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> Disassembling CSR wheel rim

Disassembling CSR wheel rim

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First of all this is my first post here so hello all.

I wish to trim the black plastic of the rim in leather but in order to do this i want to take it apart. On first inspection I thought the top piece and the two smaller pieces at 4 and 8 were separate. Took some of the screws out and looks like its all one piece. Can anyone confirm this. If so does it come off easily without ruining the alcantara or where the rubber is moulded onto the ally centre?

If anyone has any pics of it apart I would be grateful.


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so far, I have tried to open

so far, I have tried to open the top part of the rims and I realise the cheap black plastic seems to be the center peice of the hole rim. I have'nt tried further when I realise that. probably the same as you did.I have found some alcantara tissu in Marseille(france) the guy sended me a free sample and it was perfect. but did not started the cover yet.I'm affraid to put any glue on it and then regret it. :S Plus I have some problem with my csr.there is a squeeking sound when rotating the wheel and fanatec does not seems to help on that. its been 3 week and two attempt to have feedback and still nothing from them. grrr

i have the same issue on

i have the same issue on mine but it only does it 1 time in like 2-3 hours and not loud at all but it still annoys me

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