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> What rim do you want?

What rim do you want?

Let's talk about future wheel rims for the ClubSport wheel.

We are currently working on four rims of which two of them have been announced already. I would like to encourage you to let me know what rims you like most and what functions they should have like

  • Amount of buttons
  • Amount of shifter paddles (analog and/or buttons)
  • Material of rim
  • Material and colours of the inner rim
  • Diameter
  • Weight
  • Target price
  • ?

Just let me know whatever you think might be helpful. We have almost no technical limitation on the ClubSport Base.

These are the rims which are currently under development or in planning phase:

  • BMW GT2
  • Classic (wood)
  • Classic F1
  • F1 licensed
  • F1 generic
  • LMP1
  • Drift
  • Rallye
  • Porsche GT
  • Simrace special (not realistic but optimized for performance)

Please note that the order does not indicate any priorities. It can take several years until all rims will be ready for production.

For the CSR Elite wheel we will introduce the Formula rim for sure and depending on the success of this add-on we will release a GT rim as well. The electronics of the CSR Elite wheel are limited so we cannot have a proper quick release, rev light indicators, analog joystick, encoder switches or the same amount of buttons like on the CSW rims. The CSR E rims have to follow exactly the same specs as the original wheel.

So please let me know what you want and we will do our best to deliver those rims in the next years.

PS: We will not make adapters to connect other wheel rims as this brings too many technical problems and issues with warranty and safety.


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If the 10 planned rims come

If the 10 planned rims come out with that pace, we will see the last be released in 2020?? I think more than a year after release of CSW we should see some new rims? not?? It's so quiet.... :-(

How about just a regular

How about just a regular road car wheel? Just look at an M3 or an STi or something and model something like that.

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Wünsche mir auch ein GT rim

Wünsche mir auch ein GT rim für das CSR Elite, mit einer deutlich besseren Qualität als das Forza rim.
und das BITTE nicht in den nächsten Jahren!
Sonst hat sich das Forza Wheel Rim (csr elite) aufgelöst ;)

Nice list off wheel rims

Nice list off wheel rims but wud be nice if Thomas can put behind each rim the ETWR (expected time when ready) and move the F1 Licensed tothe 1st place think with me lots of iracing and R2 factor members will want this desparate

bonjours thomas ,il faudrait

bonjours thomas ,il faudrait un volant F1 pour le support csr élite ,merci

Un volant type F1 pour le

Un volant type F1 pour le CSR élite ou un volant celui de la Peugeot 908 HDI

Freut mich zu hören, dass

Freut mich zu hören, dass eine F1-Version des CSR Elite in Planung ist. Über den Zusatz "in den nächsten Jahren" wird meine Euphorie allerdings etwas gebremst.

Also, die F1-Felge klar vor dem GT, das sehen auch viele Leute in meiner F1-Liga so ... ;)

The rubber coating is

The rubber coating is chipping away AGAIN, making my CSR Elite rim look bargain basement. We seriously need a GT rim worthy of the base sooner than later!

Rubber rim real let down The

Rubber rim real let down

The Elite really should have had a leather rim (as on the PWTS) from day one.

As it doesn't even look certain we'll ever get a 'proper' leather rim instead of that awful Alcantara/rubber concoction, I've just bought some leather with a view to recovering it myself. First time I've ever tried any leather work, so I'll let you know how I get on.

One comment/request for CSHB and CS Shifter: PLEASE can we have something other than that awful Orange colour used on the Elite 'heatsinks'? I've resprayed mine using some Porsche Guards Red paint that I had for my road car, and it looks infinitely better (and now does look like the advertising pictures!).

Same with mine! Thomas, the

Same with mine! Thomas, the majority wants a GT rim for the Elite so bad, so please dont hesitate.

I agree, desperate for a GT

I agree, desperate for a GT rim for the CSR-Elite!

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Or maybe they need to a V2

Or maybe they need to a V2 CSR and CSR elite with better material on the rim.

They do, but they also need

They do, but they also need to address the need for a better GT rim for current owners.

CSR rim is most likely OK as

CSR rim is most likely OK as it mostly shiny plastic... The Elite has the much better looking but not so durable rubber coating which peels of / grinds down during heavy use.

A v2 rim for the Elite would be a good idea, I think the best solution would be by removing/discontinuing the stock rim and bundling it with a new GT rim instead with a FM4 logo (removable/replaceable) to keep T10 / MS happy. Maybe bumping the price up by 50€ or so for the more premium rim materials.

Just don't put that FM logo

Just don't put that FM logo on the Stand-alone GT rim for the CSR Elite, Thomas!
Licensed please :)

Has anyone mentioned

Has anyone mentioned motorbike handle bars? Just a thought :D

That is indeed a cool idea.

That is indeed a cool idea. But autocalibration at the beginning would be dangerous. And we would need matching pedals to change gear and brake.

I also have already thought

I also have already thought about a bike "wheel". But things are a bit more complicated than with cars, as with bikes at very low speed you turn the handlebar to the same side you want to turn but it reverts past a given speed, the speed past which you turn by leaning the bike. As to lean it to one side (to turn to this side) you have to turn the handlebar to the opposite.

Now, this is more a problem related to the games' code.

But I also already told it here, I would also love to have a ffb wheel for bikes + the appropriate set of pedals. Now this may require a dedicated base imo, if you want to do it well. As front suspension is important for bikes, thus you may want ffb for it (so ffb in the Z axis).

