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> Community test for ClubSport Wheel: Round 3

Community test for ClubSport Wheel: Round 3

We finally started ROUND 3 with the polls to select the community testers.Thank you very much for the great interest and participation in not less than 32 simracing forums of many counties.

This is probably the biggest community review ever made for simracing hardware and I would like to thank everybody for the application and the efforts they already made to introduce themselves. I am also very happy about the choice we made with the CTMs as they are doing a superb job.

Sean will update a list to the threads here so you can have quick access to all the ongoing polls.

CTM: Adam Flockton
Forum: Codemasters forums
Winner: Goose83

CTM: Christiaan van Beilen
Forum: GTPlanet forums
Winner: Mayaman

CTM: Sean Cebron
Forum: forums
Winner: Intimidat3er421

CTM: Brent Bundy
Forum: iRacing
Winners: Todd Bettenhausen, Steve Claeys, Ryan Terpstra

CTM: Yeison Peralta
Forum: Apex Racing League
Winner: AC_Simps

CTM: Jon Wethen
Forum: North American Grand Prix
Winner: Ezza

CTM: Christophe Godek
Forum: RacingFR
Winner: AvereLL

CTM: Sebastian Keijmel
Link: CLICK 

CTM: Michael Herrmann 
Forum: KonsolenRacer
Winner: Fong74

CTM: Daniel Schumacher
Winner: Mike Voigt

CTM: Astrid Winter
Forum: Bockbierbude
Winner: BladeRunner74

CTM: Marcel Kleene
Link: CLICK 
Winner: sirschmock

CTM: Zac Burke
Forum: ApexSpeed
Link: CLICK 
Winner: Keith Carter

CTM: Remco van Dijk 
Forum: NoGripRacing
Winner: zilk1221
Forum: WMD (Project CARS)
Winner: chrisracer

CTM: Nicola Trivilino
Winner: Schummy1

CTM: Steven Ciofalo
Forum: ISI Forums
John Crichton

CTM: Ceth (also known as Neelrocker and Madcat)
Winner: gus84
Winner: little 
Winner: kpla46

CTM: Radek Żukowski 
Forum: SimRacing PL
Winner: LesiU

CTM: Peer Dorn
Winner: Rudi Raser

CTM: Kevin Orthey
Winner: Henning Piez
Winner: Daniel A.

CTM: Michael Haidorf
Forum: Simracing Deutschland e.V.
Winner: Guenter Wirges
Winner: Mauritio Mellies

CTM: Stefan Kremer 
Forum: Eutechnyx forums
Winner: Flanna

CTM: Alexander Prus (thepatriots)
Forum: US PlayStation Boards
Winner: Choate51

CTM: Darren Blythe 
Forum: SimHQ
Winner: F19_CoNa

CTM: Gianni Longhin
Winner: ale85

CTM: Jani Grundström
Winner: OdeFinn

CTM: Iñigo Roger Chalmeta

CTM: Roger Billings
Link: CLICK 

Winners: Seahawks1Fan, GoCart Death, mikemav

CTM: Luke Longnecker
Forum: NeoGAF
Winner: Yoritomo


On several forums we had more then 10 applications so the CTMs have chosen 10 finalists without our influence. We think that this is the best way to choose an objective tester which is as unbiased and independent as possible. If you still think that we can improve something, please let me know.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish everybody a happy Easter!

Happy egg hunt on my blog Wink






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The only community which

The only community which still misses is NeoGAF...
The votes will be ended on Wednesday...

GrimeyDog's picture

Off topic... But I think

Off topic... But I think this should be Told!!! I want to thank Fanatec! I had a issue with my wheel rim and it was RESOLVED in ONE (1) WEEK!!! I sent a Email in on sunday the response came back monday!!! and in 1 week to the Day I have a NEW RIM!!! Thank you!!! With all the Horror Story's about their products and customer support I am Happy to be able to say that they are 100% customer satisfaction with me and I am sure they will work hard to resolve any issues that you may encounter also. 100% product rating, 100% customer support, Great Job thank you again. I am a very satisfied Customer 100% customer loyalty.

Seahawks1Fan's picture

Fanatec have taken customer

Fanatec have taken customer service to the next level.
I hear story after story that they are stepping up quickly and
taking care of any issues immediately. Good to know when you invest
in their products that they will be backed by great support.

GrimeyDog's picture



Hm, somehow


somehow got lost...


Henning Piez

Michael Herrmann's picture

wie gewonnen so zerronnen

wie gewonnen so zerronnen ;-) hat dein CTM die Daten an Sean weitergeleitet?

Ich habe die eben erst

Ich habe die eben erst rausgeschickt. Wundert mich dass die VR rausgerutscht ist, dafür aber der andere Eintrag doppelt ist. Denk da ist ein Copy & Paste Fehler passiert. Bin echt gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen. Das Elite kam schon verdammt dich dran ans Jo Lueg. Ich denke und hoffe, dass das CSW dran vorbei ziehen wird... Hoffentlich ist die Haptik schön realistisch von den Rims her.

