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> Resolution of the problem related to PCBs when a headset is connected

Resolution of the problem related to PCBs when a headset is connected

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Fanatec Forza Team Wheal

Hello Thomas,

I don't know if I'm posting in the right place, but I haven't seen the post corresponding to this problem.
The steering wheel csr elite meets all or substantially all a problem when the microphone is plugged into the PCB: the steering wheel locks and shines to the right!
I removed the circuit board for driving the search for the cause!
I think I found!
On memory, you use a thermal paste is silicone, and install "pate".
I cleaned and returned to the heatsink base money (artic silver5) taking care to put a thin layer, since the goal is to make contact.
Transfer and cooling is therefore optimal way.
Since then I have not had a bug with the headset plugged in (microsoft)! I have not tried with other helmets.
a reminder:
The main purpose of a thermal paste is to ensure optimal contact and to avoid the presence of air between the surfaces of a component and its cooling system (usually a heatsink). These surfaces with numerous micropores (holes, bumps), air is present between the component and the heatsink. Since air is a poor thermal conductor, heat transfer takes place and less.
The application of thermal paste used to fill these imperfections by a substance whose thermal conductivity is much higher than that of air. The contact surface between the component and the heat sink and is most important, and thus the heat transfer will be carried out more effectively.

A thermal paste silicone has a thermal conductivity between 0.7 and 0.9 W / (m · K), while that of a silver-based paste is between 2 and 3 W / (m × K) or more.

Application of thermal paste

The thermal paste must be applied to one or two of the contacting surfaces. The thermal paste still having a thermal conductivity much lower than those of metals, the thermal grease (to be applied with a spatula or a credit card for example) should be as thin and uniform as possible, its only role being to avoid the presence of air between the two surfaces. Most layer is thick, less the thermal paste will work.

Now see the manner in which it is installed on the printed circuit steering wheel:

I'm not saying that this solution will solve all problems, however, she set the problems of overheating and disconnection that I had!

The test on your side may be to do to confirm this theory!
Anyway, now I can play my favorite games while chatting with my friends! Pure happiness driving it!
thanks fanatec for this wheel!

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So you want us to take apart

So you want us to take apart our wheels, voiding our warranty to apply thermal paste but not changing anything physically within the wheel? The problem is evident if the wheel is on... period... While the thermal paste may help insulate the faulty chipset,from interference, it does not strike me as the most permanent solution. That being said, hopefully, Fanatec can use this info to improve the voice chat integration in future iterations of their wheels, or M$ could just use Bluetooth instead of cutting corners in a greedy attempt to maximize profits through buggy propriety interfaces.

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gotti974 Fanatec Forza Team

Fanatec Forza Team Wheal

plus de problème depuis la maintenance effectué plus haut!

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