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> New beta firmware 742 and driver 125 with big changes for almost all Fanatec wheels UPDATE 3

New beta firmware 742 and driver 125 with big changes for almost all Fanatec wheels UPDATE 3

The internal testing was succesful so far so we are now looking for external beta testers for our new firmware. These versions are clearly BETA versions so please install them only if you are an experienced user.

Firmware 742BETA runs on the follwing wheels:

  • CSR
  • CSR Elite
  • 911 GT3 RS V2
  • 911 Turbo S
  • 911 GT2

IMPORTANT: If you want to use the RF dongle (for PC and PS3) for your 911 GT2 or Turbo S wheel, please do not update, as with this version you can only use the USB connection afterwards.

There is no firmware  update planned for the 911 Turbo (not S), 911 Carrera and 911 GT3RS V1.


We made a lot of changes and these are some of them:

  • ACL added to all Wheels
  • 500 Hz update rate
  • Allows use of SDK to show telemetry data on Tuning display
  • Improved force feedback algorithms
  • Improved FF sensitivity around center position
  • Improved center spring
  • DPR and SPR calculation changed
  • Improved navigation in Tuning menu (keep pressing the up or down button)
  • Default Sensitivity = OFF (900°)
  • Changed button mapping to ensure compatibility to older games
  • New initialisation sequence to auto detect minimum ff level required for each individual wheel
  • fixed issue with hanging ff signals
  • Changed button combo for center calibration. Please follow manual of updater (included)


If you use this on PC you also need to isntall the latest BETA version of our driver. Below you find version 125 for 32 and 64 bit.

It also comes with a lot of changes and we fixed a lot of issues we had in the force feedback core of the driver.

Like with the firmware, this version of the driver is only for eperienced users yet and not for the general public. Please report all issues you find right here so we can work on them before releasing the final versions.

Please use this driver version only with 742

Driver 126 BETA

Firmware 742 BETA



When you describe the porblem please make sure to give us the following basic information:

  1. What wheel?
  2. What operating system / platform?
  3. What game / platform shows the issue
  4. Describe the symptoms as detailed as possible

Thi will help us toreproduce the problem.

Make sure you take care of the following:

  • Disconnect the cables and reboot the wheel before you test
  • Bind wheel to Xbox again
  • Calibrate center
  • Caibrate shifter 
  • Check FW version to see if update worked


We will summarize the bugs and list them here.


We  now have driver 126 BETA available which will fix some issues in pCARS and perhaps other games. The damper calculation is imporved to avoid the notchy feeling.

If you have problems you can find the previeous fw versions here:

CSR E 715
CSR 706
PWGT2 681

PWTS 681





Replies - Comments

hi, its possible to post a


its possible to post a new download link. the old link
is dead.


yer..would be nice..cause

yer..would be nice..cause 750 is a bit to "bugy"

Good morning. Sorry to add

Good morning.

Sorry to add weight to the already numerous requests, but can an update be given as regards the 742 update for GT2 users please. I have read lots of requests for this information but sadly STILL no information given.

Whilst understanding these things take time, a little information here would go a long way. Is there a major problem that is causing you issues? It does seem very odd that so many are looking for the same answer but silence???

Thank you in advance.


I've tried firmware 742 a

I've tried firmware 742 a couple of times on my CSR Wheel. After updating my wheel keeps turning left en right on its own :-). So i have went back to firmware 706. I wait for the newest release of a non beta firmware.

Big problem with 742 and

Big problem with 742 and Forza 4: complete loss of FFB around center and it deprives the cars of much of the their "feel". I flashed back to 721b (the 722 that came with the wheel is bizarrely not available - not good) and the wheel was back to normal.

To summarize:
1. No FFB at center (approx 10 deg rotation about the center -> no FFB).
2. Total loss of self-centering at center (due to loss of FFB).
3. FFB outside of center felt wrong. Not sure how else to put it. Going back to 721b reminded me just good the FFB in FM4 can be. FFB with 742b was just not correct. It could be solely due to the total loss of forces around the center.

This was not a subtle difference: 742 ruined the FFB in FM4. There's just no other way to say it. I could not control the Ferrari 458 at all with 742, and with 721b it was easy because I could feel what was happening (still not an easy car to drive - regardless of firmware or wheel!).

750 Firmware this week or

750 Firmware this week or next,talked to support about another issue yesterday....

faddish's picture

Heard that

Heard that

obviusly not...

obviusly not...

Can we get some kind of

Can we get some kind of update about the firmware? It's way overdue, and we aren't hearing anything.

Agree. Please Thomas. Give

Agree. Please Thomas. Give us some update what is happening with the firmware and driver 742 and beyond. When will a new release of these be available ?


Any news on a final or new

Any news on a final or new beta firmware or driver.
I'm on a GT2 and the deadzone is at least twice as much as fw681 on the pc.

Its been weeks of no progress here.

