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> Elite looses center

Elite looses center

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I noticed my Elite wheel was a tad off center while driving in a straight line. Spring brings the wheel to center automatically. Not quite at one 'o'clock....about 12:30-1:00.
I centered according to manual, which states....
1)Power on wheel with wheel plugged into PC via USB cable.

2) Bring wheel into PC mode.
3)Bring wheel into center position
4)Press and hold two red bottom buttons (unmarked) simultaneously and then release both buttons.
4)Center position is now reset and recorded into firmware.

It stays centered for about 2 or 3 laps and then it has moved over again to the 1 'o clock position.(not quite) I have repeated the process several times and always the same thing. It has never got worse than 1 'o clock. This occurs in both PC and xbox play.

I notice these instructions are much different for wheel centering than my GT2. With the GT2, it has you pressing the other red buttons (LSB, RSB) AND the xbox guide button all together.

Am I doing anything wrong? Is anyone else's Elite like this? Thank you.

UPDATE May 1, 2012......After more testing it seems it was nothing more than the curviture of the road on a long straight in F1 2011. It caused the tires to be slightly angled, thus the wheel "off centered."

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