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> Firmware 715 for CSR Elite UPDATE 2

Firmware 715 for CSR Elite UPDATE 2

The first CSR Elite wheels have arrived at the customers and in order to give them a perfect experience from day 1 we are releasing 715 right away.

The new updater is not 100% ready yet but works much better than the old one and runs stable on Vista and Windows 7.

Please read the manual inside the .zip file and follow it carefully. This is really important to assure a smooth installation. 

715 will bring several  improvements and bugfixes.

  • Issue with shifter paddles on Xbox360
  • Imporved force feedback effects
  • Autoclutch
  • Improved damper on PC and PS3. PC needs a driver for further imporvement but this will follow soon. 

This version is only compatible with CSR Elite but we are working on a similar version for the CSR, PWGT2 and PWTS wheels.

Enjoy your CSR ELite with 715!

UPDATE: Video manual in french. Thanks to our community tester Homed!

If anybody would like to make a video manual in a different language Ican post it here as well.


English fw upgrade manual made by Patrick Spence. Thanks a lot!


FanatecFwUpdateBETA_CSRE_715.zip3.03 MB

Replies - Comments

Hi savoury hope you had a

Hi savoury hope you had a nice Christmas! Which car club are you with on Forza? I tried to join FANA but it doesn't come up when I type it in. Would you be able to invite me? What is your gamertag? I'm 'MichaelW F1' Had my first two online races last night and they were just full of people ramming each other off the road! I want proper fair racing!

Savoury's picture

You should find it if you

You should find it if you search for 'fana' (lower case), that's how I found it. I'm not the founder or vice-pres, so I think one of those two will have to accept your application. Also my Xbox has been away in Germany to be repaired for the last fortnight so I haven't seen any in-game messages for a while.
Good luck, hope you find us.

Cool, what is your gamertag?

Cool, what is your gamertag?

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What settings are you using

What settings are you using on Forza? I'm on - Sens 900, FFB 100, SHO 100, ABS 100, All others off or 0.

cool :)

cool :)

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With all these issues with

With all these issues with the FW why was there little or no metion of it in the first reviews? I'm sure they're are many unhappy customers who ordered after reading/watching glowing early reviews. No offense to anyone but there is a reason no press have wheels to review i.e the wheel is not complete for review.

Question to Fanatec - Why did you ship a wheel which clearly needs more testing? You are using us as beta testers. That might be ok if we did not have to pay full price - I mean more than full price if you include the "air" shipping fee.

Thomas, I think that is a fair question

I am also wondering why

I am also wondering why these csr elite reviews are full of praise (except rim of course). Ok, it is clear that wheel has solid base, but it has a bit noisy belt system and noisy fans. Base has lot of potential still. And when firmware gets mature and good rims are available it will be great product.

At the moment with Forza 4, csr elite with current firmware 715 is not nearly as good driving experience as Turbo S with firmware 681. FFB is not as good and driving feel is not as real as in Turbo S.

Also, my csr elite looses it center (Forza 4) and needs constant restarting to get center back. Usually center will stay ok only few minutes and sometimes first turn will take center off by 20 degrees to left. I have tried driving with off center and sometimes center comes back after 15 to 30 minutes. But then center is lost again almost immediately.

This is probably firmware problem. Anyone else experiencing this?

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If you read my review you

If you read my review you would see that the FW is one of the biggest things I had issues with.
Not to be on one side or the other but people and a lot of people were asking for the wheel before Christmas and in turn created the urgent demand. Now Thomas could have mentioned that the FW was still being fine tuned.
Either way I'll say this the current FW sent to me last night solves a lot of the issues with 715. I still need to test it out a bit but it is rock solid thus far.

Beeing those FW betas at the

Beeing those FW betas at the end of the day why cannot those loads be available also to others (CSR-E owners) at their choice/risk ?
Would be better than endless silence on release dates and lack of any other choice than 715...

Thomas ?


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I thought you guys have had

I thought you guys have had your wheels for about a week... that's not really an 'endless silence'. Considering the post count regarding issues with the current version it wouldn't make much sense to release new firmware until it's fully bug tested and ready for public release. I'm sure the wait will be worth it...

715 (released) isn't bug

715 (released) isn't bug free either...that was my point and the chatting on the blog doesn't hart anyone; beta is a beta
i just hope it wouldn't be much longer to have this FF-DZ and no low FF issues as those ruin the wheel enjoyment

Good to hear dude. Thanks

Good to hear dude. Thanks for the update.

I think the belt noise is

I think the belt noise is extremely subtle, much quieter than my Turbo S and GT2 wheels (not to mention G25's etc).

I don't hear the fans at all even when listening for them, have you tried setting the fan to "Off" = Adjusting with temp?

I think the FF even with FW 707 is way better overall than Turbo S and GT2, FW 715 even better. I agree there are still flaws, especially the center FF which is quite annoying at first and the lack of subtle effects.

With the next firmware im quite confident that the software aspects have been resolved.

