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> Australia: The first products are on the way!

Australia: The first products are on the way!

We finally were able to send the first products to Australia last week and they will arrive in December.

The only thing missing is the GST number for Endor Australia as it takes ages to get this number from the authorities. We now sent the goods on our risk and hope that we get the GST number in time before the containers arrive.

We plan to offer the full product range but it will take some weeks until everything is there.

Although many of you did not believe it anymore it is a fact that we highly appreciate this market and I personally LOVE Australia and the Australians although I have only been there one time. It used to be one of our biggest markets in the past and my target is to make it as strong as it was and more.

I will let you know once we are able to start shipping the products or start taking orders.


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see it's only one year

see it's only one year warranty

My daily routine: Wake up,

My daily routine:

Wake up, walk to PC and turn it on. Make coffee while it boots up. Return to PC. Sit.

Check BBC and CNN to see that nothing significant blew up overnight.

Come here. With hope in heart and credit card within reach.

Upon disappointment, goto Look to product Read: Availability: "Not released yet".

Check all sim racing sites just in case.

Continue with day. Punch F5 on Fanatec and here every couple of hours.

Go to bed. Wake up. Repeat.

The last line should have

The last line should have read, "Go to bed, crying. Wake Up. Repeat".

Your routine seems strangely familiar to me :)

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From facebook

From facebook .................
'The first shipment of Fanatec products has arrived in Australia!

We are now waiting for customs clearance and very soon we will be able to start taking orders.'

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This is great news, but bad

This is great news, but bad luck for me. I purchased a 911 carrera a month before this announcement. I guess I can always sell this to a friend and buy something better in the future.

Cool :} Thanks Thomas and

Cool :} Thanks Thomas and co.

So - can I / should I place and order now? You did say you'd advise, but I wanna make sure I don't miss out.

One thing - I'll be needing the table clamp but that's not listed on the AU site. Will it be available at the same time as the rest of the AU gear?

Dear Flouncy, mate you will

Dear Flouncy, mate you will have to wait and wait. FYI, I can help to purchase Fanatec Clamp V2 from Singapore supplier using my local account here. If you interested email me at It cost $108 SGD not including shipping cost to Aus. If you ok we can deal via Paypal, I will charge you a minimal admin fee for my effort if you interested. I offer this help to Aus fans only. Later we can batter trade similar service if I need to get CSW in Aus when available. This is the only option we can help each other since Fanatec takes sometime to fix. Cheers.

They do have new stock for CSR Elite, CSP V2, CSR Shifter as well....!!!

Hi everybody. Im new to the

Hi everybody.
Im new to the forum and I just want to say congrats to Thomas on the new website . I think it really showcases the products properly .

Hi Thomas, Great news about

Hi Thomas,

Great news about the Australian shipments, it has been a long time coming. It is also excellent to see the new web shops are up-and-running, congratulations. If you are sincere with your comment "It used to be one of our biggest markets in the past and my target is to make it as strong as it was and more." you must treat us as equals and set the pricing at a commensurate level. I'm already concerned when I see the CSP V2's priced at $329.95, they should be $286. No one here would mind if you rounded it up to $299.95 max but it must be under that 300 dollar price point.

Unfortunately I can't comment about the CSR Elite Wheel's actual pricing as it's not listed on the shop, when will it be? As a precursor to it's listing I believe the pricing should be roughly $575 but once again you could round this up to $599.95 keeping it under that 600 dollar price point.

Could you also let us know where the Australian warehouse is based?

I look forward to your reply, thanks for your time.

Thomas can you update the

Thomas can you update the expected date we can purchase from the Australian site? Any news on the Elite yet for the thousands of us here in Australia that want to buy one??

