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> Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel Community Reviews UPDATE 7

Forza Motorsport CSR Elite Wheel Community Reviews UPDATE 7

So from today there is no more review embargo and all information can be released by the reviewers. As some of the US reviewers received their wheel just yesterday it will still take some time until all reviews are published.

To give a better overvieew, I will list all reviews here in this post. Please tell me if I missed somthing.




VVV Worm

Porsche 9146









(All three are posting impressions in this thread up to now:


Michael Main (members only)

John Molony

Peter Taggeselle

(review will be revised)


5. Betatesters and others



MaggieSchnitzel (German)

TK Yasagac

Homed (french)

Will Currington

6. Press

No reviews yet

Keep in mind that the wheels used in the review are not 100% identical to the mass production units and that we are still working on new firmware together with a new firmware updater.

A BIG THANKS to all testers for taking the time to inform other members of their community about this wheel. Keep in mind that many of those testers have been selected by the community and not by us and I think it is fantastic that they spent so much time and effort to make this happen.

UPDATE 1: Adding Sonac and Michael Main
UPDATE 2: Adding Will Currington
UPDATE 3: Adding CT link

UPDATE 4: Adding sandboxgod
UPDATE 5: Adding full review of Homed
UPDATE 6: Adding Flunky
UPDATE 7: Adding Sonac


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GrimeyDog's picture

Thats Great news!!! Thanx

Thats Great news!!! Thanx for the update... Is the ACL feature on the 707 firmware?



F1Schumi's picture

Bekommen wir CSR E

Bekommen wir CSR E Vorbesteller die 715 Firmware?

F1Schumi's picture

Moin, mit welcher Firmware

mit welcher Firmware werden die CSRE Weehls ausgeliefert?
Kann ich mir schon irgendwo die Firmware 715 herunterladen? (vorsichtshalber) ;-)

I'm excited about the new

I'm excited about the new wheel also and the manual clutch addition. Please give us a clear, easy to follow description of how to use a PC to update the software once we get our new wheels.

reviews are starting off

reviews are starting off great with a lot of past questions slowly being answered :)

i thought that these reviews will hold me over till my pre order comes but its actually making the wait worse lol cant wait to get my hands on this wheel

I can't wait to fit the

I can't wait to fit the CSR-E on my rennsport wheelstand. But for now I have to stop watching the vid's of the reviews. I already got crazy after seeing the unbocking vid's, but this is even worse! And reading Savoury's text review made my hunger for the wheel complete. I'm nearly 50 years old but I believe Santa exists for sure.... The days till Christmas will be long, but the outcome superb. Thanks Thomas and all you guys (and dolls) from Fanatec.

it happened the same to

it happened the same to me... i was hoping to get calm down, and now i'm even more excited, I saw all the reviews today, so got nothing left for the rest of the days::::: I don't want my wheel thomas, I NEED my wheel!!!
That clutch modd is hilarious!!!! I need to test it.

SP STU's picture

Looking good guys. I was out

Looking good guys. I was out tonight at a party and could not gain access to any Internet:( I have now tho. I'm glad I have pre ordered it for sure, not that I had any doubt. Good review guys and with the special feature in it now looks like the best piece of hardware to have against game pad gymnastics!
Thank you Thomas for making Forza a level playing field.
Have a cold beer bud cos you have done us proud.

Opel Manta owners club UK (Scotland) Caution this car steers from the rear!

Well since I'm without a

Well since I'm without a set of pedals to use I'm doing what I can to pick apart the quality of the wheel and some of the features to give my thoughts on. After finally getting the 715 firmware uploaded to the wheel I have been playing around with settings on the PC trying to get a feel of what they do and how they react. I feel like some dude in a small office from consumer reports trying out all the non fun stuff regarding the wheel. To tell you the truth this is a good thing. Without the use of the pedals I'm looking at the stuff most of us take for granted or just plain over look.
With that being said can anyone give me some insight to what these 2 setting do to the wheel? This is from the Elite app found on the support page under the PC tab of the web shop.

funny, I've been doing the

funny, I've been doing the same thing all day. I've spent the last hour trying to take pictures of every angle of the rim, the base and the two combined, along with recording the dimensions of everything and downloading all the PC drivers and updating the firmware. everyone else's reviews make the wait for the pedals even harder...

