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> Rock 'n' Rollback UPDATE

Rock 'n' Rollback UPDATE

What a weekend. The team was working almost day and night over the past days trying to fix the damage caused by the server crash on Friday.

Within minutes we received a huge amount of orders and order attempts although the website was super slow and it was nearly impossible to finalize the order.

A few hundred very lucky to go through the whole checkout process and make the payment. These customers ordered all inventory of the CSW so that we are sold out for now. 

The order data we received is not consistent and we need to check if we did not sell more units than what we actually had. Our sales team will have a look at each order and will notify you in case there is some uncertainty. We already sent out e-mails today and you will probably get another email if necessary. Of course we will ship the approved orders by the time stamp of the order placement. 

There is more inventory on the way so all orders will probably be delivered in July/August. 

For now we decided to rollback to the old website sometime on Monday and we will not put the new products online at start. We learned quite a few things with this launch and giving a specific time was not the best idea.

We fixed the the issues but our webserver performance is still not satisfying so we will move to a complete new server and provider and set up everything again. We added several more tests to make sure this will not happen again and the new website will go online within the next weeks.

As soon it is online I will announce it here and on facebook. Make sure you subscribe to our facebook site so you will be notified

A big thanks for all the support and encouraging commnents we received. A big thanks as well for my team around the globe which was trying hard to solve the issues. This launch was not working as planned but we learned and will come back stronger than before.




The server crash has damaged our database and now we have inconsistent data. We need to manually check each order and adress between our system, Paypal and the website and this takes longer than expected. We need to do this properly to avoid more chaos. Sorry for the delay.







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ok how does this work

ok how does this work exactly,lets say i order the base and a rim now do i need to pay for it now or when the gear arriwes hopefully in september??

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Pre Order Pre Pay is the way

Pre Order Pre Pay is the way it works the payment has to be made at the time of the order. Also for those wanting the Clubsport Wheel a table clamp may or may not also be needed depending on your mounting sources.

well it does not say Pre

well it does not say Pre Order thou...and i cant find the support for CSW base+rim on the site? "Note: Driver and manual must be downloaded from -> Support"

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Okay so if you order now you

Okay so if you order now you need to secure that order with a payment. Or it will not be processed. For the most part Fanatec does not allow for in advance orders before the items are on the ship enroute to their respectful webshop destinations.

so paypal are sittin on the

so paypal are sittin on the money then, or will they take the money when the stuff are in?

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Hello Thomas, after viewing

Hello Thomas, after viewing all of these posts I would like to make some suggestions. I think you are rather some engineer guy that had the luck and skill to produce some really good products. After getting successfull the other really important points in managing an growing business like marketing, time management, procurement, and for example it-provisioning you tried to get on to it, but not really professionally.

I am not writing to you because I am having any issues in ordering the new stuff, but more in interest how this company is developing.

Since years you are having the availability's to make some big money, but the lack of talking big business in recruiting the right people to take care of marketing, time management etc. has not been done.

I am a consultant for managed IT for large companies since years and even those companies have the same problems, because they let the company be ruled by financial issues. For example, your "go-life" of the new website, I am sure that your IT-guy told you to test the environment before going life, but of course this would have an impact of additional 10000 €. What do you think what impact this bullshit downtime costs you, especially what impact is has to the product reputation.

Last year I told you to make it possible to update the wheels via USB-Stick, with a two stage testing (internal and external selectional testing) you would have such a little issues, which would reduce your service desk costs and reputation costs. PS. I dont have a PC, with a MAC I had no chance to update the wheel (I tried all virtual machines etc.) no chance. This is not professional, keep it simple!!

Conclusion: Thomas, you have right now all the chances to grow up and make the business of your life, but you have to search for the right people to run the business. The "website issue" never should have happened (especially the inconsinstend database) those problems just occur when they have no idea or want to save money.

Also I would suggest to stop posting here!

Get serious and post committed informations when it is important (like updates or serious problems)!

Think about this, since years I am consulting companies regarding these issues, but your company has a special place in my heart.

Best regards

CSR Elite, Clubsport pedals, Racestar, XBOX360, PS3

Just ordered the whole kit

Just ordered the whole kit (base, both rims & csp v2's) from the old site.
Got my paypal confirmation email regarding payment but that's all.

Will see what happens.

hope u saw this before msg

hope u saw this before msg when buying them "Goods will be in stock in September."

