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> Introducing the new ClubSport Pedals V2

Introducing the new ClubSport Pedals V2

We thought about how to make something good even better and came up with the evolution of a legend. The ClubSport Pedals V2.

The ClubSport Pedal was the first of our ClubSport product line which represent these values:

  • All metal construction
  • High-End technology
  • Outstanding industrial design
  • Unbeatable price performance 

As you all know there will be more ClubSport products coming up and they all have to match the level of the CSPs.

The new V2 version is rather an evolutiona than a complete new design because sometimes it is better not to change too much. Here are the new features:

1. Look
The pedals now come in anodized black and polished aluminum parts which gives it a more exclusive and classy touch. Of course the colour kits are fully compatible so you can change the look to all black or combine it with grey, orange red or blue.

2. Hydraulic brake
We have added an oil damper to the load cell brake to give it a more realistic and dampenend feeling. The feeling can be adjusted by replacing the silicone oil and use different viscosity and by changing the spring tension on the damper. It is simple but very effective. We also made the load cell brake stiffer and with a shorter travel by default.

3. Degressive clutch mechanism
Our Japanese friend Teki Ei-Ichi developed a new mechanism for the clutch for us. It gives you a degressive feel just like in a real car. Of course you can still adjust the spring strength.

There is no Tuning Kit up to now but we will have a kit coming up later. We thought about an upgrade kit as well but there are too many parts to replace so it would be quite expensive and it would be very complicated to install. The CSP achieve good prices at eBay so we doubt that it would be worth to offer such a kit as V1 owners would not save much money but have the hassle of installation and end up with a product with the old look and used parts. Therefore we decided not to offer such an upgrade kit and I hope you agree.

The CSP V2 will be shipped together with the ClubSport Wheel and we expect the first shipment in USA, EU and AUS in June. We will start taking pre-orders from our new website in May.

Price: 249,95 € (incl VAT) in EU and 249,95 USD (excl sales tax) in USA. Australian prices still need to be determined.

Thanks to Amar for the great pictures and to Björn who made the spectacular video.

ClubSport pedals V2

Fanatec clubsport pedals V2

fanatec clubsport pedals v2





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Make an Iphone app for the

Make an Iphone app for the CSW :-). For the optional Iphone Holder...

Hi. Why is it that to most

Why is it that to most europe countries, the shipping cost is between 25 to 35 euros and to Malta which is in the E.U. and shorter distance to some other countries, its 150 euros shipping?
Don't you think its a bit excessive!!!!
Or there is a mistake????

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When will the CSP V2 be

When will the CSP V2 be available by them self?

Aaron Nelson
Program Director (Virtual Motorsport Magazine) (Championship Racing)

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I May may just buy a set

I May may just buy a set because I need peddles to go with my Gt2 wheel... Its either these ir the CSR peddles with the inversion kit. Any suggestin?

Go with the CSR-Elites. I

Go with the CSR-Elites. I actually already prefer my CSR-E's to my Clubsports because they feel more realistic and are more adjustable. The upgrades to the CSP 2 seem marginal at best, so I personally would have a hard time shelling out 100 dollars more for them than the CSR-E's, even if I did slightly prefer them. CSR-E's are great pedals and as sturdy as you'd ever need with a realistic feel.

The CSR Elite pedals don't

The CSR Elite pedals don't even use magnetic sensors. CSP>>>CSREP

Australian pricing. Hi

Australian pricing.
Hi Thomas. With regards to Australian pricing is it just the delivery costs that you are looking into. As the way I see it our price should be the same as the USA + postage. For some reason we tend to get ripped off in Australia with regards to imported goods. I hate reading that something I bought in Oz is twice the price as the USA or Europeans are paying even though the goods are manufactured in China.

You should vote a different

You should vote a different goverment next time so you don't have to pay GST on your products just like in the USA. And you can imagine that shipping cost is also a quite significant factor in your country. But double the price is certainly not justified.

greenmick's picture

don't vote the other

don't vote the other government in , they introduced the gst .
I have no issues paying the importers rates , as their after sales service is awesome .

What i want to know is , will we get two year warranty ? We only get one year at the moment , (it's standard , after the year is up , we 'normally' deal with the manufacturer direct ). That is what stopped me getting a CSR-E . I won't be buying unless there is a two year warranty .

I'm rather anxious to find

I'm rather anxious to find out the AU pricing as well.

On the subject of the Au GST, it's just a flat 10%, so nothing too hard to apply. I don't know why the price would be markedly different to the EU and US prices which include their taxes. I'm sure you know all those answers anyway. I just don't understand why the price isn't out in the open already.

My big question is, will the AU store open for the launch of the CSW and CSP V2? I've been hoarding cash in a tin for 18 months now and it needs to go somewhere, and Fanatec look like good candidates.

Australian Prices.........