I have yet to watch or read

I have yet to watch or read 1 review. I want to cover my point of view regardless if someone else has covered it or not. I feel the best way to give a fair and non bias review is to dig a hole and forget about the outside world for a bit. I don't want to go oh Tester X said to watch out for this, so now what do you end up doing? Look for the same thing tester X was talking about all the while not processing all the other information you just blanked out due to focusing on someone else opinion about something

GrimeyDog's picture

Cansome one make a video of

Cansome one make a video of how to update thw firmware for the people like me thatare not super cpu savy...thanx

+1 Good idea Grimey. I'd be


Good idea Grimey. I'd be interested to see that as well.
Don't think i've ever done one before but i'm sure i'll figure it out

GrimeyDog's picture

lol!!! can you tell that i

lol!!! can you tell that i posted that from my smart phone? lol the spelling is all off!!! lmao... but we do need a video..people are going to try and update the firmware and mess it up then all they are going to say is that the wheel is broken.

Spelling wasn't that bad.

Spelling wasn't that bad. Lol. Have to agree with you mate. Don't think i've ever done a firmware update on anything. I'm not really bad on pc but would just like some guidance to help.

Saying that i'm sure some of the great people on here would help if i got stuck.

Getting excited now.........

Great reviewing so far of

Great reviewing so far of the CSR Elite, looking forward to more reviews as i await my own pre-order CSR Elite to arrive.

The CSR Elite looks and sounds smooth and solid, looking forward to feeling those extra inputs in FM4 as mentioned in above video review, will also be good to compare the CSR Elite to the CSR.

Great work all round.

Anyone else having centering

Anyone else having centering issues with the wheel. When I plug the wheel in the PC and run the Fanatec wheel app the wheel is -20 when I center it. The FFB motors are very strong to be kind.

I had exactly the same

I had exactly the same issue. I did this while I was recalibrating the firmware, fix it by going into PC mode and hitting both of the lower orange buttons at your desired center.

Savoury's picture

Nearly - Wheel Centering 1.

Nearly -

Wheel Centering
1. Boot the wheel into PC mode and then turn it to its center
2. Press and hold lower red buttons at the same time.
3. Press Xbox Guide Button.
4. Release all three buttons.
5. Wheel's center position will now be reset

Savoury's picture

Did you recalibrate the

Did you recalibrate the centre point after flashing the new firmware?

Congratulaions Thomas, the

Congratulaions Thomas, the reviewers all lovethe csr elite.

Do you know with which firmware the wheels will be delivered?

The wheels will come with

The wheels will come with 707 so you will need to update to 715 or higher

GrimeyDog's picture

Thomas if these wheels are

Thomas if these wheels are going to need the firm ware updated there should be a Video showing exactly how to do it! Avoid problems and complaints before they happen! people are going to get the firmware update wrong and all they are going to say is that their wheel is broken.

Sorry if it's been clarified

Sorry if it's been clarified already but does this new firmware work on the CSR because I'd love to try it while I'm awaiting my CSR E.

Never mind....I just saw

Never mind....I just saw Jonboys video showing the new ACL feature and he mentioned that Thomas informed him that version of the firmware is not compatible on the non CSR E wheels but that they were working on a version for previous Fanatec wheels to enable it.

So what is the most up to date FW for the CSR currently.......707?

I think it's 706. I have not

I think it's 706. I have not heard anyone having a version number that is higher.

Savoury's picture

No, the wheels use different

No, the wheels use different firmware builds from what I understand, sorry.

I've read your textreview,

I've read your textreview, and man.... I'm both impressed and exited. One question though: you said you had a small FFB issue, which was resolved when you recieved a firmware update. What firmware version was installed when this FFB issue occured?

Just promise you will not

Just promise you will not let us wait for the new firmware too long (like with the CSR)

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