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> Firmware 756 now available for PWGT2 and PWTS

Firmware 756 now available for PWGT2 and PWTS

We have a new firmware version for all Porsche 911 GT2 and Turbo S wheels (Xbox versions)

This version is a release candidate and if there will be no bugs reported we will release it as final firmware.

Please note that you must follow the the instructions carefully. Installation on Windows 8 might work but is not tested.

Make sure that you bind your wheel and calibrate the shifter and center position after the firmware update.

IMPORTANT: If you upgrade to this version then the RF dongle does not work any longer. If you want to use a wireless connection on PC and PlayStation 3 then you must use the original 681 version.

We will release 756 for CSR, CSR E and PWGT3RS within the next weeks.

Please make sure you use driver version 144 or higher with this firmware.

Download firmware 756 for PWGT2 and PWTS

Download driver 144 64

Download driver 144 32


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hello, unfortunately it is


unfortunately it is not possible to download the file as-is seem pass due or the owner would have exceeded the number of download ... : ( Is there another way to access the firmware 756

Thanks in advance

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Just go to fanatec's

Just go to fanatec's website, everything should be there.

Firmware 756 feels great

Firmware 756 feels great (PWGT2).

Alas, there is an issue with vibrations in Forza 4. All supposedly continuous vibrations (hi-rev vibration, skidding vibration) now pulsates in a very disturbing way. It may have something to do with the increased refresh rate. Or it may not.

As such, I'm not sure I will keep using this firmware, despite the improved force feedback.

Best regards.



Bravo Fanatec. While it

Bravo Fanatec. While it did seem to take almost a year to complete the new firmware for the PWTS I can say that the results are very good so far. The problem with the Xbox mic not working are resolved and for the first time since I've owned the wheel I can use both the Sho and ABS features together! I love the new fidelity in FFB on the Xbox and am looking forward to trying it on my PC sims next.

ok, just seeing this, i am

ok, just seeing this, i am a few months out of date..but I got my head around the install and it has made the FM4 experience 10 times more immersive. Thank you Thomas and Fanatec.

I would add that I was anxious to apply the firmware after reading all the negative comments on the internet. However, I can say confidently that my level of computer comprehension is standard at best, and I managed to do this in about 15 minutes. Those of you having trouble need to take a deep breath and relax because some of the comments written only serve to confuse and discourage.

Just my opinion, besides its only a game. If you think applying this patch is hard. try taking apart a real 911 steering wheel. lol...this was a walk in the park.

cheers fanatec, great product...3 years on!!!...

Hey guys, I had after 4

Hey guys, I had after 4 Month not playing the issue, that the vibration ingame(Xbox360+PWTS) was gone. I had only the ABS vibration during braking process.

Games: Forza Horizon, Dirt 3, TDU2

The FW update did not solve my problem. On the driver-menu I can click on vibration and I have a response.

Someone knows what I could do?

What shock and ABS setting

What shock and ABS setting do you have on the wheel with V756? I have SHO at 100 and ABS at 30 and all is working fine.

Tested your settings....did

Tested your settings....did not help.

Tested now Forza3+4(360),GT5(PS3) and F12011 (windows)

In every Game FF on 0, Shock on 50 and 100.

Well, the wheel does nothing :(

ABS Vibration works, but ingame crash, or Curbs...nothing...

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I have to ask, why do you

I have to ask, why do you have ABS set to 30?

I don't like using a lot of

I don't like using a lot of brake pressure with my V1 Clubsports. I have the Forza 4 in-game brake deadzone set as inside 1%, outside 40% and adjusted the ABS setting to kick-in when the Forza telemetry shows me at approx 80% full braking. I also have the Clubsport brake sensitivity knob set towards the "most sensitive" side of things.

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That makes sense, thanks

That makes sense, thanks mate.

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Make sure you have vibation

Make sure you have vibation box checked in the controller preferences menue on the Xbox dash board.

If U Ain't First Ya Last!!!(2nd Place = The 1st to Taste Defeat!)

vibration runs on every

vibration runs on every gamepad :( and is of course on

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MS wired headset makes GT2

MS wired headset makes GT2 wheel freeze!!! Now this is 100%. Every time I attach it the wheel will freeze after a while. So I'm forced to have a wireless headset. If I don't use the wired one there is no freezing or problems at all.

It is funny that using the official MS wired headset must be an issue. At least this worked perfect in the previous fw-s. (No thx, I don't want to go back to them, because from driving aspect this fw is the best for me. ) In the beta version headset port just didn't work but that was better because it didn't lure the unsuspecting users to use the wired headset causing freezing..