After that im wating for Clubsport Shifter and a proper sports car rim! :)

This is interesting, since

This is interesting, since my csr elite belts (or belt system) make much more noise than my old Turbo S.

I have set csr elite fan setting as “off”. When playing with FFB=50 fans kick every now and then, and running with high rpm. There is nothing wrong with fans, they are just noisy due to high rpm. When FFB=70 fans are running constantly, pushing hot air out. I always use closed headphones and still can clearly hear fans and belts.

I can live with these, they are not big problems due to headphone usage. Maybe belts are too thigh from the factory and this produced noise and extra heat.

But what is really annoying is that wheel looses it center, this I can’t stand and waiting new improved firmware to fix this. Yes, proper sport car rim is a must;)

OK, I'm running with FF at

OK, I'm running with FF at about 50 in GT5 and FM4 and I dont think ive ever heard the fans make a noticable sound even after 4-5 hours constant driving. Maybe i have more background noise though with both PS3, X-Box and PC running near by (their fans can be heard).

Ill check this again this evening, im using open headphones so any sound from outside could be easily heard, though when driving I'm using LOUD volume since im a engine sound junkey :)

Same thing here. absolutely

Same thing here. absolutely no fans noise, I sometimes have to get my hand on it to make sure it is ON. And it is !

I have a GT2 and there is no comparo between CSRe and GT2 FFB effect in FM4. CSRe is way smoother and more communicative than GT2. I may be lucky, but I dont feel any problem with center FFB.

I drive Thomas' settings in FM4 : 900° / FFB 100 / SHO 100 / DRI 3 / DEA 0 /LIN 0 / SPR 0 / DPR 0 In game FFB 100 SHO 100.

I was unable to drive with these settings with GT2 !!!

tryxinos's picture

What does "DRI: 3" exactly

What does "DRI: 3" exactly do to the car and driving?

I drive the same settings in GT5. In Forza I have DPR on -3 also.

From my experience the "DRI"

From my experience the "DRI" (Drift) setting reduces the wheel force and resistance when the car is over steering so that corrections can be made quicker and easier.

Personally I think this makes it quicker and easier to correct slides but its not really realistic so i drive with this on 0 unless i'm in a drift competition, competing with game pad drivers :)

DRI can be handy on some

DRI can be handy on some games though. Most games I don't use it but I use it at "2" on Dirt 3 and F12011 as I find the resistance of the wheel for a quick counterterrorism can be too high at times.

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I have Noticed that most of

I have Noticed that most of my games dont work with the CSR-E I want to know when the firmware update will be available and if its gonna solve the problem about the wheel not working with most Xbox games.... Dirt3 / shift 1&2 nothing no ffb....Race Pro/F1 2010 & 2011 feel Drivable but not up to par... Im hoping that the firmware update fixes this... Its a Great wheel but thats a big trade off that it only works with certain games. Is it not possible to make it work with all xbox driving games?

Is it possible to check the

Is it possible to check the firmware and turn on/off the fan without it being connected to a PC? When I try it just stays on '---'

You need to switch to a

You need to switch to a format be it pc / ps3 / xbox

No it just comes up with

No it just comes up with '---'

Is the clutch on the CSR

Is the clutch on the CSR Elite pedals not regognised on Forza 4? On my ingame set up menu it shows the Fanatec wheel and pedals. Everything is labelled and you can change which button do what but the clutch is not labelled even though it is ilustrated? Any ideas?



Savoury's picture

The clutch pedal is fully

The clutch pedal is fully recognised and functional in FM3/4, it's just the pedal graphic doesn't show it for some reason.

Hi Guys I read a comment

Hi Guys

I read a comment that you shoul dhave the gegrees turned off on the wheel so then ech car in any game with have the correct steering as programmed by the games developer. Is this true?? If yes what is the point in the degrees setting on the wheel? I want 1:1 steering correct on ecah different car for exmaple F1 would be different to a road car,



Does anyone have a list of

Does anyone have a list of good settings for F1 2011 on XBOX using 715 FW.
I love the elite and have had 715 for a week now. We know it's still not 100% but when Ive tried to setup F1 2011 the wheel feels impossible to drive with my present settings..If anyones found the answers I would be gratefull for help.

And just a thought this Xmas day..How may of your friends or guested visiting you over Christmas will go home wanting a toy like you guys got...The elite,s a great prezzy to have come down your UPS chimney..

I used this feels fine F1

I used this feels fine

F1 2011 feels Incredible!!! these are my settings try them out.Game settings enviroment 50% /ffb 100% /wheel weight 20% /dz 0% /sat 21 or 24% /lin 1% 0r 3%/ the rest are at 0%...On the Wheel I use Sens off /FFB 60%/ shock 100%/Dpr -2/ ABS 65% every thing else is 0 Rubbin Aint Racin! Keep it CleanRubbin Aint Racin! Keep it Clean! Let me know if you like it : )

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