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> The year ends with a new Firmware for the CSR Elite (721 B)

The year ends with a new Firmware for the CSR Elite (721 B)

There is one things left to be done this year and we made it in the last hours of 2011 to come up with a new firmware for the CSR Elite.

We have no more known issues but it is not fully tested yet so the release is classified as "BETA" version. We also have a new firmware updater which is more easy to use and  more compatible to all relevant Windows versions. But please make sure you read the instuctions which are included.

Please let me know how this version works for you.


FanatecFwUpdateBETA_CSRE_721b.zip2.84 MB

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Are you sure? I was very

Are you sure?
I was very confident that it was there. I will check this course with a GT2 just to be sure - if there is no FFB with this either, then it was just false alarm.
Other than that I don't remember (or believe to remember) any other missing effects, at least not in Forza 4.

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I've noticed a problem with

I've noticed a problem with Fw721 - With dirt 3 on the ps3 when you switch the preset on the wheel (in game) the ffb on wheel reacts weirdly - it feels very heavy and sluggish.

I have tried resetting the wheel after the changes and it still happens.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or do I need to contact support.

Have you rebooted the wheel

Have you rebooted the wheel after the change?

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Yes - I turned it off and

Yes - I turned it off and back on and put it back into PS3 mode. It is still happening.

Has anyone else noticed this with Dirt 3 on PS3.

I'm just trying to help Thomas to make the best possible FW.

I like the new FW with Forza 4 have not tried with GT5 yet but that was good before the new FW

We had this issue back in

We had this issue back in the day with the GT3RS. Try turning off both the stick controller and the wheel then just power on the wheel.

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Thanks for the replies but I

Thanks for the replies but I turn the PS3 on by hand and never had a control pad turned on, same as I do with the 360. I think it is a hiccup in the firmware or a hardware issue on my wheel, except I have not had this happen in Forza or GT5 so this makes me think it is not hardware related.

Has any of you tried the CSR elite with Dirt3 on the PS3. If so try changing an on wheel setting and then restarting the wheel and see if this happens.....the wheel feels heavy (there is a resistance when turning) and sluggish.

It actually seems to get better if I change the 'Drift' setting one up or one down but do not reset the wheel just save and continue race. I play with the 'drift' settting at 3 btw.

I'm having a problem like

I'm having a problem like yours as well. I'll do a bit of playing around and see what happens. I'll also hook up my GT2 wheel again and see how it varies with a different wheel.

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Thanks, let me know if you

Thanks, let me know if you figure out a fix.

I have found that if the problem occurs and if I change the 'Drift' setting up one or down one - DO NOT RESTART THE WHEEL - just save the setting by pushing the settings button again, this seems to help.

Other than that I really like the feel of the wheel with Dirt 3.

I also have a GT2 wheel and never noticed this issue on that wheel.

Hi, Please also take into

Please also take into account that Dirt 3 uses A LOT damper strength! I do prefer setting "dpr" at least to -2 or even -3. If you then would set to another setup stored in your wheel you would have quite a bad feeling too because the damper would be set to 0 again or any other setting which was stored before.

Technical- and Community Support

I have the same "issue" with

I have the same "issue" with F1-2011 on PS3.

WOW! Just had my first go

WOW! Just had my first go with 721! So much smoother on 900 with Forza 4! Can actually hold slides now! Amazing, thanks Thomas! Can't wait to try F1 2011 as heard good things!

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You think F4 is

You think F4 is will experience driving bliss w/F1 2011! Many congrats to the firmware people at Fanatec!

What Sens are you running on

What Sens are you running on F1?

Hi guys thought some of you

Hi guys thought some of you may be interested in this link. It confirmed a lot for me :)

Where did he get these

Where did he get these facts. I'm skeptical on a few of them.

Not sure! F1 is definitely

Not sure! F1 is definitely 540 (270 each way) if you look at YouTube videos. And I emailed Williams F1 :)

That's actually the one that

That's actually the one that I have the most problem believing. If you watch Monaco, there is a hairpin that requires lock just for an F1 car to get around. Watch some of the drivers. They do not turn the wheels 270 degrees left to get around that bend.

Also the rims are not designed to take your hands off so anything over 180 degrees is not really possible in a race. I'm not doubting you emailed Williams but maybe they have some funky setup that would make this specifically not apply. Maybe there is something under the hood that we can't replicate in a game properly.

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In this

In this video: watch the Monaco hairpin (around 25 seconds into the video).

Fernando turns the wheel right around 270 degrees. His right hand is on the right side of the wheel, and in the apex of the corner, it's in his lap.

So his right hand moves 90 degrees to top dead center, 90 degrees to left, and then another 90 degrees to his lap = 90 + 90 + 90 = 270. 270 * 2 = 540.

