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> Server is down UPDATE

Server is down UPDATE

Since 12.00 our servers collapsed and is down. This is due to the massive amount of users trying to order the CSW or have a look at the new wesbsite.

This comes unexpected as yesterday there was no such problem under similar load and of course we planned for a massive amount of users by providing plenty of bandwidth.

Please help us and stop pressing F5 for some time as we cannot transfer the websites under overload.


We fixed the server issue. It was a wrong setting. No idea why this was not a problem yesterday. But now there is a new problem in the database which is showing existing customers in EU prices without VAT. Well, I know that most of you will appreciate to pay 19% less and you certainly deserved it with all the pain we give you here but we are not rich enough (yet) to make you such a present.

The problem occured during the import of the database and only on some of the customers so we were not able to detect it in our testing before the launch and even in the initial tests after the import. In fact the server crash down gave us more time so we were lucky to find it. 

This is again not a satisfying situation but we will bring this website oline today. Whatever it takes!





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is there any late news on

is there any late news on the new website opening back up ?

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"but we will bring this

"but we will bring this website online today. Whatever it takes!"

Which day of the week are you aiming at ?

I was going to order the whole package CRW two rims and v2 pedals but now
It has costed me already € 300,- for two days of and spending the whole weekend in frond of the pc to get nothing........

I'll understand that you guys have a rough time right now butt I'll hope you guys will understand my (and many other people's position) that I don't want to take another holiday off.

So please be more specific in which day You are aiming at??

It was said on Friday and it

It was said on Friday and it was up late that day, but didn't quite work.

OT: Nice job you are doing if you earn 300 in two days. Our monthly minimum wage is even less than that.

its now saterday 7-7-12

its now saterday 7-7-12 12.45 and i still cant look at the new (ghost) web side ?? only getting errors ;-(

Because website is basically

Because website is basically offline, it needs some error fixing.

Ok, I think there are a lot

Ok, I think there are a lot of racers here but it might serve us all to slow down a bit for the time being. Lets have a little perspective here. Thomas is trying 100% to supply us with the latest technology to race with. Many like myself have waited years for something like this and it looks like the real deal is finally here. But if it's a few more hours, days or months none of us will die for a lack of a good racing wheel or pedals. So please show some class and give this guy a break as he is the only one trying to bring us all what we really want... Thanks for the effort Thomas, It would take me many years if I tried to build this myself if ever.







I agree with Skidmeiste.

I agree with Skidmeiste. Everyone needs to calm down. No one wants it working smoothly more than Thomas.

Okay, so I managed to order

Okay, so I managed to order a Base, 2 Wheels and the V2 Pedals!

...I think!

I have a Paypal receipt for over a 1000 euros, but there are STILL 4 items in my basket and nothing in the order history.

What does this mean, Thomas?

Have I ordered or not?

I don't know whether to be happy or sad... :) :(

P.S. My real name's Dominic Paver.

I ended up repaying, managed

I ended up repaying, managed to clear my basket, got a successful order message, but now have seemingly paid twice with over 2300 Euros leave my Paypal account...

...for a toy steering wheel! ;)

Hopefully, I'll resolve the money side of things on Monday morning.

What's the deal on order times, anyone?

(I live in Frankfurt, Germany)

This is a potential

This is a potential nightmare for all parties involved orders will not go out until monday anyway...kill it fix it right so no e-commerce stuff gets lost or corrupted or worse id stolen ect....

This is so frustrating; I

This is so frustrating; I can't get a proper captcha to render at signup :/

I vote take it offline fix

I vote take it offline fix it over the weekend try again Monday

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Get the Wheels To The

Get the Wheels To The Choppaaa!!! Now!!!(Arnold Schwarzenegga Voice) Lol take ur time Thomas my $$$ is waitin on You. 100% customer Loyalty!

OK, some people are pissed

OK, some people are pissed off and others are just disappointed, but come here to insult fanatec because the website fail is stupid.
First of all, they are doing business in wheel and pedal market. Website is just a mean on which they sell their products. Their product will still remain high quality stuffs.
They did some mistake here but the important is the wheel and pedal quality. I see some people comparing fanatec infrastructure with amazon infrastructure and complaining that fanatec's infrastructure does not provide the same reliability....c'mon....i prefer that fanatec invest on R&D than infrastructure. Sooner or later the website will be on and will work perfectly, so in the end products quality will be what really matter.

That said, Thomas could you provide us more information about the status? Could i give you an advice? Don't setup another target date, just release this site. Remember that problems could come out even in the next launch date, so you must think on how the community will react in case of another launch fail.

Well said. What other

Well said. What other company would admit to making a mistake with their server's setup?

I agree :) And those who are

I agree :)
And those who are speaking about other platforms do not know about the cost of such infrastructures (against hosting you own site and db). Fanatec try to provide great hardware to decent price. It is because they are doing everything themselves that this is possible.



Arrghhh !!!!!!

Arrghhh !!!!!!

well this launch was fun :/

well this launch was fun :/

Thomas on iRacing forums @

Thomas on iRacing forums @ 18:59 German Time:

We are now testing. The problem is that with every change we make on the website we have a hhuge catalog of things we need to test in order to avoid any eventual problems. It happened several times that you make a change on something like a form that suddenly somnething completely unrelated did not work again.

This takes ages but we are on it.

More: I told my team that


I told my team that this website WILL go online today. They will work until it is done. It is already 19.00 here but everybody wants to get it done. No promises at this point though.

"No promises at this point

"No promises at this point though" well thats a step in the right direction thou...

One word: Amateur. It should

One word: Amateur.

It should be Fanatec's motto. It's always been like that, long before the whole website snafu.

Do yourself and others a

Do yourself and others a favour. Just leave.

Thanks for your input.

Thanks for your input.

I just hope they don't loose

I just hope they don't loose info on us who have already paid them over $500 for the CSR Elite wheel. I hope my Elite is on their next shipment to the United States.
I want it now. :)

I understand, I had

I understand, I had commanded mine the 12 april, I got it the 13 juin.
It has been a long wait but this wheel is something you will love.

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