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> Community test for Clubsport Wheel: Round 1 - UPDATE 2

Community test for Clubsport Wheel: Round 1 - UPDATE 2

The pre-production of the ClubSport Wheel (CSW) is about to start and we are looking for testers from the simracing community to give this wheel a decent workout. I am talking about the CSW base the BMW GT rim and the Formula rim.

Due to the big suceess of the CSR E community review I would like to do that again because the results are totally unbiased and professional reviews directly made by the people who know most about the product because they are the target group.


I would like to have as little influence as possible about the selection of testers so in round 1 we will look for community test managers (ctm).


The task of the ctm will be to open a thread in your community and ask who wants to participate in the community review of the CSW. The ctm will then pick 10 people which he thinks are most qualified. Reviewers of the CSR E cannot participate as reviewers this time but as crm.


The ctm will create another thread with poll so that the community can choose their favourite reviewers. We will provide one wheel per community. In some cases maybe more.


About 2 weeks after the last reviewers have received their products, the embargo will end and all reviews can be published.


More details will follow so let's start with ROUND 1:

Below is a selection of international simracing communities. If you are part of one (or more) of those communities and would like to become a community test manager you just need to post the following information:

  1. Name and link to the community of choice (you can make multiple posts if you want to apply for multiple communities)
  2. Member since:
  3. Amount of posts in this community:
  4. Link to a previous review or to a good post you made to show your qualification
  5. One short sentence to describe your qualification

If the community of choice is not listed you are welcome to suggest it but the following criteria is preferred: 

  • Playstation 3 or PC related
  • Active and popular forum 
  • F1 or BMW related

Here is a selection of forums which would be great to get covered.

As compensation for your efforts you also get a CSW with the 50% discount of the reviewers. You are welcome to make a review as well although this is not mandatory.

German,com_fireboard/Itemid,99/lang... ->








As soon as a ctm is selected, I will list the name of the user behind the link so that you know that this forum is no longer available.


The more forums you can cover as a ctm the higher your chances to be selected. Please edit your posts or feel free to make multiple posts if you are active in several forums!


Replies - Comments

Hallo Thomas, wäre auch

Hallo Thomas,

wäre auch gerne bereit, für Euch das neue Wheel zu testen. Meine Daten:

1.: Virtual Racing e.V.;

2.: Mitglied seit 11.11.2004

3.: 394 Beiträge

4.: Mein Bericht im Rückspiegel über das Frex Simwheel 1.0

5.: Ich fahre seit Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix II mit verschiedener Hardware.
Dazu gehören unter anderem: Microsoft SideWinder FFB Wheel,Logitech Momo Force (rot), Frex SimWheel 1.0. Mein Rig habe ich selbst entworfen und gebaut:
Zu den von mir bis heute gefahrenen Rennsimulationen gehören: Grand Prix II, III und IV, Grand Prix Legends,Nascar Racing 2003, GT Legends, GTR1, GTR2, rFactor, rFactor 2 und pCars.


Sascha Stammel

;-) Sorry Doppelpost

;-) Sorry Doppelpost

OMG Thomas you've tried

OMG Thomas you've tried asseto corsa racing, lucky guy:

How was it, were you impressed ? :p

Oh and while I'm at off topic, have you ever thought about a wheel moving back and forth for speed FFB ? (I mean on braking / accelerating) Was thinking about that yesterday (and what about a FFB chair with the back also going back and forth on accel/brake ?)

schoene virale werbung fuer die fanatec wheels hier ;)

Thomas, where can we

Thomas, where can we download FW 722 from?

Toykilla's picture

Habe mich grade auch schon

Habe mich grade auch schon gefragt was los ist.Ich dachte am 15.02. der Communitytest stände kurz bevor.Jetzt ist schon ein Monat vergangen und hier hat sich nichts mehr getan.

Sehr geehrtes

Sehr geehrtes Fanatec-Team,

gibt es eine ungefähre zeitliche Planung für den Community Test des CSWs? Ich frage deshalb, weil wir bei diese Sache (falls wir teilnehmen könnten) ernst nehmen und eine entsprechende Planung bei uns für notwendig halten würden. Da wir aktuell intern die kommenden Wochen und Monate planen, wollte ich kurz nachfragen, um ein Gefühl für die relevanten Zeiträume zu bekommen.

Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen!


Revan's picture

So langsam würde ich mich

So langsam würde ich mich auch über neue Infos freuen, die Ankündigung ist ja jetzt schon mehr als einen Monat alt.