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I just got a new CSR wheel

I just got a new CSR wheel value package XL. I think I'm going to save up and buy a CSW and use it with my CSR Elite pedals. I like the CSR wheel, but the wheel rim is a little flimsy feeling. I want the  BMW M3 GT2 rim for ClubSport Wheel for a nice solid feel, and realistic size.

I wonder how long it will be after the next September shipment has sold out, and then the next shipment comes in (shipment number 3)? I'll probably buy one from shipment 3, but I wonder if it'll be in October or much later?

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Well Thomas stated he would

Well Thomas stated he would ramp up production who knows Oct.? but in the past 2mos. cycles were pretty common. I would think that once the Clubsport line has fully caught fire 20,000 units and beyond globally is not unthinkable. I am sure Thomas has to be cautious not to overmarket or have the chance of having a certain batch with a high percentage of issues so the batch's have to be kept relatively at a what would be considered a safe level if issues do arrise. Drawbacks smaller batch's have a higher manufacturing cost. It would be cheaper to do the 20,000 unit batch in one shot but at much higher risk.

Just received an e-Mail.

Just received an e-Mail. Even though I was Case 2, i have to wait 4 more weeks :-( i'm very dissapointed but if they stand to the promise of 4 weeks then I'm fine with it...

Please disregard any comment

Please disregard any comment awaiting Case 1 from me....just placed new order..done..I am out....

They have just added CSW to

They have just added CSW to old webshop although no stock for almost a month.

Another day geos by and no

Another day geos by and no info on what Fanatec is going to do about Case 1......Go have a beer Thomas the masses will still be here when you come back:)

I also received an email

I also received an email just now , sadly there wasn't anymore CSW left when they reached my order so Ill have to wait

I just got an email about 1

I just got an email about 1 minute ago :)

Looks like Thomas pulled it together!
Must have been such a pain checkin everything by hand Thomas, but i am sure glad you guys did it :)

Mine is here aswell. Looks

Mine is here aswell. Looks like there is a wheel and pedals coming my way shortly! How shortly, I don't know yet! :)

I'm glad this got resolved and maybe now we'll see less complains in here. It was already more than enough reading the same things over and over...

I can only say Fanatec did a good job, regarding all those constrainments!

My shower broke i believe it

My shower broke i believe it was from the overload caused by the lack of units availible , i tried refreshing but only a trickle was felt


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Just ordered the The whole

Just ordered the The whole set Base Gt wheel F-rim and V2 pedals. Everything seems to be fine, Pay-pal Email and pending in the account info.

If I did get the chance to

If I did get the chance to order I would not retract however and in any case: here are minimal EU-laws , at least for european consumers.

Redress for non-delivery
Under EU rules, the goods you order online should be delivered within 30 days of you placing your order, unless you have agreed otherwise with the seller.
If the item you paid for turns out to be unavailable, the seller must inform and refund you within 30 days.

you can also cancel your order (without reason within 7 days). The seller must give you a refund within 30 days

I just orderder the GT2

I just orderder the GT2 wheel and clubsports V2 via the rolled back website and paid... checked that it was in the order history.

And now the site is crashed again.

Did I break it? ... lol

I would´nt be surprised if

I would´nt be surprised if it comes up that there been some sabotage against Fanatec. People are now insinuating that there´s an ongoing fraud, blowing som hundred customers of their money. If that was the case, why didn't they sell thousands of units. Site crasched, you say. Well it would have been easy picking up byers from forums, FB etc. Last week people were so damn horny, they would have done anything to order the stuff.

i don't think so. it is just

i don't think so. it is just a coincidence

I have bought only CSP v2

I have bought only CSP v2 from the new site and since they are now available in the old site means that the stock is good.
Also the paypal says completed. why don't I have an email from fanatec about this "easy situation" - easy because it does not include a wheel.

There is no sign of the order in this old webshop...

It is impossible to tell you

It is impossible to tell you what is going on. Everything not coming from Thomas are just speculation. Unfortunately even someone experienced as webmaster can't tell you what is going on if he cannot see directly the situation. I guess your order is fine.

That said, please thomas provide us some information at least tell us yours march table to deal with this.

Case 1 update would be good

Case 1 update would be good as well

Some new Info about the

Some new Info about the state of the Case 2 Orders would be nice. Thomas? Any Chance of that Happening until tomorrow?





Will all customers receive

Will all customers receive an email about shipments / order confirmation before shipping? (or will we just see the mailman popping up at our front door, making some people very happy)?

When can we expect this to be, i read elsewhere you said to start shipping this week.

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