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> One more day!

One more day!

We tried everything but a last minute bug which occured during the import of the database stopped our launch. This is not a minor bug we could have tolerated and  solved it later so we were forced to make the painful decision and delay the launch for 24 hours.

I know that this is a big dissapointment and hey I saw your pictures how you lined up and what efforts you make to get to the website in time. I can't deny that we are dissapinted as well as the Endor team is as excited as you are.

Of course this means our line up competition will last one more day longer and I expect to see even more exhausted people waiting in front of our closed doors.

You don't have to be nice now and understand our situation. Don't even think about to feel pity for us. I want you to tell us how you feel! Go and express your emotions. Let it out!


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What I'm pissed at is that I

What I'm pissed at is that I don't even know if there is anything for Australians! So I'm probably wasting my time looking for the site to come up.



In an e-mail sent last

In an e-mail sent last night, it stated: Check out the new shops in Australia + Japan.

Wow Thomas, looks like you

Wow Thomas, looks like you are a victim of your own success! The new site failed to launch on time at 12:00 CEST on Friday and now it can't handle the load...

Two suggestions form someone who has launched many high traffic web sites (80+ million page views/month) for the last decade:

1. Deploy on a platform that has some sort of CDN (Content Delivery Network) to cache content effectively and offload as much traffic from you origin server as possible.

2. Don't look to a single developer to keep your site running smoothly. I see this time and again that site owners try to save a buck and employ a "Friend" or small time web development shop to get their site up and running and in the end lose tons of potential sales because the site breaks and/or is poorly architected.

I suggest you look at a commercial product like or similar that you can fully customize and also provides a CDN component to make sure your customers can actually buy those amazing products on launch day...



lol "Server overload Due to

lol "Server overload
Due to a huge amount of inquiries for our new website, the server is overloaded. Please check back at a later point."

even though I'm big fan of your company and products, please allow me some criticism:
Comme on guys, you're announcing a web-site + product launch (indicating that the stock is quite limited) and are giving a very precise time... did you expect anything else?
Secondly, once the site is +/- up, the server will have lots of fun treating all th new password generations... this will give it the "Todesstoss".
3rd, how do think customer will react when the server crashes during the process orders...

If you wanna do such a launch, you need get scalable infrastructures like amazon AWS... otherwise it just can't work out.

I wish you anyway good luck and hope that the problems will soon be solved.

That is what I said some

That is what I said some days ago. I warned Fanatec: (lol, direct linking doesn't work, it is in the middle of page 4)

yeah EPIC FAIL!!!

yeah EPIC FAIL!!!

ANOTHER day off work wasted!

ANOTHER day off work wasted!

Your web server must run off

Your web server must run off someone's laptop over a dial-up link. Maybe it's time to upgrade.

I was wondering how many

I was wondering how many users it would take to bring a webserver down....

it's probably log_t_ech

it's probably log_t_ech doing a DoS Attack;)

In Facebook: Server

In Facebook:

Server collapsed
Our servers are overloaded with the many inquiries. At the moment nobody can access the website. Of course we are working on a solution. Please stop pressing the F5 key for some time. Thanks!

You should have staggered

You should have staggered the launch country by country.

nice try

nice try

Ok ok ok, how do you know I

Ok ok ok, how do you know I was doing that ?!?

update please Thomas

update please Thomas

This is pathetic!!!!!!

This is pathetic!!!!!!

Three more days! The new and

Three more days! The new and final launch date is Monday, 12:00 pm (noon) UTC/GMT +2 hours (CEST)

realy? not a joke?

realy? not a joke?

yes it is

yes it is

Thomas ...whats wrong???

Thomas ...whats wrong???

still not online

still not online

12:00 where is the website

12:00 where is the website :D

"Fanatec Under Construction:" heading

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I take it that Fanatec

I take it that Fanatec support is down too. I tried emailing fanatec support lastnight with evidence of the noise my wheel is making on video , but I didnt get the automated response. Can I please get some assistance?

So, has anyuone already got

So, has anyuone already got new password for new website or do we get them when site is up and running?

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Your current password and

Your current password and login name will work.

No new PW received its 11:23

No new PW received its 11:23

See website: Important

See website:

Important information:
If you already have a Fanatec account, you need to reset your password.
Go to the sign in page and click on forgotten password.
Check your inbox and follow the steps.

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