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niemanden kann man es recht

niemanden kann man es recht machen. Erst beschwert man sich das man nicht beachtet wird und dann beschwert man sich über die Preise. Ich muss auch viel an Porto bezahlen, wenn ich im Ausland bestelle und wenn der Zoll dann auch noch kommt....ja ja man hat es nicht leicht . Undank ist des weltes Lohn.
Und nun beschwert man sich auch gleich wieder, das ich in Deutsch schreibe und das als Deutscher :-)

exiting stuff, hopefully

exiting stuff, hopefully shipping isn't quite as much as the beta store site was saying it would be, 'cause my original 911 Turbo has been totally screwed for years now and I desperately want to get back to some racing, especially since DAD sold our go kart :(

We do not earn anything on

We do not earn anything on shipment and the rates are calculated based on the region you live. Australia is a big country (continent) and shipping rates are expensive there.

shipping in aus if this =

shipping in aus if this = postage your wrong postage in aus is a hell of a lot cheaper in aus than the us. average cost of wheel to send by post over here is $30 maybr as high as $50 if you live in WA now from the us to aus about $300 thats a big diff in my eyes. but who cares if we have a distributor over here locally.

im just wondering why we will pay higher prices than America as our $$ is better than the there'. (the US,EURO, are the same so should the AU) and if all shipments come from Germany don't see how there is any difference ? or are we that much further away ?

Thomas owe you an apology on some of my posts i have made about FANATEC us Aussies getting the new fanatec products i honestly thought you didn't care about us dwn here in the southern hemisphere. i was wrong and apologize to you for my comments. cheers coops

G'day coops, I was just

G'day coops,

I was just checking this out also and found the same thing, Australian postal rates are actual pretty good for bulky and/or heavy items. Surely Australian stock will be sent direct from the manufacturing facility in China, not from Germany. We are ALOT closer to China than the USA are, so I genuinely don't see how a price disparity could be justified.

I was thinking exactly the

I was thinking exactly the same thing. Shipping to the customer is in any case calculated on top of the retail. It may be that the (projected) size of the Australian market is not large enough to ship directly from the point of manufacture and we are getting a redirect from the US or Europe - which would suck.

I guess I was just hoping

I guess I was just hoping that those were placeholder rates, and maybe you could get better rates with different courier/ postal options

LOL...This should be

LOL...This should be good!

Can't wait to see how big the shipping costs are! Of course everyone knows that Australians will pay whatever.....



There is some extra cost

There is some extra cost but we try to keep pricing at the same level.

Can you confirm the CSR

Can you confirm the CSR Elite will be available for purchase in Australia? I like many others have been waiting on this for a while? Your site currently lists csr only. Also when will the formula rim be released for the CSR elite?

Like the CLubsport deal with a free formula rim for Europe and USA, if you sold a package deal you would have great success here in Australia, CSR elite with formula rim for free!!!

Reward Australians for waiting so long and staying so loyal!!!!

Thomas said in another

Thomas said in another thread: "There are no plans for this model at the moment as we still have a shortage in the other markets."

tyvm Thomas the wait has

tyvm Thomas the wait has been way to long. but now we can all look frwd to buying your new products. xmas present for me or a new yr present. by the way will we be able to expect new releases in the future to be much quicker.EG: CLUBSPORT SHIFTER AND NEW WHEELS ???????????????

1 more ? will we be paying same prices as us or cheaper as our $ is very good now ????????


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This is great news for our

This is great news for our friends "downunder" I have always felt bad for the many sim/ gamers who have had to go through third parties and pay outrageous prices. Glad you have them finally sorted....almost.
Not only will they benefit, but Fanatec will also, as there seems to be quite a lot of sim racers down there. F1 is very popular, so I guess that's part of it.

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Gratulation www.konsolenracer


At last a ray of hope! Will

At last a ray of hope! Will watch this space for updates. Assuming you will be setting up some form of store & forward operation down here, will support be local also? It's an awful long way back to Germany.

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That's good to hear Thomas .

That's good to hear Thomas . I know what Santa is getting asked for . Good luck , hope it all goes smooth .

Excellent news! Hopefully

Excellent news! Hopefully it won't be too long before I can actually order.

Hi Thomas, thats great news

Hi Thomas, thats great news for Australian. What about Singapore fans ? Currently we have to pay high shipping cost. Lately I have to pay $1140 SGD for CSR Elite and drooling about CSW. Its really a pain. Looking forward for a cost effective solution. Thanks.

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