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> Firmware 715 for CSR Elite UPDATE 2

Firmware 715 for CSR Elite UPDATE 2

The first CSR Elite wheels have arrived at the customers and in order to give them a perfect experience from day 1 we are releasing 715 right away.

The new updater is not 100% ready yet but works much better than the old one and runs stable on Vista and Windows 7.

Please read the manual inside the .zip file and follow it carefully. This is really important to assure a smooth installation. 

715 will bring several  improvements and bugfixes.

  • Issue with shifter paddles on Xbox360
  • Imporved force feedback effects
  • Autoclutch
  • Improved damper on PC and PS3. PC needs a driver for further imporvement but this will follow soon. 

This version is only compatible with CSR Elite but we are working on a similar version for the CSR, PWGT2 and PWTS wheels.

Enjoy your CSR ELite with 715!

UPDATE: Video manual in french. Thanks to our community tester Homed!

If anybody would like to make a video manual in a different language Ican post it here as well.


English fw upgrade manual made by Patrick Spence. Thanks a lot!


FanatecFwUpdateBETA_CSRE_715.zip3.03 MB

Replies - Comments

This is what I don't

This is what I don't understand, Why have sens off? Surely 900 would be the most realistic? Why have the sens if its more realistic with it off?

Because if you play road

Because if you play road cars in gt5, and then switch to f1, zou will use 900 degrees for f1. This way with sens off, game automatically switches the correct degrees for each car. This works only for gt5.

Does this not work for Forza

Does this not work for Forza then? Is it best to have it on 900 in Forza? I have just had my first go on it starting from the very beginning in game. i set it to 900 and feels amazing!!!

Yes, for forza is 900

Yes, for forza is 900

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one two or three pages back

one two or three pages back u can find two or three F1 2011 Settings :) have a look...

717 firmware??? Thomas -

717 firmware???

Thomas - First HAPPY XMAS to all at Fanatec for a great product range!

Several points, but the first is the most critical (Only tested on Forza4):

1) Can we have the 717 (if not later firmware), even if it isn't 'finished', as it has to be better that 715? I REALLY like the wheel, but the FFB deadzone that decreases as you increase SPR to 2 (3 is under-damped and oscillates), and I WANT SPR to be set to zero, and the 'judder' (NOT belt slip) as you hit the wheel's set rotation limit (anywhere between 90 for Fuji.. and 270, never more, in my case, is getting b****y annoying, as the FFB deadzone REALLY affects driving accuracy.

2) Neither the PWTS or the CSR-Elite has come close to giving me the lap times I used to get with the old cheap Logitech DriveFX. Now, I know that's because you give a more accurate FFB experience, but is it possible to have a setting more akin to the old simple Logitech for setting fast laps? This problem MIGHT be due to the apparent fact that, according to the independent iRacer test program graph, you only LIMIT FFB to the set value on the wheel, and don't vary it linearly at all levels. This can be cured by simply using your set FFB value to adjust the FFB PWM signal at ALL levels, and not just at the limit - an extremely simple thing to do.

3) This seems a minor gripe, but really bugs me, but also gives you a chance of selling an upgrade which looks easily fittable by the end-user: All the online pictures of the Elite showed nice bright red 'heatsinks', which I hoped would match the add-on red anodised pedals and footplate on my CSP's. Unfortunately, you've used epoxy paint, rather than anodising, and the colour is closer to orange than red. Would the orange CSP plates be a better match, and, more to the point, could you offer anodised 'upgrades' in the colours to match the CSP's!! Now, I know you've moved on from the CSP's, but, to me, that is a backward step, as, whilst they don't have the adjustment of the later pedals, they were absolutely perfect with the tuning kit option. PLEASE keep making them, and keep spares in stock!!

4) I'm getting used to the non-leather wheel on the Elite as I seldom move my hands on the wheel, but is it possible to have a 'full leather' and C/F 'faceplate' for the Elite, as opposed to a complete new wheel head (it looks as if the 'faceplate and rim can be removed seperately from the electronice, although I haven't tried. The suggested 150 Dollars/Euros/GBP for the optional new wheel 'heads' is expensive for something that should have been standard on a wheel of this quality (and the wheel definitely does not need to be any bigger in diameter!).



+1 Colin 1) definitely very

+1 Colin

1) definitely very annoying to drive with this DZ. News on FW ????

2) That's odd. I would vote for full linearity range too

3) I had same issue as i ended up ordering Red Pedals. When i got wheel ...OMG! it was orange and painted one...terrible
So i bought Orange set instead and it is better match while as u point out the pedals are anodized and the orange is more "washed out" that the deep orange (man really fix those pics!!) epoxy. It is not same but close...and def better than the Red/Violet pedals (even red isn't red...)

4) I think community already commented extensively enough on the choices made on the rim


5) also the wheel axes shall have less play as it can move around longitudinally (if pull/push) and tangentially (pull/push left,right up down) of a good half mm. When FF hits harsh the wheel axis moves around due to that play....

Thanks for the getting the

Thanks for the getting the wheel to all those who pre ordered before Christmas! I would also like to have the 717 fw even if it only makes Forza4 better. Better yet add me to the fw test team for the elite as I put in 2 hours a day after the kids go to sleep and would happy to test new stuff.

Merry Christmas.

I have problem with csr

I have problem with csr elite firmware 715. I have only tried Forza 4 so far. Wheel loses it center after approx. 5 min driving by 5 to 15 degrees to left. So, I need to restart wheel between (and in) every race to get it back to center. After re-start wheel is back to center, but looses it again after 5 min racing. This is really annoying. And make wheel pretty useless at the moment. Do I have mechanical problem here? Firmware fix?