This is not just another nothing to say complaint from a dissatisfied customer this is rather ridiculous that I have such an expensive set which can not be operated without any flaws...

I don't expect anything, not even an answer. Yes, I could solve the problem buying a wireless headset, but if you don't touch this issue you should provide a wireless headset with the wheel, too.

I'm using a MS wired headset

I'm using a MS wired headset with firmware V756 and it has been rock solid; never lose the voice connection, like V681 did after the MS update from a while ago. Did have one instance of wheel lockup while online but a reflash seems to have cured that issue. I would suggest reflashing V756 to your wheel; there are some posts on this thread that folks found things better after they had flashed V756 on top of itself 2 or 3 times.

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Thanks! Maybe one day I do

Thanks! Maybe one day I do the reflash.

You mentioned wheel lock up and I wrote freezing but I suppose we are talking about the same issue. My wheel suddenly starts to turn by itself slowly to the right direction while locking up and stays there and humming sound can be heard. No reaction when pushing the buttons at all.

Were these the symptoms in your case, either?

Kinda - when I lost my Xbox

Kinda - when I lost my Xbox Live connection it wasn't exactly slow :-) :-) - just a strong pull to the right and next thing I know, I'm in the wall with nothing (paddles, buttons, H-shifter) working. Had to do a complete power-off and wheel restart.

Thomas would be possible to

Thomas would be possible to launch a new revision turning the button layout in PC mode, this update was certainly the best of all congratulations, the only weak point of it is the layout of the buttons, because we need to use the mouse and keyboard pc.


Hi, i have problem whit my

Hi, i have problem whit my porche gt2 wheel.
it's disconnect after i have play about 15 min.
But if i bind it whit Xbox it's work fine.
Do i have to do it every time when iam playing ?


Shouldn't have to do further

Shouldn't have to do further rebinds. With my GT2 I did the Xbox rebind rebind after I updated the firmware and things were pretty stable. I did lose connection during one online race with FM4; did another rebind and have been OK since.

Hi, thanks for reply. How

Hi, thanks for reply. How did You do it the bind thing?
I have do it just puss in Xbox red button and then in
puss in the wheel.
Is there something how you can reset it?
Or is it only that way.

Yup - that's the only way I

Yup - that's the only way I know of - push the bind button on the Xbox and the quadrant lights start rotating in a circle; push the bind button on the GT2 and the quardrant lights stop spinning and just one of them should light up - wheel rebinding is complete.

Also tried 756 and driver

Also tried 756 and driver 144 for my GT2 wheel. After the update of firmware an irritating noise started constantly.
So I decided to go back to firmware 681 and driver 115. The feeling of the new firmware and driver was good, but afraid that the noise can cause damage to my wheel.

Hi, i tried the 144 software

Hi, i tried the 144 software with the new 756 firmware on my csr elite wheel and its started doing some strange things, i erase the 144 and install the 142 and the 721 firmware all went well but now the whell is on a 45 degrees in the centre position, i always install the software first and then the firmware......should it be the other way around.....please help.


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It doesn't matter in which

It doesn't matter in which sequence you install the firmware and drivers. Have you recalibrated the centre position after flashing the wheel? I have 722 installed on my Elite and it sits at 45° degrees in stand-by but is perfect when a platform mode is selected.

He is talking about 750

He is talking about 750 right? 756 not out for Elite unless I have missed it.

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Oh yes, I didn't see that

Oh yes, I didn't see that (stealth edit?)! If he's installed the CSR 756 firmware on the wrong wheel... oops.

Please reply with a + if you

Please reply with a + if you agree with this post. Why was there a need to move the buttons ? Every pc racing game I played had the same button layout as an xbox 360 pad which means that everything was way more plug and play. I notice a difference in FFB but I can not say it is better but just different. Some games wont work properly with the button movements and you end up having to use the keyboard where before the wheel did it all. Please, use the new FFB and the old button layout and you will have a perfect firmware for the PWTS. I have read many complaints about the buttons being moved and this creates an extra bit of work for no good reason. Thx...

+1 As if it weren't enough


As if it weren't enough pain in the a$$ having to edit the Fanatec .xml files by hand in all Codemasters games, with the new button layouts it gets even more "mystical", now the buttons are not even recognized by the games with their proper number. I have to set each button one number lower than their windows reported number, so button3 must be number2 in the .xml, button5 must be button4 and so on...

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