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> Back on track UPDATE 2

Back on track UPDATE 2

We just put the new products online on the old website in our webshop.

The product description and support site is still missing but will be finished this week. 

Unfortunately we had to send out an e-mail to a few European customers who placed an order last week as the product was actually already sold out. The inventory management system did not work. Of course they will be the first to get wheels from the next shipment and we can guarantee that there will be enough inventory.

There is a small number of units available from the batch which arrives in early August in US and EU so if you order now, you "just" have to wait a few weeks.

As we are also clear with order and inventory situation we can ship all open and paid orders in the US from last week and all confirmed orders in EU from last week before the end of this week.

The new website will have to undergo some intensive review and we will move to a much more powerful server and provider. Of course we learned a lot and therefore we did not announce a specific time to launch the products this time.

Now it is time to ramp up production without sacrifying quality and fly in more units so we can keep up with the demand.

There was a bit confusion about the prices for the CSR E. On the new website we actually reduced the price to 499,95 for the first sea shipments which should arrive in a few weeks. So if you are not in a hurry you can save some money in a few weeks.

And no, we have not forgotten about the Australians but I cannot announce anything specific at the moment so it is still work in progress. Same for Japan.

Thanks for staying with us during this exciting and crazy launch of the new ClubSport series and I hope that you all enjoy your new gadgets very soon.



That was fast.

The next shipment is sold out as well so the shipment date moved to September.


It looks like we get the performance problems again although this website is on a complete different server. Pleeeease..... not this site as well. We are running out of options. Do we have to sell them on eBay?


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CMON THOMAS GIVE US AN UPDATE ON THE WEBSITE. you can give out information on the new firmware and answer ?s how about doing the same here.

So when will Australians be

So when will Australians be able to order?

How hard is it to add and extra country to the webstore?

I'm seriously considering buying a t500rs because fanatecs customer service relations and skills are piss fucking poor!!!!

(agree) but it would be nice

(agree) but it would be nice if Thomas would get back in here and let us know whats going on. 5 mins all it would take cmon we deserve an update.

I hear you! I've been

I hear you! I've been looking seriously at the T500RS too because I'm sick of this amateurish show. You'd think a small company would bend over backwards for their customers loyalty. And all it takes is some communication from Thomas. Not every day, just once or twice a week. We don't need exact dates, just some progress updates so we know we haven't been forgotten. We've been waiting soooo bloody long for these amazing bits of kit, was the original release date late 2011? And what's the point of having a blog if you aren't going to update it, yes I get he's a very busy man but it's a couple of minutes.
Please, just honestly give me an estimate of when/if Aussies are going to buy able to buy the CSW. If its going to be more than a couple of months I'll grudgingly give my business to Thrustmaster and possibly consider coming back to Fanatec at a later time. If it is too hard to get the website up for Australian orders, just let a few of us die hards order via email. Fanatec has had a very bad name when it comes to customer support and seemingly Fanatec isn't doing anything to rectify this.

Bugger it! I'm not waiting

Bugger it! I'm not waiting any longer and after reading all the hassles people have had with warranty issues with regards to the CSR Elite, I've just bought a t500rs. You've just lost another customer Fanatec. And the people on these forums are customers, not fans who are doing you a favour. Have a look at how you are doing business as the way you have been going is losing you business. Maybe Darin Gangi was right. So long and good luck to those waiting for their items.

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I know 4 people who were

I know 4 people who were going to buy the CSW . So far 3 of them have bought the T500rs instead , and you're another one . I honestly couldn't be fucked with it anymore , I'm putting the cash towards a bike for summer . Maybe they'll be ready for next winter ?

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yeah , I couldn't wait

yeah , I couldn't wait .
this will do for now



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Cheers mate . I'm officially

Cheers mate . I'm officially reliving my youth :-)

I wonder why would someone

I wonder why would someone buy a T500rs if you have the CSR Elite available...

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they're not available , some

they're not available , some stores dropped the price of the T500rs by $300 , and had floor stock .

The CSR-E isn't available in

The CSR-E isn't available in Australia, the T500RS is. The only place that did import the CSR-E's does not appear to have them at present and when they did, they were vastly overpriced.

Still, we must wait on the elusive new webstore before AU gets the chance to order from Fanatec.

elusive webstore indeed. but

elusive webstore indeed. but who's to say that if and when it ever does eventuate, the prices are going to be equivalent to the US ones? I very much doubt it. The wheels will probably attract shipping China-Europe-Australia just as they do through the current outlet. Unless Thomas and Co start direct shipments to Oz we are doomed to forever pay a fat surcharge over and above. It will likely be cheaper to continue buying out of the US using a freight forwarder with all the warranty questions that attracts.

