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> Firmware 750B and driver 1.40 UPDATE

Firmware 750B and driver 1.40 UPDATE

We finally came up with a new firmware version for almost all wheels. It is still declared as BETA but we solved all known bugs.

We are releasing it now as open beta so you can report if we still missed some issues.


After updating the firmware you must

  • calibrate the h-pattern shifter
  • calibrate the center of the wheel

ACL is "Autoclutch". If you have it turned to "on" you send out two different button presses so you can shift and activate the clutch at the same time. This only works with Forza Motorsport and other games where you can assign a button to the clutch axis. 

In case you have any issues you should first reset the Tuning settings to default by pressing the tuning button for 10 seconds.


PWGT2 and PWTS: The RF dongle will not work with this firmware version due to the increased data transfer rate

PWGT3RS V2: There was a copy+paste error in the previous file which is now corrected. Please wait a few seconds until the wheel is detected.


  • Optimized digital pedal input in Xbox mode
  • Fixed issue with ABS not working at 100
  • Optimized ABS rumble on lower ABS values
  • Improved USB input dataflow
  • Optimized cooling (fan) 
  • Optimized force feedback effects
  • Optimized performance with telemetry output on Tuning display

750B will harmonize perfectly with the new driver 1.40 on PC.

Please do not update if you are not confident to do so and if you are happy with your wheel as it is.

Firmware 750B for 

  • CSR
  • CSR Elite
  • 911 GT3 RS V2
  •  911 GT2
  • 911 Turbo S

Download Firmware

Driver 1.40 for

  • all Fanatec products:

Download Driver

We fixed several issues on the user interface and registry cleanup.



Replies - Comments

Dead Zone in Forza

Dead Zone in Forza Motorsport 4

Hallo to all!

I'm a Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel and Clubsport V2 pedal owner. I test last week to upgrade the stock FW 722 of my wheel to the new one 750b recommend on Fanatec website.

I have Xbox and PS3 system. My impressions:

-GT5 (PS3): feel more soft and better than FW722. The new setups on dPR and sPR are more adjustable. In general without problems

-FM4 (XBOX360): the last version of FW722 feel more perfect than the new 750b, because in the center (turn left an turn right) ther first degrees don't have movement on the track. It's a dead zone stock of the FW750b and I can't delete trying all setups possibles on the wheel and game.

Please correct this bug on Forza Motorsport 4 and change this FW750b to eliminate the Dead Zone on the first center degrees.

Thanks in advance,

Hi everybody, is it possible

Hi everybody,
is it possible to reUpload the 750b Firmware for the Fanatec GT3 RS V2 ,
or can anyone post a Link to Download the Firmware.
The File here in this Blog is not longer Available.

Upload Again Hi

Upload Again
Hi everybody,
is it possible to reUpload the 750b Firmware for the Fanatec GT3 RS V2 ,
or can anyone post a Link to Download the Firmware.
The File here in this Blog is not longer Available.

thanks guys, greeetz Swaty

Hi, i have updated my GT2

i have updated my GT2 from 681 to 750b with the latest Driver.
Everything works fine except my Buttons. They have swapped.
I need to reconfig every gamesettings to make it work.
The A Button is my Shifter Paddle Left and the B Button is Upper Left Button etc. ....
I realy like the new Feedback from the Wheel and the FF is awsome.
Is there a Fix or something ? I dont want to downgrade.

GT2 via USB -> PC.
CSP via USB -> PC

Windows 7 64Bit fully upgradet

AndrewG's picture

Hi, there is no fix for this

Hi, there is no fix for this button mapping "problem", it is the way how this 750b fW + 142 driver work.

ps: may I ask in what game do you have enough strong FFB with the 750b Fw??

Hi, the games i have nice

the games i have nice FFB : Race07 + Addons, RaceRoom Racing Experience Beta, and Project C.A.R.S.
It's not strong but rather perfect or real.

Is it possible that the Buttons will change back with further firmwares ?

AndrewG's picture

Really dont know if there

Really dont know if there will be any further firmwares..

Hi Thomas, I need the latest

Hi Thomas,

I need the latest firmware for my new CSR Elite. Where to download ? Current stock FW is 722. Is 750b is the latest one ? If yes, there is download page error. See below. Kindly help to fix it. Thanks.

File Not Available

We are sorry but the file has either expired or the sender has exhausted the download limit

I have 911 Turbo S and after

I have 911 Turbo S and after i updated to this Firmware the fans in the wheel are extremely loud, right after i power up the Wheel. Never had this problem before and i wanted to downgrade to a previous version but your links in previous FW posts are dead! Please create a firmware archive section with working downloads.

Good afternoon, Thought I

Good afternoon,

Thought I would leave it a while to give the staff here a chance to respond, but no shock i suppose when i login 11 days after my last post to find yet again the request, which has been polite at every stage, for some information regarding the final version of the firmware update for FANATEC GT2 owners, has fallen on deaf ears.

