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> Firmware 715 for CSR Elite UPDATE 2

Firmware 715 for CSR Elite UPDATE 2

The first CSR Elite wheels have arrived at the customers and in order to give them a perfect experience from day 1 we are releasing 715 right away.

The new updater is not 100% ready yet but works much better than the old one and runs stable on Vista and Windows 7.

Please read the manual inside the .zip file and follow it carefully. This is really important to assure a smooth installation. 

715 will bring several  improvements and bugfixes.

  • Issue with shifter paddles on Xbox360
  • Imporved force feedback effects
  • Autoclutch
  • Improved damper on PC and PS3. PC needs a driver for further imporvement but this will follow soon. 

This version is only compatible with CSR Elite but we are working on a similar version for the CSR, PWGT2 and PWTS wheels.

Enjoy your CSR ELite with 715!

UPDATE: Video manual in french. Thanks to our community tester Homed!

If anybody would like to make a video manual in a different language Ican post it here as well.


English fw upgrade manual made by Patrick Spence. Thanks a lot!


FanatecFwUpdateBETA_CSRE_715.zip3.03 MB

Replies - Comments

Why to You use 900 deg in

Why to You use 900 deg in GT5, isn't it better if you set deg. to OFF, a let the game use correct deg. from each car. e.g. f1 will then use only 360 deg., and normal cars 900, or 720, or 570, what ever is coded for wheel degrees

tryxinos's picture

I think GT5 ist atm THE GAME

I think GT5 ist atm THE GAME to play with the Elite! It`s a PERFECT piece of kit... i LOVE IT, every day more and more...

BTW: I think the "CONTROLLER Setup" is only for CONTROLLER use. it has no affects on a wheel at all :)

Yes GT5 is amazing, it just

Yes GT5 is amazing, it just so realistic and looks amazing. And with the Elite it feels close to perfection as well!

Did some hot lapping with the new 2012 GT-R on the Nurburgring yesterday, battled with my ZR-1 lap of 7min 24 sec and beat it by 3 seconds.

GT5 realism and accuracy is stunning, comparison of laptimes with the GT-R:
Real-life (Wikipedia): 7min 24sec (2011 model)
GT5: 7min 21 seconds (2012 model, slightly improved over 2011)

That is a diff of 0.7%, driver errors etc are greater than this itself. I run many laps consistently within 2 seconds diff of this easily.

Im amazed in how accurate it is. Ive had the same experience with other cars and tracks, the top gear test track gives VERY close times if you run a clean lap vs stigs times (often within 1%!)

FM4 is awesome fun as well, love the sounds, car selection and customization. Physics are great as well but does not provide the overall accuracy and realism of GT5. Also the tracks in FM4 are not nearly as accurate as in GT5, the Nurburgring for example is significantly longer in FM4 compared to real-life.

In FM4 I find 760 deg with 0

In FM4 I find 760 deg with 0 lin work better for me

Id like to use a neutral Lin

Id like to use a neutral Lin setting as well, but it gets so sensitive around center when you reduce the total degrees of travel below 900 (due to FM4's inverted linearity where its more sensitive at center then close to max deflection). In GT5 its perfect if you just leave everything default and 900 degrees, to bad T10 didnt peak at how GT5 has implemented this as its spot on.

Especially when catching a slide its very easy to over or undercorrect when returning to center resulting in severe return slides and missing the ideal line or spinning out...

If you only do grip driving i guess its fine to leave the lin at 0 while reducing max degrees, but for more oversteer biased driving i would not recommend this in FM4.

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Hi folks, which button

Hi folks, which button configuration do I have to use to get left/right view with Forza4 and Elite Wheel with Autoclutch on? Is it not possible to define the two lower red buttons? Regards...
CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals, Racestar, XBOX360, PS3

I too used wheel layout 4

I too used wheel layout 4 before getting the CSR-E. That's why I suggested a configurable ACL setting: I was thinking about the ACL, and I think it would be better if it was configurable. So instead of just ACL = ON or OFF, it could have something like ACL = A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, OFF. That way, we will be able to use whichever layout we want and still have ACL. Is this possible Thomas?