Hi Thomas any new news on

Hi Thomas any new news on the website and when it will may be up and running ?

(just an estimate would be nice not a date as every1 will hold you to it)


no news is gd news some say

no news is gd news some say LOL

Dear Forum's people, i have

Dear Forum's people,
i have manu problem to inserit good parameter in forza motosport3
for my wheel porsche 911 turbo s!
I would like to know to you if you give me i good parameter for my xbox program (forza motosport3) and i good parameter to inserit in my wheel.
According you i must put only my parameter in forzamotosport or only in my wheel?
i wait for your answers!
Thanks very much!

My e-mail

sorry for my poor english1

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Please can anyone tell me,

Please can anyone tell me, does the Support site work on the old Fanatec site???
I have a few questions to the support.

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The support pages are live

The support pages are live and the contact method is an email address, so yes it should work just fine.

ProTraX's picture

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

I entered order for CWS and

I entered order for CWS and BMW wheel on 12th. Pay Pal acknowledged and funds drawn.. Was hoping I would get acknowledgement from Fanatic that they had my order. I realize it will be a while, but would be nice to know if on a b/order list somewhere ! any Ideas ????

Getting SICK of this lack of

Getting SICK of this lack of communication 735 dollars PayPal gives ya 45 days if I don't hear something from them in the next week I'm gonna cancel my order get my money back and do some upgrading on my pc , They could of got some temps or even hired people by now to get this BS straightened out , their taking our business for granted and I'm getting sick of it all I'm asking for is acknowledgement of my order and some kind of info on when I'll be getting what I've paid for , their pissing me off again !

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An advice for everybody that

An advice for everybody that has ordered the new wheels:
Please visit and download Fanaleds 1.0 as this software delivers the eyecandy that these wheels deserve. The REV lights and speed display are natively supported in future games, but Fanaleds
provides support to quite a few of the current racing titles. Cheers Peter

I had a quick question for

I had a quick question for Thomas (or anyone who's been road testing the CSP v2).

I've got some v1s in chrome, but aren't that keen on the black in the v2's.

I know you can buy different coloured pedals, etc. but I was wondering if I could retro fit any other parts of my chrome v1s on my, hopefully, soon to be delivered v2s.

So, yeah... what that is currently black on the v2's can or can't be retro-swapped with the same parts from the v1s.

Thanks in advance!


Every other part should be

Every other part should be exactly the same, but as I don't have V2 pedals I don't know exactly how this shock absorber fastens to pedal. V1 has regular holes, but maybe on V2 the most upper hole is threaded. Someone who ownes them should know.

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Looking at the pics, I'd say

Looking at the pics, I'd say that all black parts on the V2's could be retro-swapped with the same parts from the V1's.

Cool. Thanks guys.

Cool. Thanks guys.

Question for us who have a

Question for us who have a CSW on the way, where do we get the latest driver from seeing as there is no support section yet for the latest base/rims?


I was asking myself how many

I was asking myself how many CSWs fanatec would have to offer on launch day and for what market, never could read anything about that numbers. Now I would say there were about 100-150 for the american market and about 50-100 for the whole european market, please tell me if I am wrong. High expectations about good availability made lots of people order it. But now just a few european clients could be satisfied with delivery, some europeans might even go green with envy and won't buy anymore because expectations were not fulfilled.
It would have been better to tell potential customers about production numbers for each market so they can see their real chance of being delivered in time. I guess we now have more unhappy (european) customers than fanatec would have expected, being more conservative and honest about production numbers could have helped a lot. I would give all waiters some kind of present, so that they might feel better again, because if you will spent that amount of money for a product that was shown as deliverable your disappointment might be huge. Fanatec should hope that not too many customers will lose their faith in that company because of what happened.

yeah... Thomas did say that

Thomas did say that he expected to not have enough supply at the moment , but never gave any numbers.
Maybe he should of done some kind of survey of how many people would buy it at launch (I didn't need any review to know I'm in, ALL-IN lol) as now they are sold out untill September , but maybe production is hitting the limiter and can't go any faster than say 300 wheel bases and 600 rims a month and there are other products they have to make like the CSP v2...

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Yes some type of polling

Yes some type of polling system in the future might be good to estimate production numbers and other issues that may be seen as sensative areas to make or break successful actions by what may be considered a smaller company in the market. While too small of a production at launch may leave many unserved and too large of a production can be a profit killer so it is very much a fine line and having an upfront idea of a safe number of units to bring to market is a good idea.

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