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> Pricing of ClubSport Wheel series

Pricing of ClubSport Wheel series

As we are getting the final manufacturing cost I can confirm the final pricing of the ClubSport Wheel series.

Prices are as usual in Euro with VAT included and in USD without sales tax.

ClubSport Wheel Base: 449,95

BMW GT2 rim: 249,95

Formula rim: 179,95

This is just the beginning so there will be much more rims coming up at a lower and higher price. Pricing for Japan, Australia and Canada will be announced at a later date.

We are considering to fly in some wheels so this would increase cost a bit but we need to get final quotations for airfreight first.




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Will there be a conversion

Will there be a conversion kit for the forza branded csr elite so we can use the new rims?

No, but there will be CSR

No, but there will be CSR Elite specific rims coming. Like the GT2 and Formula rims.

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Thomas, when you speak of

Thomas, when you speak of Canadian pricing, does that mean you will be shipping them from Canada now as you had suggested prior to Christmas? Also, Simulation 1 Systems here in Canada is selling your whole spectrum of products on their site A. Are you aware of this? and B.If so, is this something you will be doing in other nations as well? Keep up the fabulous work and BTW your Customer Service is top-notch Thomas, outstanding!

Hi Can I make one


Can I make one suggestion? Is it possible to put the CSR and CSR elite wheels in a bundle with the clubsports pedals?
I’m very interested in buying the CSR elite but I see that the clubsports pedals are not included.
One other question is what the other guy said.
Are they being shipped from China or Germany?
Cause if from China, we have to pay tax again as we receive them..

Australian prices. Thomas,

Australian prices. Thomas, when do you think pricing for the CSW for Australia will be announced? What will shipping be?

Same, I want to know the AU

Same, I want to know the AU prices so I know how much I need to start saving; remember the AU$ is a bit stronger than the US$ so it should be the same price before Tax and Shipping ;)

never paid the same with the

never paid the same with the aussie dollar or not so woudnt expect the same as usa price.... until we get a fanatec shop dwn this way...

Australian pricing. Not

Australian pricing. Not long (hopefully) till pre-orders for the CSW and still no Aussie pricing :-(

Yes, AU prices please (CSW

Yes, AU prices please (CSW and CSPv2)! I need to start to soften up the Minister of Finance (a.k.a. wife) to get this through the budget and I have to know just how much softening is going to be required.

Just about over it...

Just about over it...

With a delay like this, I'm

With a delay like this, I'm assuming the news won't be good.

The first we will hear about

The first we will hear about it is when we see the price on the web store and it won't be a nice surprise...

Thomas you mentioned about

Thomas you mentioned about focus earlier (which i think makes sense).

Does this mean that the Clubsport Wheel be your next main product for release and only after that the CSR-Elite rims, Clubsport Shifter, Handbrake and new pedals etc will be released? Any rough idea about the sequence of these products?

Asking so I need to know how many times per day/week i need to visit your blog to know when I can order Elite Rims, CSS, handbrake and potentially new pedals.

I understand if you don't want to give any specifics, but a hint of the sequence would be nice to know.


These are our current

These are our current priorities:

  1. CSW with rims
  2. CSP V2
  3. CSS
  4. CSR E FORMULA rim
  5. CS HB

and more ;)

With the new website we will offer a notification service for new releases. 

CSS is only priority #3? I'm

CSS is only priority #3? I'm sorry, but I don't know if I can put up with the plastic crap shifter until then. May have to buy a TM shifter now :(

It concerns me that CSPV2 are that high a priority when top quality build pedals are already available, but nothing other than cheap entry level shifters to choose from.

- Something is missing in thi


starts with S, then D, then K

This is Arlésienne of Fanatec :(

Maybe one day users can make plugins to make their brake pedal vibrate on brake lock in their favorite games, and their LCD display speed, remaining laps, gear.

I still have hope for it :D

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I might hold out for the

I might hold out for the Club Sport Pedals V2> I will use my G25 pedals until then. I also want that handbrake.

I wonder would it be possible to have the ABS vibration work in the pedals only through a firmware upgrade? Also is there any way to put a thin transparent coloured film over the LCD display on the CSR Elite? My eyes dont like the blue colour of LCD or LEDs.

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was ein Jahr :-) hoffe wir

was ein Jahr :-) hoffe wir bekommen das alles spätestens auf der GC zu sehen.

Thanks Thomas Much to look

Thanks Thomas

Much to look forward to! For me prio 1 would be a GT/Sports car style rim for the CSR-E so hoping that will make it into the priority list :)

Personal priority list:
1. CSR-E GT rim
2. CSS
3. CS HB
4. CSP V2 (I have CSP's and love them, would really like the brake damper though!)

Cheers and happy easter!

CSW rim wall mount

CSW rim wall mount <-- that's the more that probably comes after the handbrake.

Thomas, what is the ETA of the new website?'s picture

Nice to see, CSP V2 is next

Nice to see, CSP V2 is next :-)

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I would'nt take that pricing

I would'nt take that pricing as set in stone. After all the CSR Elite was supposed to be €499 and it then turned out to be more. Thomas said the price hike was temporary but its still not gone down to €499.

I would love to buy a CSR Elite but the method I use to buy hardware online restricts me to €500 a time. I use an online Visa / Debit card thing. My bank wont allow me to transfer money to paypal so that is out of the question. I dont have a credit or debit card. So I hope the CSR Elite goes to a slightly lower than €500 even if its temporary for a month.

Thomas said that a price

Thomas said that a price drop will not happen before summer because the wheels are still fly in by ups...
and btw, if you have a 500 euro limit, you will never get this wheel because there will be 8 euro or so delivery cost so you will always come over 500 euro...

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Thats not true the site says

Thats not true the site says 539.95EUR (There is no extra delivery charge to Ireland)
incl. VAT plus shipment If it went down to around €490 I could easily buy the wheel. I would also order the CSR Elite Pedals and Clubsport table clamp which I will need until I buy a cockpit. So until the price is right I will have to just buy the standard CSR wheel

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I gave away my Xbox 360 to

I gave away my Xbox 360 to my sister on friday so a CSW is better for me anyway. I only have a PC and PS3 now. The rims that are done so far dont appeal to me. The buttons on the GT2 rim are too far away from my thumbs by the looks of it and I dont like the F1 rim.

nice! when can i pre-order

nice! when can i pre-order all three. I guess its the same question on everybodys mind right now.

if we can pre order all three along with the shifter and the v2 pedals that would be awesome.

Excellent! When can I give

Excellent! When can I give you my money, Thomas?

Jim Eagan
Team Kamikaze

Wauw, excellent prices..

Wauw, excellent prices.. About 400 Euros BELOW my own guess for wheel and bmw rim.

Good day. What is the

Good day.

What is the release date for the base and the wheel of BMW gt2 FANATEC clubsport?


DT sorry. storming here.

DT sorry. storming here.

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