Please, WHEN do yo mind I

Please, WHEN do yo mind I can have CSW base with the BMW GT rim ?

Hi Thomas, I'd like you to

Hi Thomas,

I'd like you to consider adding this community:

It's the biggest F1 2011 league on all three platforms, with over 25 F1 2011 leagues and several GT5, Forza, and DIRT 3 leagues. It's a very active community/forum with 2417 members, 708 of which are active members, it's also a very diverse community with members from many different countries.

I think our members would be perfect to put the CSW with the Formula Rim through its paces. My number of posts there is 639, I am a member since April 2011 and I am part of the coordinating team at the site so I would be happy to be the ctm for this community.

I am a very dedicated and passionate simracer, and I'll put a great effort in finding the testers and organizing everything for you. My setup consists of a Fanatec GT2, Clubsport pedals, and Speedmaster v2 racing seat. I mostly race in a league and online on F1 2011. I haven't done a review yet but here's a link to my blog on our website

I appreciate the opportunity

Thank you,


I was looking in the thread

I was looking in the thread of the CSR Elite community reviews, to see which press reviews was available, unfortunately it still says that there is no press reviews even after a couple of months and 7 updates to the thread.

The community reviews are very good, even if its pre-release products or beta products as the critics would say.

Does nobody famous want to test this wheel, or are Fanatec only looking forward to the CSW now, and have already forgotten about the CSR Elite wheel - or is Fanatec only interested in what the hardcore community thinks ?
Personally i believe that the community testers could potentially be fanboys and a bit biased, because they are eager to get any new toy in there hands, especially when they get a rebate for doing the review.

I would like to see a few press reviews by f.x. ISR, Toms Hardware guide or somebody else respected, which is a professional reviewer - could also be an international magazine or something.

I have read all the community reivews except for some of the members only pages. But i would like to see some professional reviewers oppinion before making my own decision/purchase.

Like many I also watch all the ISR shows and i am really sad that they can not review this product and maybe not even future fanatec products. I think they would give it a fair review, but i understand why Fanatec maybe don't dare to take the chance. Most of the hardcore guys have bought the product already and also they don't probably care if one review is average/less than perfect if the whole community praises the product. So i hope still to see reviews at ISR in the future, even if there is a change the judgement will be harder than by the community.

Now soon there will be community reviews of CSW and again i will be in a dilemma: Should i drop playing Forza4 and buy the CSW immediately when possible and maybe risk being early adapter for that one, or has a few minor glitches been fixed with the CSR Elite since the community reviews and i should go buy this wheel in a maybe updated final revision based on the community/beta tests - then i could still play FM4.

I can't wait to find out what the community guys says when comparing the two wheels, to know if its worth sacrificing Xbox360 support. Hopefully you could have your fellow german from Tom's Hardware Guide test both and tell which one to buy, even if he/they are not wheel experts.


Why would anyone care what

Why would anyone care what Inside iRacing TV thinks? They've proven themselves untrustworthy and completely biased. Tom's Hardware? What do they know about sim racing?

I'd rather read reviews from people in the actual community that know what they're talking about as opposed to some guy who took a journalism course.

I don't want a gamespot or IGN review of a $540 wheel done by a guy who races with a gamepad in third person view and all assists on. Someone who dreams about EA's next Need for Speed. No thanks!

Also remember that scrapping Xbox 360 support means scrapping XID FFB support which may mean you won't have an awesome wheel for the neXtBOX when it releases.

I do appreciate the

I do appreciate the community reviews, and have read all of the ones i had access to. I agree their oppinions are more worth what any press would say.

We don't disagree on that, the only concern that some might have is the big smile that everybody of us have when getting a new toy - maybe some of us could be too exited when we get a new toy, and that could maybe get reviewers to ignore some small problems and make the product look a bit too perfect.

If f.x. Toms Hardware Guide or some other press would test the wheel, maybe they would take a less ecstatic approuch in testing the product. For them maybe when it came at their door they would think - just another wheel. But when they review it, it could be interesting how surprised they would be if they were expecting something like an improved Driving Force GT or G27.
Hopefully they will very surprised, but at the same time have a few minor complaints, which all the hardcore guys did not notice because they focussed more on FFB motors than f.x. the materials, the manual or something else.