Sounds like a good idea to

Sounds like a good idea to me.

I don't think there is one.

I don't think there is one. Setting 4 has all the look buttons, but auto clutch won't work with that setting. Sometimes I don't think T10 are really sim racers as what sim racer would create those stupid controller options? FM3 had better options with the PWTS than FM4 does. Just makes no sense.

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It is a bizarre decision by

It is a bizarre decision by Turn 10, I still can't believe that they did this.

Webcruise's picture

If Thomas would have

If Thomas would have included an analog stick like with the comming clubsport wheel it would not be a problem. Sorry Thomas but it helps to look left and right sometimes :). Hope this feature will come with the new wheels...
CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals, Racestar, XBOX360, PS3

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Fanatec can only include

Fanatec can only include buttons that are sanctioned for an official Microsoft contoller as far as I know, perhaps that is the reason.

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That configuration is

That configuration is standard for controllers, and I mean 360 view due to the anslog controller. Regards...
CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals, Racestar, XBOX360, PS3

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Of course.. who knows,

Of course.. who knows, obviousy not I...

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i was wondering... in GT5

i was wondering... in GT5 the lower Buttons also DON'T work at all :-(

Paddle Shift Travel: The

Paddle Shift Travel: The only complaint I have is that the paddle shift travel is much larger than it should be. Is there any way to reduce that travel so it's more like the travel on Turbo S wheel?

GrimeyDog's picture

I agree there is too much

I agree there is too much travel in the paddles but that is just because im used to the gt2 but there is a solution we ask that the next wheel rim they make have adjustable paddle shifters like on the csw rim :) Rubbin Aint Racin! Keep it Clean!

The paddle travel is perfect

The paddle travel is perfect IMO and realistic to what cars with paddle shifters have. Going back to PWTS tactile feel "paddles" is a huge step backwards.......that was one of the number 1 complaints of that wheel....the crappy button feel of the shifters.

Well, it's not perfect to

Well, it's not perfect to me. Why do you have to have all that free play before you get to the actual shift point? Feels sloppy to me.

Not sure what paddle shifters you are comparing them to but my 135i BMW with the dual clutch trans and paddle shifters has about half the travel of the Elite.

Travel feels similar to a

Travel feels similar to a 996 911 to me... Would prefer the travel of M3 flappies though.

Adjustability would be great on the replacement rims.

GrimeyDog's picture

This wheel feels Great!!!

This wheel feels Great!!! But its gonna take some time to get used to.I find my self missing down shifts because of the amount of paddle travel im used to the 911 gt2 where its just a tap not a big problem though. I just have to Focus on Breaking the Bad Habbits I have from driving with the 911 gt2. Is it just me or does it seem that the Brake and Gas are more Sensitve or have Different response points as far as amount of Foot Pressure? Its a good thing but it feels different. All of my turning points have to change as this is much more Accurate so I get to turn in later. I still Drive on Simulation setting its just what Im used to seems to give a better Feel or Warning that the car wants to Break Loose... It can be a bit Twitchy but that bit of over steer is usefull as long as I keep my kool on the throttle. Ive been driving the #05 auidi A4 touring on the Hockenheim Ring and its much better than the 911 gt2 wheel especially in the last sections its much easier to keep it smooth and fast from apex to apex careening through the curves! I beat my old time by 1/2 a second and I havent had the wheel 24hrs yet so in 2 weeks this will be a really good thing. F1 2011 feels fantastic with this wheel I cant compare it to Forza because they are two different car types But this wheel totally transforms the Game in a Great way. the wheel feels this good now I cant hardly wait untill they relaese the final wheel update. I hope its soon.
Rubbin Aint Racin! Keep it Clean!

