I ordered a csre, wheel

I ordered a csre, wheel stand, shifter set and the shifter adapter. I have already got the shifter adapter, so I guess they may ship everything in separate packages..

Video of ACL in action!!

Video of ACL in action!!

I found a seperate video showing this feature in use, made by Johnboy, one of the "beta test and other" testers. Shows how good this new feature is.

URL is

The next two weeks are going to be absolute hell waiting for my CSR-E to arrive :( , so PLEASE make it happen Thomas :)

Can you also make sure we all have the new 715 firmware and a reliable updater available, as the firmware update is obviously needed and I really hope you don't unpack and update these first special air-freight wheels and cause any delays in delivery!

Have been viewing and

Have been viewing and reading all the reviews posted so far. It sounds like the CSR-E delivers what I was really hoping for it to do.

Really looking forward to a dispatch notice from Fanatec during the week! :)

we are now 12 days from

we are now 12 days from christmas :-)

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on the first day of

on the first day of chriiiiiiiiiiiistmas.... blah blah blah. blah blahhhhh...


12 days and no forwarding!!!

12 days and no forwarding!!! it is necessary to awake ...

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I dont know what their

I dont know what their saying But I like it!!!

Lyrics are inspired by the

Lyrics are inspired by the Dune movie.
"the sleeper must awaken", and "the poison has been programmed" are even sounds sampled from the movie's soundtrack.



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My Review @

My Review @

Aaron Nelson (SOADIEMAN)
Program Director (Virtual Motorsport Magazine) (Championship Racing)

Hi Thomas, congrats on the

Hi Thomas, congrats on the release of CSR-E wheel!, looks like another winner. I'm waiting for all the pre-orders to get their wheels and review it.

Question? Are you going to have the normal sale on the site after x-mas..January maybe? I just recently sold my GT2 so I can upgrade to the CSR-E. Hope you have a lot in stock next year!!


Has Peter Taggeselle been

Has Peter Taggeselle been murdered?

No, but we kidnapped his

No, but we kidnapped his family until he comes up with a positive review. In order to help him with that we will give him a working wheel from mass production and a firmware which solves his issues.

Hmmm... that's exactly what

Hmmm... that's exactly what Charles Manson said. Definitely murdered.

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the plot

the plot thickens....

(eagerly awaiting a ups quantum notification that a delivery has been scheduled...)

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Hey Thomas my review is up

Hey Thomas my review is up here. Thanks a lot for this opportunity. Your product did not disappoint at all and exceeded all expectations.

Fantastic news from the

Fantastic news from the reviewers - I can't wait for my pre-ordered wheel before Xmas. I especially like the 'Autoclutch' feature as I have added that feature in hardware to my PWTS, and hope that it doesn't get removed from the CSR-E!!

PLEASE Thomas, make sure the DELIVERIES actually happen before Xmas as promised.

Now we just need the CSS!

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Work Hard. Race Harder. And

Work Hard. Race Harder.

Yes, I missed the CSHB - it

Yes, I missed the CSHB - it would make drifting a LOT easier.

Thomas, how about a firmware upgrade for the pedals/wheels that implements the extra connector on the CSP's to an XBox brake button of our choice based on game (I realise it would need to be on/off and not analogue). That way we could implement a handbrake without hardwiring to the back of your wheel PCB.

Very funny that the one only

Very funny that the one only negative review is removed (from Peter Taggeselle). Although he might have had a defective wheel, his conclusion was that he will continue on racing with his TH500 instead of the CSR Elite

I'm sure not many people read it though, because it was written in german.

Looking forward to his revised review, but i still convinced that i'm gonna love this baby as soon as i hook it to my rig.

Who removed the review?

Who removed the review?

Maybe Thomas got a response

Maybe Thomas got a response ??

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Thomas if these wheels are

Thomas if these wheels are going to need the firm ware updated there should be a Video showing exactly how to do it! Avoid problems and complaints before they happen! people are going to get the firmware update wrong and all they are going to say is that their wheel is broken.

What we really need is a

What we really need is a new firmware updater which is more compatible and makes less trouble. I hope we can publish that very soon.

The CSR E works fine with 707 which is installed so there is no need for an immediate update. 

Looks like fanatec is not

Looks like fanatec is not releasing this new firmware soon.
Some reviewers complained about lak of force feeback in the center.

Is this already fixed in 707 or do we have wait for 715?

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