Australian Prices......... The only place that I can get the CSR Elite in Australia sells it for $899AUD which includes delivery. That is a %40 difference compared to your website, which is not twice what other countries pay but there are products that we do pay double for. The Fanatec website sells it for approximately $540US. The Aussie dollar is stronger than the US dollar at the moment but let's call it even.
If we add 10% GST to $540 we get $594. There is still a $305 difference. Maybe there are some other import taxes that I am not aware of that the company in Oz that sells your product has to pay and of course they need to make a profit...
Now we will be cutting out the middle man by being able to directly order from your website in the very near future. So out of that $305 let's say that shipping is $150, but hopefully you can find a better deal than that, will take the price to around $744. I would be much happier if that were the price for us Aussies.
I'm not telling you how to run your business, though it may sound like it, and for the record I love your products. It is just frustrating when I see how much we get ripped off down here at times.
Oh, my other disclaimer is that the company that does import your products I am grateful to, as we probably wouldn't be able to get any Fanatec products at all down here and their service is excellent.
** Rant over **

wohahahahaha thomas for

wohahahahaha thomas for president^^ here is pornweather now :D i go outside to meet some prostitutes. i show them my arms and make them squirt YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH. training on fanatec wheels

X-One Ericius's picture

:D :D :D :D ROFL

:D :D :D :D ROFL

am liebsten wäre mir ein

am liebsten wäre mir ein Packet
Clubsport Wheel mit 2 verschiedenen Rims
Clubsport Pedale v2
Clubsport Shifter

all in one 799 Euro :p

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meine csp haben

meine csp haben ca.500000kilometer hinter sich.....tuning kit ist verbaut....keine ahnung was da noch besser sein soll?!!wenn es aber einen kit zum moden gäbe,wäre es evtl interresant!!wie immer die frage nach der neuen handbremse,dauert wohl noch;-)?!!....

hey i had a look on my

hey i had a look on my clubsport pedals v1. is it normal that brake and clutch have more angle than throttle?
all pedals standard position
clutch 70 degrees
brake 70 degrees
Throttle 55 degrees??!

oh i found the problem^^ i

oh i found the problem^^ i bought them over ebay and the throttle pedal was not moved inside the spring holder completly :)

Hi Thomas, I hope you can

Hi Thomas, I hope you can answer this question because this is going to be asked in the future by many people, are the hard mounting points on the CSP V2 the same as V1? I'd hate to have to do the drilling of the V2 on a pedal board that was pre-drilled for a V1 from factory

The mounting points are the

The mounting points are the same

Yes I'd like to know that

Yes I'd like to know that too. Thanks

GrimeyDog's picture

Maybe Fanatec Should make a

Maybe Fanatec Should make a mod kit... But he side effect would be If you Damage your Peddles in the process of upgrading they are Not Responsible... Not only would they sell a Ton of Kits But the Kick Back would be alot of people will have to Order New Peddles because ethey gonna Screw their CSP V1s up tring to upgrade!!! Lol!!! They are not that complicated but they can be If you are Not Mechanicaly Inclined... All those small wires Break Really Easy! Im out to Lunch on this one dont know if I wanna Spend the $$$ or Not...The regular CSP's are realy good!!! Maybe a upgrad kit aint a Bad Idea.

i like n upgrade kit too. if

i like n upgrade kit too. if it cost about 130€ it will be fine.
please make upgrade kit for csp1

I've had the V1 Clubsports

I've had the V1 Clubsports for over two years and with the tuneup kit they are incredibly good as they are. I use paddle shift with ALC and left foot braking so I never use the clutch pedal. Can't see that "dampening" the brake pedal is going to make that much difference from the original design from a braking performance standpoint. I'll be very interested in reviews from new owners that can compare the performance differences. I suspect they are going to be very, very small if any.

I just wonder how much

I just wonder how much maintenance is going to be required for the hydraulics.

sign me up for this great

sign me up for this great looking pedals. I just got my V1 dialed in to be about perfect but this will give me something else to play with. Ebay will be listing a few sets of V1's I'm willing to bet

SP STU's picture

Looking hot!! I'm impressed.

Looking hot!! I'm impressed. May is going skin me now for sure! Road Tax, insurance for the Manta and the Motorbike. Holly smoke how do I explain buying these little crackers to the wife?
Need more O.T. at my work ;)

Opel Manta owners club UK (Scotland) Caution this car steers from the rear!

simple don't tell her ;)

simple don't tell her ;)

+1 Always works for me:

+1 Always works for me: lol

Personally I think the whole

Personally I think the whole "no upgrade kit" is simply not wanting to package a kit together to sell...the work to install it is no more difficult than installing the tuning kit on the original V1s with their plastic bushings and in my mind the kit wouldn't be worth much more than $60-70 anyway given how few components are required to do the upgrade.

I for one won't be jumping on the V2 bandwagon. They're nice and all and I like the upgrades but the clutch means nothing to me as I don't use mine now and the brake is the only intriguing thing for me and I doubt the improvement is all that dramatic and certainly not worth it for the money I'll lose selling my V1s.

For me it would be expensive to upgrade to the V2.

My V1s cost me $254 ($200 +13% tax+$28 shipping) If I'm lucky I would get $150 on eBay for them as demand will drop once the word spreads that a new version of the Clubsport is out. So call it $100 lost there.

The new V2 would run me about $310 after shipping and tax. Minus the $150 I might get for my V1s plus the $100 hit I took on them to sell them I'm eating $260. That's not even factoring in what I lose from the expense of adding the tuning kit to my V1.

So the argument of "not saving a lot by using an upgrade kit" doesn't wash or hold any weight.

FranzFerdinand's picture

+1 ! i also don´t agree

+1 !
i also don´t agree with thomas, not to offer an upgrade kit. most of us already spent 200 for the V1 and there´s no way to justify another 250 just for a few small upgrades. please thomas think about it again. there are many peple who would love to invest in just an upgrade kit! besides that i think for new costumers 250€/$ are a fair price!

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