Hi Grimydog. What settings

Hi Grimydog. What settings do you use on F1 2011? Are you playing on the 360?

GrimeyDog's picture

F1 2011 feels Incredible!!!

F1 2011 feels Incredible!!! these are my settings try them out.Game settings enviroment 50% /ffb 100% /wheel weight 20% /dz 0% /sat 21 or 24% /lin 1% 0r 3%/ the rest are at 0%...On the Wheel I use Sens off /FFB 60%/ shock 100%/Dpr -2/ ABS 65% every thing else is 0 Rubbin Aint Racin! Keep it CleanRubbin Aint Racin! Keep it Clean! Let me know if you like it : )

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Good startup i think...

Good startup i think... tested this two hours or so. My settings at the moment, but i am not 100% happy with that. My biggest problem is, that my car drives a little bit to the left side on a straight line. I calibrated the center position a LITTLE to the right and after that 20° to the right. without succes :( car drives a little to the left still.

FF: 70
SHO: 100
DRI: 0
ABS: 65
LIN: 0
DEA: 0
SPR: 0
DPR: -3

in game:
Wheel LIN: 50%

FF in game:
Envir: 20%
ForceF: 100%
WWeight: 100%

anyone a hint how to get my car to drive a straight line without turning the wheel 1° or 2°? :)

what does the environment

what does the environment setting do?

tryxinos's picture

curb feeling, if you go

curb feeling, if you go offtrack and so on :)

Is this on the xbox?

Is this on the xbox?

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PC / PS3 / XBox? let us know

PC / PS3 / XBox? let us know :)

CSR-E rocks!!! I got home

CSR-E rocks!!!

I got home from a long weekend in Rome last evening and unpacked my CSR-E. Tried it out first using stock 707 FW to make sure it was OK from start. Already with 707 it was amazing in FM4, yes there was a deadzone issue but its not as bad as it sounds from reading the posts here, even with 707 you can really enjoy racing, with 715 it is clearly improved though.

Updated to 715 without any issues. One part i missed initially: Even if you are admin on your machine, make sure to click "Run As Administrator" or it wont allow you to select the FW files!.

The wheel looks and feels great. Super solid and with zero play in any direction. The wheel rim feels like a mix between plastic and rubber but has a solid feeling to it, the main grips with alcantara feels great. The overall rim grip feel is much better than the Porsche wheels. Really looking forward to a 1:1 size sports car rim though like the M3 GT2 we have seen a preview of for the Club Sport Wheel. The shifter padels feels very solid (even more than I was expecting) and are a joy to shift with, they have a very "realistic" feel.

Runs amazingly, the somewhat exaggerated grip feedback from the front wheels when loosing and retaining traction is a great realistic assist to enable driving on the limit. I can drive MUCH smoother with the Elite than with my G25, Turbo S or GT2, its really a big difference.

The excessive oversteer in FM4 also feels much more under control (and less apparent). With Simulated steering and 900 degrees (all other settings default on the wheel) its very drivable and since the wheel is so fast and accurate its much easier to catch slides and drift. Though due to the bad linearity in FM4 i use 6-700 degrees lock and Lin = 20 to get the most realistic linear steering input.

You will quickly become more consistent, accurate and faster once you get used to the Elite. Mainly because the FF is so accurate and detailed + that its so smooth and fast.

As soon as the FF deadzone bug is solved along with the lack of minor forces (like curbs) it would make this even better. I guess this will be fixed with FW 717.

This is even better than FM4, extremely crisp and strong force feedback combined with the same accuracy as in FM4.

The deadzone issue is significantly less apparent then in FM4 but is still there along with the missing minor effects.

The Elite is really significantly different and better than any previous wheel I have used. It has opened up a new dimension in sim racing and I cant wait to get back to drive some more!

Good 2 cents worth man!

Good 2 cents worth man!

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