In my oppinion i think we need both community reviews (where some undoubtly will be fanboys) and press reviews. I actually do believe Thomas is with me on this area, why else make the press section in the review thread of CSR Elite. Could also be that he does not find it nescesary anymore - or it could be that Fanatec see CSR Elite as a "old product", and is only looking ahead for the next wheel release.

Maybe i am the only one here looking forward to a press release, but i am pretty sure that many other people will - and just because they don't read a lot of forums etc. - some of them will be willing to pay 500+ for a wheel if their repected press magazine/website tell that this wheel is the best they ever tried and worth every penny even if its costing as much as a couple of consoles etc.

Some of the community video reviews hinted that a part 2 or part 3 would come soon of the CSR Elite - what are they waiting for ? New firmware to fix issues, new rim for the base ? or are they guys also only looking forward to the next wheel (CSW) ?

They're too busy winning

They're too busy winning races with the CSRE to do part 2 or 3.

GrimeyDog's picture

+100 Its all about what the

+100 Its all about what the people who are true sim racers pc/console it doesnt matter. We khow what we want and are looking for from a wheel. Some one thats not a serious racer wouldnt know a good wheel if it hit them on the head. Well said P.

Thanks Grimey, guess what? I

Thanks Grimey, guess what? I have rFactor 2. Want to go for a couple races? It's so awesome and runs great (so far) on my Radeon 4870 :)

Wie sieht es denn mit den

Wie sieht es denn mit den feinen FFB Effekten bei dem CSR E oder dem CSW aus? Werden die immer noch verschluckt wie bei dem GT3 oder ist da was dran geändert worden wenn man es mit anderen Wheels vergleicht?

GrimeyDog's picture

Off topic but What happend

Off topic but What happend to the club Sport peddles and the CSP tuning kit??? its not on the web site any more whats going on any 1 know? they haven't been up there for a few months. I need a set of peddles for my gt2 wheel. Did they stop making them?

Hi Thomas, ich nochmal -

Hi Thomas,
ich nochmal - leider ist es mir neben meinem Beruf, Grafiker und DSTM Admin bei SRD e.V. nicht möglich in anderen Foren unterwegs zu sein, jedenfalls nicht sehr aktiv. Da jedes Wochenende bei uns Rennen stattfinden die Live via Net gezeigt werden, muß das stehen. UND ... wenn ein Feedback zu Hardware kommen soll, vielleicht ja auch bald von FANATEC, dann muss man(n) auch ab und zu fahren ;-).

Hoffe also, das es nicht ausschließich Jungs sind die in 10 Foren wie irre posten aber selten fahen.

keep simracing

Michael Herrmann's picture

Ich glaube Thomas hat bisher

Ich glaube Thomas hat bisher immer eine gute Auswahl getroffen gehabt . Er ist ja selbst viel in Foren unterwegs und kennt ja dadurch schon einige User. Außerdem sind ja auch ein paar Auflagen mit dem Test verbunden und daher werden bestimmt keine "Blender " zum zuge kommen.

GrimeyDog's picture

Off topic But this wheel is

Off topic But this wheel is sooo Good i know I shouldn't say it But You can even play PGR4 with this wheel and it feels Kick ASS!!! I mean If you learn the tracks on PGR4 you would be supa man with this wheel

steve30x's picture

How do you know this? I

How do you know this? I thought this wheel was PS3 and PC only.

He's talking about the Elite

He's talking about the Elite wheel.

steve30x's picture

oh right. I read it as "i

oh right. I read it as "i know I shouldn't say it" As in he has the CSW and shouldn't talk about it yet but he is saying he shouldnt tal;k about the CSR E?

He's saying he shouldn't be

He's saying he shouldn't be talking about PGR4, but I love the PGR series. I platinumed 2 and 3.

GrimeyDog's picture

Have you tried PGR4 with the

Have you tried PGR4 with the CSR-E yet?

Yeah I did try it, but not

Yeah I did try it, but not for too long because it will ruin you for sim racing, lol. With the buttkicker turned up the PGR4 crashes will make you wince, the crash sound and breaking glass is the best of any racer!

I even played a few online races, there are still people online playing it!

steve30x's picture

I dont have a Fanatec wheel

I dont have a Fanatec wheel yet. I will be trransfering money to Paypal on thursday from my bank to buy a CSR and will order the wheel as soon as the money is in paypal.

Are you a new Pay Pal

Are you a new Pay Pal member? Normally you don't have to do that. It automatically takes it from my bank account.

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