But would publishers let developpers spend time into coding ffb for that kind of product ? I'm not sure. Esp. since bike games (moreover bike simulations) are even more a niche market than car games/sim, and the base of players who would use a ffb wheel would be very limited I guess.

This I suppose is one of the

This I suppose is one of the main reasons its never really been done, theres so much more to riding a bike than the handle bars.

I remember using the bike sims in Arcades with bike you could sit on and lean, its just not something that lends itself to having in your home.

Theres the saftey aspect also like you mentioned Thomas plus the extra controls for the pedals.

(for the lean my idea would be to have two analogue pedals for leaning left and right, maybe reverse so you control with your heals(edit, forgot about leaning forward/back and tucking down, not sure on that)...then the only problem would be gears...think they could just go on the bars, or some large foot buttons as part of the pedal system).

Many reasons I guess why it would be problematic....but it would be cool.

With the right design and pricing I would buy one, especially if its an addon to a sim wheel, if it were standalone then probably not. Who knows if you make the hardware then Sim Bike Racing may just take off...risky.

Ok sorry I've derailed enough...looking forward to getting my hands on one of the wheels eventually.

Yeah it also reminded me

Yeah it also reminded me those Arcades machines. And speaking about that, and as Thomas re-talked about a Fanatec cockpit a few days ago, it made me thinking it wouldn't be that hard / expensive to build a leanable bike cockpit. Structure complexity would be similar to a cockpit for car racing.

We could imagine a bar mounted on 2 T pods (+ 45° reinforcement tubes and a longitudinal one linking the 2 T pods) with ball bearing at each extremity and you have your base for an affordable leanable bike cockpit. Add a seat, brake and gear pedals at the bottom, and an electric motor with a belt to control the leaning (or better, 2 smaller motors with rolling-up cables) and basically you got it xD

Still, there are 2 problems:

- the fact you need a market for it, and there are already less bike sims than car sims and developpers would have to code their games to control this cockpit. But even an arcade game like TDU2 has been patched to control motion cockpits, so why not bike games too ? Developpers could also just provide a telemetry API so that the code to control the bike cockpit can be made by Fanatec or by users, as they may be able to do soon with the LCD / vibrating brake pedal API (that was made for iRacing already).

- the second problem is the lack of centrifugal force. This force not only prevents real bikes from falling when leaning but also applies to the pilot itself. With a bike cockpit the electrical engine could simulate the effect of centrifugal force for the bike but the player would suffer gravity when leaning. Now we can imagine a workaround by attaching the player. For example with a vertical plate at the back of the player (which could be articulated if you want to let the player lean forward/backward. Info which btw could be sent back to the game as it influences braking efficiency).

The Arcades machines I remember playing with were not using ffb controlled leaning. There was a standard leaning resistance and that was all. So you had to make the leaning yourself using your legs, with your feet being on the ground on each side. But the real fun from a bike cockpit would come from having your feet off the ground, on the pedals attached to the bike cockpit, and the leaning controlled by the games depending on what is done by the player with the handlebar and gaz/brakes.

as much as I wouldn't buy

as much as I wouldn't buy one, that would be cool, it would be a niche but it would corner the market, NO ONE is making motor bike handle bars, maybe with a thing to angle the mount nice and steep

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That is an awesome list of

That is an awesome list of wheel rims I think the Nascar Rim will be a big Hit for the iRacing Community. Me I like the idea of the classic wood rim but probably will end up owning all of them. So do I get a ride on your new Yacht Thomas?

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Off topic... But I think

Off topic... But I think this should be Told!!! I want to thank Fanatec! I had a issue with my wheel rim and it was RESOLVED in ONE (1) WEEK!!! I sent a Email in on sunday the response came back monday!!! and in 1 week to the Day I have a NEW RIM!!! Thank you!!! With all the Horror Story's about their products and customer support I am Happy to be able to say that they are 100% customer satisfaction with me and I am sure they will work hard to resolve any issues that you may encounter also. 100% product rating, 100% customer support, Great Job thank you again. I am a very satisfied Customer 100% customer loyalty.

Agree!!! Nothing but

Agree!!! Nothing but positive contact with customer service, Johannes and Armin are doing a great job. :)

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I hope all future rims are

I hope all future rims are better quality than this

I hope that all future

I hope that all future customers treat their products more reasonable than this guy.

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I have a CSR-E and when I

I have a CSR-E and when I saw that I was shocked! when I got home I sort of tested it (wasn't about to wreck my wheel), even grabbed it higher up on the wheel for better leverage, the wheel stand moved before the rim flexed like that. I am not a weak man and I would have to put some serious torque on this wheel to get it to do that. IMO that is abuse not a flimsy wheel rim.

For what this wheel is "made for" (sim racing, not the worlds strongest man competition)it is more than least it has been for me.

Maybe he insisted too much,

Maybe he insisted too much, that's true. Still, the video still shows unwanted rim flexibility imho.

I cannot blend rims of real cars like that, neither can I blend the rim of my gt3rsv1. Rim + axis will move if I apply the same movement as on the video (which is something I would not like to see possible on such a highend wheel as the CSW. And same about the "ball bearing" video answer), but the rim itself will not blend at all.

can you puree them?

can you puree them?

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