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> F1 2012 Fanatec CSR wheel settings

F1 2012 Fanatec CSR wheel settings

i have been playing around with F1 2012 for a good week or so but i seem to find
these settings that seem to work best for me but im not 100% that different firmware will result in a different wheel feeling as 737 742 and 750 result in me loosing all FF VIB and using 706 but this only works on F1?.

SEn (340) FF (80) Sho (80) dri (off) abs (85) lin (00) dea (00) spi (-2) dpi(-3)

these work just fine for me i have only had my wheel for 2 weeks and have only
just got it working with firmware update 706 i do not know what firmware was on my wheel when i received it but tuning did notwork and was recommended to update to 750b f and i lost all FF Sho And abs with this firmware.

The 706 im running now seems fine on F1 but when i play forza 4 I have to put SEn
on 200 it turns ok on circuit racing i have not tried to drift yet as this is my personal preference but the wheel feels totally different to the feeling i get on F1 but when i play Dirt3 which i have over 40 World records on the wheel keeps hanging up on FF and it feels really notchy as if the wheel is trying to engage the FF and the belt is trying to grip the wheel and keeps just grabbing at it and when i turn into a corner it grabs and lets go about 10 or more times
and it seems to just grab when it wants and i carnt controle the wheel as its unstable and intermittent my previous microsoft xbox wheel was no way near as
good quality as my CSR wheel but it felt the same on each game i played but with 270 degrees of steering i felt that i had to turn way before the corners just to have a chance of making the turns.

i only bought my CSR wheel as i was recommended from quite a few friends but this is the best wheel to use but i carnt seem to get the firmware my friends
use on there wheels to work on my wheel which im starting to find really frustrating at the moment as im waiting for a message from e-support to recommend some more firmware for me to use as im finding it really hard just
to find firmware to try.

i just want my wheel to work on my best 3 games at the same time as i have nearly 75 world records on codemasters games on xbox and ps3.

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