Seems that it's 540 (or pretty darned close) to me :P

From the official Formula 1

From the official Formula 1 site:

"The steering wheels are not designed to make more than three quarters of a turn of lock in total, so there is no need for a continuous rim, instead there are just two 'cut outs' for the driver's hands."

So 3/4 of a lock in TOTAL should be 270 degrees, total.

I think this pretty much ends the discussion :-)

Sorry I didn't see your

Sorry I didn't see your reply. I will see your Alonso 540 from 2005 and raise you an Alonso from the most recent season.

So it looks like it's a bit more than 180 degrees... maybe closer to 190 - 195, putting it at 380 - 390. That link has many others from this year. In F1 they try not to take a hand off the wheel (unless flipping off another driver) so designing a lock that exceeds this doesn't really make sense as there is only 2 places to grab the wheel.

Have a look at some other videos that appear as links from that page. This is not unique to Ferrari. In the end, you do have a circular wheel at your disposal so set the wheel to 540 if you like.

Hi sorry yes I agree with

Hi sorry yes I agree with what is in your videos. Looks about 190ish to me so I think about 380-390 should do the trick. I was only pointing out to other people that 540 (270x270) does (or did) exist on F1 cars as they were adament that 180 (360) was maximum- some even said 90 (180)!!!

Alonso turns the wheel 3/4

Alonso turns the wheel 3/4 of a turn which is 270. 270 both ways is 540. Alos if you ever watch F1 or been to GP in the pits (I have), when the mechanics push the car back into the garage watch them turn the steering wheel for the driver. It's normally 3/4 as the need that angle to back them into the garage

Okay. I'll stop it here

Okay. I'll stop it here clearly I was supposed to only watch your video from 2005 and agree. Yes of course I watch Formula1 which is why I had an issue with that statement. Your counter point was Monaco also, so clearly you acknowledge that it is the tightest turn in F1. That link I sent showed many turning it to the same rotation. I'm not going to go looking for pit videos as I believe those to be irrelevant to the case. The cars may very well have some sort of artificial lock for the drivers, and in recent years, a higher ratio to make the drivers faster with an artificial lock or something. The point is that they no longer turn the wheel that much during a race, which is what we try to emulate.

Anyway thanks for playing!

PS - My friend Istvan loves Michael and I love Hamilton... so this year was quite exciting when they tangled. We hope to go to one of the US GP's next year.

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You didn't even give me a

You didn't even give me a chance to respond :) *I* am the one that posted the 2005 video - the comment you are replying to was not from me.

I will agree that in Alonso's video you posted, the wheel only turns 180 left, which is 360 total. There is also one of Vettel which shows the same. Other 2011 vids show more.

The moral of the story is that just as you can adjust the sensitivity of your wheel to your liking, F1 engineers can adjust the steering box ratios on modern F1 cars - the lock-to-lock rotation can also be adjusted, I am sure.

Additionally, we are looking at video's of three completely different chassis - Williams, Ferrari, and Red Bull - I am sure that they all have different characteristics.

The point of my original comment was to dispute someone calling out that 540 doesn't exist on an F1 car, when in fact it does and it was shown on a video. That's all :)

Oh sorry, that's my bad. He

Oh sorry, that's my bad. He just kind of picked up where we were. Yeah I agree everyone should try and race what they want and such. Trying to say that all cars do this or that is wrong. What is correct maybe is saying MOST might adhere to this or that.

Hi guys need some help! Just

Hi guys need some help! Just installed new firmware. When I first put it into bootloader it came up with 555?

When it finished it didn't centre itself it stcayed stuck at about 110 degrees to the left and would not move at all unless turned off. I centred it using the two red buttons when I switched it back on. I have the PC driver - how do you check the wheel calibration etc on the PC without a game? Fanatec told me you can but when I open the driver file there is nothing to use and nothing comes up on my PC?


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Make sure that you see the 1

Make sure that you see the 1 ring lite up on the xbox button before you let it go when entering into boot loader mode!center the wheel first! without holding the two red buttons, once you have it centered then press the two red buttons. I got stuck there also.

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Have you actually installed

Have you actually installed the drivers and switched the wheel to PC mode?

Yes drivers installed and

Yes drivers installed and switched to PC mode. Nothing comes up on screen. My firmware is all fine I just want t check calibration as can't on the Xbox. A feature TURN 10 should look at! Should a calibration screen appear on the PC?

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When you double click the

When you double click the Fanatec 'F' icon the Windows 'Game Controllers' box will open, the wheel should be listed. If it is then highlight the wheel and click 'Properties' and that will take you to the Fanatec driver interface.

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