Updated my GT3RS - firmware

Updated my GT3RS - firmware seems to work great, but I cannot check the firmware version (or change the fan status). When I hold down the four lower buttons and return the wheel to center, the LCD screen just shows a red bar on the far right digit - instead of a firmware version.

LCD acts normally when I change wheel settings, just not when displaying firmware and fan status.

Otherwise, the wheel works great on my PS3/PC.

FYI - the Firmware download

FYI - the Firmware download is no longer available on yousendit

The link to the 742 firmware

The link to the 742 firmware is dead.

When will the non beta

When will the non beta firmware be released??

I lost force feedback and

I lost force feedback and started getting spiking pedals on F1 2011 and 2010.

Wheel: CSR with CSR E pedals.
CSR firmware: 742b
Platform: PS3
F1 2011: 1.02
F1 2010: 1.01

F1 2011: I had launched a quick multi-session with my G27 and CSR wheels to play some split screen. I had lost all FFB with the CSR and got some spiking pedals. The ABS vibration worked, just any communication from the game was null. Steering was light and dead. The pedals were spiking, as going down the straights I would hear a split second loss of throttle. Very similar to the reports of spiking pedals on the PC with the pedals plugged into the wheel and not using USB.

F1 2010: Same issues as above, however the throttle pedal as I remember was dead. I had to bind the throttle to the clutch.

Looking forward to the next firmware revision. The feel of 742 on other games was much improved.

Thanks for giving the community an opportunity to test.

iWolf51's picture

Thomas, A number of people


A number of people have posted indicating that the new firmware doesn't work with their GT2 wheel.

I also would like to be able to use the new firmware on my GT2 wheel.
Can you please tell us when a version of the new firmware will be available that works with it?

many thanks.


I am begining to think

I am begining to think Fanatec wants us to buy a new wheel... seems Thomas does not even want to acknowledege us GT2 users with a simple reply as to what is going on...

Please Thomas, we were once customers too, maybe we would be future customers, dont leave us hanging.

Cronnie's picture

I also have this issue with

I also have this issue with my PW GT2.

Carried out Firmware 742 update, wheel will not power up via the xbox guide button thus no Xbox mode.

Those who have had this problem get get xbox mode back by reverting back to Firmware 681.

Would be nice to have a fully functional 742 though!

Hi Thomas I am one of those

Hi Thomas I am one of those GT2 users... I have major problems with my wheel , is like the xbox part does'nt work anymore , and when i try to bring it in bootmode, all the light come on and the wheel rubles alot ..

hope you can help me out .... If you know how to get the old software , that would be great too ...

fingers crossed ...

thank you ...

Bob Marvig

faddish's picture

+1 Also can we get ETA on


Also can we get ETA on the final (non-beta) FW version for all porshe/csr wheels.

That would be great

+1 I would really, really

I would really, really like to check out the new firmware with my GT2 on Xbox and PS3.
Any solution to make it work would be very much appreciated!

Hi Thomas, any update on a

Hi Thomas, any update on a final version or do you have a solution for GT2 owners ?


Thomas, can you please put a

Thomas, can you please put a link up for the 722 firmware, see that more people are asking for it. My CSR elite came with this firmware, but is now where to be found?

With best regards

Thomas, can you please put a

Thomas, can you please put a link up for the 722 firmware
With best regards

Thomas, can you please put a

Thomas, can you please put a link up for all csre firmware. for test

Can we have an update on

Can we have an update on this please... How much longer till the GT2 can have ACL?

Ghostb's picture - Firmware 742Beta (since old link has expired)

Thanks Ghost

Thanks Ghost

deniolan's picture

I have a CSRE, Forza (Xbox)

I have a CSRE, Forza (Xbox) player mainly.

Updated to 742 tonight.. my wheel had 722 on it (was a replacement wheel that came with 722 from the factory - I've never seen a downloadable version of 722 - so it must be internal only)...

In any case.. my feedback thus far:

1. Force feedback feels great. I've had a couple of instances where the wheel appears to "lock" during quick maneuvers, pulling to one direction incorrectly until it receives another FFB instruction - but that happened with 722 as well. I don't ever remember this with 721 - but I know that Microsoft recently updated their dashboard - so this could be an xbox issue - I know that my old Microsoft Wheel did it all the time. Have not experienced it in a long time with any of my fanatec wheels - but now I am... Dont know if it's 722/742 or the dash update though.

2. The fan setting is not ideal for my tastes. In "OFF" it is clearly off. in "ON" mode, it used to run full blast - and I actually liked this because it's not so loud that it can be heard when I am playing, but it kept the wheel cool.

With 742, when the fans are ON - they still seem to be temperature controlled - I dont like this - I would rather they run full blast. I have noticed that my wheel is getting decently warm now, and it never used to before.

Can we have the old fan setting back? (OFF means the fans only kick on when they are really needed - temp controlled, and ON means they just run all the time...)

I want this wheel to last, I dont mind a fan running all the time if it helps the hardware.

Other than these items - seems great so far - at least in Forza 4 on the xBox.

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