Are you going out of your way to ignore GT2 owners? this level of response and lack of even the decency to answer what is a very simple question is shocking to say the least.

Come on chaps,,you must even feel youselves this is not good enough. Do owners of FANATEC products deserve to be ignored in this fashion? How would you feel right now if indeed, you owned such a product and were at the recieving end of this treatment?

And I am not a lone voice in this. Please, read your own forum, and you will see the number of people asking the same question, but being ignored.

Please sort it out.

G Kynoch

Hi, i play WRC 3 game on

Hi, i play WRC 3 game on XBOX 360 with my CSR wheel, i've a probleme with the 750b firmware, many time, the gear box does'not work in race, i must restart the wheel.
i take a 706 firmware and now it's ok.

Good afternoon, Getting to

Good afternoon,

Getting to be a habit this now. Still wating on ANY kind of info regarding a working version of the new firmware.

Please please please with a cherry on top,,,and cream,,please can we have some form of update as to whats happening.

Even if its bad news,,at least its information. Got to be better than leaving us all hanging and getting more frustrated by the day.


Kind regards

G Kynoch

GrimeyDog's picture

Sad to say it seems like all

Sad to say it seems like all of the comments since the 750b Disaster is falling on Deff Ears & Mute Tongues... Its like American Cars once people loose faith in the Reliability of your Product or how you Support your Product you Loose Existing Customers and Potential Customers.Sad because Fanatec Really does make a Great Product but with out Proper customer Support/Communication there can be No Customer loyalty.

If U Ain't First Ya Last!!!

AndrewG's picture

Dear Fanatec (Thomas, or any

Dear Fanatec (Thomas, or any support members),

Could you please tell us, when we'll get a new final FW for the GT2 wheel?
I know there is a final FW called 681, but as many other Fanatec owner, I also would like to use the new features of the 750B FW.
As many other users have mantioned already, this FW makes the wheel almost unusable with Simbin games (compering to 681). OK, I don't play with Simbin games any more. The headset also don't work with 750B. OK, I don't use my headset with my wheel any more.

But I would like to use my wheel in iRacing. FW 750 gives a lot of features to GT2 what are really cool (more adjustable spring, drift and dampering settings) and it gives higher bitrate for the wheel what makes it much better too. It is also much easyer to catch a car when countersteering what is also cool! My main problem is, that the FFB is really really weak! iRacing has a new feature, it shows the FFB strength (or clipping whatever you want to call it) on the screen. if it turns to red from green, it means the FFB is clipping. And this is not good:) I use my wheel on FFB 100 but if I want to feel any FFB, I have to set the in-game ffb over 28, and than the FFb is clipping. Just try the MX5 or the Lotus 79.. there is almost zero FFB even if I set the in-game FFB to over 30... This is a FW realted problem and not depends on the game/OS system/driver I use. The FFB is too weak! I've heard you're working on this from beta testers, so the problem is real.

I would like to use my great wheel, but if there is no news when will we get a new, final (corrected!!) FW, I have to start thinking if I want to use my wheel in the future or not. Please don't think this is a trolling post. I just want to use my awesome wheel with the new features what makes the wheel to a higher category than with 681. It was almost 2 months ago you've publised this 750B FW, and there is still no final FW..

I will be happy with any kind of response, but please speak to us to let us understand what is going on. I know you don't want to promise any release date (we all remember the reason for this), but if you communicate, it always make us feel you're taking care on your costumers ;)

Thank you

GT2 Firmware - Information

GT2 Firmware - Information Needed.

Good afternoon

I have posted a few times regarding the date of a working version of the firmware that was stable and worked for the GT2, but alas i have not managed to get any further forward.

Therfore, i was wondering, am i asking in the right place?? do you guys actually have access to that information or would I be better using my time to contact Fanatec directly?

Am not trying to be a pain here, i just want some information. I am one voice of many looking for the same thing and we all just want our product to be treated the same as all others.

Am sure you can understand how frustrating it is just being left in the dark over this, but if you guys are in the same boat as me can you let me and the other GT2 owners know so we can stop looking with hope each time we login to the site.

Kind regards

Greg Kynoch

FranzFerdinand's picture

afaik there´s no fully

afaik there´s no fully functional firmware other than the original 681. (740b doesn´t work in xbox mode at all and 750b doesn´t have a working headset port)
BUT fw 681 works fine on every platform and is bugfree!

i know its dissapointing that thomas promised us gt2 owners a fw which has ACL and couldn´t deliver yet, but on the other hand the product works very good as it is with the original fw.