Other thing, currently csr elite FFB feels jerky and partly illogical and vibrations are mostly missing. Wheel is also very prone to oscillate freely on very light touch is spr>0.

I had that same issue

I had that same issue especially on by Turbo S wheel and lately to some extent on my GT2 as well, very annoying. So far my Elite has not showed that behavior yet.

You get used to driving with that but it does take some away from the realism...

I am not going to use csr

I am not going to use csr elite wheel if this problems in not solved..

There is no point to have wheel that loses it center and needs constant re-starting to fix it for few minutes. If new firmware can’t fix this then wheel is defective.

I just updated mine to 715

I just updated mine to 715 using Windows 7 and had no issues at all :)

Question ? Does the look

Question ?
Does the look buttons work on the CSR wheels?
Or do the pull the damage or info up like on the GT2 wheel?
Thanks, i am just curious....... :)

Merry Christmas to all of you out there and a Happy New Year!

First off Merry Christmas

First off Merry Christmas all.

Secondly, when i calibrate the CSR Elite within PC Mode (within Win) i always get a reading of -1, surely this should read 0 after calibrate ?

I don't understand what's

I don't understand what's wrong with the people today.

This 1 means basically 1 degrees. Are you sure your wheel is completely straight? This is so little difference. It's like I'm going to buy a computer table which should be 80 cm wide, instead I get 80,5cm. Is this the end of the world?

Merry Christmas everybody!

Sorry but i did not ask for

Sorry but i did not ask for your opinion of what's wrong with people today bimmerman, nor your fictional computer tables length's problems, there was no need for sarcasm and why bother to post a reply which does not help anybody.

And to finally answer your question yes my wheel is straight, not the first wheel i have setup in 15 years bimmerman.

The reason i asked was if you calibrate a device it should read zero, does not matter if the wheel is straight or not the device will zero at whichever angle you choose the wheel will zero at that point.

My CSR Elite when calibrated (using lower red buttons and xbox within PC mode, Win) registers at -1, i was only asking the blog here if other users when calibrating their CSR Elites were experiencing the same -1 reading or whether their wheels registered as zero when calibrated.

Just trying to figure out the nuances of my £530 Fanatec wheel, thats all bimmerman, just an innocent question and there's nothing wrong with me today either, grow up or don't post eh.

Correct me if I'm wrong but

Correct me if I'm wrong but it's not a degree. I think its 1/32000 of a rotaion in a direction (or so, I can't remember the actual number). If I'm correct on this then I wouldn't worry abouit it at all.

I think he probably still

I think he probably still thinks degrees. It shows two numbers. One goes to 32xxx and other to 450 when turning only one direction in 900 degree mode and probably this latter one was -1, so it has to be a degree.

I personally wouldn't worry about every little thing. My V1 GT3RS shows 450 in one direction and only 442 in other direction, but in racing, it doesn't really matter because the difference isn't too marginal. You will probably make many corrections with the wheel, even while driving in a straight line, so you probably don't notice it. I know I don't.

Sorry if I seemed to be a bit harsh on you Gabuk. It wasn't my true intention.

No problem bimmerman.

No problem bimmerman.

Thank you GVamos, a much

Thank you GVamos, a much more reasonable reply thank bimmerman above.

For sure not noticable GVamos, was just interested if others had the same reading as -1 whilst calibrating or if others got an actual reading of zero when calibrating.

Just interested in learning my CSR Elite and its nuances.

I will report back when I

I will report back when I get mine. The increment is very tiny and the sensor setup very accurate so it may be moving ever so slightly. Again i'm not sure so I'll have to report back when mine arrives.

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I have noticed that every

I have noticed that every time I calibrate the beer count in my fridge, this Christmas Eve, I'm -1 every bloody time!

Merry Crimbo fellow Fannies!



Savoury please can you help

Savoury please can you help with my post below regarding the driver install Thanks

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I'll try mate!

I'll try mate!

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Thomas, I remember reading a

Thomas, I remember reading a comment from you stating that FW 717 was perfect for Forza, but had some bugs in GT5. Would it be possible to release this update for us so we can get the best of at least 1 world, and just wait for another release so we can get the best of both worlds later.
This would be great for the people that are only playing forza at the moment.
ps. Could you please link a picture with your comments so that they can be found easier, I searched for a while, but couldn't find that statement.

Please help! I'm trying to

Please help! I'm trying to install the 715 upgrade but I can't seem to install the driver. What folder do i open? I opened the USB driver file but nothin seems to happen

When the PW file menus comes up the driver box is empty. I click on it and select the file but it just says uninstalled and won't let me start the upgrade

Please help!


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Hi Micheal, what step of the

Hi Micheal, what step of the instructions are you?
Opel Manta owners club UK (Scotland) Caution this car steers from the rear!

Hi Stu. I manage to to

Hi Stu. I manage to to select all the PW files. Should PW file 3 say erase?? After all of them I select the driver tab as it's blank. I then open the USB driver file and there are two files one of which is just instructions. I select the file but the on PW menu under driver it just say driver un-install and I can't go any further. At the bottom it just says please make sure all fields are filled in :( I'm not good with PCs! Wish tey could just put it on a ub stick or something!

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When you click the "..."

When you click the "..." Driver box and you browse to the fimware USB_driver folder, only the correct file should be displayed which is the'mchpcdc.inf' file.

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