Is the f1 wheel going to be

Is the f1 wheel going to be from a race winning team?? A recent race winning team? ;)

You mean Mercedes AMG? :-D

You mean Mercedes AMG? :-D

Yes. Would prefer mclaren

Yes. Would prefer mclaren but I just wanna know which it will be.

steve30x's picture

That kind of wheel would

That kind of wheel would cost a small fortune

Just realised I put this in

Just realised I put this in the wrong post *facepalm*

Thomas, i would like to

Thomas, i would like to receive a PM 15 min before the preorder goes live

Or am i being too optimistic again ? LOL

You are too late! We opened

You are too late! We opened the pre-orders yesterday but within 10 minutes we got one million orders so we had to close it for the next ten years again.

I am really sorry but i will send you a PM in April  2022 (around noon) when we start the pre-orders again.

steve30x's picture

Too bad. I wont be able to

Too bad. I wont be able to buy one then lol. Seriously though I cant wait to get the base unit , but I am waiting for a rim that I like first.

When can we hope to see the

When can we hope to see the first reviews by the lucky testers?

paskowitz's picture

I would say mid to late

I would say mid to late May.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

I would also like to know

I would also like to know that :)

steve30x's picture

Give them time to give the

Give them time to give the wheels a good long test. If they just test the wheel for a few hours they cant see any problems that might pop up in a few days or weeks. Its best to leave them test the wheel for no less than two weeks to get the feel for the wheel and see if there are any faults. Two weeks might be a bit short though. You just need to have patience.

Patience! I was hoping to

Patience! I was hoping to get a CSW at the end of last year :-P I want my new toy!
I'd just like to know their predicted timelines for the first review. I understand that they aren't too keen to put dates out as the whinging is deafening when it is missed. I understand that thinking fully as I develop software and if/when the schedule is missed there are tears aplenty from management/marketing etc.

steve30x's picture

So you want them to rush out

So you want them to rush out a half baked review then?

No, did I ever say that? I

No, did I ever say that? I asked for the predicted timelines from Thomas when we could hope for the first reviews. Like all engineering companies they have project schedules, I asked Thomas if we could have some of that detail. It was a simple question, that THOMAS could choose to answer or not. I certainly didn't ask for you to chime in. So, please, troll somewhere else.

steve30x's picture

I was being realistic. You

I was being realistic. You didnt like my answer and got all huffy. There is no need in getting all angry like this.

paskowitz's picture

Look when the last poll ends

Look when the last poll ends (~4/18/12). Add 2-3 weeks for order to be finalized and shipped. Another ~1-2 weeks for reviews. Add that up and you get mid to late May. Pretty simple.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

the-sheriff's picture

Hi Thomas Greetings

Hi Thomas Greetings from
Submitted by the-sheriff on Thu, 04/12/2012 - 12:05. Hi Thomas
Greetings from Denmark !.
I hope you somehow read this as I would very much like to do a danish review on the Fanatec F1 Clubsport Wheel with Pedals also.
(written in english as many danes find it natural if we can agree in doing so)

I know for sure that we "need" a review or several, here in Denmark, as there is a great base for customers and many simfans, even though we are a smaller country than Sweden and Germany that has several reviewers apparantly.

I have been the President and primary engine in running The Danish F1 LAN Simracing League, And co-founder of Team Braveheart Racing.
I have a serious amount of simracing experiance, going back to our first days in 1999/2000 where our first F1 LAN Multiplayer season took place.

We have been consisting of a group, primary 18-24 adult men, meeting across the country, with our computers, wheelsets, and competing.
We met every 2 months in a year/season, with a mission of having fun in competing in 2-3 F1 GP's each time we met, and ending the year with prizes for the Championship(s). Just like online but we did it real life !. Great great fun and exitement. The atmosphere was amazing. We were sponsored with prizes from Ubisoft and later EA Sports when we used their F1 game. We have been silent for a few years and now its time to be out racing again ;)

Personally I was fortunate to win the Danish F1 Simracing LAN Championship twice, and hold many records still.
We have had many visitors, and we were also among the very first globally to review EA Sports F1 Challenge back then, as we were invited
to their Danish headquarter to test and review their game prior to release.
Our league was also famous for our custom car skins, as every team designed their own car design, helmets, suits, wheels, etc.
I myself is also a "modder" within the F12011 Community now at

Personal info:
Name: Peter Romer aka "The Sheriff"
Location: Denmark
Age: 43
Simracing since: 1999 (MGPRS2, F1RS, F1C, F1RC, F12010, F1 2011).
My email:
Phone: 30 50 82 91

Job: Professionally I am an IT Server and Systems Analyst/Technician, and has been doing IT on a high level since 1996.

As the primary "engine" for the Danish LAN League I have been well known for my skills in contacting, combining and joining people, and being a very good
host and diplomat if racing got a little too "serious" ;) I have also used my professional skills in the league at the IT level of things, and organizing
the platform we used.

I hope to hear from you, so that we maybe can establish a Danish review of the amazing looking Fanatec F1 Clubsport wheel and Pedals.

Best Regards / Herzlichen Grûsse
Peter Romer

I've been elected as a

I've been elected as a tester of the CSW and I'm from Denmark.

Ej hvor fedt :))

Ej hvor fedt :))

Fedt!! Tillykke :)

Fedt!! Tillykke :)

Tak for det.

Tak for det.

Ja det ku være fedt :)

Ja det ku være fedt :)

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