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> Welcome to the new Fanatec website! UPDATE 2

Welcome to the new Fanatec website! UPDATE 2

The wait is finally over and we successfully switched over to the new website.
You are now ready to order the new products or just have a look at the new website.
We made it!
This was a complicated birth and we are exhausted but happy at the same time.
Thanks for staying with us and beeing such a great community.




Ohhmmmmmmmmmm... I need to stay calm and relaxed.....

Ok guys. Looks like we have holy grail for sale and a Playmate of your choice will bring it to you for free. Server is collapsing again and begs for mercy. This is sheer insanity and I am going to get more Red Bull for the team.



We have to take the wesbite offline again and fix the issues occured during the overload in the last hours.

We have received many orders but a lot of people did not get a confirmation email or had other issues.

On Monday we will analyze all payments we received and all orders we got. We will then try to fix the orders manually if we have received everything or will contact all customers with incomplete orders to ask for the missing information.

Please don't contact us before Tuesday and give us chance to contact you on Monday. Any individual inquiry will slow down the process.

I can only thank you for beeing such a great audience. Besides the understandable frustrated comments we have received a lot of encouraging comments as well.
I hope you forgive us this bumpy website and product launch.

There will be no more time estimate when the website will be online again but you can be sure that as soon as the site is working fine and is online again you will be notified on facebook and on my blog.



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Lots of Australians want to buy your product.. but are going elsewhere.. anyone even here anymore? Are you still in business? echo echo....

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Well now the new website

Well now the new website asks for ID and password, but won't accept my credentials, then a page cannot be displayed error. How are you supposed to log in and reset password if you can't access the site unless you first log in??

Why don´t you repair me my

Why don´t you repair me my csr?
I ordered the videos and done it all and not even answer me
I feel cheated.My csr serial number is 113704071.

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Same problem here. No one

Same problem here. No one has sent me credentials to log in to the new site as was promised by Fanatec in an email. What gives? Why have some people been able not only to log in but to order etc. Still waiting ....................

No password was sent

No password was sent automatically. You had to click 'forgotten my password' on new page to get one.
Also, new page has been offline for days, user and password was for page admin.

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WOW..Can you imagine, in

WOW..Can you imagine, in today's pitiful world economic conditions, having a Co. where you can not produce merchandise fast enough to keep up with demand. It's a beautiful thing!

Congratulations Thomas!

Lol especially with those

Lol especially with those lazy Chinse workers (sarcasm) , but hey we filled a couple of hundred orders and we're soldout come back in 2013 please lol

I just wanted to add some

I just wanted to add some fuel to the "good" & "bad customer" discussion: For me it's somehow strange how people react differently:
ok problems can happen but this launch was definitely not a good job. Even though fanatec is producing very nice hardware it's not the first time their messing up some launch. After all the announcements and the mega-hype fanatec produced, they did not deliver!!! Sorry but this product launch was simply badly planned.
Seeing all these people "Thomas, good job" makes me think of a consulting company that said in 2009 that some Iphone users where suffering from the Stockhom Syndrom. (For those who don’t know about Stockholm Syndrome, it is a psychological response sometimes seen in abducted hostages whereby said hostage shows signs of being loyal to the abductor, get the idea?)

If you consider that some people are waiting for more than a year for this wheel, that the stock is limited(and some that have been sitting two days at 12pm at their PCs and will probably not get a wheel); that the CSW has simply been postponed by fanatec to produce a xbox wheel (the elite, even though the CSW was announced), I can understand that some people feel disappointed or even kind of angry. I also believe it's their right to express this, obviously in a polite way.

Hi Thomas. It's sunday but I

Hi Thomas. It's sunday but I received an e-mail from fanatec Team about my Order. Is this Real or is someone else trying to get my Order Information?

There's lots of people who

There's lots of people who got it.

Thanx but the question is if

Thanx but the question is if it's from fanatec, because Thomas wrote we should wait until monday to receive a Message from fanatec. I am just a little anxious that someone could exploit the mess to get Information about PayPal Accounts and other Stuff.

Do you know if the e-Mail is genuine?

I believe it is genuine, as

I believe it is genuine, as there is no use of it for someone else. Paypal page doesn't show any persons id-number or credit card number. So there is not much use of it.

The e-mail is genuine. Just

The e-mail is genuine. Just read it, they are asking us to send our response e-mail to . That's an official Fanatec e-mail address.