I have the PWTS and am just

I have the PWTS and am just as frustrated as you GT2 owners. The last three firmware updates have had the headset port disabled and many of us have complained about that many times. I posted earlier in this thread about the problem 3-4 months ago as was assured that a fix would come very soon. Well I've all but given up hope now as I'll probably finish all my Xbox driving games before I ever see the fixed firmware. It's a shame as I really like the new FFB effects in the update but need to stick to 681 so I can talk online.

Just spotted this one and

Just spotted this one and thought it might amuse.

You said you have tried three versions of the firmware, and i have tried two.

This line is taken from the opening statement from this very page. Priceless.

"It is still declared as BETA but we solved all known bugs."

How many did u say u have tried where each time the headphones dont work? all know bugs solved eh?,,,hmm.

Food for thought.

G Kynoch

3 updates and still without

3 updates and still without headphone support.WOW!! now that is shocking indeed. I cant think of another industry where this level of productivity goes unchecked or unpunished. I thought us GT2 owners were getting stiffed but by the sounds of it we are far from alone on this.

Thank you for adding your voice to this again. I hear what ur saying about losing faith in the hope of a solution, when ur questions go unanswered. Nothing worse than just being ignored when all you want is information, even if its bad news, you still know where u stand then.

Let us hope we have a solution soon. However, i do not hold much faith in this, but u never know.

Kind regards and best wishes

G Kynoch

Good morning Franz, First

Good morning Franz,

First off, thank you for your reply. I take on board the fact that the platform works well with 681, however, the promise of new firmware has been made not once, but twice so far, running over a very long time frame, which has caused countless users time and trouble in trying to get these defective updates operational with very poor results. Let us say performance and productivity wise its not an impressive track record.

I have read dozens of posts asking for information for us GT2 owners, and they always seem to fall on deaf ears. If problems exist surely the way to keep your client base onboard is to be a lot more open with information, not leave em to hang. This action causes frustration and as a result, negative responses begin to grow, as do problems for people like yourself who man this forum. It just needs to be done better.

This forum is full of willing users, and people who have invested a good deal of money in the product, it is a rich resource indeed. I get the point of having a wealth of keen testers out there to draw on their skill base with the product, however, i would expect this feedback/free testing/product development to have yeilded some results by this point. However, the impression i get is that for us GT2 owners, the product focus has moved away from it, and that as long as the firmware works on the new current equipment, then the older wheels dont matter as much.

I may have this wrong and if i have i will revoke my point of view with pleasure, however, the only way i can see that happening is by actually getting the same updates as everyone else who now enjoy the extra functionality, rather than having no choice but to us 681.

Kind regards

G Kynoch

GrimeyDog's picture

+1 If U Ain't First Ya


If U Ain't First Ya Last!!!



"Submitted by Gregbie on

"Submitted by Gregbie on Mon, 11/05/2012 - 03:43.


indeed like the other owners

like the other owners of Gt2 wheel, i 'm waiting for a working update ... please hurry up !!!

I fear we will be waiting

I fear we will be waiting for a good deal longer for it :(

Mind you, its not really that bad. I mean,,its not like we have been waiting over six months or anything like that,,or had a few failed attempts so far, or like we have been kept in the dark totally while we wait for an answer...

Nope,,,got that one wrong i Sorry, trying to find a funny side to lets face it,,a pretty pathetic display so far.

However, the more GT2 owners that air their displeasure the better i feel.

Kind regards fellow saddened GT2 user. A great product ruined my just not good enough aftercare service.

Greg Kynoch

Good morning. I was

Good morning.

I was wondering if thing had moved forward any as regards getting a final version of the firmware update that worked fully for GT2 owners on the Xbox. Tried this update already, and the issues with it for us GT2 owners are well known(headphone support/weird FFB/strange centre deadzone/and just plain not working as it should etc). A non beta version would be nice guys.

Thanks in advance.

Good morning again. Second

Good morning again.

Second time, is there any news on a fully working update for the GT2 please.

I would be very grateful if could give all us GT2 owners some info.

Thanks again in advance.

GrimeyDog's picture

681 is the Besy for now. If

681 is the Besy for now.

If U Ain't First Ya Last!!!

Thanks for the reply. I am

Thanks for the reply.

I am currently using 681, however, i would like to have the functionality of ACL which this does not have, as was promised with 742 & 750, but failed to work correctly.

Could you give me an idea of when a firmware update for the GT2 that is different to the one that was released with it.

It seems to be a very long time that GT2 owners have been waiting for this. Is there a bigger problem here?

Kind regards

Greg Kynoch

GrimeyDog's picture

I don't know when they are

I don't know when they are gonna do a update but it seems that with all the extra features they want to put in its a bunch of problems...To me simple and functional is best...I have mixed emotions about ACL it kind of makes the car skiddish depending on car/driving style...Its good but it doesn't beat a smooth driver...If you like to late brake or gear +/- in the corners it can make the car unsettled.

If U Ain't First Ya Last!!!

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