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> After 721 update, Be sure to turn OFF your wheel when not in use!

After 721 update, Be sure to turn OFF your wheel when not in use!

There is a major bug with this firmware that nearly burnt out the motors on my wheel.

I updated this morning ran a few races in Forza 4 and then went to do some work on my computer. Wheel felt great after the update, really smooth force feedback.

After a few a minutes of the wheel being on and idle, I heard a strange loud 'thud' sound from the other room. I walked in there to the smell of hot/burnt electronics. My CSR Elite was cranked all the way to the left and was locked so hard I couldn't turn it. I turned it on and off and it failed to spin it's calibration start up but the fan came on. The air coming out of the vents was super hot and the burnt electric smell was really strong.

I thought my wheel was toast, but I let the fans run for a while until the air coming out finally cooled off. After turning on and off the wheel a couple times it seemed to come back and worked fairly normally.

I'm not sure how much damage has been done to the motors after cranking at full lock, but the FFB does seem weaker than before. I'm hoping this might improve after they cool down to a normal temp.. :/

Please post if you've had any similar issues.


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This is pretty interesting.

This is pretty interesting. When I leave my wheel and xbox on with FM4, sometimes it's more than an hour. I notice that the wheel will go back into standby mode and you'll have to put it in xbox mode again. But besides that I don't experience any of the other symptoms. When I get back to the wheel it'll be in the same position I left it and the fans will be on. I'm pretty curious to find out what in particular is creating this issue.

I have a feeling the issue

I have a feeling the issue is caused by the forza menus & 721b. The wheel is stiff in the menus which means both motors must be active... I figure the strain on the motors eventually leads to overheating of the motor so one gives up the ghost losing all power so the other then drags the wheel all the way to the left and keeps pulling, causing that one too to overheat. I have always had the fans on permanent so I don't think it's a massive hardware issue... It's just the firmware (or the game) causing it. After all the wheel is only doing what it is told!

Second update on Fanatec Support: My replacement wheel has arrived and I just need to return the dodgy one. All in all very good support and as efficient as it could be.

Ahh this is true. Makes much

Ahh this is true. Makes much sense.

To update on Fanatec

To update on Fanatec Support:
Wheel is being sent back but only after I have received my replacement. They are using UPS standard and I should receive it by the weekend. I must return my original wheel at my cost although at £18 I am not too upset.
Just thought that I should post something RE their support facilities.
Alot of the complaints made on forums don't conclude so it seems a little bleak.

I would love to hear the

I would love to hear the resolution for your problem, I have had a similar issue appear with my csr e although I have always been careful to power down when not using it and haven't had the 'full lock left' symptom but am experiencing serious reduction in FFb strength and an acrid smell of rubber after about 15 mins use.
I always have fans set to 'on' and have started a support ticket...

I'm just worried about the poor little thing... I was running 721b and this happened not long after the update, I hope she's not cooked.

This is more than an

This is more than an isolated incident. Mine did the exact same thing. Went to do something else and when I returned the wheel was full lock left and a slight smell of hot electronics coming from the unit that was hot and the fan wasn't running. Turned it off and back on again and the wheel calibrated ok and the fan came on. Let it cool for around 20 minutes and restarted Forza 4. Everything seems normal.


Sounds worryingly similar...

Sounds worryingly similar... Have you used it much since? I found that mine works perfectly for 15mins then the force feedback degrades really rather quickly to a point where it is really weak, on par with my old microsoft wheel so not really playable to be honest.
Has anyone had this issue resolved by fanatec? If so how?

Played for a little over an

Played for a little over an hour after it happened and all seemed normal.

Looks like I'm just unlucky

Looks like I'm just unlucky then!
Cheers for the response btw, any info is greatly appreciated as fanatec support have gone worryingly quiet for the last 5 days.

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I never usually turn off my

I never usually turn off my Xbox with the wheel button, I did yesterday and when I did the wheel turned very quickly to full left lock... luckily I was there to power it down immediately.

Flip your wheel upside down

Flip your wheel upside down and take the 4 small screws out that hold the plastic back plate in place. Remove the back plate from the rest of the wheel frame. There are 2 similar screws holding the circuit board, remove them and slowly lift the circuit board out and inspect all the wiring.

Fanatec really packed the wiring tightly against the circuit board. You will notics that the main harness or bunch of wires are zip tied to a plastic post. I found that this harness was so close to the board that it made a trail, and was impinging on a grouping of coils! In addition this same harness goes from the board to the wheel, and to protect the wires from rubbing the axial they fitted a loose plastic sleeve to them. Make sure that sleeve isnt anywhere near the circuit board.

Well thats all I can think of currently, and dont worry about taking off the backplate it doesnt actaully hold anything in. Best Of Luck

Thanks for the

Thanks for the response,
Just double checked the loom casing etc but it all seems to be in the right place, I was asked to dissemble it partially by fanatec support and it does seem (at least to me) to be one of the motors causing the smell and that would explain the gradual loss of FFB. I must say I have found the support to be very good thus far in my case.

Of course without proper

Of course without proper QAing with a large sample size you can never be 'sure' of any bug. It could just be a random hardware problem, but I've left the wheel on for hours on the previous firmware version without incident.

I've been in video game development for 15+ years, and that might contribute to my being confident in guessing hardware vs software bugs, but this one definitely seemed to only pop up after the firmware update.

I'd suggest users be on the safe side for now and simply turn off the wheel when not in use and not risk damage to the motors and belts.

When it happen to me it was

When it happen to me it was after the update and it had never happen before that, I had left the wheel on and connect many times before that.

Had the same problem, left

Had the same problem, left the wheel on and went to do something else (was gone for about 15 minutes) when I returned the wheel had turned all the way to left lock and I couldn't move it. Didn't smell any burning.

I was playing F1 2011 on xbox, I noticed that it had also disconnect from the xbox so I pushed the xbox button to reconnect and the wheel rotated back to center as soon as it connect. when I started playing again there seem to be less FFB.

When I started it the next day FFB was back as strong as it was before it happen. It hasn't happen again, but I haven't left it on any more.

Don't have any answers, but if it happens to you again maybe you should push the xbox button before you turn the wheel off, hopefully Fanantec will have a fix soon

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How can you be sure that

How can you be sure that this is a firmware bug and not an isolated hardware issue? I have left mine on for a few hours since I updated from 720 to 721b and it has done nothing untoward (yet). I would contact support if I were you.

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