They never said we wouldn't receive an e-mail until Monday. They said wait until at least Monday before you begin e-mailing them about your order.

Right the E-Mail Account, i

Right the E-Mail Account, i did't realize. cool Thanks, so i will responde then, because I can't wait to attach the csw and csp to my playseat F1.

Hi Thomas, I wanted to

Hi Thomas, I wanted to congratulated for your courage, and tell you that we are wholeheartedly with vous.corriger problem is without pressure and make your work as you avaez always done well, I'm a big fan and I FANATEC thanks for the pleasure you give to the fan simulation courage and thank you. (do not listen it's idiots who can not wait more than three days) good day.

+that.... minus "idiots" -

+that.... minus "idiots" - like Thomas said, people have the right to be disappointed.

How far are tech guys with

How far are tech guys with bug fixed firmware for gt2 / turbo s?

Sorry you're having website

Sorry you're having website issues.. I will purchase a CSW as soon as its up and running.. There's no reason to get excited or upset. Whats a few more days? Maybe everyone should just relax and a little time will take care of it all.. Good work Thomas. New wheel looks like a winner and I wish you success. You'll have me as a new customer and really, whats a few more days. Its a wheel worth waiting for. You have community support !!! You rock...

This is absurd. I just want

This is absurd.
I just want an Elite pedal Inversion Kit.
That's all.
Why can't I just buy one?
There are none in Australia.
Pagnian Imports don't bother replying to emails unless you want something they actually have in stock.
There's none in New Zealand.
Can't buy from Fanatec because their stupid website has been down for a WEEK, and even emailing them just earns me a reply saying "we don't know, wait for the new website, but even when it's up we can't tell you when we'll be able to sell to you."
I'm a fan of Fanatec's products but this is just pathetic service. Spend some money, get a web presence. You've sold THOUSANDS of units, so don't tell me you can't afford a damn website. If your site is crashing due to traffic, it doesn't take a WEEK to fix it. Stop embarrassing yourselves and just spend the money to fix the problem. You look like fools.

Very immature your comment.

Very immature your comment. Problems happen and i bet they are working hard to solve it, maybe they could have taken some wrong choices but no one is perfect. If you cannot wait a few days for a pedal inversion kit, then you have some problem. Remember it does remain just a entertainment product, and in case you are unable to play of course if you want to you can find something else to do meanwhile. I wonder how old are you? Maybe you can also age 35 but you act like a 10 years old kid.

Did you actually read my

Did you actually read my comment? I want to buy a product which has been (supposedly) available for months, but there is nowhere to buy it from worldwide and the company ( can't even tell me when they'll be able to sell it. It's not "a few days" as you wrongly put it - it's already been three weeks and the facts point to it being at least another two and probably more. Considering this item contains no electronics, my point is it's a bad look for the company to have none for sale and no info on when they will have any stock or even why they currently have none. As I already said, I like Fanatec and want to see them succeed, but they need to run their business better. As for your point about it being just an entertainment product, what are you trying to say? That because Fanatec sell a toy nobody can get upset if they don't deliver on their promises?

Agreed, stop acting like a

Agreed, stop acting like a child demanding a lollie. In IT it's not always
about putting in more money/people/hardware. They may have made some wrong choices with regards to a new website and product release at the same time, but it hardly makes them foolish or amateurs. Just human.

Well perhaps the idea that

Well perhaps the idea that they sell a FM4-branded wheel with no LT button makes them foolish then. That's a real bright move.

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Hi there Thomas, huge fan!

Hi there Thomas, huge fan! When can we order the Clubsport wheel in Australia?

i would guess when the site

i would guess when the site is up like the rest of us....

I think more important

I think more important question is when will those be in stock. Someone said that there was no stock in Australian webshop when the site was up.

Dear Fanatec TI team, I have

Dear Fanatec TI team, I have spent an hour playing Forza 4 with my Elite, you can't see the smile on my face, but It is because of your work that this is possible. I am a video game developer, so our objectives are quiet the same : doing our best to bring fun. So I know how it is important to have positive feedback : your hardware rocks. I will order when it will possible, I will wait if I have to, it is not a problem. So there are customers who are angry, I am a happy customer.

Best regards.

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Dear Thomas and team, I was

Dear Thomas and team, I was so excited when I read my team's email today, and was eager to check out the new website and products. However now I understand how much trouble you guys are going through.

I wish you guys the best of success and luck!

Walter Lemmens
Semi-Pro LFS League Racer

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